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QOHO Mobile DVR Passed EN50155 Railways Applications Electronic Equipment Used on Rolling Stock

QOHO Mobile DVR Global Quality International Certification

  • Mobile-DVR-CE-LVD
    Radio Test report EN301-501
  • Mobile-DVR-CE-LVD
    EMC test report for wireless equipment EN301-489
  • QOHO Mobile DVR CE IEC62638
    Safety test report
  • Mobile DVR EN50155
    Railways Applications Electronic Equipment Used on Rolling Stock
  • Mobile DVR E-9 E mark
    E-mark EEC Directives ECE Regulation
  • QOHO Mobile DVR FCC
    Federal Communications Commission

QOHO Mobile DVR Hot-Selling Types

QOHO Mobile DVR Hot-selling Types are Your Best Choice for Your Fleet Management Solution.

MDVR8102SP 4ch Car DVR Camera
4 channel Mini Mobile DVR with built-in 1080P camera, GPS Google Map monitoring, 6 axis G-sensor 4G remote view, WIFI streaming, and DSM.
4ch 1080P dual SD card Mobile DVR
4ch 1080P dual SD card Mobile DVR support max dual 512GB SD card, 6 axis G-sensor, 4G online and WIFI download, best solution for a fleet of huge vehicles.
8ch 1080P Mobile DVR
Big bus & train solution is an 8 channel 1080P HDD/SSD 6 axis G-sensor Mobile DVR of QOHO with high-technology shockproof.
AI Mobile DVR with Driver fatigue monitor
8CH HDD/SSD 6 axis G-sensor 1080P Mobile DVR work with Driver Fatigue Monitor
8ch 1080P Mobile DVR
H.265 compression, 6 axis G-sensor, 8ch 1080P HDD Mobile DVR, support AHD camera plus IP camera with Hybrid Mobile NVR.
Mobile DVR 1080P SD card MDVR
4ch 1080P Single SD card Mobile DVR, small size, 6 axis G-sensor, 4G Mobile DVR

Most of the QOHO's Mobile DVR Products are Exclusive Private Model Design

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    QOHO is a professional leading manufacturer of Mobile DVR systems with 16 Years of Experience in China. QOHO has full experience in different fleet management projects in over 50 countries, and Over 40,000 Mobile DVR systems installed all over the world.

    QOHO Mobile DVR systems got National High-tech Enterprise and passed Global Quality international certifications: EN50155 Railways Applications Electronic Equipment Used on Rolling Stock, IEC63628 safety of information technology equipment standard, Emark(E-9), CE, FCC, Rohs, ISO9001.

    Just leave your Mobile DVR inquiry message to us, QOHO is 24/7 online to assist you!

    16 Years of Experience
    QOHO is one of the leading professional manufacturers of MDVR systems since 2005
    Own Private Model Products
    QOHO created the Mobile DVR housing, PCB board, internal material, and packaging. QOHO produced all of them.
    Over 20+ Patent
    QOHO Mobile DVR have applied more than 20 patent of Utility model and appearance design.
    Low MOQ & Fast Delivery
    1pc Order to start, within 1 day to delivery after confirm in Stock

    QOHO Mobile DVR-Your Fleet Management Solution Expert

    QOHO has been developing its own Mobile DVR systems since 2005.  The company’s 16 Years of Experience establishes a secure position in the Mobile DVR market.

    Our Company has designed the majority of Mobile DVRs, from 3D drawings, metal housing, PCB frame, inside the product, box, to fully finished devices.

    As a result, you can place your OEM and ODM orders with us following your project specifications.

    QOHO’s overseas sales department will provide you with complete guidance about how to get a Mobile DVR solution, how to mount it, and how to use it on vehicles and smartphones.

    QOHO fully embraces and teaches you, even ordering a Mobile DVR as a trial order. Furthermore, R&D teams have the quickest app solution of Mobile DVR even though you call for assistance at midnight.

    QOHO offers a comprehensive suite of fleet management tools.

    QOHO Mobile DVR systems include a truck camera, a 4G car DVR, a driver fatigue display, an ADAS camera, a body camera, and the required Mobile DVR accessories.

    So, just leave us a note with your Mobile DVR question, and we’ll be there for you 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

    Mobile DVR FAQs

    Mobile DVR – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    A Mobile DVR system includes the recording device and other components to create a network to view recordings from different points.

    Mobile DVR is a type of device used to record and store video data in digital and analog form.

    Mobile DVR is a series of video recorders that have various cameras, and storage devices.

    They are often installed in vehicles but can also be placed in other devices such as airplanes.

    With a Mobile DVR system, it can save you, your family, and your worker’s lives. Also can save cost and improve efficiency.

    This guide helps you to know more about Mobile DVR, It covers all the information about the Mobile DVR.

    We share everything that we care about and know.

    The Guide of the Mobile DVR is very rich, you can choose the information that is useful to you.

    What is Mobile DVR?

    Mobile DVR’s short name is MDVR, Mobile DVR’s full name is Mobile Digital Recorder. Mobile DVR is designed for all different vehicles, that is fleet management

    • Logistics: Cargo Van, Trucks, Dump truck, Oil Tanker, Cargo truck,
    • Public Transport: Coach, Tour bus, Public Transit Bus, Taxi, private car, train, subway, metro
    • Bus, School Bus,
    • Law enforcement: Police car, ambulance, and others, etc.

    What’s the difference between a Mobile DVR and a DVR?

    Mobile DVR FAQs

    Application of Mobile DVR and DVR:

    Mobile DVR can be installed in different vehicles, such as logistic bus, truck, school bus, car, taxi, oil tank, etc…all different fleet transportation; DVR normally is installed at the office.

    Price of Mobile DVR and DVR:

    Mobile DVR price is higher than DVR because the main chip is more high-technology and multi-function.

    multiple IO Input Interface:

    Mobile DVR has many IO interfaces to connect more external devices, such as alarm buttons, People counting cameras, and RFID readers; DVR only can connect the CCTV camera to work.

    Network / Data Transmission of Mobile DVR and DVR:

    Mobile DVR can be built-in 4G, GPS, and Wifi, so that you can make it online via 4G SIM card, RJ45, and Wifi when Mobile DVR is installed at the truck; DVR can be online via RJ45 cable at the office.

    Construction of Mobile DVR and DVR:

    Mobile DVR has good anti-vibration, so you can select HDD/ SDD install the Mobile DVR to save the recording. All recording has to protect via special software.

    DVR doesn’t have vibration, it only can install at the office used and normally can use PC HDD to save the recording. Recording can open via the normal player.

    Advantage of DVR and Mobile DVR:

    DVR price is cheaper and easier installation at the office; Mobile DVR needs an anti-vibration design, so long life warranty. Shockproof design.

    Most important, Mobile DVR can do motion detection after power off, so that it can protect your vehicle better.

    What are any different types of Mobile DVR?

    Mobile DVR includes 2ch SD card Mobile DVR, 4ch Single SD card Mobile DVR, 4 ch Dual SD card Mobile DVR, 8ch HDD Mobile DVR. 16ch HDD/SSD Mobile DVR and so on. Also, most Mobile DVR has 720P and 1080P high resolution as your project requirement. 5K Mobile DVR is oncoming soon.

    How do you select the correct Mobile DVR in different vehicles?

    Mobile DVR FAQs (2)

    Firstly, you have to consider which vehicles do you want to select?

    Different vehicles will need different fleet solutions of Mobile DVR systems.

    •  Logistics: Cargo Van, Truck, Dump truck, Oil Tanker, Cargo truck,
    • Public Transport: Coach and Tour bus, Public Transit Bus, Taxi, private car, train, subway, Bus, School Bus,
    • Law enforcement: Police car etc.

    We can make a few examples for your reference:

    1. Taxi and Car:

    Normally, taxi is small vehicles as only have 2 seats+ 3 seats. So you can consider and select 2ch SD card Mobile DVR for taxi solution.

    2. Bus:

    If it’s a bus of 24 seats, you can consider 4 ch HDD mobile DVR is enough. The bus also can install 4ch HDD Mobile DVR or SD card Mobile DVR. Once you confirm to save bigger storage, HDD mobile DVR can support 2TB or 4TB(optional) is a perfect choice. If it’s only a few days recording and save cloud server, 2ch or 4ch SD card Mobile DVR is enough.

    3. Oil tank:

    Oil tank installs 4ch HDD Mobile DVR or 4ch SSD Mobile DVR is enough.

    4. School Bus:

    If it’s a bigger School bus, it needs to complete an 8ch HDD Mobile DVR system, which includes Mobile DVR, RFID reader or People counting camera, relevant vehicle cameras, monitor, and UPS battery. You just care about students’ safety. Mobile DVR can send messages to parents for their safety.

    How does the Mobile DVR trigger an alarm and send it to the Center management office?

    Mobile DVR FAQs (1)

    1. Install Mobile DVR on your vehicle firstly.

    2. Connect relevant IO alarms and linkage well with Mobile DVR.

    3. If your alarm is like a button, you can press the alarm button.

    4. Mobile DVR recognizes the alarm and will send the alarm to the central management office.

    5. It’s important your mobile DVR has to be connected well and remote online.

    6. So the fleet manager can handle the alarm and send a message or intercom to the driver accordingly once sees the alarm.

    7. So alarms can save in the Mobile DVR and CMS software platform as well.

    How do you reduce the cost if you want to install a Mobile DVR system for the bus?

    You can calculate your rough cost before installing a Mobile DVR system. Such as how many pieces of vehicle camera combine with a Mobile DVR? Is it necessary to install a vehicle camera on the front road view? a wide view camera for driver and passenger? rearview? if you need 2 positions to view, so 2 ch mobile DVR is enough for your installation. If you want to see front road view, inside view, side view, and back view, you need a 4ch mobile DVR. So it depends on your cost calculation and project requirement.

    Is Mobile DVR necessary for a Truck?

    The driver has to drive outside every day. If you are a truck company, you have to care about driver safety and lives every day. And you just monitor driver track through calling.

    So here you can have a good consideration with the Mobile DVR system. Because Mobile DVR can remote live view

    What is the function of Mobile DVR in Vehicles?

    A mobile DVR is a car DVR designed for vehicles such as trains, buses, armored cars, and subways.

    A good quality vehicle DVR can record continuously; it can withstand the frequent vibrations and unstable power supply associated with e-commerce sites, which are fatal to a regular e-commerce site.

    What are the Features of Mobile DVR?

    The main features of Mobile DVR are sound and image quality.

    The Sound Communications Mobile DVR certainly stands out as a mobile recording device.

    Using cutting-edge technology, this device records the highest quality footage possible.

    The user-friendly interface simplifies the process of setting up the device through an intuitive menu.

    Digital image recording has come a long way.

    With no moving parts and no need for optical storage, this dependable system provides sharp images with burst performance time after time.

    What is AI Integrated Mobile DVR?

    Mobile DVR FAQ AI

    Artificial Intelligence Integrated Mobile DVR (Mobile DVR) is a new device that incorporates Artificial Intelligence into the latest mobile technology.

    An Artificial Intelligence Integrated Mobile DVR is a cloud-based digital video recorder that allows users to watch and record live TV from any location and on any device.

    The AII Mobile DVR solution uses the latest in artificial intelligence technology to manage content across streaming devices, mobile devices, DVRs, televisions, and more.

    The Mobile DVR is designed to be the ultimate recording device, utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to recognize a program that records television content in the cloud.

    That includes smartphones, smart televisions, apps on your tablet and computer.

    Instead of recording content on physical things such as tapes or hard disks, this media will be live-streamed to your devices.

    You’ll then be able to download it and watch it whenever you want.

    What is the best Mobile DVR in China?

    There are thousands of DVRs in China, and a fully comprehensive answer would take a lot of space to explain.

    4G LTE is a type of broadband wireless best technology that is used in MDVR network by China to provide data communication services at generally faster speeds than using the same GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) wireless networks on existing MDVR devices.

    You can select the best supplier of Mobile DVR following your different vehicles solution.

    Who are the manufacturers of Mobile DVR?

    Mobile DVR FAQs

    There are many manufactures of Mobile DVR. You should consider a reliable Mobile DVR supplier in China and long experience. so that the manufacturers can be sure to keep their quality and service with long-cooperation.

    What is the CE standard of Mobile DVR?

    The CE standard for Mobile DVRs is given a rating of all the device elements, including its time, features, content, users, experience, and activity recordings.

    This rating can then be used as a way of comparing one Mobile DVR against another.

    With so many functions available on the market, people need to know this rating to make the right choice for their needs.

    The Mobile DVR is CE standard of complying with the essential requirements of a product that could be used safely on the market, which Directive 2004/108/EC set

    What are the advantages of a Mobile DVR?

    • Mobile DVR is a device that can be installed into vehicles to record everything they do.
    • This means that you can playback video footage from your vehicle going back weeks, months, and years with this device installed.
    • A Mobile DVR provides security recordings of vehicles and any incidents that may happen on cars, such as car accidents, hit & run, and thefts within a car.
    • Mobile DVRs are becoming increasingly popular because they can assist law enforcement in capturing speeding and dangerous driver’s activities.
    • This saves time for investigators and increases efficiency since they won’t have to review as many tapes, and the more straightforward system makes workflow more smooth.
    • This versatile mobile DVR device lets you capture high-definition video from an unlimited number of cameras, even on moving objects and inside vehicles.
    • A mobile DVR is designed to be the perfect solution when it comes to keeping an eye on your fleet of vehicles.
    • A top-of-the-line DVR can handle the punishing vibrations of a city bus, and it’s sturdy enough to withstand the erratic power supply of a subway train.
    • Mobile DVR is an advanced mobile device that enables users to playback and record television programs or radio on the move.

    What is the essential thing to maintain the Mobile DVR?

    The most important thing to maintain the Mobile DVR is always to have power for the device, always have time to finish content and feature updates, and always keep supporting users happy.

    The Mobile DVR is a complex piece of technology that can be affected by both the internal and external environments.

    To ensure that your Mobile DVR continues to work correctly and capture video as designed, it is imperative to maintain the unit, regardless of use.

    You should also follow all troubleshooting steps provided in our online support center.

    The Mobile DVR consists of some features that must be maintained to ensure functioning at optimal levels.

    Failure to maintain the device can result in a severely reduced user experience.

    The most important thing to maintain Mobile DVR is the space.

    Create a schedule to save your recordings continuously.

    Be sure to upgrade your memory capacity according to the available space and recording quality.

    It’s a good idea to split extensive recordings into smaller parts if you think you might want to view them again in the future.

    What is the life span of Mobile DVR?

    The life span of Mobile DVR will experience various obstacles throughout its time in the public market.

    Mobile DVR is a high-demand product. It has a period of 3-4 years, with several thousand customers enjoying the device as a great and wonderful experience in their daily life.

    The life span of a Mobile DVR depends on the number of recordings that are stored in it.

    If you have a ton of recordings and no one available around to delete them, you might want to use an external hard drive for storing the recordings.

    What factor is the most important when you get the Mobile DVR?

    Mobile DVR FAQs


    The most important factor in buying the Mobile DVR is the ability to use it effectively.

    The most important factors are its ability to record and playback videos so that you don’t have to convert or edit the videos at all when you want to watch them on your mobile device.

    The most crucial factor that is important when you get the mobile DVR device is the feature.

    The feature of a mobile DVR device matters more than anything else.

    To get the features you require, it is essential to shop for the proper Mobile DVR devices.

    When you consider this factor, a special kind of Mobile DVR will be the most appropriate for your needs.

    The connectivity level between cameras and DVRs requires additional cables for each camera to connect to the MDVR.

    There are several factors you should consider before deciding on a video camera you get.

    What is the new Item of Mobile DVR in the market now?

    The new item of the Mobile DVR in the current market now is a portable device for recording your favorite TV shows, movies, and music on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

    Connecting to online websites like HuluPlus or Netflix can sync the recorded content on your computer through iTunes. Many people are feeling enjoying it.

    Two main things account for the rising popularity of the Mobile DVR.

    First, high definition equipment is now becoming more affordable for the average consumer. Secondly, there is also a growing demand for digital recording video using cellphones and smartphones.

    An Artificial Intelligence Box is the most advanced way to connect a video input device and a mobile DVR.

    It provides an efficient system that can effectively analyze and process data with enhanced digital intelligence, which is of paramount importance for e-commerce.

    What is a mobile DVR kit?

    Mobile DVR FAQs


    Mobile DVR kit is the ultimate guide to what you need to know about Mobile DVR kit.

    This mobile DVR kit guide includes information such as demand, iPhone, space, and time. You can use our helpful answers to help you choose the product that is right for you.

    Mobile DVR kit is a combination of parts that allows you to view the live and recorded TV on your LCD/iPhone or Android phone.

    Mobile DVR does not record through your existing network, and no IP, MAC, or PHY address is used in the recording process.

    Live viewing is available on request with 24 hours notice.

    • GPS tracking devices are becoming more and more popular in consumer markets, and retailers can use these solutions to keep a close eye on inventory.
    • Monitoring the location of your products is also an excellent way for brands to monitor customer satisfaction.
    • A waterproof car camera is a great way to keep your car safe and secure. Our 4 Waterproof HD 1.0 Mega Pixels 3.6mm Lens Car Cameras and 2 1.4 Megapixel Dome Cameras with IR Night Vision provide users with a comprehensive view of what’s happening around their vehicle.
    • Safety is important. This product has an IP67 rating. It offers reverse voltage protection, operates from low to high voltages above 12V, includes a small fuse, and is certified UL approved for overcurrent protection.
    • Support a minimum of 2 terabytes of storage capacity (though go higher if you can). And make sure that your video is live-streamed, allowing the customer to watch you arrive on-site along with real-time access to your inventory and location.
    • Support universal serial bus (UART) port. Supports TTS, RS232, RJ45, RS485 extension, fuel sensor, and LED advertisement connections.

    Mobile DVR (MDVR)  is not a finished kit. It’s a collection of things, and you need to put them together.

    How to Install the Mobile DVR?

    The Mobile DVR comes with easy installation instructions that will guide you through the process step-by-step.

    Install the Mobile DVR on the home network router or your PC.

    You can Install the Mobile DVR on your Android™, iPhone®, iPad®, or Kindle Fire devices using the steps below for your specific operating system.

    The mobile DVR (Mobile Digital Video Recorder) is compatible with 3G and 4G networks.

    How to get a sample of Mobile DVR via easier way from China?

    Mobile DVR FAQs

    Mobile DVR is a prevalent device in the China market.

    Many companies have begun developing and producing Mobile DVR, so it’s hard for the customer to find an excellent Mobile DVR.

    Nowadays, many Mobile DVR manufacturers do not stick with the details, especially high-tech equipment and experienced workers.

    Just give your demands and requirements, such as Mobile DVR’s primary function, those qualities mentioned above means you need more demanding ones.

    Join the leading China Mobile DVR, manufacturers, suppliers, exporters & wholesalers offering a wide range of Mobile DVR products.

    It collects the information about how to have Mobile DVR via post from China in the easiest way based on our experience.

    We hope this will be useful for you who are about to make the purchasing decision and those who have just started to contact us.

    Then we will send you a link for free sampling directly.

    You can get it within two days.

    Once you receive it, it’s faster and easier than other ways to find suppliers from the internet.

    How to calculate the storage of Mobile DVR?

    Mobile DVR captures video from analog extended systems, digital NTSC/PAL video sources, or streaming video from local servers and cloud devices worldwide.

    Storage is measured in megabytes per hour per camera and resolution set.

    With the 16 HD camera system at 1080P, your calculation would look like this: 32 gigabytes x 16 cameras = 192 gigabytes per day. 192 gigabytes x 30 days = 5.76 TB (minimum needed)

    How to test the Mobile DVR?

    Every Mobile DVR comes pre-installed with internal memory. For purposes of getting to know how your Mobile DVR works, you want to use that internal memory before going ahead and paying for your subscription.

    To test the MDVR capabilities, power on and connect the coaxial cable from your cable/antenna to the Mobile DVR.

    For testing, connect Mobile DVRs and play a recording back on your device.

    • Step 1. Input the Mobile DVR’s IP Address into the iPhone, iPad, or Android device used to perform functional testing.
    • Step 2. Record a Live TV program using the Mobile DVR to test live video playback during save the replay.
    • Step 3. Record a Saved TV program using the Mobile DVR to test saved video playback during playback.
    • Step 4. Replay a previously-recorded Live or Saved Program and check output quality and functionality on an iPhone or iPad.
    • Step 5.  Record a Live TV program using the Mobile DVR, and then view the content through the mobile device’s browser

    There are many ways to test the Mobile DVR on your iPhone or iPad also. Connect to your home wifi network and launch a web browser or special software to remote view in real-time at any time. Your mobile devices will work all the same as they usually do, except that you will need to use the regular remote control for all recording and pausing activities.

    How to combine a mobile DVR work with a Vehicle camera system?

    Mobile DVR FAQs (6)

    Mobile DVR is an entirely new revolution of vehicle video recording.

    It let the users combine both MDVR and vehicle camera system at once. It can reach beyond traditional vehicle camera systems’ limits while creating new convenience for anyone on the road. The connection way between two devices can be wireless network also.

    If you can view the real-time videos from the MDVR on your mobile at any place and remotely control the recorder inside your car via cell phone when you are out.

    Mobile DVR is a new dongle device that is put between the front and back vehicle camera.

    It works as an intelligent video server to receive and replay the two-channel video data from the two-vehicle cameras simultaneously via wireless networks.

    When starting Vehicle Camera System, the Mobile DVR device would automatically perform one of three different operations: Playback vehicle cameras’ recorded videos from the mobile DVR; Record new footage from both vehicle cameras for future review or playback; Turn off vehicle cameras after all video recording is done.

    You can choose your needed option to cooperate with it.

    How to use once a mobile DVR includes 4G module?

    The mobile DVR function allows you to watch and record live broadcast programs using your mobile phone via the 4G network.

    Mobile DVR is a storage module of a 4G network.

    Once the user connected the carrier 4G network, the data will be transferred to and from the device via the 4G network.

    If you make video calls from the hand-help device, use Mobile DVR to store voice notes.

    The 3G module allows consumers to watch digital TV right from their cell phone, PDA, or web-enabled device.

    The mobile DVR includes a 4G module, and It allows users to record and store a complete TV broadcasting program when traveling.

    You don’t need to download your purchased videos when you have an internet connection.

    Your news program will be notified from time to time. That’s what mobile DVR did for you.

    Once a mobile DVR with a 4G module is connected to your iPhone through the RD-DVR app, you can record video via the camera and record GPS data simultaneously.

    How do a Mobile DVR work with GPS, 3G or 4G, and Wifi?

    Mobile DVR FAQ 3g4gwifi

    The Mobile DVR is a mobile high-definition video recorder.

    You can record videos with it on the go and play/transmit them faster when you watch them later.

    Mobile DVR also has hard buttons on the remote control for easy operation along with its unique design.

    Mobile DVR works directly with your iPhone, iPad,  or Android phone or tablet.

    You need to connect to the internet via 3G/4G or wifi signal to get recordings, schedule recordings, and do other things.

    The settings include time zone, 24 hours toggle, and the ability to record daily.

    If Mobile DVR is connected to 3G/4G or Wifi, it can be operated from various devices, including iPhone/iPod touch/iPad, Android phones/tablets, and web browsers.

    As long as you have access to the internet on these devices, you can use Mobile DVR and avail the required services.

    How to make a completed MDVR system?

    The complete MDVR system consists of the main backend that has a DVD recorder, hard drive, storage space and operating system, Cameras,3G/4G Sim CARD, GPS, Wifi, LCD Screen to display, Connecting with your cell Android, and several mobile digital video recorders and viewers for users to connect to controlling these units from anywhere in the world.

    A complete MDVR is a cutting-edge surveillance system that includes Camera Disconnection Alerts, GPS Tracking, and 3G connectivity features.

    There are two significant ways to create a complete MDVR system.

    • The first way is putting together all the components and software and installing them.
    • The second way is connecting or attaching all the existing digital devices to your MDVR system.

    Why is it important for a mobile DVR to pass an anti-vibration test?

    Mobile DVR FAQ Anti Vibration

    Although in the past, the phrase “anti-vibration test” was used by professionals in the video equipment industry to refer to a “destructive” testing process in which high voltage and high frequency is applied to part of a mass-production machine, in this age of the internet where information travels in seconds, this phrase has become a buzzword for mobile DVR.

    The mobile DVR comes with a vibration-free anti-vibration mechanism/concrete, keeping in mind the constant vibration as vehicles are in motion, leading to mechanical breakdown.

    Mobile DVR should be able to withstand the most severe vibrations in the world without losing content. “Anti-vibration test” is a test that simulates the most potent vibration as an airplane landing.

    Mobile DVR devices are tested in an anti-vibration chamber.

    Anti-vibration tests are done when the MDVR is still under development, at both product and regular frequency, to ensure that any glitches or malfunctions found in the device have been ironed out before it goes on sale to the public.

    Anti-vibration is a test to ensure Mobile DVR stability and data safety under different situations.

    During Anti-vibration Test, the engineers put the Mobile DVR into three kinds of vibration environment

    • Vertical
    • Horizontal
    • Mixed

    The results show that the new Mobile DVR does well under these situations and will not affect average performance.

    How can we use Mobile DVR for tracking and driver fatigue?

    Mobile DVR FAQs

    The Mobile DVR can be used to record a driver’s behavior, vehicle speed, and proximity to other vehicles.

    Mobile DVR can be used for many functions that we might not have even imagined before.

    Driver fatigue is just one of those functions.

    Mobile DVR provides us with the ability to track how long our drivers have been working, how much time they are spending on activities such as bathroom visits, their speed on the road, and so much more.

    With Mobile DVR, you can track the number of hours a driver has been on the road by creating a marker at the beginning and the end of the shift.

    This information could create graphs showing speed over time and determine whether the driver was tired or not.

    When there is a potential for driver fatigue, it is recommended to use two drivers for the truck and have a GPS tracker installed to monitor driver movements.

    Using a variety of sensors, Mobile DVR helps drivers conduct their job more safely.

    By monitoring truck drivers’ driving behavior, the device can alert fleet managers when certain events occur, such as speeding or sudden braking.

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