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EN50155 railway standard, Emark, CE, FCC, Rohs(Reach) Certificate Approval Mobile DVR System Provider

We have been offering real-time vehicle monitoring solutions all around the world up to this point. QOHO passed the vehicles industry standards, anti-vibration, shockproof tested, and certified with EN50155 Railways Applications Electronic Equipment Used on Rolling Stock.E mark(E9,E24) ,CE, RoHS,FCC for all different Certification.




Mobile DVR Camera Systems, especially in Miner truck, it’s the best solution for you. It includes AI 8CH 1080P HDD Mobile DVR work Driver Fatigue Monitor is very useful for drivers.



Mobile Digital Video Recorder includes 8ch H.265 Mobile DVR. It is produced and built-in Driver fatigue monitor and ADAS camera to work.



AHD Mobile DVR, an analog high definition that transmits 720p and 1080p HD video from security cameras to DVRs using existing coax cable.



Vehicle DVR System, supports GPS google map tracking, 4G remote view, and WIFI downloading.


MDVR8204S Mobile DVR (1)

MDVR, it is a variety of functions that can help you in everyday navigation. This has an AI function that makes it easier for drivers.



DVR mobil, suitable for cars that collects videos with a range of cameras and storage options.



Mobile DVR with GPS, GPS can be built-in and external and put outside place, once has GPS position, can get the driver where has gone with google map tracking.


Mobile Vehicle DVR

Mobile Vehicle DVR has different types, such as mini one channel, 2 channel, 4 channel, 8 channel, and 12 channel as you want,. it depends on your vehicle’s requirements and position.



Mobile Dvr for Vehicles,If you have taxi vehicles, we suggest installing mini 2-channel Mobile DVR,if you have bus vehicles, so 4 channel SD card Mobile DVR or 4 channel HDD Mobile DVR are fine.


QOHO: Your Professional Reliable Mobile DVR Manufacturer in China

QOHO Mobile DVR page

QOHO is a professional leading manufacturer of Mobile DVR systems with Over 15 Years of Experience in China. QOHO has full experience in different fleet management projects in over 50 countries, and Over 40,000 Mobile DVR systems installed all over the world.

QOHO Mobile DVR systems got National High-tech Enterprise and passed Global Quality international certification: EN50155 Railways Applications Electronic Equipment Used on Rolling Stock, IEC63628 safety of information technology equipment standard, Emark(E-9), CE, FCC, Rohs, ISO9001.

QOHO design Mobile DVR 3D drawing, metal housing, PCB board, inside the material, package. All have been designed by QOHO. What’s more, most products are own design, so you can give us your OEM &ODM order in accordance with your project requirement.

So you just provide us your Mobile DVR requirement, our Sales teams will fully support you on how to select a Mobile DVR solution, How to install and work, QOHO will give 100% support and training before place an order and after-service. R&D teams give the fastest software solution of Mobile DVR even if a question is at midnight.

QOHO offers a full range of fleet equipment. Including vehicle camera,4G car DVR, driver fatigue monitor, ADAS camera, body camera, and relevant Mobile DVR’s accessories part, So Different types of mobile DVR systems in accordance with different fleet management solution.

Just leave your Mobile DVR inquiry message to us, QOHO will reply to you within 1 hour.








2CH 1080P 4G GPS WiFi Car DVR mobile DVR page


1Ch Mini Car DVR






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  • Dashboard-Installation-DMS

    Driver Monitor System supports coaxial HD output. the image is clear and delicate. the resolution is up to 960p. It uses 1.3million pixel progressive scan CMOS to capture moving images without aliasing


  • Smallest-Mobile-DVR

    Smallest Mobile DVR is very convenient to use. It has H.265 compression code, adopt ALLwinner V536 high-performance processor, low Consumption. It also uses the high efficiency DC-DC buck-boost switching circuit. 


  • Mobile-DVR-UPS-battery

    UPS Battery is a waterproof and vandal proof device. It is a high-end backup power which designed for vehicle MDVR products. It can support 1 to 2 hours after power off.


The Ideal Mobile DVR for Your Vehicles

Mobile DVR FAQ New (1)

Mobile DVRs have different types. These are often installed in different vehicle transportation. A mobile DVR system can assist you, your family, and your employees. Also, can reduce expenses and increase productivity.

Standard DVRs and analog cameras are not the same as Mobile DVR. The memory slots, the terminal, to the casing itself is not the same. Strong vibrations and harsh weather are designed to be controlled by it.

Using the 4G remote, live streaming is possible at any time, anywhere, by the use of a smartphone, computer, or tablet. Location and speed information can be overlaid on the video using GPS. It can be incorporated into an external module. Video downloads through WIFI are automatic. Video downloads through WIFI are automatic.

Mobile DVR Recordings

You can install the Mobile DVR and choose HDD or SDD to keep the recording. It has a good anti-vibration design and technology. Special software has been used to protect every recording. Mobile DVR doesn’t vibrate. It can only be installed in an office settings. Also, it often uses a PC HDD to store recordings. You can start recording using the standard player.

Any analog camera, including CVBS and AHD, with a resolution of up to 2MP can be controlled by these Mobile DVRs. However, if you use the Mobile DVR on a boat or a large vehicle, you can attach any camera for AHD systems. The ideal fit is with our vehicle cameras.

Suited for a Car Monitor

Mobile DVR FAQ New 2 (1)

Having a vehicle monitor is needed for further support. It is intended for use with the mobile DVR. The IR remote control that comes with these mobile DVRs makes it simple to operate the menu settings from the driver’s seat. The menu settings is designed for displaying on a vehicle monitor.

Mobile DVR Vibration Test

In order to make sure that the Mobile DVR is appropriately running and that it fulfills its role both now and in the future, testing for shock and vibration in terms of the product’s intended environment and use is required. Nowadays, the majority of businesses must pass the EN50155 vibration test for railway applications.

The Mobile DVR’s dependability and the security of its data are ensured through anti-vibration testing under a variety of conditions. During the anti-vibration tests, the mobile DVR was put through three different categories of movement situations. Vertical, horizontal, and combination are the three. The outcomes demonstrate that the updated Mobile DVR successfully completes its duty under these conditions and that it has no negative effects on its overall efficacy.

The Main Functions of Mobile DVR


Mobile DVR FAQ New 3 (1)

Mobile DVR includes functions with GPS built in. These variants have a 3m connecting cord and a GPS antenna module. The GPS is handy for geolocating and tracking the vehicles using software or APPs. It is used for overprinting the geographic coordinates on the video taken.

Input/Output for Alarm

An alarm is a very important function. Mobile DVRs feature inputs and outputs for alarms. The alarm inputs can be connected to the vehicle switchboard and to on-board contacts and pushbuttons. Alarm actions can be linked to each input. In the event that the inputs are activated, local devices can be activated using the alarm outputs.

Wi-Fi and 4G

Mobile DVRs includes a few versions with Wi-Fi and 4G. These devices have unique antennas and a 3-meter connection cord. You can connect the MDVR to a Wi-Fi network using the WIFI to access the internet. Even a basic 4G router or a smartphone in hotspot mode might function as the Wi-Fi network. Both of which are ideal options for vehicles. The 4G Mobile DVR can connect to the Internet without the use of external devices. You just need to insert a mobile SIM into the 4G variants.


Let’s have the built-in G-Sensors. The G-Sensor can identify rapid changes in speed brought on by accidents or other unique circumstances. When the G-Sensor triggers, many actions might be started. For instance, you can send notifications, turn on other devices, and start recording automatically with a pre-recorded time.

Newest AI Function

Mobile DVR FAQ New 4 (1)

What matters with a mobile DVR is capturing a complete recording while it’s moving. It now contains artificial intelligence (AI) features including the ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance System), DMS (Driver Behavior State System), and BSD (Blind Spot Detection) functions to detect blind spots beforehand. It now makes things safer than they were before.


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