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EN50155 railway standard Mobile DVR Supplier

As one of the  Reliable Mobile DVR manufacturers in China, QOHO passed the vehicles industry standards, anti-vibration, shockproof tested and certified with EN50155 Railways Applications Electronic Equipment Used on Rolling Stock.

Send us your projects needs, we will give you best solution based on your detailed requirement.


AI 8CH 1080P HDD Mobile DVR work Driver Fatigue Monitor is very suitable for all different vehicles. Especially in Miner truck, it’s the best solution for you.


8ch H.265 Mobile DVR Manufacturer is produced and built-in Driver fatigue monitor and ADAS camera to work.


Big bus,train solution is selected from 8ch 1080P HDD Mobile DVR with IP Camera and AHD camera combination.

Mobile DVR Updated version of MDVR8102S

2ch Mini Mobile DVR supports GPS google map tracking, 4G remote view, and Wifi downloading.

4ch Dual SD card Mobile DVR page

4ch 1080P dual SD card Mobile DVR support max dual 512GB SD card,best solution for Bus, truck solution.


1080P 4G GPS WIFI Mobile DVR, 6 Axis G-Sensor, allows you to connect to your equipment using your mobile phone via WIFI.

QOHO: Your Professional Reliable Mobile DVR Manufacturer in China

QOHO is a professional leading manufacturer of Mobile DVR systems with Over 15 Years of Experience in China. QOHO has full experience in different fleet management projects in over 50 countries, and Over 40,000 Mobile DVR systems installed all over the world.

QOHO Mobile DVR systems got National High-tech Enterprise and passed Global Quality international certification: EN50155 Railways Applications Electronic Equipment Used on Rolling Stock, IEC63628 safety of information technology equipment standard, Emark(E-9), CE, FCC, Rohs, ISO9001.

QOHO design Mobile DVR 3D drawing, metal housing, PCB board, inside the material, package. All have been designed by QOHO. What’s more, most products are own design, so you can give us your OEM &ODM order in accordance with your project requirement.

So you just provide us your Mobile DVR requirement, our Sales teams will fully support you on how to select a Mobile DVR solution, How to install and work, QOHO will give 100% support and training before place an order and after-service. R&D teams give the fastest software solution of Mobile DVR even if a question is at midnight.

QOHO offers a full range of fleet equipment. Including vehicle camera,4G car DVR, driver fatigue monitor, ADAS camera, body camera, and relevant Mobile DVR’s accessories part, So Different types of mobile DVR systems in accordance with different fleet management solution.

Just leave your Mobile DVR inquiry message to us, QOHO will reply to you within 1 hour.

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China’s Top Mobile DVR Solution

A mobile DVR installs either inside or outside of a vehicle. You can track in real-time and keep track of your position and speed. Mobile DVR like a smart machine can monitor and save images and location via PC, tablet, and smartphone to check driver behavior, prevent fraud, and inspect all types of vehicles.

FAQ about Mobile DVR

Mobile DVRs have different types and are often installed in different vehicle transportation. A mobile DVR system can help you, your family, and your employees by saving their daily life. Also, can reduce expenses and increase productivity.

We share everything we care about and are informed about in this article, which allows you to learn further about Mobile DVR. You could pick any of the wealth of information in the Mobile DVR’s contents.


Table of Contents

  • Introducing Mobile DVR. What is a Mobile DVR?
  • What is the purpose of DVR? And whats the purpose of Mobile DVR?
  • What are the benefits of using a DVR? What are the benefits of using a Mobile DVR?
  • What is 3G, 4G & 5G Mobile DVR?
  • What is the Goal of a Mobile DVR?
  • The primary benefits of mobile DVR that you need to be aware of
  • What is a Mobile DVR system?
  • When the car engine is off, can I record videos?
  • Each vehicle’s mobile DVR application
  • How does a 4G connectivity work on Mobile DVR?
  • What is vibration testing on Mobile Digital Video Recorders?
  • What to look for when buying a Mobile DVR?
  • The Modern Mobile DVR’s Innovative Origins

Introducing Mobile DVR. What is a Mobile DVR?

MDVR is the shortened form for Mobile DVR, which is also known as Mobile Digital Recorder. Private d employment uses mobile DVR, which is made for all types of vehicles. That is fleet management.


  • Logistics: Cargo Van, Trucks, Dump truck, Oil Tanker, Cargo truck,
  • Public Transport: Coach, Tour bus, Public Transit Bus, Taxi, private car, train, subway, metro
  • Bus, School Bus,
  • Law enforcement: Police car, ambulance, others, etc.

We could perhaps assume that anti-vibration innovation is required for mobile DVRs to protect them from road bumps and the natural motions of a moving vehicle while maintaining video quality.  While using the 4G remote live viewing on a smartphone, PC, or tablet at any time, anywhere. GPS can be built in an external module with location, and speed information overlaid on the video. Wifi can download videos automatically. Wifi can download videos automatically.

Even though semi-trailers were the first applications for mobile DVR, numerous other industries have since taken notice. The use of a mobile DVR in the best motor homes and recreational vehicles is now very common because many RV owners use these systems for RV surveillance while they are parked in addition to recording while they are driving.

 What is the purpose of DVR? And whats the purpose of Mobile DVR?

DVR is installed at home, office, or building as a home security system, monitoring everything that is done via remote view or PC.

But Mobile DVR is different from DVR. Mobile DVR is installed in different vehicles, such as trucks, buses, taxis, vans, trains, and oil tankers. All different transportation can be suitable for Mobile DVR.

What are the benefits of using a DVR?  What are the benefits of using a Mobile DVR?

DVR’s benefits can help your home security. Mobile DVR benefits assist your safety while driving at any time and everywhere in different vehicles.

A good Mobile DVR has a good vibration design and a longer life span. As it’s more smart and perfect technology.2 channel smart mini Mobile DVR and 4 channel Mobile DVR are the best solutions for your vehicle monitoring because of their easier installation.

Also, they have more differences as below point:


Price of Mobile DVR and DVR:

Mobile DVR price is higher than DVR because the main chip is more high-technology and multi-function. What’s more important, mobile DVR is anti-vibration level technology.

IO Input Interface of Mobile DVR and DVR:

Mobile DVR has many IO interfaces and serial ports to connect more external devices, such as alarm buttons, People counting cameras, and RFID readers, now also support AI ADAS, DMS, and BSD function as well; DVR has few IO serial cable and only can connect the CCTV camera to work in home security.

Network / Data Transmission of Mobile DVR and DVR:

Mobile DVR can be built-in 4G,5G.H.265/ H.264, GPS, and WIFI, so that you can make it online via 4G/5G SIM card, RJ45, and WIFI when Mobile DVR is installed in the transportation; DVR can be online via RJ45 cable at the office.

Construction of Mobile DVR and DVR:

Mobile DVR has a good anti-vibration design and technology, so you can select HDD/ SDD and install the Mobile DVR to save the recording. All recording has been protected via special software.

DVR doesn’t have vibration; it only can install at the office used and normally can use a PC HDD to save the recording. Recording can open via the normal player.

Advantages of DVR and Mobile DVR:

DVR price is cheaper and easier installation at the office; Mobile DVR needs an anti-vibration design, long-life warranty and waterproof design, and so on. Most important, Mobile DVR can do motion detection after power off, so that it can protect your vehicles better.

Mobile DVRs’ application in different vehicles

There must be a different application or different Mobile DVR that can be installed in different vehicles. Each vehicle has its own set of needs. Here, we will provide our suggestions for each vehicle application so that car owners will know what to buy and what not to buy.

Here are some examples for your reference:


Taxi and Personal Car:

Since taxi cabs and sedans (personal cars) are often small in size, a 2ch mobile DVR or 4ch Mobile DVR is enough. For instance, if you only want to capture both the front and back of the car, a 2 Ch mobile DVR camera plus 1 rear camera would be good enough.

If somehow you want to cover the blind spots, a 4ch mobile DVR with 2 side cameras and 1 rear camera is perfect for you.

People counting function is more important for the Taxi. So you can consider this point.

Buses and Public Transportation:

For a transport vehicle with more than 20 seats, you can get a 4 or 8-channel HDD mobile DVR. These vehicles can also use 4ch SSD Mobile DVR. If you like bigger storage, pick an HDD mobile DVR that has 2TB to 4TB (optional) storage. If the vehicle is only used once in a while, a 2ch or 4ch SD card Mobile DVR is enough.

After you’ve decided on the ideal Mobile DVR for you, you’ll need to decide how many cameras you want to install. Interior cameras are essential for public transportation since they catch the activity inside the vehicle and provide evidence if there is an assault or misconduct inside the vehicle.

RFID reader, people counter camera, and BSD camera function is better to be considered in your safe range.

  • Oil tank and Cargo Trucks:

Because these trucks are so enormous, they have a lot of blind spots. To avoid mishaps, it is vital to catch as many sides as feasible. Putting a 4ch or 8ch HDD Mobile DVR is advised, as is installing 4 to 8 cameras for complete coverage surrounding the vehicle.

Consider placing an anti-explosive camera on the oil truck and other highly combustible vehicles. It will be an excellent investment because it is fire and explosion-resistant.

More important, you have to care driver’s safety, so a driver fatigue monitor is very important. Now AI DMS Camera can help you with your driver even if you are at the office.

  • School Bus:

Assuming a school bus is big enough to carry 20 passengers and up, an 8ch HDD Mobile DVR system is advisable. The system can include an 8 Channel HDD Mobile DVR, a people counting sensor, an RFID machine, several vehicle cameras, an LCD monitor, etc. depending on the vehicle requirement.

Since this vehicle carries children, we must consider their safety by adding several cameras and security devices like a people counter camera and RFID which will notify the school or parents that their children arrived safely in school.

What is 3G, 4G & 5G Mobile DVR?


The 3G module is used as HUAWEI, like MU709s-2, MU709s-6, MU609, and ME909s by different countries’ bands (HSDPA/HSPA+850/1900/2100). Now, 3G will shut down in most countries in one year. So that 4G is more popular than before. 4G module will be made with different country’s bands. Such as EC20 can be used in Asia countries, and EC25 is better in European countries. So different countries with different bands have their own 4G modules. 4G is working well for several years. As 5G is oncoming. China is more common with a 5G base. So 5G module can be used in Mobile DVR systems even if the price is a little higher, 4G will be replaced by 5G in a few years. So that it will be faster with 5G speed. Using Smartphone is easier to remote live view in a few seconds. So it’s easier to know everything that happened on the road.

What is the Goal of a Mobile DVR?

The primary purpose of mobile DVR is to keep everyone safe from traffic issues and accidents. It is undeniable that people can drive carelessly depending on their mood. It will lead to an unexpected accident.

Even Mobile DVR is moving and driving all the time, you just need a mobile phone, PC, or tablet. Once you get an account, you can monitor it at any time, so it’s a great Goal for you as we have to care about driving safety.

The primary benefits of mobile DVR that you need to be aware of

As some people are worried about the benefits of a device, right? If you install Mobile DVR in your car has a lot of advantages. You can install a Mobile Digital Video Recorder on any vehicle to record the vehicle’s whereabouts as well as the surroundings.

  • You may be a concerned parent who is constantly interested in knowing what their adolescent child is doing when they are operating a vehicle. Even though some individuals might view it as an invasion, it is a parent’s concern.
  • You can install a Mobile Digital Video Recorder on any vehicle to record the vehicle’s whereabouts as well as the surroundings.
  • You can replay previously history-recorded videos from journeys in your vehicle is another benefit.
  • Mobile DVR is a perfect choice for your traveling. Why? It records potential future occurrences such as traffic accidents, collisions, or road crashes that could be occurred by other drivers and are associated with you. The mobile DVR can provide any necessary evidence for false allegations if you need it.
  • You can record images, and videos together with a wide range of camera systems and Mobile DVR.
  • As a fleet manager can keep an eye on their vehicles in actual times when Mobile DVR is moving because the driver is driving. It can assess each of its operators with the aid of the outcome.
  • Because of Mobile DVR’s good anti-vibration features, This enables it to be used for an extended period without malfunctioning due to jerky travel that causes the car to vibrate.

What is a Mobile DVR system?

A mobile DVR system consists of a Mobile DVR device and Vehicle cameras to work, so the recording device and additional parts to build a network for viewing recordings from different locations. It is a tool to capture and store analog and digital video data. Additionally, there are many video recorders with different vehicle cameras.

A mobile DVR system is a great solution to help you, your family, and your employees by saving their lives. Could also reduce costs and increase effectiveness.

When the car engine is off, can I record videos?

Yes, the device can set motion detection and ACC delay function when the engine is off, as many customers inquire about when using parking mode. Additionally, a mobile DVR with an additional parking mode enables it to continue recording while parked in a specific location. But it’s necessary to get power to supply power to the Mobile DVR system.

How does a 4G connectivity work on Mobile DVR?


You can watch and download recordings of the area around the vehicle using any smart device and the mobile DVR 4G capability. After the user connects to the provider’s 4G network, data will be sent to and from the Mobile DVR device over that network. You can expect regular transmissions of your recordings. That is precisely what a mobile DVR accomplishes for your safe journey.

What is vibration testing on Mobile Digital Video Recorders?

Testing for shock and vibration in terms of the product’s intended environment and use is necessary to ensure that the Mobile DVR is correctly operating and that it fulfills its function both now and in the future. Now Most companies need to pass EN50155 for railway application of vibration test.

Anti-vibration testing guarantees the Mobile DVR’s dependability and the security of its data under a variety of circumstances.

The mobile digital recorder was subjected to three different categories of movement settings throughout the Anti-vibration Tests.

  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • Combination

The results show that the upgraded Mobile DVR completes its task in these circumstances and that it has no impact on its overall effectiveness.

What to look for when buying a Mobile DVR?


Selecting the right Mobile DVR is important when looking for a Mobile DVR, to clarify further, the following elements should be assessed when thinking about models:

Housing– It’s necessary to check whether the housing design is industrial level or non-industrial level.

Vibration– It’s important to check whether the vibration is inside or outside design. More importantly, it must pass the EN50155 vibration test.

Application–Know your project first. small vehicles can use mini mobile DVR, like telematics Cameras with easier installation, Bigger vehicles can consider HDD/SSD Mobile DVR with more function to save your driving safety problem.

Cost– Different designs, housing, and technology will have different prices. But you have to consider your project requirement, after-service. So have to double check the price from lower to higher. select the best solution that you consider.

Storage– If you want to record longer recordings, select HDD/SSD Mobile DVR, as it can support 2.5inch 2TB or 4TB HDD/SSD. If you only care about the remote view and a few days of recording, SD card Mobile DVR is the best solution for you as most companies can provide 512GB SD card storage for Mobile DVR. The different resolutions, channels, and storage will create different recording dates. The below example is for reference, As you can check with companies to know more before buying.

For example:

256GB SD card storage,2 channels with 1080P resolution, working 6 hours every day, so it can save record 9 days with 256GB storage.

1TB HDD storage,2 channels with 720P resolution, working 6 hours every day, so it can save record 47 days with 1TB storage.

Extra Functions – Mobile DVR what you care about is getting full recording when it’s moving. Now it has AI functions, like ADAS(Advanced Driving Assistance System), DMS(Driver Behavior State System), and BSD(Blind Spot Detection) functions to notice in advance. So that it’s safer than before.

The Modern Mobile DVR’s Innovative Origins


Here are some recommendations to aid in your search for a reputable retailer of mobile digital video recorders:

Frankly speaking, China has many goods sources. So you can find many good suppliers in China.

Chinese manufacturers have long produced surveillance equipment like the Mobile DVR. Most Mobile DVR manufacturers provide reasonably priced mobile digital recorders that can compete with the innovations and modern features found in brands from other countries.

Check their website to see if their customers have provided positive and straightforward feedback. The manufacturer should also have a working phone number or email address so that they can contact customers whenever needed.

If you would like to evaluate Mobile DVR before purchasing several units, you can ask several Mobile DVR suppliers with good prices, service, and attitudes to compare.

Some Chinese companies have R&D, so you can require OEM&ODM as your requirement.

Know more, understand more. So is very useful for you.

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