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QOHO AI HDD Mobile DVR Passed EN50155 Railways Applications Electronic Equipment Used on Rolling Stock

QOHO AI HDD Mobile DVR Global Quality International Certification

  • Mobile-DVR-CE-LVD
    Radio Test report EN301-501
  • Mobile-DVR-CE-LVD
    EMC test report for wireless equipment EN301-489
  • QOHO Mobile DVR CE IEC62638
    Safety test report
  • Mobile DVR EN50155
    Railways Applications Electronic Equipment Used on Rolling Stock
  • Mobile DVR E-9 E mark
    E-mark EEC Directives ECE Regulation
  • QOHO Mobile DVR FCC
    Federal Communications Commission

QOHO Mobile DVR Hot-Selling Types

QOHO Mobile DVR Hot-selling Types are Your Best Choice for Your Fleet Management Solution.

AI SD Card Mobile DVR MDVR8104S-AI
Three SD card 4-CH 1080P AI Mobile DVR; AI ADAS, DMS, BSD as optional; Long time Working in UPS Battery as Optional; Powerful GPS Tracking Function; 4G, WIFI as optional;
4 ch Mobile DVR with built-in 1080P camera, GPS Google Map monitoring, 6 axis G-sensor 4G remote view, WIFI streaming, and DSM. also available in 2ch Mobile DVR
AI HDD Mobile DVR MDVR8204H (1)
1080P AI HDD/SSD Mobile DVR,  GPS 3G / 4G WIFI MDVR, AI ADAS, AI BSD and AI DMS support H.265 high profile AI HDD Mobile DVR
8ch 1080P Mobile DVR
H.265 compression, 6 axis G-sensor, 8ch 1080P HDD Mobile DVR, support AHD camera plus IP camera with Hybrid Mobile NVR.
4ch 1080P dual SD card 3g Mobile DVR
4ch 1080P dual SD card Mobile DVR support max dual 512GB SD card, 6 axis G-sensor, 4G online and WIFI download, best solution for a fleet of huge vehicles.
Mobile DVR 1080P SD card MDVR
4ch 1080P Single SD card Mobile DVR, small size, 6 axis G-sensor, 4G & 3G Mobile DVR

Most of the QOHO's Mobile DVR Products are Exclusive Private Model Design

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    QOHO ManufacturingYour Reliable 1080P Mobile DVR Manufacturer for Fleet Management Solution

    QOHO is a professional leading manufacturer of Mobile Digital Video Recorder systems with 16 Years of Experience in China. QOHO has full experience in different fleet management projects in over 50 countries, and Over 40,000 Mobile Digital Recorder systems installed all over the world.

    QOHO Mobile DVR systems got National High-tech Enterprise and passed Global Quality international certifications: EN50155 Railways Applications Electronic Equipment Used on Rolling Stock, IEC63628 safety of information technology equipment standard, Emark(E-9), CE, FCC, Rohs, ISO9001.

    Just leave your Mobile DVR inquiry message to us, QOHO is 24/7 online to assist you!

    16 Years of Experience
    QOHO is one of the leading professional manufacturers of MDVR systems since 2005
    Own Private Model Products
    QOHO created the Mobile DVR housing, PCB board, internal material, and packaging. QOHO produced all of them.
    Over 20+ Patent
    QOHO Mobile DVR have applied more than 20 patent of Utility model and appearance design.
    Low MOQ & Fast Delivery
    1pc Order to start, within 1 day to delivery after confirm in Stock

    QOHO Mobile DVR-Your Fleet Management Solution Expert

    QOHO has been developing its Mobile DVR systems since 2005.  The company’s 16 Years of Experience establishes a secure position in the Mobile DVR market.

    Our Company has designed the majority of 1080P Mobile DVRs, from 3D drawings, metal housing, PCB frame, inside the product, box, to fully finished devices.

    As a result, you can place your OEM and ODM orders with us following your project specifications.

    QOHO’s overseas sales department will provide you with complete guidance about how to get a Mobile DVR solution, how to mount it, and how to use it on vehicles and smartphones.

    QOHO fully embraces and teaches you, even ordering a Mobile DVR as a trial order. Furthermore, R&D teams have the quickest app solution of Mobile DVR even though you call for assistance at midnight.

    QOHO offers a comprehensive suite of fleet management tools.

    QOHO Mobile DVR systems include a truck camera, a 4G car DVR, a driver fatigue display, an ADAS camera, a body camera, and the required Mobile DVR accessories.

    So, just leave us a note with your Mobile DVR question, and we’ll be there for you 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

    Mobile DVR FAQs

    Mobile DVR – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    A Mobile DVR system includes the recording device and other components to create a network to view recordings from different points.

    Mobile DVR is a type of device used to record and store video data in digital and analog form.

    Mobile DVR is a series of video recorders that have various cameras and storage devices.

    They are often installed in vehicles but can also be placed in other devices such as airplanes.

    With a Mobile DVR system, it can save you, your family, and your workers’ lives. Also can save cost and improve efficiency.

    This guide helps you to know more about Mobile DVR, It covers all the information about Mobile DVR.

    We share everything that we care about and know.

    The Guide of the Mobile DVR is very rich, you can choose the information that is useful to you.

    What is Mobile DVR?

    Mobile DVR’s short name is MDVR, Mobile DVR’s full name is Mobile Digital Recorder. Mobile DVR is designed for all different vehicles, that is fleet management

    • Logistics: Cargo Van, Trucks, Dump truck, Oil Tanker, Cargo truck,
    • Public Transport: Coach, Tour bus, Public Transit Bus, Taxi, private car, train, subway, metro
    • Bus, School Bus,
    • Law enforcement: Police car, ambulance, and others, etc.

    What’s the difference between a Mobile DVR and a DVR?

    Mobile DVR FAQs

    Application of Mobile DVR and DVR:

    Mobile DVR can be installed in different vehicles, such as logistic bus, truck, school bus, car, taxi, oil tank, etc…all different fleet transportation; DVR normally is installed at the office.

    Price of Mobile DVR and DVR:

    Mobile DVR price is higher than DVR because the main chip is more high-technology and multi-function.

    multiple IO Input Interface:

    Mobile DVR has many IO interfaces to connect more external devices, such as alarm buttons, People counting cameras, and RFID readers; DVR only can connect the CCTV camera to work.

    Network / Data Transmission of Mobile DVR and DVR:

    Mobile DVR can be built-in 4G, H.264, GPS, and Wifi, so that you can make it online via 4G SIM card, RJ45, and Wifi when Mobile DVR is installed at the truck; DVR can be online via RJ45 cable at the office.

    Construction of Mobile DVR and DVR:

    Mobile DVR has good anti-vibration, so you can select HDD/ SDD install the Mobile DVR to save the recording. All recording has to protect via special software.

    DVR doesn’t have vibration, it only can install at the office used and normally can use PC HDD to save the recording. Recording can open via the normal player.

    Advantage of DVR and Mobile DVR:

    DVR price is cheaper and easier installation at the office; Mobile DVR needs an anti-vibration design, so long life warranty. Shockproof design.

    Most important, Mobile DVR can do motion detection after power off, so that it can protect your vehicle better.

    What are any different types of Mobile DVR?

    Mobile DVR includes 2ch SD card Mobile DVR, 4ch Single SD card Mobile DVR, 4 ch Dual SD card Mobile DVR, 8ch HDD Mobile DVR. 16ch HDD/SSD Mobile DVR and so on. Also, most Mobile DVR has 720P and 1080P high resolution as your project requirement. 5K Mobile DVR is oncoming soon.

    How to select the perfect Mobile DVR for each vehicle?

    There must be a different application or Mobile DVR installation for each car. Each vehicle has its own set of needs. Here, we will provide our suggestions for each vehicle application so that car owners will know what to buy and what not to buy.

    Mobile DVR FAQ - vehicle application

    Here are some examples for your reference:

    1. Taxi and Personal Car:

    Since taxi cabs and sedans (personal cars) are often small in size, a 2ch mobile DVR or 4ch Mobile DVR will do. For instance, if you only want to capture both the front and back of the car, a 2 Ch mobile DVR camera plus 1 rear camera would be good enough.

    If somehow you want to cover the blind spots, a 4ch mobile DVR with 2 side cameras and 1 rear camera is perfect for you.

    1. Buses and Public Transportation:

    For a transport vehicle with more than 20 seats, you can get a 4 or 8 channel HDD mobile DVR. These vehicles can also use 4ch SSD Mobile DVR. If you like bigger storage, pick an HDD mobile DVR that has 2TB to 4TB (optional) storage. If the vehicle is only used once in a while, a 2ch or 4ch SD card Mobile DVR is enough.

    After you’ve decided on the ideal Mobile DVR for you, you’ll need to decide how many cameras you want to install. Interior cameras are essential for public transportation since they catch the activity inside the vehicle and provide evidence if there is an assault or misconduct inside the vehicle.

    1. Oil tank and Cargo Trucks:

    Because these trucks are so enormous, they have a lot of blind spots. To avoid mishaps, it is vital to catch as many sides as feasible. Putting a 4ch or 8ch HDD Mobile DVR is advised, as is installing 4 to 8 cameras for complete coverage surrounding the vehicle.

    Consider placing an anti-explosive camera on the oil truck and other highly combustible vehicles. It will be an excellent investment because it is fire and explosion-resistant.

    1. School Bus:

    Assuming a school bus is big enough to carry 20 passengers and up, an 8ch HDD Mobile DVR system is advisable. The system can include an 8 Channel HDD Mobile DVR, a people counting sensor, an RFID machine, several vehicle cameras, an LCD monitor, etc. depending on the vehicle requirement.

    Since this vehicle carries children, we must consider their safety by adding several cameras and security devices like a people counter camera and RFID which will notify the school or parents that their children arrived safely in school.

    What are H.264 and H.265 in Mobile DVR, and which one is better?

    Mobile DVR FAQ - H264 x H265

    When looking for monitoring security devices or Mobile DVRs, you’ll very certainly come across H.264 mobile DVR and H.265 specifications. What exactly do those phrases mean? Many individuals may identify H.264 with a surveillance camera system.

    Many Mobile DVRs or DVR Mobile in the industry have H264 or H265 written on the box or displayed during the first installation of the device. However, many of the better-quality videos that are broadcast online use H.265 compression.

    H.265 is the latest video compression technology that outperforms H.264. In comparison to H.264, H.264 provides superior bit compression of 57 percent at 1080p and 64 percent at UHD or 4K. Because all of our gadgets, from smartphones to smart TVs, are capturing or showing at considerably greater resolutions, HEVC compression is rather critical.

    H.265 provides approximately twice the compression algorithms ratio at the very same degree of image quality or significantly better video resolution at the same frame rate. It enables resolutions of up to 8192 by 4320, including 8K Ultra HD resolutions.

    The present H.264 (MPEG-4/AVC) specification no longer satisfies the demand of video encoding for increased image resolution due to the rapid development of IP video surveillance technologies. The next wave 4K Ultra HD and 8K Ultra HD video equipment will undoubtedly become the industry mainstream.

    What is 3G, 4G & 5G Mobile DVR?

    Mobile DVR FAQ - 3G4G5G

    The 3G & 4G mobile DVRs use a 3G/4G connection and are interoperable with multiple devices thanks to a variety of connecting ports and possibilities. The convenience of setting up and operating the 3G/4G mobile DVR makes them simple to set up and begin monitoring your vehicle without requiring a significant amount of your time. These 3G/4G mobile DVR are generating superior image qualities that provide more and sharper details for precise analysis, thanks to always improving technologies. Their other capabilities, like mobile applications or cloud services, enable you to see the footage in real-time from any place. Nowadays, the majority of mobile digital video recorders use 4G connectivity. The 5G connection, on the other hand, is the fastest of the three and will be available to the public soon.

    What is the meaning of channels in Mobile DVRs?

    If you’re looking for the best Mobile Digital Video Recorder for your vehicle, you’ve probably come across the term CHANNEL. The term channel may be unfamiliar to someone new to the automotive security market. In this section, we will discuss the word channel and which is appropriate for your car.

    The number of cameras or devices that can be connected to the mobile DVR is referred to as a channel. A 2 Ch mobile DVR, for example, may accommodate up to two external cameras. Because there are adaptors on the market that can accept 1 to 2 cameras per port, a 2 Ch Mobile DVR can also support 4 cameras.

    A 4 Ch Mobile DVR may accommodate from two to four cameras as well as other devices at the same time.

    What’s the function of AI in Mobile Digital Video Recorder?

    Mobile DVR FAQ - AI Function

    AI is a technology in mobile digital video recorder that is utilized for encoding and decoding data after it has been collected. The major goal is to gather peripheral data and effectively present it to users once it has been analyzed. A sensor and associated detectors, for example, are put on the car to gather data and transfer it to the AI-based mobile digital recorder terminal, in which the software does in-depth interpretation and provides input to the user via visual or sound. In this approach, the driver might be actively alerted of potential hazards, lowering the likelihood of an accident. Furthermore, the AI Mobile DVR may communicate information to the cloud through 3G, 4G, or 5G to give a complete telematics system feature. The features include ADAS, DMS, BSD, and CMS Platform functionality which are great tools to assist the drivers to travel safely.

    What are the benefits of using a mobile DVR?

    • You can install a Mobile Digital Video Recorder on any vehicle to record the vehicle’s surroundings.
    • With the mobile digital recorder installed, users may playback the past video footage from their vehicle’s trips.
    • A mobile Digital Video Recorder is a great tool to capture future occurrences like road crashes, collisions,s or other traffic accidents which may be caused by other road users and accusing you to be responsible. The DVR mobile will have the evidence that you may need for false accusations.
    • Mobile DVRs are becoming important since they may provide facts to law enforcement captures like excessive speeding and bad driving conduct.
    • Mobile DVR saves time and increases work efficiency for detectives because they will not have to check so much footage and the modest way which makes traffic investigations more smoothly.
    • This adaptable mobile digital video recording device allows you to capture sharp videos from several cameras.
    • A mobile DVR is intended to assist fleet managers to monitor their fleet in real-time. The result will also help them to evaluate each of their drivers.
    • A DVR Mobile also has anti-vibration characteristics, which allows it to be used for an extended amount of time without losing pieces due to rough travel that causes the car to vibrate.

    Where to get the finest Mobile DVR?

    Fortunately, specific brands and models of Mobile DVR, as well as other equipment and things, are available for purchase on the internet or through online commerce sites such as Amazon and Alibaba. However, always remember that acquiring Mobile Digital Recorder online is not easy, especially since they are not cheap and you may encounter being scammed. When you need several Mobile DVR, look for trusted & authorized DVR Mobile manufacturers.

    Mobile DVR FAQ - where to buy

    To give you an idea on how to locate a reliable mobile digital video recorder supplier, here are some tips:

    If you’re new to this and don’t know where to start, we recommend starting looking in Asia, especially China. Chinese companies began making surveillance devices such as the DVR Mobile for quite some time now. These Chines Mobile DVR manufacturers offer affordable mobile digital recorders that can meet up the advances and the most up-to-date features found in international brands.

    Once you’ve found a reliable mobile digital recorder supplier, check their company website to see whether they have encouraging and honest client feedback. The manufacturer should also have an active and reachable email or phone number so that they can assist their clients at any time.

    You may also check for a DVR Mobile company that bids as low as one piece of unit per order transaction as it is more cost-effective if you like to assess the effectiveness of the mobile digital recorder prior to purchasing several units, saving you cash on untrustworthy brands.

    If the Mobile DVR company has available stock, you can already send an order form and anticipate the device to be shipped out ASAP. It is very likely that it will reach at your home in a week or less.

    If you need a certain type or specific DVR Mobile requirements, some Chinese firms also do R&D or technological development.

    How does a 4G connectivity works on Mobile DVR?

    Mobile DVR FAQ - 4G Connectivity

    The mobile DVR 4G capability allows you to watch and download recordings of the vehicle’s surrounding from any smart device via the 4G network.

    Information will be sent to and out of the device DVR Mobile over the 4G network after the user connects to the provider’s 4G network.

    When you utilize the mobile gadget to make video calls, use 4G Mobile DVR to save audio recordings.

    Users can watch digital recordings from their mobile gadgets, computers, or web-enabled devices using the 4G network.

    You do not need to transfer your acquired recordings if you really have internet access.

    Your recordings will be transmitted on a regular basis. That is the exact function of a mobile DVR achieved for your safe journey.

    What is vibration testing on Mobile Digital Video Recorders?

    To verify the right functioning of the DVR Mobile and that it fulfills its role now and, in the future, shock and vibration testing in compliance with the product’s intended environment and use is required. Some legislation and MDVR standards require testing, thus it is included in the total environmental evaluation conformance. Transport test patterns provide assurance that the mobile DVR will reach at its target location, i.e., the end consumer, undamaged, which can lead to fewer product complaints.

    Every device is susceptible to vibration loading and impact stress. This is why the vibration test is crucial when manufacturing Mobile digital recorders.

    Anti-vibration inspection ensures Mobile DVR durability and its content safety in a diversity of conditions.

    All over the Anti-vibration Tests, the technologists subjected the mobile digital recorder to three different categories of movement settings.

    • Horizontal
    • Vertical
    • Combination

    The findings expose that the upgraded Mobile DVR accomplishes its function effectively in these situations and it has no effect on general effectiveness.

    What is the meaning of the Mobile DVR CE standard?

    Mobile DVR FAQ - CE Mark

    All device components, comprising time, functionality, content, clients, interface, and activity records, are rated by the CE standard for Mobile DVRs. This score can then be utilized to compare one Mobile Digital Recorder to another. With so many features accessible in the industry, consumers must be aware of this score in order to make the best decision for their requirements. The DVR Mobile meets the CE standard for meeting the primary characteristics of a device that can be used securely in the industry, as defined by Directive 2004/108/EC.

    The CE Registered trademark on a device shows that the device’s producer or manufacturer has confirmed conformance with essential European Union regulations and that the device may be marketed everywhere in the European Economic Area or EEA. It is a felony act to apply a CE Certification mark to a non-compliant device and sell it.

    What is the maximum number of cameras that can be linked to a Mobile Digital Video Recorder?

    The number of channels, or camera feed portals, that a DVR Mobile has influenced the number of sensors that may be operated from that MDVR. DVR mobile typically has 1, 4, 8, 16, 32, and even 64 Channels, depending on the brand you own or are about to acquire. A mobile DVR with four channels can only support four cameras. A Mobile DVR with 8 channels can only run up to 8 cameras, and etc.

    What exactly is FPS stand for when acquiring a Mobile DVR?

    Mobile DVR FAQ - FPS

    FPS is an acronym for Frames Per Second. This standard is used to calculate the capturing rate of a Mobile DVR. For instance, if four-channel DVR Mobile records four sensors at a rate of 100 frames per second, each sensor will capture at 25 frames per second. That is indeed 100 frames per second divided by four cameras for a total of 25 frames per second. Because it is considered to be Live Video filming, this is the highest filming rate customers can get from any Mobile DVR. An image is the greatest way to explain a frame. The higher the number of images in a sec, the higher the clarity of the recorded video. If your DVR Mobile only captured at 5 frames per second, the video would indeed be jittery and of worse quality than at 25 frames per second. According to regulatory guidelines, the acceptable lowest fps for credible data is 5FPS.

    Can you utilize the Mobile Digital Video Recorder to observe your vehicles in real-time?

    Mobile DVR FAQ - Real-time Monitoring

    If you’re a fleet administrator or a vehicle operator, you’re probably wondering how you’ll keep track of your vehicles in real-time. It is tough to monitor and supervise a large fleet of vehicles at the same time. It has become possible to handle and monitor all of the cars at the same time using a mobile digital video recorder.

    Most mobile DVRs have 3G/4G or WIFI access, which means that once linked to the internet, you may receive real-time broadcasts from the mobile DVR straight to any mobile device via software or application.

    Certain software also has a two-way communication option that allows you to effortlessly communicate with your operators and assign duties remotely.

    Another advantage of Mobile DVR Software is the capability to trace your vehicle’s whereabouts at any moment with a single click.

    What to look for when buying a Mobile DVR?

    Mobile DVR FAQ - things to consider

    Because it regulates whatever your vehicle security system does, selecting the appropriate Mobile Digital Video Recorders is just as crucial as selecting sensors when searching for a Mobile DVR. Nevertheless, because of the variety of options available in the industry, this can frequently appear overwhelming. This is exacerbated further by various firms defining major characteristics in distinctive ways. Breaking it further, these are the factors to evaluate when considering models:

    Channels – The number of cameras that the Mobile DVR may film at the same moment. Most Mobile DVRs typically include four, eight, or sixteen video feeds. Please remember that audio connections are distinct, and some entry-level mobile digital recorders would only accept audio from either of the sensors.

    Frame Rate – A 25FPS Mobile DVR is required for seamless videos with no jumpiness. Sadly, this is where things become complicated. For the finest performance, use a Mobile DVR that can record 25FPS per camera or channel at high resolution. This is due to the fact that some lower-priced devices promise a rapid FPS, and it will actually be at 50% the total resolution, not in full HD. When purchasing a Mobile Digital Video Recorders, ensure that the FPS is steady at the finest parameters. The descriptor “Real-Time HD” should also confirm this. The FPS of a mobile digital recorder is frequently reported as a total figure for all feeds, therefore an 8-channel mobile digital recorder will be represented as 200FPS.

    Resolution – The majority of Mobile digital recorders in the industry feature a high-resolution option, which records 720×576 pixels. Furthermore, some modern mobile digital video recorders that operate with Internet-Protocol Cameras will record in HD which is called 1080P Mobile DVR.

    Online Connectivity – Most Mobile Digital Video Recorders now include an internet connection, enabling users to watch recordings from sensors through the web or on any smartphone. Yet, there is a wide range of interoperability for these functionalities. Some, for instance, allow users to manage the DVR Mobile remotely, while others merely enable users to view a live stream. Also, depending on how you wish to view it on any device, the accessible functionality may vary. Definitely confirm ahead of time how well the mobile digital recorder will interact with your unique device.

    Hard Drive Size – Because all Mobile Digital Video Recorders record video to a constructed HDD, make absolutely certain the one you purchase is large sufficient for your purposes. Some Mobile DVRs also have an SD card slot for additional recording space.

    Extra Functions – Many mobile digital recorders will include extra functions that may be useful in your vehicle installation. Features include HDMI outlet for Full HD monitoring, warning inputs and outputs, GPS, AI-Based system, and room to accommodate numerous Storage Devices. These aren’t normally headline features, but they’re worth keeping an eye out for when evaluating brands.


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