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QOHO Mobile DVR, AI MDVR, Vehicle Camera Manufacturer is Your Professional Expert

  • QOHO was formed in 2005 and we now have sixteen years of experience in manufacturing high-quality vehicle security equipment solutions.
  • QOHO is a professional with 16 years of experience manufacturing Mobile DVRs, Vehicle Cameras, and other vehicle surveillance systems in Shenzhen, China.
  • All QOHO Mobile DVR Meet and exceed EN50155 Railways Applications and E-mark (E-9) industry standard.
  • QOHO ISO9001: 2015 Mobile DVR, Car cameras passed CE, FCC, Emark include E-9 and E-24,Rohs, IEC62638, and Patent for utility models.
  • QOHO Car camera for outside use passed IP69 level.
  • Fully support all your various fleet management requirements.

QOHO Mobile DVR & Vehicle Camera SupplierWe Care for Your Safety Driving

QOHO has 16 years of experience in Mobile DVR, Vehicle Cameras of all vehicle security equipment solutions manufacturing, and cares for your safety driving all the time.

Manufacturing high-quality Mobile DVR, Car cameras, & Excellent customer service is our number one mission.

QOHO features a professional INTERSEC, SECUREX exhibition of Mobile DVR, Vehicle cameras in a different country every year.

QOHO produces different types like Car DVR, Mobile DVR, AI Mobile DVR, Vehicle cameras, 4G Dash camera, Car black box, Car monitors, Driver fatigue Monitors, ADAS Camera, BSD Camera, DVS System, Wireless Monitor& Camera Sysstem,3G GPS tracker, Peripheral devices, and more.

QOHO mission:To be the Guardian of your jurney with highest cost-effecive products and services.
QOHO Culture: Customers First,Effective COmmunicate and Turstworthy Partner!

Our aim is always to provide our customers with the best possible support and service. We are always happy to work with our customers to tailor a solution for their fleet management needs.

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QOHO Mobile DVR & Vehicle Camera
to Support all your fleet management projects

AI HDD Mobile DVR MDVR8204H Front panel

1080P AI ADAS DMS BSD HDD/SSD Mobile DVR,  GPS 3G / 4G WIFI MDVR, AI ADAS, AI BSD and AI DMS support H.265 high profile AI HDD Mobile DVR

AI SD Card Mobile DVR MDVR8104S-AI (1)

Three SD card 4-CH 1080P AI Mobile DVR; AI ADAS, DMS, BSD as optional; Long time Working in UPS Battery as Optional; Powerful GPS Tracking Function; 4G, Wifi as optional;

MDVR8102SP New

4ch mini Car DVR one body with powerful functions, ADAS Camera built-in Front Road View camera and Built-in Cabin DMS Camera, BSD Camera or car camera, GPS, 4G, 6 axis G-sensor, wifi mini Car DVR.

Dual Lens Car Camera MC620

QOHO manufacture Vehicle cameras most are own private model and outside Vehicle cameras which can meet waterproof rating from IP67 to IP69 based on your project needs.

1 channel car dvr for vehicle MDVR101

AI smart Taxi Camera can give your safety driving, we can be sure our dash camera can meet any of fleet management solution in taxi vehicles for your projects. AI ADAS Taxi Camera with Best Solution.

Car Monitor QH-TF070D 720P monitor (8)

7-inch Car monitor with SD card combines with Vehicle Cameras save all recording in the truck solution, Car Screen LCD Monitor With 256GB SD Card supported.

Mobile DVR Manufacturer to Rocket Your Fleet Management Projects

Our mission statement at QOHO is Simple Solutions, Friendly Communication, and Be Trustworthy. We strive to have an easy-to-use and configure solution, as well as friendly connectivity and a trustworthy friendship. We consider all of our customers as friends and want to establish and sustain a trusting relationship with them.

QOHO is a leading provider of Mobile DVR, AI MDVR, Mobile NVR, and Vehicle cameras. QOHO Mobile DVR, as one of the best Car Security Systems of Mobile DVR, Vehicle Cameras manufacturers in China, exceeds the EN50155 Railways Applications tested and is also CE, CE-RED, FCC, No-halogen, and E-24,E-9 mark industry approved.

We are certain that we can have a fair price depending on your exclusive and diverse vehicle projects.

Through our experienced technical staff, QOHO will provide you with the right fleet management approach depending on your project’s specifications. If you are managing transportation services or fleet management under your brand and are looking for an OEM maker, QOHO will provide you with complete assistance in the production of Mobile DVRs and Vehicle Cameras.

We assume that through our consistent hard work, we should reduce the dangers of driving,  boost and increase driving safety & save your lives. QOHO will be your constant guardian of a healthy journey and trip for you, everybody, and anywhere on the route.

The QOHO team wishes you, your family, and your business the best, and thanks to all of our old and new friends. Thank you for your ongoing support.

QOHO mission:To be the Guardian of your jurney with highest cost-effecive products and services.
QOHO Culture: Customers First,Effective COmmunicate and Turstworthy Partner

Why QOHO is Trusted by Our Clients From All Over the World?

16 years
Over 16 Years Mobile DVR, Vehicle Cameras Experience

QOHO has over 16 years of experience in Mobile DVR manufacturing, QOHO is a professional Mobile DVR Manufacturer, so we can supply you with any type of fleet management solution for your projects.

Waterproof & Fireproof

QOHO’s own design Car black box used as the backup recording has passed Waterproof and Fireproof test.

IP Rating

QOHO manufacture Vehicle Cameras which can meet waterproof rating from IP67 to IP69K based on your project needs.

Mobile DVR Production Line

QOHO has an advanced Mobile DVR PCB board production line, so we can ensure your orders on time to supply even in peak season.

QOHO EN50155 Railways Applications Electronic Equipment Used on Rolling Stock

All QOHO Mobile DVR confirm and exceed the EN50155 Industry Standards, you can blind trust QOHO Mobile DVR as your supplier. It is a professional anti-vibration standard.

Own private design - Certificate of Utility model patent and Design Patent

Most QOHO Vehicle Security Systems products applied for Utility Model patent as most products are own design.

Real Feedbacks From QOHO Clients

Dane Bush

I have Betty’s DVRs in all my trucks. By far the most excellent customer service I’ve ever received anywhere. Their equipment has far exceeded my expectations and their sales and service are number one keep up the good work!

Harry Stepney

QOHO Mobile DVR, Vehicle camera products they offer are always of the highest quality and I have used their products exclusively for many years. The willingness of the team to utilize the latest technology and offer up-to-date products has also been a huge bonus for my business.

Harry Tsiakiridis

I’ve been dealing with QOHO Electronics and Betty in particular for over 10 plus years. Betty’s willingness to provide exceptional after-sales service and answer any queries in a timely manner is extraordinary. I have formed a great relationship over the years with Betty and everyone at QOHO, and find them not only easy to deal with but also truly willing to offer their help and to provide their customers with the best solution.

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More Manufacturing Advantage
for QOHO Mobile DVR & Vehicle Camera Manufacturer

QOHO Mobile DVR CE IEC62638
QOHO Mobile DVR, Vehicle Camera CE,FCC, E mark,EN50155 railway, IEC62638 certificate
QOHO Mobile DVR office
QOHO Mobile DVR & Vehicle Cameras High-tech PCB,R&D design, QC 100% shipping
QOHO Mobile DVR exhibition of CV show, SECUREX, IFSEC,ISC East, MIPS Moscow, ISAF Turkey

Send your inquiry now!


    Do you have MOQ for your Mobile DVR & Vehicle cameras?

    We do not have Minimum Order Quantity for every order, we can manufacture and process Mobile DVR & Vehicle camera orders from 1 pc. So it’s an easy way for us to start your business.

    Can I visit your Mobile DVR & Vehicle Cameras warehouse in China?

    Welcome to visit our Mobile DVR, Vehicle Cameras Manufacturer in Shenzhen, Guandong province, China. Fly to Shenzhen directly, and then we will pick you up. No worries.

    Can you send us your certification?

    Of course, it’s no problem; simply tell us which credential you want to verify, and we’ll send you a very simple PDF file.

    What are the payment methods?

    We accept T/T 50% deposit, and 50% before shipment. Small order amounts are 100% T/T in advance. You will get images and videos for your Mobile DVR manufacturing and packaging.

    Does QOHO only manufacture Mobile DVR?

    Not exactly, QOHO can also manufacture all other Vehicle Camera systems, such as driver fatigue monitor, ADAS camera, body cameras, AI MDVR, and other vehicle surveillance systems. Just send us your requirement and we will assist you.

    Is QOHO the designer of all of their Mobile DVRs and Vehicle Cameras?

    Yes, the majority of QOHO’s products are our own concept and private model, so we appreciate your ODM & OEM, and we will do our best to assist you.

    How do we make technical training on Mobile DVR & vehicle camera?

    QOHO will provide online professional support as well as on-site training for large projects. Our priority is to provide the best possible support and solution.

    Why choose QOHO as your supplier & business partner?

    QOHO will have a skilled approach when you buy, complete quality control before delivery, the best preparation for our Car Security System implementation, and after-sales service regardless if your last order was long ago. As you know, we are always on your side.

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