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China's Major Distributor of Car Security Cameras

QOHO is one of the industry’s largest manufacturing companies of Car Security Cameras.

There are numerous options available in today’s modern world. In order to meet your requirements, you must find a suitable supplier. Do you own a car? Do you want to make your daily travel more secure and convenient? I’ve got you covered!

QOHO’s Car Security Camera is a must-have device for your vehicle. It can help you avoid accidents on your way to work, home, or even for enjoyment. It captures and records everything you may come across on the road. It has features that will be of greater assistance than you can imagine. We provide low-cost car security cameras that will undoubtedly help you save money.

If you are interested, please send us an email or contact us directly! I am more than willing to help you!

dual lens car security camera

A Car security camera that can records the front road and cabin inside at the same time.

1ch Car Security camera IP camera

A Car Security Camera with an industrial-grade design that supports a remote live view in real-time.

Car security cameraMC1205

A Car Security Camera with an audio function that is a very clear and good sound effect.

DVR7102 Car security camera

A Car Security Camera that has a 360-degree front lens and a 170-degree rear lens.

Car Security Camera Mdvr101

A Car Security Camera that supports a 1ch 1080P camera and one built-in for front road view.

Car security camera MC512

A Waterproof Car Security Camera that can be installed at various angles.

QOHO is a Professional Vehicle Security Camera Provider in China

For over 16 years, QOHO has proven that they provide the best vehicle devices. Our company is also constantly innovating new products according to the needs of our clients, as well as upgrading existing products. We make certain that our products are of high quality and long-lasting in order to save you financial resources.

QOHO has teams and departments that monitor products before they are shipped to customers. The quality control team is in charge of testing and assessing products, as well as identifying product defects that require repairs. They are in charge of conducting rigorous testing throughout the development process, identifying potential problems, and reporting them to development teams.

QOHO also allows you to create your own design. We can create products based on your desires for your vehicle. We value each customer’s ideas and work hard to develop solutions that meet your needs.

If you give us a chance, our company has a lot to give you. A wide range of options can have a positive impact on you.

QOHO’s customer service is available 24 hours a day. We are eager to assist you in any way we can. Send a message right now!

QOHO Vehicle Security Camera Related Products

The QOHO Car Security Camera is the Solution to Your Everyday Travel Safety

When we travel, we always want to have a pleasant laugh. We occasionally didn’t bother to prepare anything because we were too excited. We didn’t bother checking safety precautions because we knew we were having a great time. That’s fine. It is natural to enjoy oneself.

The work will be done by QOHO’s Car Security Camera. This technological device will assist you in reaching your destination. Isn’t it amazing? You only need to accept us so that we can aid you in any way we can. The Car Security Camera has amazing features that can help you travel safely.

The GPS is the most important feature of a device to have when traveling. Do you want to know if the device you’re going to purchase has GPS? You should not be concerned. QOHO offers GPS-enabled car security cameras to satisfy your expectations. This car security camera can also record your journey. Do you want to know how?

Please contact us if you have any further questions! We will gladly assist you in any way we can.

Car security camera faq

Car Security Camera – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Have you heard about car security cameras? Is this device a must-have for my car? If you’re asking yourself these concerns, I assume you’re on the correct path.

For this guide, you will learn why a car security camera is so important in our daily lives. This Car Security Camera FAQ Guide is intended to help vehicle owners who are considering installing a security system in their cars. Its mission is to inform users of the technical details of the different Car Security Cameras that are accessible today.

Table of Contents:

  • What is a Car Security Camera?
  • What are some features of the Car Security Camera?
  • What cars have a built-in Car Security Camera?
  • How long does the Car Security Camera record?
  • What is the objective of putting a Car Security Camera?
  • Which front and rear Car Security Cameras are the best?
  • How can you tell if your Car Security Cameras are recording?
  • How do you view footage from a Car Security Camera?
  • What is the purpose of a Car Security Camera?
  • Can a Car Security Camera be used as a reversing camera?
  • How do I put my Mini Car Security Camera to use?
  • Is a GPS-enabled Car Security Camera available?
  • Why should I engage in a car security camera?
  • Why don’t car manufacturers install Car Security Cameras?
  • Do cop car security cameras monitor the speeds of other vehicles?
  • Why is it important to use a Car Security Camera with parking mode?
  • Does Car Security Camera provide real-time monitoring?
  • Can I import a Car Security Camera from China?

What is a Car Security Camera?

Car security camera faq1

A Car Security camera is a device that provides visibility on the route by alerting people and recording video of events. If an accident occurs on the road, you can use this as evidence. This device is essential for you especially when you are always on the go. It, therefore, enables individuals to effectively access video footage, which is particularly useful in the event of a break-in, car theft, or gadget theft.

This advanced technology device will be extremely useful to you. The device, therefore, protects users and their property whenever something happens while you are not present. Sometimes whether you are present when someone strikes your car, a car security camera will help you assist your lawsuit with video and possibly audio evidence.

What are some features of the Car Security Camera?

Most of the other features you might find in a car security camera on the market at the moment includes

G-Sensor – Whenever a car is hit, the G-sensors activate, allowing the car security camera to capture a further event video. This is particularly helpful in parking mode for recording a hit-and-run as well as asset destruction situation whereas the car is unmonitored.

GPS – A built-in GPS or just an externally connected GPS device that documents the area and vehicle speed.

 Car Security Camera Auto Start and Stop – Another feature found on almost all car security cameras. The car security camera starts recording when the car is started turning on and decides to stop whenever the car is switched off.

Time and Date Stamp – The other feature found throughout most car security cameras is the capacity to provide the date and time as actual proof on the footage.

Infrared Lights – These allow the camera to document extremely well at night and are extremely useful for recording the car.

Loop Recording – Almost every car security camera has this feature. By overwriting the memory card from the beginning, the car security camera can start recording even after it has already used up just about all the memory card storage. This allows the car security camera to document without manual intervention unless a situation requires to be stored.

In which states Car Security Camera is illegal?

Car security camera faq2

In some states, using a Car Security Camera is illegal. Some of them are as follows:

  • Washington
  • Florida
  • Michigan
  • California
  • Pennsylvania
  • Montana
  • Illinois
  • Maryland
  • Nevada
  • Connecticut

What cars have a built-in Car Security Camera?

A few other cars with built-in car security cameras are typically considered high-end units. These vehicles are manufactured by well-known corporations. Some of them are Tesla, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, and Cadillac. Resulting in increased customer demand, some businesses are already implementing car security cameras in their vehicles. It could be included in the base price or an optional extra.

A car security camera is a low-cost and efficient approach for drivers to defend themselves against insurance fraud. Users can also monitor erratic drivers, damage to the vehicle, and heated interactions with other motorists. This also contains GPS tracking, which allows the operator to see their current speed and position.

How long does the Car Security Camera record?

Oftentimes we wonder how long a car security camera can record right? Car Security Cameras can record in Full HD for up to 2 hours and 3 hours when merged with optional memory cards. Sadly, not all car security cameras record for the same period of time. The fastest record time is 15 seconds while the longest is 480 minutes. Car Security Cameras consistently record video while the car is turned on. Clients can choose to enhance any additional accessories they want. The majority of certain other car security cameras record 30 or 60-second clips, which would then be saved to an SD card. This is suitable for most situations because it enables you to capture and overview video footage of an incident in real-time.

What is the objective of putting a Car Security Camera?

Car security camera faq3

We are curious as to how a car security camera can assist us in our journeys. Would it really be required to operate such a device? Could it be real that it can improve the situation me if I get into a car accident? These are just some typical questions you might want to think about.

Car security cameras safeguard users and their loved ones in a range of methods, including providing video evidence to financial institutions throughout the event of an accident and monitoring the motorist’s behavioral patterns in the event of an accident.

Some features can even notify you of impending collisions with pedestrians, animals, or other vehicles, allowing you to avoid an incident that could result in a serious collision.

There could be numerous compelling reasons to purchase a car security camera. Operator error is responsible for approximately 35% of all car accidents worldwide. When driving, you can never be too cautious. Car security cameras have increased in number due to their low cost, the ability to review footage, and an optional parking mode that can monitor your vehicle while you’re away.

Are these reasons compelling enough to persuade you to buy one? QOHO has your back!

Which front and rear Car Security Cameras are the best?

There are numerous finest front and rear car security camera devices on the market, which are enumerated below. The “finest” is determined by your expectations and preferences.

  • Zenfox T3 3CH
  • Thinkware U1000
  • Viofo A129 Pro Duo
  • Blackvue DR750S – 2CH
  • Blackvue DR750 – 2CH LTE
  • Aukey Car Security Cam Dual
  • Blackvue DR590 – 2CH
  • Thinkware M1 Cam
  • Thinkware Q800 Pro
  • Garmin Car Security Cam 66W and Auto Sync

Our company has also improved the overall car security camera for your consideration. Once looking for a car security camera, there are numerous options to consider, but deciding on the best one can be difficult. With several capabilities and prices to consider, there are a few issues that should be considered before knowing what’s best for you. On which type of vehicle do you start driving? What will you do with it in your car?

How can you tell if your Car Security Cameras are recording?

Car security camera faq4

While the car security camera is recording, an indicator light (found on the upper right of the camera) will illuminate. Sometimes when you can’t find the indicator light, check your user manual or look through your footage, as you might be able to spot it in movement.

The car security camera is recording if the light is solid red. The car security camera is in sleep mode if it is blinking red. A red recording button is built into each car security camera. Whenever you click this button, the car security camera will switch on and start filming if it is not already turned on.

How do you view footage from a Car Security Camera?

Car Security Camera footage can be viewed on any computer or device with a USB connection.

Access the device to your computer or smartphone and launch the multimedia content with your functioning system’s built-in media player.

The majority of car security cams save the video to a built-in memory card.

Car Security Camera footage is recorded in three places. It can be saved to a micro-SD card, external memory, or the cloud. After you’ve established a connection to the internet, you can access the cloud over the air.

Every one of the documents is in.mp4 template. With the real-time feature, you can see the recording at any point, on every device, tablet, TV, phone, etc., regardless of location.

Users can also share initial videos with friends and relatives by uploading them to social networking sites.

What is the purpose of a Car Security Camera?

Car security camera faq5

Car Security Cameras are already using designed specifically cameras and a recording method to take footage. Several models include built-in memory, while others can be broadened with an SD card. The car Security Camera uses a wide-angle lens to record, which improves accessibility.

The smoke lighter or a built-in battery is generally used to control the car security camera (which turns on when the car is started).

Infrared light is used by a car security camera to see what is going on around you in dark. When the car security camera is turned on, it continuously records surveillance video onto a micro-SD card and removes the oldest video when it runs out of space.

Can a Car Security Camera be used as a reversing camera?

A Car Security Camera can, in fact, be used as a reversing camera. Whenever the automobile is in reverse, the camera conveniently monitors in the rearview phase.

To prevent depleting the car battery while using a camera as a reversing camera, make sure the fleet’s ‘Parking Mode’ is turned on. A few car security cameras, consequently, may lack the necessary capability to be used in this manner.

It is based on the type of car security camera you have. Before actually buying a car security camera to use as a reversing device, check the specifications and try to ensure it has rear-facing audio and video recording.

How do I put my Mini Car Security Camera to use?

Car security camera faq6

The Mini Car Security Camera is simple to operate.

Established your car security camera by attaching it to your car’s windshield, charging it with the provided mini-USB cable, or using the included car power cable, and you’re capable to go.

To begin recording, press the button over the front left of the camera, and to stop it, press it once again. Even when recording, a red light will flash.

Use the Mini Car Security Camera as a backup video source for later analysis or to help you identify all of the details of a potential accident.

A car Security Camera allows for more control over your driving dynamics while also assisting you in becoming a great driver.

Is a GPS-enabled Car Security Camera available?

Absolutely, the Car Security Camera has a GPS built-in.

The photos and videos will be saved with your present location by the Drive cloud car security camera.

It, therefore, makes it simple to browse for and locate the precise location of an encounter, such as a traffic accident or near-collision circumstance; you’ll be able to determine where it took place.

The car security camera owners can then send it straight to emergency services or anyone else who might require it.

GPS to assist you in keeping track of your car’s position. This place will also be visible on a device’s mobile app (not included).

GPS car security cameras have many functionalities that can assist drivers in difficult circumstances, such as Forward Collision Cautions, Lane Departure Warnings, and Speed Limit Warning signals.

Why should I engage in a car security camera?

Car security cameras can be used for a variety of purposes, including reducing deceitful lawsuits toward car owners who aren’t really at fault in a car crash or recording careless driving in and out of your car.

This can be used to document traffic conditions in rough weather or after an accident.

Car security cameras aid in the reduction of traffic incidents by presenting indisputable evidence of a motorist’s behavior before a traffic collision, inevitably holding the driver liable rather than the innocent person implying the other driver was at fault.

Numerous models include detectors, so if you brake too aggressively, a collision occurs, or the driver refuses to follow traffic laws, they will provide proofs that may help you cope with monetary damages and prevent obtaining reckless driving tickets.

In addition, car security camera footage is frequently used in hit-and-run and aggressive driving interrogations. It can assist you in recording your area and tracking your car’s destination.

Why don’t car manufacturers install Car Security Cameras?

Car security camera faq7

There are numerous reasons why auto companies are slow to install Car Security Cameras. Some of the principal factors are as follows:

  • The power cord and connectors would necessitate a separate location in the car, which could be costly.
  • Automobile manufacturers want to increase sales, such as a more advanced GPS navigation system with a bigger display.
  • A car Security Camera may cause driver distraction.
  • A few other car manufacturers and their insurance providers refuse to pay for the injuries sustained caused by a collision as evidenced by car security camera surveillance video since they believe it is too hard to evaluate and assess the incident.
  • Automobile manufacturers don’t really want to face possible lawsuits in court.

Do cop car security cameras monitor the speeds of other vehicles?

Definitely. Some cop car security cameras can monitor and deliver the speeds of other cars to your pc.

Even so, each car security camera is unique, and each may offer a unique set of characteristics.

The camera seems to have a larger angle of vision than a standard front-facing image sensor on a car system.

Assume a car journeys along with you within your field of view. In that scenario, the maximum distance from when the vehicle reaches and leaves your field of vision can be used to measure its speed.

Most car security cameras trace speed to various degrees.

A few cameras, while in forward-facing recording mode, can identify and capture the acceleration of vehicles going in the opposite direction.

Those certain models employ a subsystem to increase the sensitivity levels of the car security camera, allowing it to understood speed from cars passing in the front, behind, or at an angular position.

Numerous car security cameras enable the customers to evaluate the position and speed of the recording car concerning other vehicles in the area.

When a collapse occurs, this personal data may be used for relevant documents of the function while traveling.

Why is it important to use a Car Security Camera with parking mode?

Car security camera faq8

The car security camera with parking mode is unique among car security cameras in that it can document instances that might go unrecognized. While car security cameras are most frequently used to monitor vehicle accidents, they can also be advantageous for recording non-collision accidents and incidents while your car is stopped.

A car security camera with parking mode is intended to go through sleep mode if your car is stopped. It further conserves energy and reduces the amount of time spent recording. When motion is detected directly in front of the camera’s lens, the camera stimulates and begins recording. This feature comes in handy in a lot of circumstances, which include:

  • If a certain driver hits your vehicle with their car door
  • If one’s car is engaged in a hit-and-run while parked
  • Whenever someone attempted to steal or vandalize your car
  • If you accept an unreasonable parking ticket and perhaps other traffic citation

Does Car Security Camera provide real-time monitoring?

Definitely. Even if required or not, the Car Security Camera provides real-time surveillance through your Android’s integrated real-time transmission network. When you link a car security camera to your Android, the data is instantly uploaded to your suite of cloud-based applications.

A car security camera with WIFI enables real-time surveillance of the video footage captured by the camera.

When attached to a smartphone, the car security camera can only manage in real-time and cannot be unplugged or disconnected.

Car security cameras provide real-time monitoring via 3G, 4G, protocols, and applications.

Can I import a Car Security Camera from China?

Car security camera faq9

Assume you want to import a car security camera from China.

China has become one of the world’s leading suppliers of car security cameras, with a large portion of its output transported. The vast majority of car security cameras on the market are manufactured by Chinese manufacturers according to their own brands. They have a competent group of technicians, designers, and production specialists who can produce all of the necessary components for a car security camera construction. They also create the cords and mounting hardware for their car security cameras, which can be substituted if one of the car security camera’s components fails.

The car security camera seems to provide highly secured services in China. It is a basic, quick solution that provides a high degree of accuracy for a low cost. Their car security camera definitely outperforms some of the more expensive cameras in regards to quality. Its icon-based menu is straightforward to use. A large percentage of these systems are presented to the end-user without the need for a properly interpreted manual, let alone concerns with warranty coverage or after-sales assistance.

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