What’s Car DVR?

What's car DVR

Car DVR,Mobile DVR, MDVR is very very important for all vehicles, mobile DVR is not only can assist driver safety driving that can see blind spots at any time and everywhere, but also can give footage of recording as it can be evidence for any accidence and insurance.

What’s more, Mobile DVR can install on different kinds of vehicles, such as, Logistics:Cargo Van,Truck,Dump truck,Oil tanker,Cargo truck,Public transport:Coach/Tour bus,Public Transit bus,Taxi and personal Car,journey car,school bus,train and so on. As Mobile DVR solution for fleet tracking system is perfect solution and best choice to save your cost and time.

QOHO’s Mobile DVR include all different types to be suitable for your different requirement. Hard disk or SSD,SD card mobile DVR can be live video through 4G and download via Wifi. Waterproof SSD Mobile DVR for special vehicles with special requirement, for example, armored heavy tank, truck. Oil tanker etc…

4G telematics Camera is suitable for all different vehicles to stick on windscreen as smart design and solution with front road view and driver&passenger view.

AI Mobile DVR work with DSM(driver fatigue monitor) and ADAS to drive safety on the road.

Mobile DVR is as a protection people help your family, your company with safe driving, fast response, powerful evidence. So it’s really best choice for us.

Car DVR mobile DVR on the car

What is the Importance of the Implementation of the Logistics Vehicle On-Board Monitoring System?

According to the accurate implementation of the logistics vehicle on-board monitoring system, the management quality of the logistics company can be further improved. It can push logistics companies to intervene and process intelligently at any time, better understand the situation of logistics activities, improve the operation quality of logistics vehicles during transportation, and finally improve the company’s management level.

According to the accurate implementation process of the logistics vehicle on-board monitoring system, the safe operation level in the logistics field can be better improved. Especially for the transportation of hazardous chemicals, it is necessary to strengthen the monitoring of the entire transportation, so that it cannot produce explosions, leakage and other safety issues during transportation, and further realize the safety of logistics vehicle transportation. At the same time, it can also improve the monitoring quality of the logistics vehicle transportation environment of commodities such as fresh food and medicines and refrigerated goods, so as to understand the situation of the goods at any time, and realize the quality management of transported food and medicine.

Truck fleet management

Do you know the Orientation of Car DVR Applications?

The car hard disk video recorder can be customized with various functions according to the application requirements of different industries.

1.Analysis of customized functions in passenger transportation industry:

In addition to simple in-vehicle video surveillance functions, the passenger transport industry requires functions such as wireless network video surveillance, GPs satellite positioning, vehicle dispatching, vehicle voice reporting, vehicle driving information recording, and multimedia entertainment advertisement playback.

2.Analysis of customized functions of police vehicles:

The main functions of the public security industry on vehicle hard disk video recorders include: video surveillance, wireless network transmission, pan-tilt control, etc. Traffic police pay more attention to how to obtain evidence for violations. The main requirements are: license plate recognition, blacklist comparison, etc. Industries such as urban management and transportation management also have similar needs with traffic police.

3. Analysis of customized functions in the financial industry:

Banknote transportation vehicles in the financial industry require the on-board hard disk video recorder to work stably and reliably, and can instantly send video and damage warning messages in the event of an emergency

Information is uploaded to the management center platform, and can interact with the monitoring center platform.

4. Auto electronic customization function:

Vehicle-mounted hard disk video recorders should also be combined with related functions of automotive electronics. The CAN bus technology is generally used for vehicle driving data collection and upload, and the on-board hard disk video recorder should also have CAN bus access and analysis and processing functions, record the relevant information of the vehicle through the hard disk, and analyze and process important data.

5. Application of other vehicles on-board hard disk video recorder:

Rail transit, shipping, aviation and other industries also have real-time monitoring needs. In addition to increasing hard disk shock absorption and reinforcement, these industries also need to pay attention to the difference between the power supply used in such projects and the ordinary car power supply.

QOHO Travel Bus solution

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