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A Vehicle Tracker is a gadget that allows you to follow and monitor the precise position of your vehicle and obtain comprehensive data of traffic incidents that occur along its route.

Vehicle tracker gathers 3 kinds of information: position, movement, and time duration. Global Positioning System is responsible for supplying precise locations and data. Enhanced gasoline efficiency, the removal of reckless driving behavior, and improved schedule strategic planning all contribute to a significant reduction in fleet expenses. QOHO is a trustworthy provider of accurate Vehicle Tracker that satisfies all of your vehicle fleet’s demands and requirements.


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Vehicle Tracker with GPS continuous positioning and GPRS timing report, Intelligent anti-theft & illegal cutting line alarm

Vehicle tracker QH-GP33 photo (1)

Vehicle Tracker with 3 inputs with more functions. work on the CMS software on real-time view tracking.

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Vehicle Tracker with 3G SIM slot, 3G GPS tracker, SOS interface, GPS google tracking shown on the platform

QOHO is Your Trusted Vehicle Tracker Supplier

QOHO has been in the electronics business for over 16 years and has become one of the most well-known brands of car security and surveillance gadgets in Shenzhen, China. Our company’s major aim is to give simple solutions, to communicate with our clients in a courteous manner, and to be trustworthy.

Owing to the constant real-time monitoring, the Vehicle Tracker also prohibits personnel from idling their engines unnecessarily. In particular, the fleet administrator might seek preferable alternatives with much less congestion or no delays due to road construction or other factors. This results in much fewer idling periods on the roadway more trips per day, and improved efficiency while using less fuel.

If your organization or business has a detailed specification requirement, we can also provide R&D or Research and Development services so that we may create a gadget depending on your preferences and demands.

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QOHO is a Trustworthy Vehicle Tracker Company

QOHO has continuously supplied the best and most affordable Vehicle security and other Surveillance equipment such as Vehicle Tracker that will suit all of your Fleet Management demands for several years. Vehicle trackers are a great vehicle management system. This device allows you to locate the precise location of all of your vehicles.

Once you have actual insight into the position of each transportation, you can effortlessly track all of your resources. They could be quickly recovered if they are lost or stolen. Such systems can additionally detect things like vehicle temperatures, fuel lines, engine load, and many more.

QOHO Vehicle Tracker offers a high accuracy rate when determining the exact location of a vehicle. This would be a great device to invest in for fleet managers to monitor and oversee all the commercial vehicles they are managing.

Vehicle Tracker – Your go-to information guide

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Managing a fleet of vehicles or just driving a personal car, a Vehicle tracker is important to have in a vehicle. If you have no idea about the vehicle tracker yet, this article is your go-to reference for you to be enlightened and hopefully consider installing one.

For years, fleet managers continue finding ways on how to monitor all the vehicles effortlessly even at home or at the office. Searching for devices that will enable them to locate and check the vehicle’s precise spot. This article will focus on various topics about vehicle trackers, so you will have enough knowledge before making a wise buying decision.

Continue reading down below to see the topics to be discussed about a vehicle tracker!

Topics to be discussed:

  • What really is a Vehicle Tracker?
  • How does a vehicle tracker function?
  • What are the top components of vehicle trackers?
  • What are the major advantages of a vehicle tracker?
  • How does a vehicle tracker help in business?
  • Why Should You Invest in a Vehicle Tracker?
  • What Are the Different Kinds of Vehicle Trackers?
  • Can I link my vehicle tracker to any device, such as a phone or a computer?
  • How much does a vehicle tracker costs?
  • What factors should you consider before purchasing a vehicle tracker?
  • Is it possible to put a vehicle tracker in any vehicle?
  • What are the Vehicle Tracker’s downsides?
  • Is installing a vehicle tracker legal?
  • Where can I acquire a Vehicle Tracker for my vehicle fleet?



What really is a Vehicle Tracker?

Vehicle Tracker FAQ 1

A vehicle tracker, also widely recognized as just a tracking & monitoring device installed in automobiles. A Vehicle Tracker is a direction-finding innovation that is present predominantly on a vehicle that uses the Global Positioning System or GPS-dependent to identify movement as well as geographical proximity to identify its current location.

The global network for telecommunication is stored inside the vehicle tracker or transmitted to a tool linked to the internet via the cellular data network, satellites transmitters built into the equipment, radiofrequency, or Wireless internet, which functions globally.

A vehicle tracker is primarily used to keep track of your vehicle, especially when a car-napping incident happens. You will have a way to recover your stolen car by its vehicle tracker.

How does a vehicle tracker function?

GPS technology is used by the vehicle tracker to effectively give coordinates as well as many other details such as date & time, diagnostics of the vehicle, car engine maintenance, and so much more. If used in conjunction with other vehicle security devices through which fleet managers sign in, the vehicle tracker optimizes management reports supply valuable data to the fleet managers about the vehicle health and increased efficiency, and also information that gives insights about the driver’s behavior, like harsh driving, speeding, excessive break time, and exhaustion driving.

Vehicle trackers are generally used by organizations with fleet managers, such as those in shipping, construction, specialist services, distribution, and government transport, with the goal of decreased operating expenses, productivity improvements, and optimum efficiency. Given the razor-thin ratios observed in fleet managers, the vehicle tracker plays a huge role in any reductions or efficiency that may make a substantial difference to a company’s profits.

What are the top components of vehicle trackers?

Vehicle Tracker FAQ 2

A vehicle tracker functions smoothly with these components present:

  1. Global Positioning Satellite

The precise position of the car is given using the vehicle tracker placed in the vehicle that communicates with the GPS communications system. Since the vehicle tracker is a GPS-dependent device, the GPS satellite plays a huge component.

  1. Vehicle Information

The mounted vehicle tracker, together with other vehicle security systems, gathers and sends critical vehicle & driver’s data in real-time to the fleet management software.

  1. Interactions or Communication

Information is transmitted to local servers through cellphone carriers. In the current world, availability, signal, plus velocity give a dependable way of efficient data transmission.

  1. Safe servers

Vehicle tracker Centers inside each area supply information with stringent safety precautions and give it to fleet managers in a timely manner.

  1. Cloud & Internet

Installing a vehicle tracker, the Internet offers several options for additional efficiency and instant availability. Vehicle tracker over the air transmission, also known as “cloud”, may provide immediate data to organizations.

What are the major advantages of a vehicle tracker?

Every business has distinct requirements depending on the difficulties they encounter. Based on how sophisticated a vehicle tracker is, it may give a slew of advantages that help firms run efficiently, safely, or add fleet compliance.

  • Client Satisfaction– The fundamental capability of a vehicle tracker is positioning, but it is far more vital to know where your automobiles are in connection to your clients, it allows businesses to give thorough and fast customer service. Vehicle tracker may help enhance route planning, which boosts client satisfaction by improving real-time deliveries information.
  • Safe operation – Increasingly powerful vehicle trackers provide fleet managers and business owners with statistics that can result in choices that enhance the security of your employees and the automobiles with whom they drive the road (or worksite). Track and receive real-time notifications about unsafe driving behaviors in order to conduct proof drivers training sessions and drivers incentives campaigns.
  • Improved Revenue – Vehicle tracker enables you to monitor a firm’s activities in a technological sense. Fleet managers can monitor how cars are utilized, whether staff uses them, a location that the inefficiencies in operations arise, and far more, eventually lowering expenses and increasing income.

How does a vehicle tracker help in business?

Vehicle Tracker FAQ 3

A vehicle tracker is an essential device to help fleet managers or business owners monitor their vehicles easily. But how does a vehicle tracker help in a business?

Basically, a vehicle tracker is used and installed in vehicles that are utilized for transportation of goods, deliveries of parcels, and community transportation.

For example, in the shipping and logistics business, a vehicle tracker would help by determining the exact location of the vehicle that delivers or transports parcels.

This can boost the customer service experience because they can see that their order or package is on the way to their address.

Another example is when a company is running a commercial business that transports valuable or expensive products, a vehicle tracker may help reducing inventory loss.

Why Should You Invest in a Vehicle Tracker?

Vehicle Tracker FAQ 5

There are countless reasons why a vehicle owner should invest in vehicle trackers. But in this section, we will focus on the top significance of having a vehicle tracker in your car.

Arrive & return to a destination safely – a GPS has transformed our surroundings and continues to exist in a variety of ways. Our globe is a lot safer and more convenient place to visit. Aside from serving as a vehicle tracker, the device can also aid drivers with maps and instructions, allowing them to arrive safely at the goal location. You will not get lost when driving or traveling in unfamiliar places because the vehicle tracker will do its job for you!

Reduce fuel expenses by getting lost – obviously, a vehicle tracker may help you avoid wandering aimlessly, traveling in circles, & finding yourself in an unfamiliar location. If you know where you’re going and the exact direction or route you will take, it’s indeed easier to drive to and from one spot to another without being lost. This cannot simply protect drivers from traveling in unfamiliar or perhaps dangerous locations, but vehicle trackers can also help you save money on gasoline. As an outcome, vehicle trackers can give instructions to a secure place while saving gasoline expenditures.

Monitor a loved one’s driving – Whether your kid was only beginning to drive or an older relative wishes to maintain their freedom, a vehicle tracker in the car may be an excellent method to monitor their driving safely. You also can ensure that all members of the family weren’t in dangerous places.

Once your auto has been taken, you can track it down -Whenever a car is car-napped or stolen, this can be extremely difficult to locate. To prevent getting detected, most automobiles will have their registration plates altered or deleted. A Vehicle tracker can locate the location of your stolen vehicle, allowing you to get it back.

Keep your loved ones safe while driving – with the vehicle tracker, which has Emergency buttons. Once triggered, it will alert emergency personnel, allowing your vehicle’s position to be traced immediately.

What Are the Different Kinds of Vehicle Trackers?

  • Rechargeable vehicle trackers

Because most vehicle trackers typically have batteries, you will need to inspect them often to prevent getting a dead-batt at the awful possible moments. Such technologies are particularly concealable since they’re wireless and small. Keep your vehicle tracker hidden to avoid a possible burglar from noticing and uninstalling it, then proceed to steal your automobile.

  • Wired Vehicle Tracker

These types of vehicle trackers are fully connected to the automobile. Usually, people picked this alternative since the car lacks an OBD II connection, which again is required for wireless vehicle trackers. Because certain older vehicles lack this connection and have a mismatched entry, this really is their sole choice. A wired vehicle tracker has the advantage of being more concealable than many others. The vehicle tracker may be put anyplace underneath the dash because it is not connected to an OBD socket.

  • Plug-in Vehicle Tracker

This Plug-in Vehicle Tracker is powered by your vehicle’s 12v socket or OBD 2 connection, so you’ll never need to bother about replacing the battery. This is an excellent alternative for maintaining relatives in touch, but they are tough to conceal if we intend to use the Vehicle Tracker as just an anti-theist precaution. To prevent placing a tremendous burden on your vehicle’s battery, be mindful of the amount of energy these consume.

Can I link my vehicle tracker to any device, such as a phone or a computer?

Absolutely, you may link your vehicle tracker to any phone, iPad, or laptop to transfer data. Users may also enable them to link to more than one mobile device, allowing several people to access the information.

How much does a vehicle tracker costs?

Vehicle Tracker FAQ 6

Below $25: You may discover different vehicle trackers for less than $25, particularly if you locate a manufacturer that is offering a decent offer. Such choices typically include basic functions such as actual-time tracking and trip replay.

The most frequent price range for a high-quality car tracker is $25 to $50. This pricing range is generally associated with an improved stable network and a wider range.

What factors should you consider before purchasing a vehicle tracker?

Water-resistance – The safest location for the vehicle Tracker is within the automobile, however many customers choose to conceal it outside the vehicle. Within this situation, it is indeed critical to purchase a vehicle tracking device that can survive water as well as other material pushed against the underneath of the vehicle by its wheels.

Housing and Covers -If you intend to install the vehicle tracker permanently on the automobile by positioning it beneath the car, you should consider purchasing a hard shield for it. It will aid in the prevention of road particle destruction. You may also check at covers that include glue or any type of adhesives to protect the vehicle tracker against bump damage when you place this device under your car.

Simple Installation – The vehicle tracker you pick will be determined by your transportation management requirements. Almost all are simple to set up and manage. Some people believe that gadgets with OBD connections are a superior option for a simple and quick installation or just a plug-and-play option.

Your Privacy – While vehicle trackers can assist in keeping your loved ones safe, they may provide a direct line of communication with your household if the gadgets are encrypted. Ensure that the data acquired by your auto tracker is safe and secret.  For you to stop attackers from obtaining your vehicle tracker’s coordinates, keep your password keys on your device or pc and update your PIN on a frequent time basis.

Accessible whenever & wherever – Once you purchase a vehicle tracker, you have accessibility to check the system information on the internet, phone, as well as other handheld devices. Identifying the location of your vehicle and its passengers are at any specified moment adds extra security and therefore can put parents’ peace of mind. Such access frequently includes consumer-friendly software that keeps all types of profiles up to date on the car’s whereabouts in actual time.

Is it possible to put a vehicle tracker in any vehicle?

Vehicle trackers are small enough to be mounted on any automobile. Such technologies are also great methods for families to remain close. Provide one to your youngsters to monitor them as they explore outside, or put one of these on your pet’s collar to help you find them easily.

What are the Vehicle Tracker’s downsides?

Vehicle Tracker FAQ 7

Considering vehicle trackers sometimes fail because of a variety of reasons, it is a smart option to get a backup road guide or paper map on hand.

Because of regular obstructions such as tall buildings and huge trees, include more here in severe weather conditions, GPS signals might be inaccurate sometimes.

By utilizing a battery-dependent vehicle tracker, its batteries may fail, forcing the use of an extra power supply, and that is not always available.

The vehicle tracker consumes a lot of energy that can drain the batteries within 8 to 12hrs. It needs regular inspections or refilling of the battery.

Vehicle Tracker is not capable of penetrating concrete walls nor buildings. It is commonly impacted by tall buildings like towers.

Is installing a vehicle tracker legal?

Vehicle Tracker FAQ 8

A vehicle tracker is an easy and cheap way to monitor a vehicle. With minimal effort, you can identify where your vehicle is, where it went, where it is heading, and how fast it is moving. A vehicle tracker is a fantastic solution for mom and dad worried about their kid’s welfare on the way to class, as well as for business owners looking to maximize their fleet of automobiles. Nevertheless, before buying a vehicle tracker, you should consider the legalities of this device.

For the time being, here’s what private individuals need to understand about vehicle trackers and the legal system:

It is typically permissible to deploy a vehicle tracker if the following conditions are met:

  • The car or property to be monitored is owned by you or your company.
  • You are the owner of the vehicle that might be confiscated against your approval.
  • The surveillance is centered on your kids’ age 18 and below.
  • You’re following a vehicle or property in order to legally reclaim it in the case of a financial collapse.

It is typically prohibited to use a vehicle tracker if:

  • You don’t even own the automobile and don’t have the lawful power to monitor and track it.
  • You’re seeking to chase down a lover or lover inside their own vehicle.

Where can I acquire a Vehicle Tracker for my vehicle fleet?

Vehicle Tracker FAQ 9

Vehicle tracking is a common gadget in the Chinese electronic industry.

Many businesses have begun producing and developing Vehicle Tracker, making it difficult for customers to choose a good Vehicle Tracker.

Some Vehicle Tracker manufacturers currently don’t focus on the specifics, significantly higher hardware and skilled personnel.

Simply provide your needs and specifications, such as the principal function of the Vehicle Tracker, and those features listed above indicate that you desire more difficult ones.

You can easily contact a reliable company in China to supply the number of vehicle trackers you need in your fleet.

Check if the company’s website is legit enough before you invest or choose them as a partner. Remember it would cost you a fortune when you contacted a scammer.

When you already reached a manufacturer, you can ask for a sample of the vehicle tracker for you to check the quality and its compatibility with your vehicles.

If they have an available device on hand that meets your requirements, the vehicle tracker will be delivered to you within a week after placing an order.

How to Find Hidden Vehicle Trackers in Your Vehicle

Vehicle Tracker FAQ 10

The vehicle tracker makes use of both a cellular data connection and GPS to determine and communicate the exact location of the automobile where the vehicle tracker is installed. Vehicle trackers are common amongst commercial vehicles, transport vehicles, and personal vehicle owners since it helps in the retrieval of heisted vehicles. The majority of these gadgets are installed by the vehicle’s owner; nevertheless, a bad person can install a vehicle with this device without the car owner’s approval or awareness. Since vehicle trackers are typically tiny in size, it is a common device used to track someone by mounting this device into their vehicles without the vehicle owner’s permission.

Believing that your car was already secretly equipped with a vehicle tracker without your authorization, there are 2 options available for you to do.

Check underneath the vehicle – since a vehicle tracker is mostly compact in size, it can be easily mounted below your car. Get a mirror connected to a long stick then check underneath your vehicle to see if the vehicle has a hidden vehicle tracker installed.

Look at under the dashboard – although you can easily see if there is a vehicle tracker under your dashboard, you might not notice it since you think that it cannot be installed somewhere you can quickly see, with that being said you should always check your dashboard.

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