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A Vehicle GPS Tracker is a device that helps to track the location of your car and receive an exact report of traffic events along your path.

A Vehicle GPS Tracker’s fundamental functionality is to indicate the vehicle’s position. Vehicle GPS Tracker collects three types of data: location, navigation, and time. GPS is in charge of delivering accurate positions and information. QOHO is a dependable supplier of a high-quality Vehicle GPS Tracker that meets all of your fleet’s needs and preferences.

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GPS continuous positioning and GPRS timing report, Intelligent anti-theft & illegal cutting line alarm

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3G vehicle GPS tracker with 3 inputs with more functions. work on the CMS software on real-time view tracking.

3G vehicle GPS Tracker

GPS tracker device with 3G SIM slot, 3G GPS tracker, SOS interface, GPS google tracking shown on the platform

QOHO is a Trustworthy Vehicle GPS Tracker Supplier.

QOHO’s diverse array of solutions may help you improve your security while also adding value to your organization. Our company is recognized for offering high-quality equipment that never jeopardizes our clients’ safety.

A Vehicle GPS Tracker will play a big role in effortless fleet management because this device can give you the information of all your vehicle’s precise locations. Uttermost individuals would concur that the greatest significant advantage of a Vehicle GPS Tracker seems to be the capability to procure aid rapidly in a situation. If you are trapped or in a catastrophe, you would be able to apprise emergency solutions precisely where you’re at employing a Vehicle GPS Tracker.

Vehicle GPS Tracker is notably pivotal if you are in an unknown location.

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QOHO is your Reliable Vehicle GPS Tracker Manufacturer

For the past 16 years, QOHO has consistently delivered the best and most inexpensive Car Cameras and other Surveillance systems such as Vehicle GPS Tracker that will meet all of your Fleet Management needs.

Vehicle GPS Trackers are an excellent tool for improving asset management. This gadget allows you to pinpoint the exact position of all of your cars. Assuming you have a freshly licensed teen driver, a Vehicle GPS Tracker that also offers trip data could assist guardians in monitoring driving and dealing with troubles with their kids.

To ensure product quality, all items have undergone numerous tests. The section responsible for manufacturing the Vehicle GPS Tracker has stringent quality control measures in place. Our company is dedicated to protecting the safety of our clients by offering increased vehicle surveillance equipment. So please give us an inquiry as soon as possible, and we will propose the finest product for you!

Vehicle GPS Tracker – Frequently Asked Questions

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You might want to be enlightened if your vehicle has or needs a vehicle GPS Tracker. In this article, we will go over the key aspects that you’d be informed of before acquiring a vehicle GPS Tracker.

The Vehicle GPS Tracker can be very efficient in fleet management, this will enable the fleet managers to easily monitor all the vehicles for better tracking and task delegation.

The article is consisting of several facts that a vehicle GPS tracker has so you can consider all the details before making a purchase.


Table of Contents

  • What is a Vehicle GPS Tracker?
  • How does a vehicle GPS tracker work?
  • What are the efficient features of a Vehicle GPS Tracker?
  • Can you know the precise spot of a car by the Vehicle GPS Tracker?
  • Is it unlawful to put a vehicle GPS tracker on an automobile?
  • What else are the main advantages of a Vehicle GPS tracker?
  • What should I search for in a Vehicle GPS tracker?
  • Why is a vehicle GPS tracker so important?
  • What are the disadvantages of the Vehicle GPS Tracker?
  • How to Locate Hidden GPS Trackers in Your Car(s)
  • What is the important functionality of Vehicle GPS tracking?
  • What additional kinds of trackers are there?
  • How much will I pay when installing a Vehicle GPS Tracker?
  • What are the two kinds of GPS Trackers for Vehicles?
  • Is it feasible to use Vehicle GPS Tracker without having access to the internet?
  • How Effective is a vehicle GPS Tracker?
  • How does Vehicle GPS Tracking function in Fleet Management?
  • In your automobile, where should you place the vehicle GPS tracker?

What is a Vehicle GPS Tracker?

Vehicle GPS Tracker FAQ 1

A vehicle GPS tracker, also known as a tracking device unit put in vehicles, is a navigation technology that is generally intact on an automobile or vehicle, property, individual, or pet that uses the Global Positioning System or GPS to detect its motion and geographical vicinity to locate its whereabouts.

Global system for mobile communication is kept in the vehicle GPS tracking unit or transferred to a device connected to the internet through the cellular network, satellites modem included in the gadget, radiofrequency, or WIFI, which operates worldwide.

How does a vehicle GPS tracker work?

The Global Positioning System, or just GPS, enables GPS vehicle tracking or automobile monitoring. It totals twenty27 satellites that broadcast data to recipients all around the world. The broadcasts and their interplay might offer location data to any device equipped with a GPS chip.

A vehicle GPS tracking system for fleet management allows fleet owners and managers to get actual facts on their automobiles on the map.

What are the efficient features of a Vehicle GPS Tracker?

  • Real-Time Detection – The primary function of vehicle GPS tracking gadgets is real-time observation. The automobiles’ whereabouts are tracked on a database as they move from one place to the next. If your automobile is traveling, the current location, as well as the vehicle velocity, are displayed on a globe. The current status of the automobile, such as driving, idling, or stationary, is indicated by map points. Multiple automobiles can be pooled and operated at about the exact time utilizing standard software.
  • Alerts – Interfering Alert, excessively speeding Alarm, Shutdown Alert, Stalling Alert, & other notifications may be modified to address those needs. People requiring a car monitoring system for private use will like the fuel stealing and maintenance warnings.
  •  Journey History – A graphical depiction of all the travels made by the automobile is displayed on the screen. The number of “km” driven, idle time pauses, engine working time, and average velocity are all shown. On the display, overspeeding as well as hyperdrive periods are discussedCertain gadgets are also capable of repeating the entire journey. Businesses and private vehicle owners both profit from this feature.
  • Whenever or wherever, it is available – In present times, when we have instant access to key data, it is important to invest in a gadget with a monitoring system that is accessible by mobile and online devices.
  • Journey Record and Summaries — Positioning links & reporting events to provide a strong income stream for many moderate and large fleet organizations. Vehicle fleet Managers may track & analyze data on their vehicles for up to 90 days in the prior, helping managers to make smarter business decisions. A solid variety of audiovisual information comes with an enterprise overall overview for vehicle tracking technologies. This gives you an overview of the indicators crucial to the development of your organization
  • Geo-Location – the warning capability is extended to a new level. Mostly on the map, a marker may be traced along the so-called geotargeting or geofencing.
  • A notification is provided whenever the vehicle approaches or departs from the Geo boundary. This opens up a variety of opportunities for utilizing surveillance data, which might also result in enhanced operating efficiency, personnel efficiency, and increased consumer protective requirements.
  • Accessibility & system administration – Crucial elements of vehicle GPS tracking systems are user monitoring and authentication for managers of enterprises. Users must be able to modify or create user profiles & monitor permissions of entry between roles. Users should also be able to assign one or more pre-defined duties to a user and conduct merging, which entails grouping many individuals. This enables you to undertake automobile tracking for a large number of vehicles too as obtain group-wide report summaries.
  •  Friendly and straightforward user experience – offers complex capabilities such as group-specific control without the necessity for various accounts, an eagle’s eye look of the whole car group, and also the ability to verify actual and past findings. A simple but very well consumer-friendly interface allows fast access to the data required for smart selections.
  • Analytical — Many vehicle GPS Tracking Modules give unique enterprise solutions designed to take advantage of local network strength and connect this with over the cloud analytical and supply the fingertip of the fleet manager with feasibility and efficiency.
  • Easy to install — consider the simplicity of installation & maintenance when you’re looking for a GPS-dependent tracking technology that suits your needs. Seek for a little device at the back of the screen A simpler plug and just play method is offered by gadgets compatible with OBD.

Can you know the precise spot of a car by the Vehicle GPS Tracker?

Vehicle GPS Tracker FAQ 2

When you utilize a specific navigation gadget, you will not have to bother with the difficulties of following your car. A GPS navigation device has additional advantages aside from delivering exact points. If something worst happens & your automobile is taken, just utilize the vehicle GPS tracker installed on the vehicle unit to quickly identify its precise location.

Is it unlawful to put a vehicle GPS tracker on an automobile?

Several countries recognize it lawful to install a device in your truck or car, called vehicle “GPS” Tracker, As long as you own it together with your spouse or solely. Installing a GPS tracking device in someone else’s car, on the other hand, may result in lawsuits for invasion of someone’s privacy.

What else are the main advantages of a Vehicle GPS tracker?

Vehicle GPS Tracker FAQ 3

Vehicle GPS Tracker is really easy to utilize, and it directs you within the proper route at every curve; alternatively, you will have to find your route to the journey goal.

Vehicle GPS tracker works in all climate regions, so you will not have to worry about it as much as you would with other navigation ways.

A global positioning system is relatively affordable than many other navigation systems.

Above all, the most enticing feature of this technology is its global availability.

This also enables you to search for available accommodations in the area, cafes, and petrol stations, which would be extremely useful when seeking a replacement site.

It’s indeed fairly straightforward to integrate into other devices, like smartphones, due to its inexpensive cost.

This technology is very sophisticated because the US authorities update it on a regular basis.

This is the most fundamental way of water navigating, and that we are frequently perplexed in lakes and oceans owing to a lack of adequate direction.

GPS signage may be seen everywhere. Customers would not be lost as an outcome.

What should I search for in a vehicle GPS tracker?

When selecting a vehicle GPS Tracker, it is critical to select a gadget that is easy to comprehend and use while also being durable enough to resist tough conditions. A good vehicle GPS Tracker should include an alarm button, a battery capacity that can last at least five days, and moisture and sturdy construction.

Why is a vehicle GPS tracker so important?

  • It enables you to keep monitor of every one of your automobiles and employees.
  • It enables users to locate the exact location of their goods.
  • Vehicle insurance premiums will be reduced.
  • Assists in lowering fuel usage
  • Aids in the recovery of a carnapped vehicle.
  • enhance vehicle care
  • Assists in keeping check of the velocity of multiple automobiles.

What are the disadvantages of the Vehicle GPS Tracker?

Vehicle GPS Tracker FAQ 4

  • Because vehicle GPS trackers might fail for a range of factors, it’s a great idea to have an alternative guide and navigation map available.
  • signals can be incorrect at times owing to frequent obstacles such as buildings and forests, as well as heavy rainfall circumstances including a meteor strike.
  • When using GPS on a rechargeable batteries’ device, the cell may fail, necessitating the need for an additional power source, which isn’t always possible.
  • Vehicle GPS is unable to penetrate solid walls or structures. Large structures and skyscrapers frequently affect it.
  • The GPS tracker chip uses a lot of power and empties the batteries in around 8 to 12 hours. This necessitates the maintenance or recharging of the batteries on a regular basis.

How to Locate Hidden GPS Trackers in Your Car(s)

The vehicle global positioning system or vehicle GPS tracker and mobile data networks are used by most automobiles nowadays to find and transmit the precise position of the vehicle to which it is affixed. Vehicle GPS trackers are popular among passenger vehicles and taxi drivers, as well as private vehicle owners because they aid in the recovery of lost automobiles. The plurality of these devices is placed by the owner of the car himself, however, someone else can equip a vehicle with that type of technology even without the vehicle owner’s consent or knowledge. If you suspect your automobile has been surreptitiously outfitted with a vehicle GPS device without the owner’s permission, there are many options available to you.

What is the important functionality of Vehicle GPS tracking?

Vehicle GPS Tracker FAQ 5

Vehicle GPS Tracker is really easy to use, and it directs you in the proper route at every corner; alternatively, you will have to find your own way to your preferred location.

Vehicle GPS Tracker works in all-weather situations, so you won’t have to worry about it as much as you would with other navigation systems.

GPS is relatively affordable when compared to other navigation systems.

The most enticing feature of this system is its global coverage.

The Vehicle GPS Tracker also makes it easy to find nearby hotels, petrol stations, and restaurants, which is extremely useful when seeking a replacement site.

It is fairly straightforward to integrate into other devices, like smartphones, due to its inexpensive cost.

The system is very advanced since the United States’ government updates it on a regular basis.

This is the most fundamental way of water transportation, and we are frequently perplexed in larger bodies of water owing to a lack of adequate direction.

GPS signage may be found all over the world. Customers would never be without it as a result.

GPS is widely used all over the globe; it is powered by worldwide satellites and can be accessed from wherever; all you need is a piece of powerful tracking equipment and a GPS module.

What additional kinds of trackers are there?

Because of technological advancements, monitoring a car, a person, or a valuable object was never easier. A monitoring or tracking system is a gadget that transmits its whereabouts in response to a signal and at predefined intervals. Vehicle GPS tracking systems provide you the ability to regulate and locate cars.

RFID – or Radio-frequency identification, is a technology that uses tiny bands or cards that include a microchip or transistor with encryption as well as a sender for sending and receiving information.

Satellite Tracking – The creation of very precise GPS trackers has come from the launch of the GPS.

Mobile Phone Triangulation – Unless your phone doesn’t even have a GPS, it may include features that enable the carrier to find it. If you do ever require help in a faraway land or in a remote place, 911 operators will reach you to identify which mobile network antenna can pick up your phone’s signal.

How much will I pay when installing a Vehicle GPS Tracker?

Vehicle GPS Tracker FAQ 6

Typical vehicle GPS trackers are generally leased for $15 per vehicle, monthly. Alternatively, an active tracking device would typically cost probably $320 per device, with an additional $70 to $140 installation fee, whereas a passive GPS tracker might cost approximately $140 per unit.

What are the two kinds of GPS Trackers for Vehicles?

There are two sorts of Vehicle GPS Tracker, both of which are functional and effective. They both have advantages and disadvantages and may be obtained based on your needs:

  • Active Vehicle trackers – collect the same data as passive vehicle trackers, but they additionally notify on driving habits, maintenance, fuel consumption, and route, among many other data. It sends this information in real-time through satellites or mobile networks, as opposed to retrieving data from the passive vehicle monitoring device after the journey has ended. Active vehicle trackers are an excellent alternative for businesses that rely on electric vehicles and often deploy mobile workforces.
  • Passive vehicle trackers – This gadget records information such as location and velocity. This gadget doesn’t offer actual-time tracking, & the facts acquired by this kind of GPS Tracker are recovered after each journey. Because of this, passive vehicle trackers are far less precise than active vehicle trackers and are more commonly employed by individuals tracking a single-vehicle instead of corporations tracking large vehicles.

Is it feasible to use Vehicle GPS Tracker without having access to the internet?

Vehicle GPS Tracker FAQ 7

The straightforward answer to That is yes! Most tracking software both on IOS and android devices phones can track your vehicle’s location without the need for internet access. In the absence of a cellular data network, a vehicle GPS tracker does not function, however, the GPS antenna may still get a repair straight from the global satellites if required.

How Effective is a vehicle GPS Tracker?

Vehicle GPS trackers have the most accurate figures whenever it comes to tracking the position of a car, property, or human; nevertheless, consumers frequently wonder how accurate the location information truly is. To know the reliability of a vehicle GPS tracker, one must first comprehend how a vehicle GPS tracker performs.

How does Vehicle GPS Tracking function in Fleet Management?

Vehicle GPS fleet tracking was formerly widespread in the industry, but it has now have been an indispensable corporate tool in the US.  Whenever fleet companies put vehicle GPS tracking in their automobiles, they immediately recognize the importance of electronics in optimizing and updating their vehicles. Vehicle GPS Fleet Tracking is a method of controlling and mapping corporate fleet vehicles that use the service of the GPS.

Utilizing the GPS technology for commercial vehicle deployments design and implementation of a vehicle GPS device in each monitored vehicle. Elevated vehicle GPS tracking systems monitor a wide range of vehicle travel information, including ignition, velocity, stopped, resting, and navigation.

Depending on the sort of monitoring utilized, the data from each automobile will subsequently be relayed to a remote user.

Remote fleet managers will then utilize the Internet or customized applications to track maps of vehicle movements and trajectories, and also access relevant data on driver and vehicle condition.

In your automobile, where should you place the vehicle GPS tracker?

Vehicle GPS Tracker FAQ 8

The most important factor to consider when putting a vehicle GPS Tracking system is signal availability. The device would not function unless an adequate GPS signal or satellite and/or cellular data connection & WIFI are obtained.

Most vehicle GPS tracker signals can pass thru glass, wood, plastic, fiberglass, and paper board, but not in all hard surfaces, therefore allow the vehicle GPS tracker an unobstructed line of vision to the sky. Either windscreen, hood, or window are obvious choices, however, the key deciding decision is whether you would like the vehicle GPS tracker obvious to passersby or Nah.

When you aren’t trying to stow away your vehicle GPS tracker, setup is simpler since you have more setup location options. The first thing to look for is a direct line to the horizon since this will give you also the strongest GPS signal. That opens up a plethora of good options:


  • Vehicle dashboard or the rear shelf of a car

Given the emergence of only a glass material in its area, this choice delivers high GPS frequency or signal. To prevent infiltration, kindly ensure that the vehicle GPS tracker is not too close to other GPS-dependent devices.

  • Affixed to the vehicle Rear Window

We do not recommend this choice as a covert alternative since it is less noticeable yet quite simple to find. On the other side, this position gives a good frequency signal.

  • Attached to the vehicle’s roof

It may appear to be an unappealing option, yet it delivers great transmission efficiency. A magnetic safety box may be used to fasten your GPS tracker to the roof of your vehicle. This is still staring up at the sky like this. It’s indeed critical to emphasize that putting your vehicle GPS tracker in this location increases the likelihood of this being snatched!


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