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When managing a commercial or passenger fleet, QOHO’s Vehicle DVR is crucial. Vehicle DVR supports a number of external cameras that record the vehicle’s surroundings. The videos are saved on the MicroSD Card or Hard Disk Drive (HDD) of the Vehicle DVR.

A Vehicle DVR includes GPS, 3G/4G network, and Internet and can be aired live at any time and from any location using an application installed on your smartphone or pc. QOHO’s Vehicle DVR is outfitted with the finest technology for better vehicle protection and functionality. We also have ready-to-ship vehicle DVRs, so if you want one we can immediately ship it out for you.

Truck DVR MDVR8104S-3

4ch 720P HD HDD Vehicle DVR, H.264 High Profile, 4G GPS WIFI Hard disk drive, 6 Axis G-Sensor.

4ch 1080P single SD card Truck DVR MDVR6104SH (4)

4 channel 1080P Single SD card, 6 Axis G-Sensor, small size Vehicle DVR.

Truck DVR MDVR8104S-9

Big bus & train solution is an 8 channel 1080P 6 Axis G-Sensor HDD/SSD Vehicle DVR of QOHO with high-technology shockproof.

4-CH 720P Waterproof SSD Truck DVR

4 Channel 720P hand-size Waterproof SSD with 6 Axis G-Sensor Vehicle DVR

1 channel Truck DVR

1 channel 5MP GPS 4G WIFI with 6 Axis G-Sensor Mini Vehicle DVR with H.265 compression code

4ch DVR Camera for Truck DVR MDVR-8102SP-4

2MP Support 4 channel GPS 4G WIFI with 6 Axis G-Sensor Vehicle DVR

QOHO is Trusted Vehicle DVR Provider in China

QOHO’s initial goal of our business is to assist and provide services for fleet management and personal automobile protection. One of our top products is our robust Vehicle DVR. This device can be added to your vehicle or fleet for extreme vehicle surveillance and protection.

There are disparate upsides when utilizing vehicle DVR. Among them would be the undeniable proof gained once your automobile is wrecked. Whenever the imperative happens, you may procure your earned automobile insurance with the cooperation of the recording of vehicle DVR. The methods for securing this coverage are intricate, notably in the situation of burglary.

QOHO has been studying and creating breakthrough technologies to improve vehicle security and usage since 2005. Our company has hired trained employees to assist you with any future queries or purchases.

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QOHO is China’s Leading Vehicle DVR Manufacturer!

A Vehicle DVR is efficient in a lot of events. QOHO Vehicle DVR is outfitted with cutting-edge innovations to enhance transportation and safe driving.

Vehicle DVRs are available in a number of models to meet the demands of our clients. We guarantee to give the right answer to all of our customers’ vehicle needs, from a 1 channel 5 Mega Pixel Vehicle DVR Camera to a 12 channel HDD Vehicle DVR.

QOHO’s Vehicle DVR is outfitted with the finest technology for better vehicle protection and functionality. We also have ready-to-ship vehicle DVRs, so if you want one we can immediately ship it out for you.

Please inbox us a question at any moment, and QOHO will be happy to help you with any Vehicle DVR inquiry!

Vehicle DVR – A Complete Guide

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At the current time, it really is crucial to put additional security protection on your vehicles. Especially on vehicles that are used for business purposes. Since these kinds of vehicles often transport valuable inventories, it is necessary to add surveillance devices to prevent inventory loss or worst vehicle heist.

This article is a complete guide about a vehicle DVR that will help you on weighing all the facts before making a wise purchase decision. From what is a Vehicle DVR to its advantages and drawbacks. This article will be helpful also for you to have enough ideas or knowledge if you’re just a newbie in the industry.

All the topics to be discussed about the vehicle DVR are listed down below, keep scrolling to know more!



  • What is a Vehicle DVR?
  • What are the characteristics of the finest Vehicle DVR?
  • What exactly will happen to the recording from the Vehicle DVR if encountered an accident?
  • What’s the Purpose of a Vehicle DVR’s G-sensor?
  • So, what were the main components of Vehicle DVR?
  • What are your thoughts on Emergency Documentation in Vehicle DVR?
  • What are the materials utilized in the manufacture of a Vehicle DVR?
  • Where should I install my Vehicle DVR inside my automobile?
  • How long does the Vehicle DVR capture?
  • Is it possible to use the footage of a vehicle DVR as proof?
  • What can I use to monitor the footage from the Vehicle DVR remotely?
  • Where to get an affordable Vehicle DVR?
  • What are the devices that can be added to the vehicle DVR?


What is a Vehicle DVR?

Vehicle DVR FAQ 1

A Vehicle DVR is a mobile platform that has basic filming features as well as IP capturing functions.

This device is often put inside vehicles to provide monitoring.

The Vehicle DVR is appropriate for small to medium-sized vehicle fleet and logistics businesses, such as mass buses, school busses, and commuter transit systems.

A vehicle DVR is a footage recording equipment that may be put in vehicles and enables for distant fleet monitoring of occurrences.

Automated recorders are used in vehicle DVRs to detect movement events & assess if or not they’ll be documented.

For safety purposes, vehicle DVR is most often employed to track vehicles, traffic junctions, and highways.

These vehicle DVRs provide more precise and reliable videos than their older counterparts.

What are the characteristics of the finest Vehicle DVR?

Vehicle DVR FAQ 2

The following are the primary characteristics of Vehicle DVR:

The Audio Communication system of the Vehicle DVR is cutting-edge portable taping equipment that captures high-quality video.

Vehicle DVR shoots the best definition film available using high-tech digital audio and video recording technology.

The simple interface cuts back on the cost and efforts necessary to set up your vehicle DVR & makes it simple to operate.

Vehicle DVRs with digital video cameras are mostly the trend. They are simple to utilize and do not require digital storage or mechanical equipment.

Because it has numerous audio, video plus power choices to match your unique filming requirements, the Vehicle DVR is by far the most adaptable recorder on the marketplace currently.

The most revolutionary aspect of a vehicle DVR is g-shock detection. This function guarantees that just the most important video is captured.

Whenever the movement sensor is activated, this vehicle DVR takes photos and remotely delivers data to your handheld device.

A time-lapse recorder, that records a scene through time to reveal patterns & occurrences, is just another function of a Vehicle DVR.

The Vehicle DVR is an instrument intended to be used with a variety of hard-drive-based systems. They come in a variety of dimensions and design factors to ensure optimum functionality.

The vehicle DVR supports analog vehicle cameras, motion sensors, and over-the-cloud networking features.

What exactly will happen to the recording from the Vehicle DVR if encountered an accident?

In case of a road accident, video captured by the Vehicle DVR is automatically stored on offsite software at the information management office. This guarantees that you will be safeguarded in the likelihood of an accident with genuine surveillance video.

This information is saved on the Vehicle DVR’s database, together with the moment it happened and the GPS coordinates.

All vehicle footage and data are kept in a secure section of the system.

Therefore, when there is a sudden crash, all of the data remains available for authorities and insurance providers to analyze.

The recording is only accessed by authorized accounts or users.

The Vehicle DVR securely stores all footage captured on its hard disks or sd cards for 1 month or just until the storage is full.

Captured videos will be frozen in the odds of an accident until the vehicle DVR storage is withdrawn and submitted to the repair facility.

If a sudden road accident arises and destroys the automobile, the Vehicle DVR detector will immediately power off the unit to preserve existing footage upon retrieval.

When you reactivate the Vehicle DVR, this will automatically add the video status to the screen page for users to view.

What’s the Purpose of a Vehicle DVR’s G-sensor?

Vehicle DVR FAQ 3

The G-sensor’s function is to measure the velocity of the Vehicle DVR device.

The Vehicle DVR is outfitted with a number of different G-sensor movement detection techniques.

They enable the Vehicle DVR to detect and adapt to the odds in the vehicle’s movement caused by a collision or mishap.

The G-sensor mechanisms in the Vehicle DVR cause automated filming pauses & begins, and several other actual processes.

The objective of the vehicle DVR sensor is to compute vibration speed & G-force.

Afterward when it can tell whether vibrations are caused by striking an obstruction, moving, speeding, or slowing down.

Merely the latter can be captured as proof on the vehicle’s DVR and if someone is accountable for road accident damages, it is useful to identify culpability.

The Vehicle DVR’s G-sensor is also utilized to define the detection region for evidence gathering.

A G-sensor, sometimes known as a gravitational sensor is an integral function of some vehicle DVRs.

When the acceleration level of a vehicle changes unexpectedly and abruptly, the vehicle DVR G-sensor activates a variety of features on your actual video file, such as motion detection, full-coverage videotaping, and image capturing.

The G-sensor on a vehicle DVR is frequently utilized as an optical stabilizer or image balancing to offer customers high-resolution video recording in a variety of settings.

So, what were the main components of Vehicle DVR?

Vehicle DVR FAQ 4

Some of the most important aspects of Vehicle DVR are as follows:

The functionality to record the footage you are viewing is the most crucial consideration when purchasing a Vehicle DVR.

Before purchasing a Vehicle DVR, ensure that it can record, edit, and replay videos. You won’t be needing to modify or alter them in any way using a modifying program.

Another factor to consider when purchasing a Vehicle DVR device was the functionality it provides.

The ability to capture camera footage is the most essential function of a Vehicle DVR.

Users should browse around for adequate Vehicle DVR gadgets to acquire the functionality they want.

The amount of connection between sensors and Vehicle DVR is determined by the number of cables designed to support the external camera to the Vehicle DVR.

There are numerous variables to consider while selecting a recording device for Vehicle DVR. They include the sort of camera you wish to buy, the primary purpose of the external camera, & the expected money you’re sure to invest in your Vehicle DVR.

What are your thoughts on Emergency Documentation in Vehicle DVR?

One of the modern techs of Vehicle DVR is emergency capturing for a sense of security while driving, with elevated filming that records motion or looks good than the older recorders and quicker transferring data to let you review footage more effectively.

GPS is incorporated into the vehicle DVR for better security and tracking functions.

In the odds of a road accident, the most recent innovation records and proof of collisions, excessive speed, and also other road violations.

The Vehicle DVR has a sophisticated software system that enables customers to enable cameras only if the vehicle or someone reaches a predefined region.

furthermore, it has the possibility of initiating the external cameras linked to the Vehicle DVR in reaction to movement sensed inside their corresponding view zones when there is a catastrophe.

The Vehicle DVR’s emergency filming is an important part of public protection & crime prevention. This role is provided by vehicle DVR in a variety of mobile applications, ranging from police cars to navy boats.

You can see how Vehicle DVR may help your organization make the most of critical emergency capturing.

What are the materials utilized in the manufacture of a Vehicle DVR?

A Vehicle DVR is made up of many technologies, materials, chemicals, and power.

A Vehicle DVR is made up of several components. Cameras, cars, video, and recording equipment are examples of this.

A Vehicle DVR is comprised of long-lasting materials. To provide an additional shield, one sheet of plastic is occasionally placed on top.

Many different kinds of plastics are applicable, including polycarbonate or PC and polyvinyl chloride or PVC.

The keys mostly on Vehicle DVR that manage picture and voice capture are likewise composed of plastics.

The program used by the Vehicle DVR is saved in a storage device out of plastic.

A Vehicle DVR is composed of 2 elements, both conceptually and technically: an equipment device as well as application software.

Technology that is utilized to capture visual & voice material from specified locations, such as companies, universities, or other institutions.

The outer layer component is made up of numerous separate elements that must all work with one another in order for the Vehicle DVR to function properly. The external vehicle camera, mic, transmitters, and rechargeable battery are all included.

This complete package contributes to the Vehicle DVR’s portability and efficiency for a lot of applications.

Where should I install my Vehicle DVR inside my automobile?

Vehicle DVR FAQ 5

It wouldn’t be a good idea to store the Vehicle DVR inside the Luggage Shield or in the Vehicle compartment.

The Vehicle DVR may be installed under one of 3 distinct vehicle positions.

  • At the back of the backseat window
  • On the windshield in front
  • On the vehicle dashboard

Because of its compact design, the Vehicle DVR is excellent for installation in difficult-to-reach places.

Vehicle DVRs can indeed be installed inside vehicles.

It’s indeed critical to place Vehicle DVR in the proper location so that it does not interfere with the vehicle’s operation.

Vehicle DVR may be found in a variety of locations throughout the car. Nevertheless, in order for it to operate well, it should be situated far enough from the vehicle engine’s heat as feasible.

It may be installed in the trunk, allowing room within the central columns for the dashboards panel or toolbox.

If you have numerous cars, you may wish to install a Vehicle DVR for each automobile, motorcycle, or van that you drive.

How long does the Vehicle DVR capture?

Vehicle DVR FAQ 6


The Vehicle DVR records for as much as you desire.

When you’ve established the movement detection configurations, they’ll keep filming until you decide to shut the vehicle DVR down.

Therefore, after this filming is completed, the cams will have no more storage left and begin shooting over themselves.

Obtain an SD card that is large enough for several days’ worth of film to overcome this matter.

That has ample storage capacity for 2 weeks of film at one external camera position each day when you get a 128Gb of memory.

To avoid recordings from just being corrupted, you may also establish a recording length limit. The vehicle DVR’s system will continue to film, it’ll no longer overwrite any old footage.

On a 4 Gigabyte Micro SD card, the Vehicle DVR can store up to 5 days of audio/video in movement detection settings (MPEG-4 format).

Using the supplied battery bank, they can capture up to 15 hours of audio & video in AVI format.

Based on the settings of your vehicle DVR, you may also set it to shoot continuously, when an alert is activated, or when the driver or passenger interacts close the mic.

Is it possible to use the footage of a vehicle DVR as proof?

Vehicle DVR FAQ 7

Vehicle DVR data could be utilized as proof. Videos are frequently used as evidence in road accidents or crime investigations.

The vehicle DVR system includes a motion sensor, alarm, and video inside one device, enabling cops to swiftly gather verified proof in critical events, providing additional time for expert investigation & arrests.

Vehicle DVR data might be useful to enforcement organizations. It may, for instance, save videos in a well AVI format, which is supported.

Whenever a crime is committed or an accident arises, traffic police film the area to capture the scene it occurred. Sadly, thieves frequently destroy the vehicle DVR to get rid of the evidence.

A Vehicle DVR is useful since it permits detectives to watch the video scenario from multiple perspectives too, and also capture the location/place on each footage.

Because many vehicle cameras film at the same moment, the video saved on the Vehicle DVR is also extremely reliable.

Vehicle DVR may be a valuable tool if your car requires to track activities both inside and outside of it.

Since it includes a date & time mark, the recordings can be used as proof in some road incident cases.

Sometimes, users may need to go through the video beforehand to get extra details that can assist the owner to establish the case.

The evidentiary footage obtained from the Vehicle DVR may be viewed in high quality.

Where will be the footage from the Vehicle DVR saved in the future?

Vehicle DVR’s primary storehouse is a hard drive or HDD or Micro SD card. Here, captured footage files are saved for future usage.

Such storage systems, which are put in automobiles alongside Vehicle DVRs, capture video of time & incidents.

The digital content from the Vehicle DVR is gathered by electronic embedded systems or software and saved in storage and distant databases of the information management software.

What can I use to monitor the footage from the Vehicle DVR remotely?

Vehicle DVR FAQ 8

Since in today’s era, all of the works and monitoring are done at home. Currently, there are applications or software that can be installed in your handheld devices or computers to easily monitor and access the footage from the vehicle DVR.

One of this software is the central management software. This application is efficient for monitoring a fleet of vehicles. You will have access to the data from the vehicle DVR such as the storage capacity, footage recorded, vehicle health, and others more.

Using the software, you can also communicate with your drivers which can be easier if the cabin camera connected to the vehicle DVR has an audio feature.

Where to get an affordable Vehicle DVR?

There are several manufacturers to select from when purchasing a vehicle DVR online. Unfortunately, some are too expensive, particularly if you want it for a fleet of cars. It would cost a lot of money to have all of your vehicles outfitted with a vehicle DVR device.

Start exploring for Chinese manufacturers if you want to find a provider who offers the best car DVR at a reasonable price.

Vehicle DVRs produced in China are very inexpensive, but they may also compete with pricey worldwide models.

If you want to buy a vehicle DVR from China, look for a legitimate company with genuine product reviews.

The ideal supplier to pick is one that has a 1pc minimum order requirement for each transaction.

You may also request a sample product to ensure its quality and compatibility with your car.

Finally, search for a firm that will guarantee ongoing help in the event that the vehicle DVR fails.

What are the devices that can be added to the vehicle DVR?

Vehicle DVR FAQ 9

Since a Vehicle DVR acts as the motherboard of the vehicle security system, these are the devices you can add in order to optimize higher security and surveillance coverage.

External Cameras – external cameras are connected to the vehicle DVR. The number of cameras supported depending on the Vehicle DVR channel.

Driver Fatigue Monitor – this device is helpful for a vehicle that drives long distances. The driver fatigue monitor detects if the driver is sleepy or tired and once detected will alert the driver with a voice signal.

Car Monitor – the car monitor is where all the spots covered by the vehicle cameras are shown or being broadcasted. For a large vehicle, the car monitor is a great device to see all the blind spots to prevent road accidents.

GPS Tracker – although most of the Vehicle DVRs are built-in with GPS you can also equip one of the Vehicle DVRs you purchased has no GPS feature.

3G / 4G Antenna – this antenna can be connected to the vehicle DVR to access 3G and 4G connectivity.

These are just some of the important accessories or additional devices to incorporate with a vehicle DVR for maximum security coverage.

You can also ask your trusted provider for your required specification of the additional devices to meet your fleet of vehicle requirements.


It is really practical to install a vehicle DVR in your automobiles to avoid future losses and accidents which can be so inconvenient for business owners.

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