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QOHO’s Vehicle DVR System is constructed of long-lasting components that are suitable for a variety of vehicle applications. The system consists of a Vehicle DVR, external cameras, and other monitoring and security systems.

Our vehicle DVR system is of the utmost quality, thanks to our cutting-edge technologies, and we can assure you that the specs are among the finest on the market.

4ch single SD card 1080P vehicle DVR System MDVR6104SH

This vehicle DVR system supports 4 channels and 3 audio storages, it is also equipped latest audio and video compression technology perfect for any vehicle.

4ch 1080P dual SD card vehicle DVR system MDVR7104S

High-performance vehicle DVR system that can connect 4 channels designed with road safety camera

4ch dual SD card 1080P vehicle DVR MDVR8102SP kit

4 channel dual SD card 1080P vehicle DVR system, IP 1080P side camera & waterproof 1080P rear camera

2ch 1080P Car DVR with DSM and vehicle DVR system

A vehicle DVR system built with 1080P 20 degrees wide front road view camera and 1080P 130-degree wide cabin view camera + Driver Fatigue Monitor

4ch 1080P single SD card vehicle DVR system QH MDVR6104SH

4 channel vehicle DVR system 1080P Single SD Card + high-resolution cameras & car DVR camera

2ch 1080P IP camera dual SD card vehicle DVR system MDVR8102

1ch IP camera 1080P + extended 1ch 1080P IP side camera vehicle DVR System.

QOHO is the Outstanding Vehicle DVR System Manufacturer in China

Over the past 16 years, QOHO has made a name for itself in the electronics industry by providing and supplying the best vehicle DVR systems and other security equipment.

Our corporation enjoys the positive relationships it has and will have with its customers in the future. We do this by delivering comprehensive assistance in the transaction. QOHO will still be there to advise and assist you, from giving a solution for a Vehicle DVR System to providing after-sales service.

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QOHO Vehicle DVR System is Your Ultimate Solution to Fleet Management 

Do you manage a vehicle fleet? You might be asking what device or tools can assist you with more easily monitoring the fleet. QOHO got your back!

Our Vehicle DVR System is designed with high-quality components to provide the best help for your efficient fleet management. With the assistance of this system, you can remotely control your fleet and assign tasks to them whilst they are on the road. QOHO’s Vehicle DVR system is inexpensive but of high quality, so you won’t jeopardize your vehicle’s or driver’s protection.

If you have any questions about QOHO’s best vehicle DVR system, please contact us; we’ll be happy to help you at any time!

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Vehicle DVR System – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide will teach you everything that you want to know about the Vehicle DVR system.

It will assist you in learning more about the importance of vehicle DVR systems in fleet management.

Continue reading to learn more!

What is a Vehicle DVR system? 

A vehicle DVR system is a type of digital video recorder that is specifically designed for video surveillance in fleets or transportation. Buses, coaches, taxis, trams, metros, ambulances, and other private cars also have access to a vehicle DVR system.

How does a Vehicle DVR System work? 

vehicle DVR system FAQs

A Vehicle DVR system consists of several external cameras connected to a vehicle DVR system unit or a device that can record remotely. The cameras will save the digital video to the hard disk of a vehicle DVR system or a monitor. All the footage and recordings from the vehicle DVR system can be streamed live and remotely through mobile DVR software.

What is the difference between DVR & NVR?

Since NVR recorders relay a pure optical signal from the cameras, video quality is better on NVR recorders than on DVRs at the same resolution. Additionally, since audio is transmitted over Ethernet cables, any camera with a microphone may send audio to the NVR.

On the other hand, an external camera transmits raw footage or recordings to a DVR through a coaxial cable.

What are the benefits of having a Vehicle DVR system?

The main purpose of having a vehicle DVR system installed in your car is simply for security purposes. If you travel often, having this system is a smart choice. It can monitor Driver exhaustion and will alert the driver if fatigue driving is detected. It can also provide two-way communication, if you manage a fleet of vehicles, you can just give tasks and monitor your drivers via smartphone and computer using a vehicle DVR software. For real-time fleet tracking, it connects to WIFI, 4G, WAN, and 3G. It also detects overspeeding to prevent the driver from reckless driving.

Is it possible to use an external camera for a vehicle DVR system?

Some brands of vehicle DVR cameras prefer certain external cameras. You will have to contact your supplier so they can give or provide you a list of cameras that are compatible with your vehicle’s DVR system. You can also tell your vehicle requirement before buying a vehicle DVR system so you will have a complete set-up installed in your vehicle.

What do I look for in a vehicle DVR system?

Vehicle DVR system FAQs

To select the best possible vehicle DVR system for you, you must check the recording and replay resolution specifications of the unit. You don’t have to pay to watch security camera footage; instead, think about the long-term costs and invest in video recording equipment, as well as backup capabilities. A perfect vehicle DVR system must have undergone series of tests like anti-vibration tests for it to have a stable recording. We don’t want the footage to be shaky right? Then, find a trusted supplier. There are unreliable suppliers of these devices all over the internet now. It would be smart to look for a dependable supplier that will support and communicate with you throughout the purchase. So even when you bought your vehicle DVR system long ago and unfortunately malfunctions, you can easily contact your supplier to assist you.

Why is it necessary for a vehicle DVR system to pass an anti-vibration test?

While experts in the video equipment industry used the term “anti-vibration test” to refer to a “destructive” monitoring method in which high voltage and high frequency are added to a component of a mass-production computer in the past, in this era of the internet, where knowledge spreads in seconds, the expression has become a buzzword for vehicle DVR systems.

The vehicle DVR system has a shake-free anti-vibration mechanism/concrete, which takes into account the excessive vibration that occurs while cars are in motion, which can cause mechanical failure. When the vehicle DVR system is still in progress, anti-vibration checks are performed on both a product and a routine basis to ensure that any defects or malfunctions discovered in the software have been resolved.

Engineers took the vehicle DVR system into three types of vibration environments during the Anti-vibration Test: Vertical, Horizontal, and Mixed. The findings reveal that the current vehicle DVR system performs admirably in these conditions and has little effect on overall success.

Vehicle DVR system FAQs (1)

How can we use Vehicle DVR System for tracking driver fatigue?

The Vehicle DVR system will monitor a driver’s actions, vehicle speed, and proximity to other vehicles. The vehicle DVR system can be used for several applications that we had not previously considered. Driver fatigue is one of these purposes.  A vehicle DVR system helps to keep track of how long your drivers have been on the road and how much time they have spent on different activities.

A Vehicle DVR system can be used to monitor the number of hours a driver has been on the road by putting a marker at the start and end of the turn. This information will be used to create graphs that show the driver’s pace over time to determine whether or not he was tired. Where there is a risk of driver exhaustion, it is advised that the truck be driven by two people and that a GPS tracker be added.

Vehicle DVR system FAQs (2)

The vehicle DVR system aids drivers in doing their jobs more effectively by using a range of sensors. The device will warn fleet managers when such incidents occur, such as speeding or abrupt braking, by tracking truck drivers’ driving activity.

What are different kinds of Vehicle DVR systems?

  • 2ch SD card Vehicle DVR system
  • 4ch Single SD card Vehicle DVR system
  • 4ch Dual SD card Vehicle DVR system
  • 8ch HDD Vehicle DVR system
  • Vehicle DVR device of 16 channel HDD/SSD

Besides, most Vehicle DVR systems have a high resolution of 720P or 1080P, depending on the project requirements.

How do you choose the right Vehicle DVR System for each vehicle?

To begin, you must decide which vehicles you want to use. Multiple fleet solutions with Vehicle DVR systems would be needed for different vehicles. Coach and Tour bus, Public Transit Bus, Taxi, private car, rail, subway, Bus, School Bus; Logistics: Cargo Van, Vehicle, Dump truck, Oil Tanker, Cargo truck; Public Transportation: Coach and Tour bus, Public Transit Bus, Taxi, private car, train, subway, Bus, School Bus; Law enforcement: a police vehicle, for example.

Vehicle DVR system FAQs (

Here are some examples of the right vehicle DVR system for specific vehicles:

  • Bus: If the bus has 24 seats, a 4 channel HDD vehicle DVR system should suffice. The bus can also be equipped with a 4 channel HDD or SD card vehicle DVR system. Once you’ve decided to conserve more space, an HDD vehicle DVR system with 2TB or 4TB of storage (optional) is a great alternative. If you only need to film for a few days and upload to a cloud server, a 2ch or 4ch SD card vehicle DVR device would suffice.
  • Taxi: Taxis are mostly compact cars with just two to three sets. As a result, you should think about and choose a 2 channel SD card vehicle DVR system for your taxi solution.
  • School bus: If it’s a larger school bus, it’ll require an 8-channel HDD vehicle DVR setup, which includes a DVR, RFID reader or people-counting video, related vehicle cameras, a console, and a UPS battery. You only care for the well-being of the students. For their welfare, a vehicle DVR device may send messages to parents.

If you want to install a Vehicle DVR system on a bus, how do you save money?

Before you install a Vehicle DVR system, you should estimate the cost. For example, how many vehicle cameras can be combined with a vehicle DVR? Is it appropriate to mount a front-facing vehicle camera? a wide-angle camera for both the driver and the passenger? Are you looking backward? If you only need two viewing spots, a two-channel vehicle DVR system would be enough.

Is a Vehicle DVR System Worth it?

Installing a vehicle DVR system is well worth it if you manage a fleet of vehicles. This system can help you save money and time in a variety of scenarios.

For example, if you have a vehicle DVR device installed in your vehicle and an adverse accident occurs, such as a wreck or collision, you will have the evidence at your disposal. That will shorten the investigation process which will not cost you money if the other side is at fault.

Another example is that a vehicle DVR system will assist you in monitoring the drivers. This system detects fatigued driving, excessive acceleration, abrupt braking, and unnecessary stops for breaks. It will assist you in managing and eliminating staff that may potentially cause an accident and cost you money by being inefficient.

Does a Vehicle DVR System record front and back?

Yes, if you require or need to have an external camera in front and at the back of your vehicle, you can contact your reliable supplier and tell your specific camera requirements. But regardless if you install it yourself or have a mechanic install it for you, it is possible to have a camera connected to your vehicle’s DVR system to record both the front and back of the car. Just keep in mind that the external camera must be compatible with your vehicle’s DVR system to avoid inconvenience.

What are the features of the Vehicle DVR System?

  • Equipped with the latest Audio & Video compression technology
  • Built-in GPS
  • Supports WIFI/3G/4G connection
  • Acceleration sensor
  • SD card or HDD for storage
  • Passed Anti-vibration test
  • Compatible with Vehicle DVR software
  • Waterproof and shockproof housing
  • 1,2,4,8 or 16 channels for external cameras
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Fuel Consumption

How does Vehicle DVR System work?

Install the vehicle DVR system in your car. Connect the external cameras, monitor, and other devices. Lastly, Run the mobile DVR software on your mobile phones or PC. The footage captured by the cameras can be streamed and watched remotely using your smartphone or laptops. Using the mobile DVR software, you can easily track and monitor your drivers and vehicles.

The vehicle DVR system also tracks the fuel consumption, acceleration, and precise location of your vehicles.

Can I import a Vehicle DVR System from China?

Vehicle DVR system FAQs (4)

Yes indeed, vehicle DVR systems are a popular product in the Chinese industry.

Many firms have started manufacturing and producing vehicle DVR systems, making it difficult for customers to locate an outstanding vehicle DVR system.

Many vehicle DVR system manufacturers nowadays do not focus on the specifics, especially high-tech equipment and experienced staff.

Simply state your demands and conditions, such as the primary feature of a vehicle DVR system, and those attributes listed above indicate that you need more demanding ones.

Join the leading China vehicle DVR systems designers, retailers, exporters, and wholesalers that have a diverse range of vehicle DVR systems products.

Based on our experience, it compiles details about how to get a vehicle DVR system via post from China in the simplest way possible.

We hope this is helpful to all of you who are about to make a buying decision as well as those who have just begun to reach us.

Then we’ll give you a connection to a free sample right away.

It will be delivered to you within two days.

What are the components of the Vehicle DVR System?

A 4 channel vehicle DVR system can support 4 external cameras (rear camera, side camera, front, and cabin camera). It can also be combined with an Advanced Driver Assistance System and a monitor.

Do the Vehicle DVR System work with GPS?

Yes, a vehicle DVR system has either a built-in or included GPS in its system. It works perfectly that you can easily monitor and locate all your vehicles using mobile DVR software.

What are the things to remember before buying a Vehicle DVR System?

Many modern cars come standard with a vehicle DVR system. However, older vehicles may not have the option. Fortunately, reputable manufactures may provide many of the advantages of a factory-standard system, such as backup support, parking reliability, crash reporting, security monitoring, and blind-spot removal. Here are few things to watch for when installing a vehicle DVR system in your vehicle.

The Vehicle DVR system is the brain of every onboard security system. There may be a single rear camera or two cameras, one in front and one behind the vehicle.  Some systems have motion sensor technology, which is an outstanding feature for keeping your vehicle safe while it is parked. In terms of resolution, the selection is still very wide. Maintain a resolution of 720p, 1080p, or higher.

The brand, model, and cameras included will be based on your requirements. As long as you contact a reliable supplier that will assist you throughout the purchase up to the after-sales service your vehicle’s security is in good hands.

Can Vehicle DVR System be used in Fleet Management System?

Vehicle DVR system FAQs (5)

Managing a fleet of large vehicles, such as trucks and buses, would be an ideal function for the vehicle DVR system. A vehicle DVR system would suffice because most of these big vehicles require two or more cameras and other security features. The majority of vehicle DVR systems allow two channels or more for external cameras. Since these cars often ride long distances, the car DVR system has ample room for all of the trip’s footages. It can also be paired with a driver fatigue monitor to track the drivers’ driving conditions while traveling long hours. The vehicle DVR system also integrates with GPS, allowing you to quickly spot all of your vehicles on the road today. You can also send messages and tasks to the drivers through the vehicle DVR system while they are on the road by using mobile DVR software.

Where is the Vehicle DVR System footage stored?

The recordings from a vehicle DVR system are usually saved on a MicroSD card or a Hard Disk Drive (HDD). The number of recordings or videos you can save is limited by the capacity of your device’s memory. Choose a vehicle DVR system that supports HDD storage if you need more space.

How long does a vehicle DVR system last?

Throughout the lifespan of a vehicle DVR device in the public sector, it will face a variety of challenges.

Vehicle DVR systems are in high demand. It has a lifespan of 3-4 years, with thousands of consumers finding the device to be a fantastic and wonderful experience in their everyday lives.

The number of tapes stored in a vehicle DVR system determines its lifespan.

If you have a large number of tapes with no one around to erase them, you should consider saving them on an external hard drive.

What are the benefits of using a vehicle DVR system?

  1. A vehicle DVR system is a system that can be mounted in cars to capture anything that happens to the vehicle.
  2. With this system installed, you can replay video recordings from your vehicle dating back weeks, months, and years. This saves time and improves reliability for prosecutors because they won’t have to watch too many recordings, and the simpler structure helps workflow more fluid.
  3. This powerful vehicle DVR system allows you to record high-definition video from an infinite range of cameras, including those on moving objects and within cars.
  4. A vehicle DVR system is intended to be the ideal option for keeping an eye on your fleet of cars.
  5. A top-of-the-line vehicle DVR system can survive the crushing movements of a city bus and the chaotic power supply of a subway train.
  6. A vehicle DVR system allows users to watch and archive television or radio programs.
  7. A vehicle DVR system records surveillance footage of vehicles and any collisions that occur on them, such as traffic crashes, hit-and-runs, and robberies inside vehicles.
  8. A vehicle DVR system is becoming more common because it can help law enforcement capture speeding and risky driver behavior.

What is a vehicle DVR system kit?

Vehicle DVR system FAQs (6)

A vehicle DVR system kit is a complete security system for your vehicle. You can customize the devices included in this kit depending on your preferences.

A vehicle DVR system kit will depend on the number of channels supported by your vehicle DVR system. This may include a certain number of external cameras, vehicle monitors, ADAS cameras, and or Driver fatigue monitors, GPS trackers, people counting cameras for busses. The kit can also include an anti-explosive camera for oil-tanker trucks.

How does a vehicle DVR system work with WIFI, 3G, and 4G connections?

The vehicle DVR system is a high-definition video recorder that is portable.

You can use it to film videos on the go and then play/transmit them more quickly when you replay them later.

Along with its distinctive nature, the vehicle DVR system has hard buttons on the remote control for simple use.

vehicle DVR system is compatible with every mobile device and computer.

To get recordings, arrange recordings, and do other stuff, you must connect to the internet via 3G/4G or WIFI signal.

Time zone, 24-hour toggle, and regular recording are among the options.

As the vehicle DVR system is wired to 3G/4G or WIFI, it can be controlled by a variety of devices such as mobile phones & computers, or laptops.

You can use a vehicle DVR system to access the appropriate facilities as long as you have internet access on these devices.

What are the specifications of the Vehicle DVR system?

There are several vehicle DVR systems on the market. However, the following requirements can be taken into account:

  • Excellent for covert uses.
  • Several sensor inputs for speed and ignition
  • Records stored on a regular SD card
  • Specified power supply
  • Monitoring in real-time wherever there is wireless or WIFI coverage.
  • Included is a lockable protective enclosure with anti-vibration technology.
  • An embedded operating system is built into a computer.
  • Several videos option
  • Improved Operating Temperature
  • There is a Minimum Power Consumption Alarm Input available.
  • maximum number of channels
  • Operating Humidity Specified IP Storage Rate
  • Adequate voltage supply
  • Speed and shock-sensor data are provided. GPS features are built-in.
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