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QOHO’s Vehicle CCTV System is made of high-quality component parts that are suited for a wide range of vehicle requirements. A Digital Video Recorder, external cameras, and other monitoring and security devices are part of the vehicle CCTV system.

Thanks to our advanced technology, our vehicle CCTV system is of the highest standard and we can ensure that the specifications are amongst the strongest in the industry.
If you have particular demands for your vehicle’s CCTV system, please send us an email inquiry so that we can suggest the best solution to match your needs.

Vehicle CCTV System-IR-dome-camera

High-resolution Mini car IR dome IP camera, 10pcs IR LED with good night vision for Vehicle CCTV System

MDVR8102SP Vehicle CCTV System

4ch 1080P GPS Mini Car DVR that can support up to 4 external cameras Vehicle CCTV System

Vehicle CCTV System MC 620

A dual-view camera that records the front road and cabin view, suitable for any vehicle CCTV System

4ch_1080P_dual_SD_card_vehicle_CCTV_system MDVR7104S

This vehicle DVR system supports 4 channels and 3 audio storages, it is also equipped latest audio and video compression technology perfect for any vehicle.

4ch_1080P_single_SD_card_vehicle CCTV_camera_system_QH_MDVR6104SH

4 channel vehicle DVR system 1080P Single SD Card + high-resolution cameras & car DVR camera

8ch_1080P_HDD vehicle cctv_system_MDVR8208H

4 channel dual SD card 1080P vehicle DVR system, IP 1080P side camera & waterproof 1080P rear camera

QOHO is a Dependable Vehicle CCTV System Supplier in Shenzhen, China

QOHO’s vehicle surveillance and security system have been known via the provision and delivery of the best vehicle CCTV systems and other security equipment in the last 16 years.

Our company has excellent ties with its consumers in the future and will have them. We accomplish so by providing full support for the transaction. QOHO will continue to provide you with advice and support, from the solution for a CCTV System Vehicle through the after-sales service.

Send us a question and fill in the order form on this website.

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QOHO Vehicle CCTV System is the Solution to Your Fleet Management Problem

Our company aims to reach out to all classes of vehicle owners by providing low-cost vehicle CCTV systems that will undoubtedly enhance security to your daily journey. QOHO’s Vehicle CCTV System is made up of gadgets that are designed using cutting-edge technology.

QOHO also has overseas sales team members that are skilled enough to help and propose items that will suit all of our clients’ demands. We also value customer service, therefore even if a client order was placed a long time ago, we can still give the necessary assistance.

For the last 16 years, we have aimed to maintain strong relationships with our clients, so please do not fear to do business with us, and we will undoubtedly assist your complete vehicle CCTV system requirements.

Vehicle CCTV System – Your Information Guide

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Since the epidemic began, commercial cars have become in high demand as a result of the internet shopping craze. Typically, commercial vehicles such as trucks and vans transport a large number of goods or merchandise from one location to another.

Because these vehicles travel more often, it would be difficult for a fleet manager to monitor a large number of vehicles at the same time. Consider investing in security systems that provide protection similar to insurance.

The Vehicle CCTV System is one of these security systems. If you are unfamiliar with the aforementioned equipment, allow us to inform you with the assistance of this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Vehicle CCTV System?
  • How does the Vehicle CCTV System work?
  • What are the advantages of installing a Vehicle CCTV system?
  • What features does the Vehicle CCTV System have?
  • Can I import a Vehicle CCTV system from China?
  • What should you keep in mind when purchasing a Vehicle CCTV System?
  • What is the functionality of a vehicle CCTV system with WIFI, 3G, and 4G connections?
  • What are the vehicle CCTV system’s finest specifications?
  • What elements make up the Vehicle CCTV System?
  • Does the Vehicle CCTV System support Global Positioning System?
  • What are the typical types of Vehicle CCTV systems?
  • Is it beneficial to invest in a vehicle CCTV system?
  • Does a Vehicle CCTV System record the entire vehicle?
  • Is it possible to integrate a vehicle CCTV system in a fleet management system?
  • How would you select the most appropriate Vehicle CCTV System for each vehicle?
  • What characteristics should I search for in a vehicle CCTV system?
  • How do I set up a vehicle CCTV system?
  • Are external cameras included in the vehicle CCTV system?
  • How much will it cost to establish a CCTV system in a vehicle?
  • How should I be concerned about the Vehicle CCTV system in terms of security?
  • Is the Vehicle CCTV system accurate in terms of time controlling?
  • What components comprise a Vehicle CCTV System?

What is a Vehicle CCTV System?

Vehicle CCTV System FAQ 1

A vehicle CCTV system is a sort of digital video recorder that is specially built for video surveillance in transportation or fleets. A vehicle CCTV system is also available to buses, coaches, taxis, trams, metros, ambulances, and other private vehicles.

To offer comprehensive vehicle security, the system generally consists of a digital video recorder, multiple external cameras, a car monitor, and other peripherals.

How does the Vehicle CCTV System work?

The vehicle CCTV system functions as security cameras that are mounted around your vehicle. External cameras send video data to the digital video recorder, which stores the footage inside its memory (SD Card or Hard Disk Drive). The cameras are positioned to capture all of the vehicle’s surroundings to reduce blind spots and to record evidence in the event of an accident or robbery.

What are the advantages of installing a Vehicle CCTV system?

Vehicle CCTV System FAQ 2

The primary reason for installing a vehicle CCTV system in your automobile is for protection. If you travel by car frequently, this equipment is a wise investment. This can identify driver drowsiness and notify the driver whether it detects sleepy driving. It may also enable 2-way communication; for example, if you operate a fleet of commercial vehicles, you can simply assign duties and supervise your drivers using software on your phone or computer. It links to the Internet, 4G, Lan, and 3G for actual fleet monitoring. This also identifies excessive acceleration to keep the motorist from driving erratically.

What features does the Vehicle CCTV System have?

The best Vehicle CCTV system has cutting-edge technology for better video coverage and footage quality.

  • It is outfitted with the most recent audio and video processing technologies
  • Global Positioning System Support (Built-in)
  • WIFI/3G/4G internet connectivity
  • SD card or HDD for the storage acceleration sensor
  • The anti-vibration test was successful.
  • Vehicle CCTV software is compatible.
  • Housing that is both waterproof and shockproof
  • External cameras can have 1,2,4,8, or 16 channels.
  • Fuel Consumption
  • Temperature Sensor

Can I import a Vehicle CCTV system from China?

Vehicle CCTV System FAQ 3

Vehicle CCTV systems are, undoubtedly, a prominent commodity in Chinese business.

Several companies have begun creating and developing vehicle CCTV systems, finding it challenging for clients to choose an excellent vehicle CCTV system.

Most vehicle CCTV system companies currently do not place a premium on details, significantly higher hardware, and skilled personnel.

Politely suggest your requirements and circumstances, such as the key aspect of a vehicle CCTV system, and that those stated above suggest that you want more difficult ones.

Contact the best Chinese vehicle CCTV systems producers, merchants, suppliers, and manufacturers who provide a wide variety of vehicle CCTV systems solutions.

Derived from the experience, it combines information on how to obtain a vehicle CCTV system from China by post throughout the easiest method available.

Hopefully, this is useful to both those of you who might want to make a purchasing choice and who have just started to contact us.

And we’ll send you a link to a sample straight away and the sample will be sent to you in about a week.

What should you keep in mind when purchasing a Vehicle CCTV System?

Several new vehicles include a vehicle CCTV system as standard equipment. Older model vehicles, on the other hand, may not have this option. Several of the benefits of factory-standard technology, including backing up assistance, parking dependability, crash notification, video surveillance, and blind-spot elimination, may be obtained from trustworthy manufacturers. Here are a few things to keep an eye out for while putting a vehicle CCTV system.

Every internal security system is controlled by the Vehicle CCTV system. A single reverse camera or two cameras, one in the front and one at the back of the car, may be used.

Certain systems include motion sensor systems, which are excellent specs for maintaining your vehicle secured when parked. In terms of performance, the options are still rather diverse. Keep the quality at 720P, 1080P, or even higher.

The model, brand, and camera incorporated will be determined by your needs. The car’s security is now in excellent hands as long as you contact a reputable provider who will assist you from the first transaction to the post-sales service.

What is the functionality of a vehicle CCTV system with WIFI, 3G, and 4G connections?

Vehicle CCTV System FAQ 4

A vehicle CCTV system is a portable elevated video recorder & surveillance system.

It can be used to take footage on the move and then play or transmit video faster rapidly when you review it later.

In addition to its unique appearance, the vehicle CCTV system includes firm knobs on the controller for ease of operation.

Each mobile phone and PC are compatible with the vehicle CCTV system.

Users must access the internet through a 3G/4G or WIFI connection to acquire files, organize records, and perform other things.

Among the choices are time zone, 24/7 toggling, and regular filming.

What are the vehicle CCTV system’s finest specifications?

Vehicle CCTV System FAQ 5

There seem to be a variety of vehicle CCTV systems commercially available. Yet, the following criteria can be considered:

  • Perfect for concealed applications.
  • Multiple speed and ignition sensor inputs
  • Official records on a standard SD card or Hard Disk Drive
  • Specification of power source
  • Actual monitoring is available everywhere there is internet or data connection access.
  • A closed protective container with anti-vibration protection is incorporated.
  • A device contains an integrated operating system.
  • Multiple video options are available.
  • Higher Operating Temp
  • A Minimal Power Usage
  • the highest number of channels support
  • Moisture at Work IP Memory Rate Specified
  • Voltage Regulator

What elements make up the Vehicle CCTV System?

A four-channel vehicle CCTV system may accommodate four external cameras (side camera, rear camera, front road view, and cabin-faced camera). This can also be paired with a car monitor and an Advanced Driver Assistance System.

Does the Vehicle CCTV System support Global Positioning System?

Indeed, a vehicle CCTV system has a GPS that is either built-in or integrated into the equipment. It operates well, allowing you to quickly track and track all of your commercial vehicles with the assistance of software.

Such a function is useful for preventing kidnappings and easily managing all of your vehicles.

What are the typical types of Vehicle CCTV systems?

There are several types of vehicle CCTV systems, this will depend on the requirement of each vehicle. There may be vehicles that only need 1 to 2 cameras and other vehicles need more than 4 cameras to capture all the vehicle’s surroundings.

  • 2ch SD card Vehicle CCTV system
  • 4ch Single SD card Vehicle CCTV system
  • 4ch Dual SD card Vehicle CCTV system
  • 8ch HDD Vehicle CCTV system
  • 16 channel HDD/SSD Vehicle CCTV system

Furthermore, depending on the project needs, most Vehicle CCTV systems have a high quality of 720P or 1080P and higher.

Is it beneficial to invest in a vehicle CCTV system?

Vehicle CCTV System FAQ 6

If your business manages a fleet of vehicles for commercial use, installing a vehicle CCTV system is definitely worth the investment. In a number of circumstances, this method can lead to significant savings and effort.

For instance, if your fleet has a vehicle CCTV system in each unit and an unfortunate accident occurs, including a crash or accident, you will also have the proof. If another party is guilty, this will reduce the inquiry process and save you money.

Another instance is how a vehicle CCTV system may help you watch your drivers. This technology identifies tired driving, rapid speeding, harsh braking, or needless breaks.

Does a Vehicle CCTV System record the entire vehicle?

Absolutely, if you need or want an external camera around and behind your vehicle, they may contact a reputable source and describe your exact camera needs. However, either you set up it manually or get a professional to do that for you, it is feasible to attach several cameras to your vehicle’s CCTV system to capture all the surroundings of the vehicle. To minimize difficulty, bear in mind that the outside camera must be compliant with the vehicle’s CCTV system.

Is it possible to integrate a vehicle CCTV system in a fleet management system?

The vehicle CCTV system would be excellent for managing a fleet of large vehicles, such as trucks and buses. As most of these large trucks having 2 or more external cameras as well as other security systems, a vehicle CCTV system would work effortlessly. Almost majority of vehicle CCTV systems support two or more channels for cameras mounted around the vehicle. Because these automobiles frequently travel far distances, the vehicle CCTV system has plenty of storage space for all of the ride’s video. It may also be used in conjunction with a drowsiness monitor to analyze the drivers’ road performance when traveling for lengthy periods of time.

How would you select the most appropriate Vehicle CCTV System for each vehicle?

To start, you should choose which vehicles to utilize. For various vehicles, several fleet solutions with Vehicle CCTV systems would be required. Coach & Tour Buses, Public Transportation Buses, Taxis, Private Cars, Rail, Metro, Buses, & School Buses Logistics include a cube van, a truck, a dump truck, an oil tanker, and a cargo truck. Coach & Tour Buses, Commuter Rails Buses, Taxis, Private Cars, Trains, Subways, Buses, and School Buses are all modes of mass transit. A police car, for example, is an illustration of police departments.

These are a few examples of vehicle CCTV systems that are appropriate for certain vehicles:

Coach: A four-channel HDD vehicle CCTV system should adequate if the bus has 24 seats. A four-channel HDD or SD card vehicle CCTV system can also be installed on the bus. If you want to save additional space, an HDD vehicle CCTV system featuring 2TB or 4TB of storage optional, is a wonderful solution. A 2ch or 4ch SD card vehicle CCTV equipment might sufficient if you simply needed to video for a few weeks and transmit to a remote server.

Taxi: Taxis are usually small automobiles with two or three sets. As a consequence, for your taxi solution, you should consider and select a two-channel Memory card vehicle CCTV system.

School busses: For a bigger school bus, an 8 channel HDD vehicle CCTV system is required, which comprises a digital video recorder, Radio Frequency Identification Device, RFID reader or people-counting video, associated car cameras, a dashboard, and battery. You solely care about the pupils’ well-being. A vehicle CCTV system may transmit notifications to guardians for their protection.

What characteristics should I search for in a vehicle CCTV system?

To get the finest vehicle CCTV system for business, look at the fleet’s recording and playback quality characteristics. You do not have to pay to see security video; rather, expect a large expense and spend on video recording technology with backup possibilities. For a steady recording, a great vehicle CCTV system must have completed a number of testing such as anti-vibration tests. We wouldn’t want the video to be wobbly, do we? Then, locate a reliable provider. Now there are untrustworthy providers of these gadgets all over the internet.

How do I set up a vehicle CCTV system?

Some vital actions must be taken in order to install a comprehensive Vehicle CCTV System.

  • Examine the system design to determine what components are linked to it.
  • Examine the configuration of the external cameras, screen, and laptop.
  • Setup the desktop
  • Observe the whole angle of the camera. The left part of the camera should be parallel to the left edge of the screen, and the right side ought to be comparable towards the right bottom of the frame.
  • Repair all of the external cameras on the right, left, and front. Back, for example.
  • Complete the LCD screen and harmonize the line.
  • Attach all of the wires from the cameras and display unit towards the main computer with care.
  • Plug in the power source
  • Put the vehicle CCTV System to the test

Are external cameras included in the vehicle CCTV system?

Absolutely. The Vehicle CCTV System is outfitted with a variety of external cameras, including:

  • Front
  • Rear
  • Side
  • Cabin

Each is designed for a specific purpose and fits the requirements of a contemporary fleet, logistics, and logistics activities. The exterior cameras that will be incorporated in your customized Vehicle CCTV System will be decided by the car’s demands. 2 to 3 exterior cameras would enough if you simply require the solution for a personal vehicle. Nevertheless, if the system is required for bigger vehicles like commercial trucks and buses, more than four cameras should be expected.

How much will it cost to establish a CCTV system in a vehicle?

Vehicle CCTV System FAQ 7

When you pick the best Vehicle CCTV System, you will notice a price difference.

The Vehicle CCTV system with middling specs ranges in price from $80 to $200. The Vehicle CCTV system’s enhanced version costs between $300 and $500. The superior quality of the Vehicle CCTV system, alternatively, comes at an extra cost between about a thousand dollars and $1500.

The Chinese Manufacturers for Vehicle CCTV System is a comprehensive and coordinated solution that provides a moment video fleet management solution in a single package.

There are numerous options for selecting the most cost-effective Vehicle CCTV System.

How should I be concerned about the Vehicle CCTV system in terms of security?

Make sure no passengers in the vehicle may tamper with or destroy the Vehicle CCTV System, external Cameras, accessories, or cables.

Whenever moving the car, make sure the Vehicle CCTV System, Camera, attachments, and wiring are firmly fastened to avoid the equipment malfunctioning.

Whenever parking in a public place, the gadget motherboards must be put at a spot where they could be readily removed or taken by bystanders.

Is the Vehicle CCTV system accurate in terms of time controlling?

When a vehicle is equipped with the Vehicle CCTV system, the video data is automatically transferred to your suite of cloud-based apps on a daily basis.

This data may then be accessible online in real-time through your program. You will be able to monitor each speed of the vehicle, position, precise location, and other details, sparing you time and resources.

If the Vehicle CCTV System is linked to a WIFI network, it may enable real-time tracking.

To upload captured files, the Vehicle CCTV System must be connected to a power outlet. When the Vehicle CCTV system is disconnected or not plugged in, it can just monitor and not film.

What components comprise a Vehicle CCTV System?

Vehicle CCTV System FAQ 8

The Vehicle CCTV system becomes much more useful when several vital parts or devices are connected to it. The Vehicle CCTV system parts change depending on your car’s requirements and demands. These are some of the essential components of a Vehicle CCTV System.

Vehicle Digital Video Recorder — This gadget serves as the vehicle CCTV system’s central processing unit. All of the videos and files will be kept and processed in this location.

Exterior Cameras – These gadgets will record the environment around your car. The captured view will be determined by where these external cameras are aimed or placed.

ADAS is an abbreviation for Advanced Driver Assistance System – By offering extensive alarm systems, this gadget will assist you in driving more safely and easily.

Software – It is an application that is installed on your device or pc to make fleet management more convenient.

Global Positioning System Tracker — If the Vehicle CCTV lacks a built-in GPS, it is critical to include a Tracking Device mostly in the system. This will define your precise position as well as your pace when going.

Driver Fatigue Monitor — This device differs from the exterior cameras in that it is more technologically advanced. It analyzes the motorist’s driving condition. Whenever it detects that the driver is fatigued, it will sound an alert.

Car Monitor – This gadget displays live footage from cameras mounted, as well as data such as speed, position, and route, was taken by the car.

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