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QOHO has been developing their top-of-line Vehicle CCTV Camera that is perfect for your fleet management needs. QOHO sees to it that their customers are satisfied with their purchases by assisting them through the whole process. QOHO ensures that their Vehicle CCTV Cameras have been through quality testing so that consumers don’t have to worry about anything when they receive your product.

QOHO has so much in store for you! you can contact us at any time and we will respond immediately.

Vehicle CCTV camera MC810 (2)

A Vehicle CCTV camera with 720P AHD front road view camera, which also has a 140-degree wide view angle perfect for your fleet business.

Vehicle CCTV camera MC620

2MP 1080P Dual Lens One Body Vehicle Wide View AHD Vehicle CCTV Camera

Vehicle CCTV Camera MC1205

1080P High-Resolution Road Safety Guard Wide Angle Vehicle CCTV Camera

1080P Ip67 Waterproof Side View Vehicle CCTV Camera

A vehicle CCTV camera with 1080P high-resolution imaging greatly for side view camera systems in trucks, busses, or any other vehicles.

Vehicle CCTV Camera MC710

A waterproof and vandal-proof dome camera perfect for any vehicle. It offers high-resolution imaging with 10 pcs LED for better viewing.

180 Degree Vehicle CCTV Camera

A high-resolution 180-degree vehicle CCTV camera that is easy to install and with no shadow. Great for your fleet management needs.

QOHO is a Professional Vehicle CCTV Camera Supplier in China

From 2005 up to now, QOHO has developed experience in dealing with a variety of surveillance devices and kits, as well as fully functional Vehicle CCTV Cameras.

A vehicle CCTV camera will be your eyes even without personally seeing your vehicle and driver. You can monitor your fleet effortlessly with the help of our high-quality vehicle CCTV cameras.

QOHO can provide you with the right solution for your material handling requirements. If you drive or manage trucks, cars, taxis, or buses, QOHO has a lot in store for you.

QOHO is available to meet the requirements. And do not hesitate to send us an email at any time of the day or night!

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QOHO Vehicle CCTV Camera is the Key to Your Fleet Management Issues

Since 2005, QOHO has been inventing and developing its products. QOHO has been perfecting and developing its products for 16 years, especially its vehicle CCTV cameras.

QOHO’s international sales department is available at all times of the day to answer your questions. They will even assist you with running and maintaining your goods. This is to ensure that you are happy with your purchase and that nothing is wrong with it.

QOHO uses high-quality, robust materials to produce its goods. QOHO’s quality management staff ensures that everything about their goods, from preparation to packing, is in decent working order before shipping to the consumer.

QOHO offers a wide range of vehicle CCTV cameras, but it also welcomes personalized OEM or ODM specifications to create a model that is best suited to your fleet’s requirements.

If you already have a detailed vehicle CCTV camera requirement in mind, do not hesitate to connect with us and we will provide you the best support we can give!

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Vehicle CCTV Camera – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide will tell you what you need to know about vehicle surveillance cameras. It can help you appreciate the value of vehicle CCTV cameras in fleet management.

To learn more, keep reading!

What is An In-Vehicle CCTV Camera?

Vehicle CCTV Camera FAQs 1

A vehicle CCTV camera is a closed-circuit television that is mounted in every transportation vehicle to help track movement and activity inside that vehicle. A vehicle CCTV camera is an onboard recorder mounted to the back or front of the vehicle. Its aim is to capture digital video footage of the driver’s/everyday user’s activities. There are a variety of explanations for this, ranging from stability to observatory purposes. Vehicle cameras are appropriate for the design of a vehicle’s motion and can be seen on a variety of vehicles.

What is the importance of a vehicle CCTV camera?

A vehicle CCTV camera tracks the inside and outside of a vehicle and transmits the signal to a DVR or set of monitors. An increasing number of people are taking advantage of the opportunities of CCTV monitoring systems since they can ensure passenger and driver safety.

Why are vehicle CCTV cameras essential? 

The use of CCTV is advantageous. To begin with, both businesses want to protect themselves from criminals, regardless of whether they have witnessed an illegal act on their property. CCTV cameras help to record and survey both internal and external areas, resulting in a reliable monitoring system.

Is it possible to use a vehicle CCTV camera in the dark?

Infrared (IR) technology is used by many vehicle CCTV cameras to see at night. At night, these emit infrared light, allowing the camera to see even in complete darkness. Burglars are unable to detect the location of a vehicle CCTV camera because infrared light is invisible to the naked eye.

Will any vehicle CCTV camera work with a DVR?

No, a Digital Video Recorder would not operate for all vehicle CCTV cameras. For DVRs, analog cameras are necessary. Analog cameras capture images and send them via coaxial cable to a DVR.

Do you need a DVR for a wireless vehicle CCTV camera?

And, you most certainly do. To put it simply, a DVR or NVR is used to record and store video recordings. And some cameras, such as IP cameras and cameras with memory cards, can operate independently.

How is a vehicle CCTV camera helpful in Driver’s Monitoring?

Vehicle CCTV Camera FAQs 2

Track your driver’s habits with a vehicle CCTV camera if you want to keep your car going longer. This system helps you to observe how your driver drives and identify potentially risky driving habits before they become dangerous habits on the road.

This device can also cut your cost from spending money on accident-related incidents. You can easily review the footage of the incident to know who is at fault. if your driver caused the accident to happen you can easily get rid of him with the evidence you have in hand.

What are the drawbacks of vehicle CCTV cameras?

The loss of privacy is one of the most serious disadvantages of CCTV use, especially in the workplace. Despite the fact that it is in order to keep employees and customers safe, they may object to being repeatedly filmed. Employees can also feel untrustworthy, which may have a negative impact on the company’s results.

Is it possible to view my vehicle’s CCTV camera footage without Internet?

You can watch live and recorded footage from your vehicle’s CCTV camera on your computer screen even though you don’t have access to the internet. If your property has power, the camera, on the other hand, does not need electricity. Link the vehicle CCTV camera to the display with a network cable.

How do I find a reputable vehicle CCTV camera producer in China?

Vehicle CCTV Camera FAQs 3

The internet can recommend many manufacturers of vehicle CCTV cameras in China, but the question is, are they good enough to invest in and make business with? If you manage a fleet of vehicles, you will probably invest a huge amount of money for this device but there are things to remember before getting a supplier and prevent being scammed.

  • To begin, check to see if the company offers a long-term guarantee, ideally of at least five years.
  • Second, check to see if the company has a complete 90-day money-back guarantee in the case of defective merchandise.
  • Third, make sure the company’s website is professional and easy to use, and complete with contact details.
  • Fourth, check to see if the company has a sufficient number of previous customers with whom it has done business. Positive online ratings are also advantageous.
  • Fifth, search for businesses that have more than 400 people who have at least one year of experience producing vehicle CCTV cameras.

What are the purposes of a vehicle CCTV camera?

Vehicle CCTV Camera FAQs 4 (1)

When moving, a vehicle CCTV camera is used to record high-resolution video.
It helps you drive while still tracking your journey. To protect your vehicle and to record any injuries for insurance purposes and legal protection, you can keep a journal of your driving. Even if you don’t know what happened or who was at fault on the lane, you can playback an accident and remember the situation even if you don’t know what happened or who was at fault.

What are the features of a Vehicle CCTV Camera?

  • GPS
  • High-Resolution
  • Wide-view
  • IR LED
  • Loop Recording
  • Single or Dual lens
  • 3G/4G/Wifi Connection
  • Mobile Phone & Computer Compatible
  • SD Card or HDD storage

Vehicle CCTV cameras aid in the reduction of parking-related collisions. They can be of great assistance to you if you are only learning to drive. When your car is parked away from you, they may also discourage or serve since anti-theft, as the appearance of a vehicle cam can discourage criminals, and recording can be activated in the event of a break-in. If you own a company and have a lot of drivers, car cameras are an excellent way to keep everyone in line. In the case of an injury, the video recordings will be viewed as evidence. This will save you time and money because video footage in court will legally prove that you are not at fault and that a third party will be held liable for all damages. Vehicle CCTV cameras have incredible features like GPS that will allow you to keep track of your position and use all of these criteria to make your journaling more accurate and useful.

How do Vehicle CCTV Cameras work with Mobile DVR?

Vehicle CCTV Camera FAQs 5

A vehicle CCTV camera and a Mobile DVR device is that the vehicle CCTV camera, for example, is intended for more personal use and small-scale businesses. The mobile DVR device, on the other hand, can be used in a variety of commercial and large-scale settings to greatly increase recording hours, camera setup, processing and performance, design customization, stability, management tools, and video resolution. Overall, a combination would result in much more enhanced functions for a typical business or industrial application to assist in everyday operations and surveillance activities as required.


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