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It’s not simple to operate a company, and you learn to anticipate the unforeseen. But what if your company is mobile and has many places? You can’t catch up with everything and maintain an eye on everything, but if you don’t, you may overlook anything important.

With a truck DVR, you may virtually be present at all times during your activities. You may watch what’s going on in real-time or go back months and recover previous video footage. You won’t have to argue with insurance brokers or reckless drivers because you’ll be riding shotgun with an unbiased witness. Apparently, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Truck DVR MDVR8104S-3

4ch 720P HD HDD Truck DVR, H.264 High Profile, 4G GPS WIFI Hard disk drive, 6 Axis G-Sensor.

4ch 1080P single SD card Truck DVR MDVR6104SH (4)

4 channel 1080P Single SD card, 6 Axis G-Sensor, small size Truck DVR.

Truck DVR MDVR8104S-9

Big bus & train solution is an 8 channel 1080P 6 Axis G-Sensor HDD/SSD Truck DVR of QOHO with high-technology shockproof.

4-CH 720P Waterproof SSD Truck DVR

4 Channel 720P hand-size Waterproof SSD with 6 Axis G-Sensor Truck DVR

1 channel Truck DVR

1 channel 5MP GPS 4G WIFI with 6 Axis G-Sensor Mini Truck DVR with H.265 compression code

Truck DVR MDVR8102SP

2MP Support 4 channel GPS 4G WIFI with 6 Axis G-Sensor Truck DVR

QOHO is Trusted Truck DVR Provider in China

By lowering insurance, gasoline, and continuing maintenance expenses, QOHO’s Truck DVR provides an exceptional return on investment. This is accomplished by reducing speeding, reckless behavior, brake and tire wear, and accidents by a significant amount.  reduce liability by serving as a preventative as well as a post-analytical tool. QOHO’s Truck DVR Series systems do not require monthly payments or long agreements, unlike many cloud-based video streaming systems today. With or without live connectivity, all QOHO’s Truck DVR is available for any large vehicle application. QOHO’s Truck DVR  protects your employees and trucks by anticipating occurrences and serving as a quiet observer, even when implemented as stand-alone devices.

QOHO Truck DVR Related Products

QOHO is one of China’s Reliable Truck DVR Providers!

QOHO’s truck DVR (Digital Video Recorder) series records the whole visual and telematics data of the Truck’s activity. Truck DVRs, unlike other occasion-based truck DVR systems, capture 100% of the action from each sensor and save it on the Recorder. This normally covers two to four weeks of truck operation, depending on the setup, allowing managers to analyze circumstances that have arisen in history. Each image of footage can record the truck’s velocity, direction, and position, and also abusive operating conduct and the condition of any parameters it may be checking, such as PTO, fuel tank, and so on. QOHO Truck DVR can accommodate from 1 to 16 properly placed sensors inside and outside the truck

Please send us a question at any time, and QOHO will be glad to help you with any Truck DVR inquiry!

Truck DVR – Frequently Asked Question

Truck DVR FAQ banner

Accidents involving vehicles are unpleasant to deal with. Even though the lack of substantial evidence often leads to firms accepting culpability right away, easy agreements have culminated in an increase in claims against those operators, who have quickly been regarded as a soft target for subsequent similar concerns. Unsubstantiated claims, injuries, and shrinkage now cost businesses a lot of money every year. When you add in the challenges of theft and vehicle attacks, the job of a logistics manager becomes much more challenging.

If you’re a truck owner who wants to record your trips, a Truck DVR is one of the best ways to keep an eye on your vehicles. Compact DVRs, commonly known as Truck DVRs, capture video inputs from detectors and keep the data on a hard disk or SD card. Though seeing the Truck DVR is premeditated for large vehicles or trucks, it bargains extra safety and control. A vital component is an approach. 2 channel DVRs are often thinner and have anti-vibration technology to protect against road dangers.

What is Truck DVR, and how will it work?

Truck DVR FAQ 1

The brief acronym for Truck DVR is TDVR, and the real identity for Truck DVR is Truck Digital Recorder. Truck DVR is a transportation and logistics system that is built for a variety of trucks.

  • Operations: Container Vans, Carriers, Construction Vehicles, Oil Tankers, Cargo Vans, Car
  • Transportation: coach, city bus, PTB, car service, personal automobile, railway, railway, metropolitan
  • Minibus, School Bus,
  • Officers: cop car, ambulances, and other vehicles, as well as others

What are the differences between a DVR for trucks and a DVR for cars?

Trucks DVR and DVR applications: Truck DVR can be put in a lot of big automobiles, including logistic buses, trucks, school buses, cars, taxis, oil tanks, and other types of fleet mobility; DVR is typically implemented at the offices.

Truck DVR and DVR Prices: The purchase of a truck DVR is greater than that of a DVR since the core microchip is more elevated and multi-functional.

numerous IO Input Ports: Truck DVRs have numerous IO interfaces for connecting additional external devices like alarm buttons, personnel monitoring cameras, and RFID readers; nevertheless, DVRs can only link CCTV cameras to function.

Truck DVR FAQ 2

Truck DVR and DVR Network / Transmitting Data: Truck DVR can also have a built-in 4G, Navigation System, and Wireless internet so that you can access this to the internet by 4G Prepaid card, RJ45, and Wireless internet when it’s placed in the truck; DVR can connect to the internet via RJ45 cables at the workplace.

Truck DVR and DVR renovation: Truck DVR features good anti-vibration properties so that you can add HDD/ SDD to preserve recordings. All recordings must be secured with specific programs.

DVRs do not have vibrations, and thus are only suitable for usage in offices, where they are stored on a PC HDD. The regular client can be used to record video.

DVRs are less expensive and easy to mount in the offices, whereas Truck DVRs require an anti-vibration construction, resulting in a longer guarantee. Technology that is resistant to impact.

Most importantly, the Truck DVR can recognize movement even after the electricity has been turned off, allowing it to better secure your automobile.

What are the many kinds of truck DVRs?

2ch Micro SD Truck DVR, 4ch Standard SD card Truck DVR, 4 Ch 2-in-1 SD card Truck DVR, and 8ch HDD Truck DVR are all available. Truck DVR with 16 channel HDD/SSD, and so on. In furthermore, many Truck DVRs have a high quality of 720P or 1080P, depending on your enterprise requirements. The 5K Truck DVR will be available very soon.

How would you choose the right Truck DVR for various huge automobiles?

To begin, you must decide the truck user want to choose.

Various fleet remedies of Truck DVR systems will be required for several trucks.

  • Logistics: a freight van, a truck, a dumping truck, a fuel tanker, and a container truck
  • General Transportation: Coaches & Tourist Buses, Public Transportation Buses, Taxis, Private Cars, Trains, Subways, Buses, School Buses, and Trains
  • Law and order: a cop car, for example.

Truck DVR FAQ 3

For your convenience, below are a few examples:

  1. Cabs and automobiles:

Cabs are often small cars with only two or three seats. As a result, you should think about and choose a 2ch SD card Truck DVR for your taxi solutions.

  1. Buses: If the bus has 24 chairs, a 4 channel HDD truck DVR will be sufficient. The bus can also be mounted with a 4 channel HDD or SD card truck DVR. Once you’ve decided to save even more space, an HDD truck DVR with 2TB or 4TB of capacity (optional) is a great solution. If you only need to film for several days and export to a data center, a 2ch or 4ch SD card truck DVR will do.
  2. Fuel tank: Installing a 4ch HDD or 4ch SSD Truck DVR is sufficient.
  3. School Bus: If it’s a larger school transit, it’ll be required to have an 8-channel HDD truck DVR system, that contains a truck DVR, an RFID scanner, or people-counting sensor, necessary automobile webcams, a display, and a UPS battery. You just care about the safety of the schoolchildren. For the comfort of the children, the truck DVR can deliver information to their guardians.

How can the Truck DVR generate an alert to the Middle management company?

Truck DVR FAQ 4

  1. First of all and foremost, put a Truck DVR on your automobile.
  2. Attach required IO alerts to Truck DVR and ensure proper connection.
  3. You can click the emergency alarm if your alarms are similar to a pushbutton.
  4. The truck DVR detects the alert and reports it to the centralized management center.
  5. Your truck DVR must be well-connected and accessible over the internet.
  6. Once the service tech notices the warning, he or she can control it and send out an email or voice to the operator.
  7. As a result, alerts can be saved in both the truck DVR and the CMS software technology.

If you want to implement a Truck DVR for public transport, how can you save funds?

Before you implement a Truck DVR you can estimate the cost. For example, how many truck cameras can be used with a truck DVR? Is it required to install a front-facing automobile webcam? a wide-angle camera for both the operator and the motorist? rear mirror? If you only need to monitor two spots, a two-channel truck DVR will suffice. A 4ch truck DVR is required if you prefer to monitor the front highway view, interior view, side angle, and back view. As a result, it is dependent on your calculations and project requirements.

So, is it crucial to install a truck DVR?

Each day, the motorist must operate outdoors. If you work for a trucking company, you must be concerned for safe driving and lives on a daily basis. And all you have to do is the phone to keep track of the operator.

So, with the Truck DVR system, you may have an excellent consideration. Since the Truck DVR allows for remote live broadcasts,

What is the purpose of a vehicle’s truck DVR?

A truck DVR is a type of automobile DVR that is meant for trucks, busses, armored vehicles, and subway cars.

An excellent truck DVR may capture constantly and can endure the numerous shocks and fluctuating power supply that is fatal to a conventional e-commerce site.

What are the Advantages of Using a Truck DVR?

The biggest significant aspects of Truck DVR are the visual and sound sharpness.

The Sound Information and communication of Truck DVR distinguishes out as a mobile recorder.

Employing cutting-edge technology, this device records the highest-quality video imaginable.

The client-accessible appearance accelerates the operation of setting up the technology by an intuitive interface.

In connection with online imagery capture, we’ve progressed a long way.

This dependable technology, which has zero movable components and doesn’t need permanent backup, constantly generates clear images in a short amount of time.

What is AI-Integrated Truck DVR, and how does it work?

Truck DVR FAQ 5

The AI Integrated Truck DVR (Truck DVR) is a unique device that combines Artificial Intelligence with cutting-edge truck technology.

Users may see and document live feed from any location and on any device with an internet-based personal camcorder with Ai – powered Truck DVR.

Leveraging the latest AI technologies, the AII Truck DVR system integrates content across video sites, devices, video recorders, monitors, and much more.

This multimedia will be live-streamed to your equipment rather than being recorded on tangible devices such as CDs or disk drives. The AII Truck DVR solution manages information among streaming platforms, portable devices, DVRs, televisions, and more with the newest artificial intelligence technology.

Featuring Artificial Intelligence (AI) identifying a tool that collects video content online, the Truck DVR is indeed the best collecting device. This software and hardware, smart TVs, Android tablets, and PC apps.

This multimedia will be live-streamed to your equipment rather than being recorded on tangible devices such as CDs or disk drives.

You’ll be allowed to save it and play it anytime you wish after that.

What is China’s greatest truck DVR?

Truck DVR FAQ 6

In China, there are many variants of Truck DVRs, and a complete explanation would take up a lot of information to describe.

China’s MDVR network uses 4G LTE, a brand of the wireless broadband latest tech, to provide data transmission services at usually better bandwidth than existing MDVR equipment using the same GSM (Global System for Truck Communications) WIFI systems.

Users can choose the greatest Truck DVR supplier based on their various vehicle solutions.

Truck DVRs are made by a variety of companies. You should look for a reputable Truck DVR supplier in China with a lot of experience, so the producers may be confident in their quality of service throughout time.

What are the benefits of using a truck DVR?

  • A pickup truck A digital video recorder (Truck DVR) is a piece of technology that could be installed in a truck or any large vehicle to record all of its operations.
  • With this gadget implanted, you can see camera recordings from your Truck that dates back months, weeks, days, and even years.
  • A truck DVR records the protection of automobiles and any problems that may occur on them, such as car accidents, hit-and-runs, and car thefts.
  • Examiners reduce time and boost effectiveness by not having to examine as many recordings, and the more uncomplicated method makes workflow more fluid.
  • Truck DVRs are getting increasingly popular seeing as they can assist police departments in detecting reckless and dangerous drivers.
  • Users can collect high-resolution footage from an infinite number of sensors or cameras, especially movement and inside trucks, with our flexible Truck DVR.
  • When this needs to come to trying to maintain a monitor on your fleet of cars and trucks, a truck DVR is the optimal choice.
  • A top-of-the-line Truck DVR can withstand the intense vibration of cargo trucks as well as the metro car’s unreliable power source.
  • A truck DVR is a high-tech device that allows users to watch and capture tv or radio programs while on the road.

What is the most important aspect of maintaining the Truck DVR?

Truck DVR FAQ 7

One of the most important components of truck DVR maintenance is ensuring that the device has enough battery, that material and functionality updates are finished on time, and that supporting clients are pleased.

The Truck DVR is a complex unit of apparatus that is influenced by both independent and dependent variables.

It is serious to preserve your Truck DVR, irrespective of usage, to pledge that it remains to achieve the function correctly and take shots as envisioned.

You should also go through all of the diagnostic methods in our digital help section.

The Truck DVR has a few aspects that must be preserved in order for it to perform properly.

The customer experience might be seriously harmed if the equipment is not properly maintained.

The most significant aspect of Truck DVR maintenance is the available storage.

Make a routine to store your records on a regular basis.

Make sure to improve your storage capacities based on the amount of storage access and the accuracy of the recordings.

If you believe you’ll want to watch a video again in the future, it’s an excellent reason to set it up into smaller chunks.

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