Personal Car Solution

There are numerous automobile cameras available in the current automotive environment; car cameras offer solutions to various challenges. The priority is security, followed by protection. We offer this personal car solution to resolve the security issue of any car owner. Such a solution avoids traffic accidents by offering a wide vision of your car’s surroundings, enabling users to observe whatever is around the vehicle while you navigate your automobile.

To alleviate the security concern, we provide a Mobile DVR combined with high-resolution external cameras. QOHO’s Personal Car Solution avoids spurious claims by capturing anything as it happens during your travel, ensuring that car owners have the documentation they require in the eventuality of a traffic mishap. We provide the most comprehensive range of Mobile DVRs and backup cameras to accommodate any vehicle application.

For each personal car application, QOHO provides the best Personal Car Solution. We are all aware that having a vehicle camera system is essential when driving a car. This solution will have you rest assured while driving your car and even when it is parked in an unfamiliar neighborhood.

Personal Car Solution

Applying our Personal car solution will offer proof and documentation of every trip, so if an unexpected event arises involving your automobile, you will have the data of what occurred and who is to blame.

For Personal Car Solution, our company recommends the MDVR8102SP. It is a 4 channel 1080P GPS 4G WIFI mini–Car DVR Camera which captures both front road view and cabin or passenger view. This device has one body with powerful functions, GPS, 4G, 6 axis G-sensor, built-in 2pcs 1080P AHD camera. This device can support from 1 up to 4 vehicle cameras that will assist personal car owners on keeping track of their vehicle anytime and anywhere.

Additional Device for More Secured Travel


Side Camera – MC003HP is a 180-Degree wide-view Vehicle Camera. It is suitable for vehicle’s side installation that offers a 2 Mega-Pixel 180° wide view waterproof IP69 car camera.

Rear Camera – MC018 is a 1080P Rear View waterproof IR LED IP67 waterproof rear camera. This device has 18pcs IR LED for good night-vision which is perfect when navigating at night and has high-resolution to document sharp footage to easily identify all the things behind your car.

Driver Fatigue Monitor – DF60A – this device identifies 5 bad driving behaviors; Fatigue Driving Warning, Careless Driving Warning, Driver Smoking Warning, Driver Yawning Warning & Using of Phone Warning. The driver fatigue monitor is a big help in assisting personal car owners to drive safely and not to be a cause of injury to other vehicle users as well.

Personal Car Solution: Remote Monitoring

The parking security feature added to our personal car solution provides assurance when you are gone from your car. Not just from crashes with fellow motorists who may collide with your car and then flee the situation, as well as from those wanting to sneak into or hijack your car.

If you want to monitor your vehicle even when you are away, you can combine Mobile DVR Software with our Personal Car Solution. You will basically keep track of your vehicle at the tip of your finger since it supports mobile gadgets like smartphones, IOS, computers, Tablets, and more.

Monitoring Software - Personal Car Solution (1)

QOHO CMS Software The system performs a wide range of operations, including real-time vehicle monitoring, Global positioning system, automobile tracking, GEO-Fence, audio communication, alarm connection, video saving/uploading, distant upgrading, and more.

Text-to-speech, quantitative analysis (for example, speed & gasoline usage), user authorization establishing and administration, and so on.

EndNote: Whether your car is pricey or not, owners must consider not only the value of their vehicle but also the value of their own safety. We must take every precaution to protect both our vehicles and, more importantly, our lives. Car owners should consider QOHO’s personal car solution for economic and safety grounds, as it will save money and a person’s life in the future.

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