Oil Tank with Explosive Camera Solution


The Oil Tank with Explosive Camera Solution consists of five anti-explosive cameras, one DMS camera, and MDVR8204S.

All industries where safety and protection are constant concerns typically require Oil Tanks with Explosive Camera solutions. In order to ensure stable working surroundings and avoid accidents, injuries, and business interruption, it is essential to control operations, implementations, and workflows. Moreover, in some industry sectors, a dependable security and surveillance system was even more crucial by complex and demanding circumstances, dangerous environments, and a plausibly fatal threat of fires and explosions.

QOHO developed this solution in order to uphold its strict standards for security and protection. The oil and gas market extensively relies on its monitoring frameworks’ ability to demonstrate and oversee crucial processes on and around rigs and operating systems, and also the capacity to monitor and regulate all field activities and software in a timely manner.

The majority of the sectors on or near oil platforms and rigs are regarded as potentially dangerous atmospheres considering the nature of the sector, which entails drilling for, gathering, and conveying extremely flammable oil and gas. This indicates that additional safety measures are meant to prevent a fire hazards.

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