Police car Solution

In accordance with police car’s specific needs, we can do solution to you with our police MDVR and mini cameras.
1. Compare with regular GPS product ,the MDVR of police car can not only track the position but also monitor the running states of vehicle and the working status of police. Which can be helpful for different situations by record the whole process and upload it to the monitoring center. As once Police MDVR is built-in GPS,3G/4G and WIFI. So it can be with GPS google map, remote live view via ipad/Iphone/Android and PC and download recording.

2. In virtue of 3G/4G wireless monitoring system, the operator can know the accurate location of police car as well as the running status, which will guarantee the safety of it.
3. The policeman can contact with command center right after emergency and interact with command center with intercom device. So it’s fast to deal with emergency matter at any time.

4. After back from the mission, the police car can download the video from Police MDVR to server at the Wi-Fi zone. Which will make sure the video file won’t lost when the storage if full. So it’s convenient for police and office.
5. Mini small IR camera at hidden position, so it’s safe and good operation for policeman. Recording even at night time.

6. Command center can control the PTZ which will help user to get know scene better.

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