Oil truck Solution

Oil truck Solution

Market Demand:
Oil Truck Locating;
Driver Behaviors;
Evidence for Accidents;
Real-time Monitoring;
HD Play Back Video;
Save Costs;
Oil truck Solution
By using QOHO AHD MDVR (4 channel or 8 Channel), vehicle HD Cameras, explosion proof cameras,Oil sensor and QOHO professional CMS for oil trucks, QOHO Oil Truck VSS can provide most reliable
surveillance services for oil truck business. Further, QOHO Oil Truck VSS is not just about CCTV but it can help managers find out more useful information for operation.
such as drivers’ driving behaviors (like fatigue driving, fuel usage monitoring etc.).
Besides, QOHO supplies full range of accessories for Oil Truck Surveillance solution, such as fire proof box, Driver Fatigue, Emergency button of LED panel.
Oil truck Solution

The powerful QOHO VSS CMS is able to help manager record HD videos and come up professional reports for oil truck business. For more information, please contact with us, Shenzhen QOHO Electronics Co.,Ltd.

Leading supplier and total solution  provider for VSS (Vehicle Security System) in China, dedicated to the R&D, manufacturing and sales of Vehicle Service System / Solution, (CMS, mobile DVR, counter camera,ADAS, Driver Fatigue, vehicle camera) and Vehicle Surveillance related products.
With good reputation of high quality, cost-effectiveness, tailor-made service and professional support, QOHO’s products and systems have been widely applied in many industries like Police cars,
Public Transportation, Logistics, School bus, Taxi, and Oil truck business in more than 80 countries such as Hungary, Italy,Germany, UK, USA, Australia, Mexico, Singapore, Malaysia,Slovakia,Tanzania,
Russia, India, Nigeria, U.A.E, Oman, Chile, South Africa and Kenya etc.

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