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School bus
School Bus Solution

Nowadays, many students, children have been left on the school bus without any warning. Life is so important for everyone, especially for our children.

So QOHO provides school bus solutions in order to avoid students are forgotten. This system will send messages to their parents, administrators before ACC is power off.

4 CH or 8ch HDD Mobile DVR, vehicle cameras, RFID reader, people counting camera, or face recognition camera, plus extension cable combine for your school bus solution.

Truck project
Truck Solution

Are you concerned that your truck has been driven long-distance? When you’re at work, how do you keep this under supervision?

QOHO offers a Truck solution that increases your efficiency and lowers your costs. You will only need your smartphone or PC to monitor or intercom at any time and from any location.

For your truck solution, combine a 4ch HDD/SD card Mobile DVR, vehicle cameras, a face recognition camera, and an extension cable.

taxi project
Taxi Solution

We are always worried that something will go wrong in the taxi, but what should we do if something does go wrong?

Because a taxi is a miniature space vehicle, it is preferable to use smart design products to install and protect drivers, passengers’ activities, and lives at all times.

The 2ch mini 4G Car DVR is housed in a single body and features a 110-degree front road view as well as a 135-degree driver and passenger view. SOS button for an emergency situation.


Bus project
Bus Solution

The bus is a very common and important transportation industry all over the world.

QOHO gives the Bus solution to care for everyone’s life all the time.

8ch HDD Mobile DVR, RFID reader, People Counting Camera, Driver Fatigue Monitor, Vehicle Cameras plus cable, monitoring all activities with effective evidence to protect everyone.



Metro Solution

The metro is the world’s most convenient and fast mode of transportation. As most people enjoy using the metro, it has a very important tool. Never be late.

Every carriage can be combined with a vandal-proof dome camera with high resolution, a mobile DVR, and a long extension cable.

Oil truck project
Oil Truck Solution

Every day, oil trucks travel long distances. Furthermore, these are flammable and combustible vehicles.

As a result, it is critical to use an explosive camera in conjunction with a secure mobile DVR to save recordings at all times.

Don’t forget to include a driver fatigue monitor to remind drivers not to drive tiredly, as well as an ADAS camera capable of predicting safe driving.

Miner truck
Miner Truck Solution

Miner Truck has to work for a longer time every day. So the driver will be in a state of tired status all the time.

Driver Fatigue Monitor is very important for Miner Truck, as it can create alarm and audio when driver close eyes, careless, smoking and exhaustion status. Also, the fleet managers can intercom drivers at any time as the Cloud platform will pop up screen or warning for managers.

Save driver’s life, save cost for you.



Fleet Management Solution

Different Fleet Management Projects will need Different Solution for You!

Oil Truck Solution
Truck Solution
Taxi Solution
School Bus Solution
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