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Have you had difficulty backing up? Do you want to have a safe journey? Everybody does. A Rear View Safety Camera is a type of vehicular sensor installed in the back of the car of vehicle to assist with backing up and completely eradicate the rear view and vehicular blind spot. It is specifically designed to avoid a backward or back adverse event. A Rear View Safety Camera is the answer to easy maneuvering and carparks.

QOHO is a Trusted Supplier of Rear View Safety Cameras in China. QOHO offers a low-cost, high-quality, and easy-to-install Rear View Safety Camera for your vehicle’s needs.

Rear View Safety Camera MC018

Rear View Safety Camera with 1080P IP Waterproof IR.

MC-078IP Rear View Safety Camera

Rear View Safety Camera with 1080P IP Car Heavy Duty Waterproof.

Rear View Safety Camera MC003

Rear View Safety Camera with 2MP 180 Degree IP69 Waterproof is Suitable for all different Vehicles.

MC706 Rear View Safety Camera

Rear View Safety Camera with High-definition 1080P Mini Waterproof for outside use.

Rear View Safety Camera-MC181-(2)

Rear View Safety Camera with 180 Degree Waterproof Vandalproof small-sized Star Light.

Rear View Safety Camera MC180

Rear View Safety Camera with 1080P 180-Degree Wide View Waterproof Star Light.

If you're searching for the ideal Rear View Safety Camera, look no further than QOHO!

Rear View Safety Cameras are becoming increasingly prevalent within and between vehicle owners, thanks in part to the sizable, components production of low-cost vehicles, and Rear View Safety Cameras perform a significant function in ensuring backing-up protection. Our business provides the best Rear View Safety Cameras, which have been the best way for you to have a better sight of your car’s rearward. It also helps to avoid collisions with humans and animals that you can’t see in your rearview mirror.

Since some vehicles have impoverished rearward visibility, a Rear View Safety Camera can aid in safe navigation. There were also reports of small kids being hit by cars when the motorist fails to notice what is behind the vehicle.

It is recommended that you configure a Rear View Safety Camera in your vehicle to prevent this kind of emergence, not just for your protection but also for the security of people and life forms.

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QOHO is your Established Rear View Safety Camera Manufacturer in China

Are you searching for a manufacturer who provides dependable commodities? It’s challenging to transport from one location to another during a global epidemic, isn’t it? We necessitate a reliable source in terms of finding a reputable manufacturer.

Rear View Safety Camera progressions compensate for the failings of conventional reverse detectors by delivering a clearer sight that incorporates monitor, audio timely, and thermal imaging vision. All incidents in the backside of a vehicle, such as a low street roadblock or potholes in the streets, are completely presented on the viewfinder, which conventional reverse detection systems cannot do.

QOHO has been supplying vehicular monitoring systems which include Rear View Safety Cameras produced with the most sophisticated tech to ensure the safe operation and contentment of all our consumers. Seeing as driving has been becoming a piece of everyone’s life, possessing a Rear View Safety Camera configured in your vehicle would then reassure you while driving.

The sensor may be useful for somebody who drives frequently and is at increased threat of being associated with an unusual traffic collision. A Rear View Safety Camera would then act as your eyes in the rear end of your car, allowing you to see what’s next to your car and avert incidents including operating over living creatures, things, and individuals. A Rear View Safety Camera could also help you to change direction safe manner when trying to park backward or even when driving into a narrow street.

Are you looking for an established Rear View Safety Camera manufacturer? I’ve got your back. Continue reading to know more.

Rear View Safety Camera – The Summarize of the Content

Rear View Safety Camera FAQ

Associated with buying a sensor, it is normal to have questions. Recognizing its operations and benefits would then help you decide whether it is appropriate for your vehicle or not, right?

This article focuses on the countless attributes of a Rear View Safety Camera. We’ve put together a list of commonly kept asking important subjects or queries about this sensor and what might help you in your daily road transportation.

Once engaging in or acquiring a good or service, you could perhaps collect all of the relevant information to ensure that your funding is not mismanaged. This manual may be useful in ascertaining what or which prototype is better adapted to your vehicle.

Numerous discussions concerning the Rear View Safety Camera would be introduced to you, which would undeniably enlighten you so you’ll have sufficient understanding about it before creating a procuring judgment.

What is a Rear View Safety Camera exactly?

A Rear View Safety Camera offers a clear perspective of the rear end of your car. It’s also configured to prevent you from bumping with something you can’t see in your rearview reflector and also avoid the requirement for you to tilt your face once trying to park backward. The Rear View Safety Camera tends to help a new motorist maneuver quickly and comfortably.

In the occurrence of an unpredictable backside incident that occurred, a Rear View Safety Camera is indeed suitable for the vehicle’s safe operation. Having said that, you could use recordings from your vehicle’s rearview image sensor to discern who is at fault in the circumstance of an unexpected collision or vehicular adverse event.

FAQ2 ear View Safety Camera

The Operation of Rear View Safety Camera

It’s important to acknowledge how a system performs, right? How does it function in our vehicle? Do I need this device? Is it simple to use? This is how it functions.

Once you place your vehicle in opposite direction, a rearview sensor automatically generates. If you change oppositely, a perspective from the Rear View Safety Camera is demonstrated on your automotive screen.

The Rear View Safety Camera is effective, particularly when backing up since it shows whether you are steering in the proper spot but also things that individuals couldn’t notice in your rearview reflector.

Why I chose a Rear View Safety Camera over a Rearview Mirror

We can’t put a stop to innovation, can we? Innovation allows us to live a more comfortable and convenient life. We have the freedom to choose what is best for us. Why should you choose innovative technology over traditional ones? Allow me to explain.

Rearview reflectors were an indispensable component of automotive materials. Despite their utility, reflectors possess 2 weaknesses. They don’t make it possible for you to see what is explicitly next to your vehicle just below the angular position of the rear window, but also it does not offer additional a wider vision.

A Rear View Safety Camera, on the other contrary, could be mounted on the vehicle license number location to provide a concise view of the surrounding next to your vehicle. Rear View Safety Cameras also have a broad view functionality, enabling you to see a whole backend of the vehicle and avoid hitting items, animal life, or, worst-case scenario, tiny children.

Do Rear View Safety Cameras in Vehicles Capture Image data?

Rear View Safety Camera FAQ3

When hooked up to a Mobile DVR, a Rear View Safety Camera could indeed capture video. The DVR functions as a cognitive box, designed to store all footage captured by the Rear View Safety Camera and other vehicular scanners.

It could also operate independently, but it’ll only demonstrate the live footage on the vehicular desktop. So instead of providing documentary evidence of a vehicle accident, filming this will drain your car’s battery and utilize a significant amount of volume.

The Impacts of Acquiring a Rear View Safety Camera

Individuals require justification to purchase a sensor that they believe they require for their vehicle. Why should I buy this? This is a very common thought. A Rear View Safety Camera delivers you a concise outlook of your car’s rearview, capable of moving effectively and reliably in full reverse, which is mainly valuable for unskilled motorists.

Since shifting is among the most harmful factors of traveling, having something convenient to support you perceive effectively is fundamental. A Rear View Safety Camera could indeed prevent you from getting an unfortunate incident which is one that you should think about getting.

Install the Rear View Safety Camera Properly

How do I set up my sensor? Individuals must learn how to do so. This is the first step after purchasing a specific device.

Position your image sensor on the rear end of your registration plate, aligning it with the bolts and screw holes, but also pressing it into position. Often these Rear View Safety Camera setups used the screws you excluded from the vehicle relatively early to attach that very same image sensor to an upcoming registration plate. Rear View Safety Cameras also are placed within the car’s back window to protect it from thievery and serious climate situations.

If you do not prefer to go through it yourself or are too busy, you can have it installed by your provider or someone with experience installing these devices. They’ll be able to help you this way. You can watch them learn how to do it yourself the next time.

Rear View Safety Camera FAQ4

Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Once assembling emerging innovations, one of the most common actions is troubleshooting. We all face difficulties from time to time. It is pretty common. You don’t need to be concerned. Let me give you a high-level overview.

If there is no video operation on the display, the sensor could be disrupted. It’s also a smart option to change the battery in your wireless Rear View Safety Camera. The trouble may be one of 2 factors. A dead battery or the sensor failing to charge. To mitigate these risks, it’s also a nice notion to inspect the condition of your sensor power source.

The most probable explanation for your cabled Rear View Safety Camera not working is an energy outage. Try checking to see if the energy comes into a vehicle from the power cord and if the opposite gear is involved.

A faulty Rear View Safety Camera viewfinder could be caused by heavy snow, liquid, hazy, dusty, or smokey atmosphere. Since the camera sensor ceases to respond effectively in these kinds of cases, an inadequate photograph is produced by utilizing a rearview camera.

If your Rear View Safety Camera isn’t functioning with your DVR, double-check the connectors, which also contain color-coded video, energy, and fiber-optic interconnection. Inspect that the cables you’re using are congruent with the DVR.

Keeping the Rear View Safety Camera switched on

Isn’t it important for a user to know how to turn on the device when it’s needed? You can turn on the power using one of the approaches listed below.

  • Power Outlet: You can link the image detector to your operating alerting panel and training course the movement detector to switch on the image detector when a doorway or window is decided to open.
  • Ignition Attached: Link up the car’s image sensor to the ignition. It is now possible to link up the sensor or multimedia framework in the car to the ignition.
  • Operating Light Circuit: It’s a brilliant concept to use an operating light circuit to power a Rear View Safety Camera. This eliminates the requirement for additional power cables and enables you to leave the Rear View Safety Camera on at all instances.
  • Manual Shifting: With switching, you can turn the image sensor on and off for as long as you want.

Rear View Safety Camera with GPS Capability

Rear View Safety Camera FAQ5

GPS is now widely used. It is essential for all drivers, especially those who are constantly on the road. Navigation recipients in Rear View Safety Camera communicate with satellite systems. The video clip would be registered by connecting the GPS transmitter to the Rear View Safety Camera. It has a GPS transmitter to assist it in determining your position. Using GPS in conjunction with a Rear View Safety Camera means allowing you to pinpoint your auto at any time and from any location.

A Rear View Safety Camera with GPS navigation can be installed almost anywhere on any car. Such systems could be hidden in auto parts, under the hood, and even within your car’s center console and perhaps dash. This tends to make tracking ever another car in a fleet amazingly simplified for fleet operators.

Rear View Safety Camera Chinese Manufacturers

It is convenient to source a Rear View Safety Camera from China. Nevertheless, before actually making a purchase, we suggest reading one’s detailed description, configurations, attributes, cost structure, and evaluations on user reviews.

The Rear View Safety Camera is manufactured in China. Even so, it’s a smart option to conscript the help of a qualified export-oriented organization to obtain the best possible cost and avoid unnecessary liabilities.

Consumers are all conscious that China’s low-cost and trustable devices, notably Rear View Safety Cameras, are very well prominent worldwide. You can find a real estate agent who could assist you in importing from China.

Rear view Safety Camera Can Help Save Lives

Rear View Safety Camera FAQ6

Unexpected things may happen along our way. In a worst-case scenario, motorists could hurt or kill tiny kids. Many children do not realize they are at hazard till it is too late. Countless dogs and other pets follow cars even without motorists’ awareness. It is an outstanding reversing companion for your vehicle and could save your existence in the case of unforeseen risk. A few Rear view Safety Cameras even include thermal light sources, enabling you to see pieces in low-light situations and potentially save them.

To make a difference for you to avoid accidents and disasters, audiovisual notifications in your Rear view Safety Camera structure would then notify you if the car next to you suddenly manages to turn and enter your car’s blind area. There will be few fatalities as an outcome of mishaps. A Rear view Safety Camera is an amazing device that safeguards all living beings, such as the motorist, occupants, and other pedestrians.

The Cost

The first thing to keep in mind before actually buying equipment is whether your budget matches your demand. It is extensively contingent on the complexity of your insertion, the vehicle you are installing it on, and the machine you have to configure. Implementing a Rear view Safety Camera cost roughly somewhere around $80 and $200. A mid-type Rear view Safety Camera with a strong standardization origin that can be altered subsequent to suit your needs would then cost anywhere from $300 and $500.

And if you desire an excellent Rear view Safety Camera that suits your demands and is updated, this would charge you between $500 and $1,000. Numerous vehicle models come equipped with the new tech, which is typically charge-free.

Is it worthwhile?

A Rear view Safety Camera is unquestionably beneficial. The ability to see a car’s rearview mirror is no longer as fundamental as it used to be. Rear view Safety Cameras are an exceptional way to improve accessibility, protection, and parking controllability. Once you’re trying to reverse, your protection is at its peak. Other motorists and passersby can see into your vehicle when it has a Rear view Safety Camera, ramping up safety and recognition.

Each aspect of the Rear view Safety Camera is stringently screened to ensure durability and operability. The top-notch portion ensures that the maximum possible level of item satisfaction is sustained. The Rear view Safety Camera is anti-seismic since it is created water-resistant.

Rear view Safety Camera is Everywhere

Rear View Safety Camera FAQ7

These devices could be found anywhere. To get a product like this, you simply need to find a reputable manufacturer. It is very suitable for you to choose one which is on Sale or at a lower price. There is Rear view Safety Cameras for selling both offline and online. Countless individuals want to upgrade their old Rear view Safety Camera to some of the most current models in the economy.

The benefit of acquiring a Sale is the price reduction. Buying your necessary Rear view Safety Camera on Sale from social networks or some other webpage offering a special price reduction would be very cost-effective. Before actually acquiring on sale or obtaining a price reduction, you should investigate the brand’s specific requirements, assurances, and creditability.


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