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We typically travel by car every day of our lives. You may be an experienced motorist who drives smoothly and skillfully. But how can you know all your fellow road users are safe drivers? You might want to add protection and security to your vehicle by installing a Rear Camera for Car. This technology allows you to see your car’s back view in order to drive safely.

It may also be a tool to record unforeseen reverse collisions that another party might cause for added safety.

If you would like to know what rear camera is perfect for your car, please email us an inquiry immediately and we will be glad to help you anytime.

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1080P 180-Degree Wide View Waterproof Star Light Rear Camera for Car

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1080P 18pcs IR LED IP Waterproof IR Rear Camera for Car IP67 Waterproof

Rear Camera for Car 1080P IP Camera

1080P IP Car Heavy Duty Waterproof Car Rear View Camera

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2MP 180 Degree IP69 Waterproof Rear Camera is Suitable for all different Vehicles

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1080P Rear Camera for Car, Heavy Duty Waterproof, Suitable For Bus

Rear Camera for Car MC181

180 Degree Waterproof Vandalproof small-sized Star Light Rear Camera for Car

QOHO's Rear Camera for Car, Your Safe Travel Companion!

Our aim here at QOHO is to ensure that anyone is safe to travel using our wide array of devices and especially with our rear cameras for cars.

Driving and maneuvering were never that easy till you had a rear camera in your car installed. It’s like having an eye at the back of your car and maneuvering effortlessly to see whether you’re heading in the proper way without turning your head back and forth.

For 16 years in the field of vehicle security cameras, QOHO has become a well-known brand with reasonably priced devices for all the requirements of your car.

Do not hesitate to email us your complete requirements or specifications and our expert sales staff will assist you anytime!

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QOHO is your Dependable Rear Camera for Car Supplier in Shenzhen, China

In more than 15 years QOHO has provided car surveillance systems such as high-tech rear cameras for cars that give all of our clients both safety and happiness. Because driving had been a part of our everyday activity, it gives an assurance when driving with an installed Rear camera in your car.

The technology is helpful for a driver who regularly goes for a drive and is at significant risk of an unforeseen traffic accident. You can have a rear camera mounted at the back of your vehicle which allows you to see clearly what is behind your car to prevent malfunctions like objects, animals as well as pedestrians.

A rear camera for cars may also aid you to operate securely on a narrow road or back.

Our firm may be your best choice, whether you want to acquire a rear camera for cars and if you are seeking a trustworthy provider.

Rear Camera for Car – Your Informative Guide

Rear Camera for Car FAQ banner

Do you own a private car? Or are you regularly driving to work or driving to go on a vacation? If so, do you have a Rear Camera Installed in your car?

If none, let us provide you with some important information on a rear camera for car, which may improve your safety and daily journey.

This article will focus on the rear camera for car, what type of technology this is, its benefits and drawbacks, and any other information you would want to consider prior to making a purchase.

This article will also educate fleet managers, who have difficulty monitoring their cars. If you are a fleet manager, you might want to know more about the rear camera for car to assist you in managing your fleet efficiently right? Keep reading to know more!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Rear camera for Car?
  • How does a Rear camera for car activates?
  • Why should I invest in a Rear camera for car?
  • How to install a Rear Camera for car?
  • How to install a Rear Camera for car?
  • Can I include a Rear camera for car in a system?
  • Where can I obtain or purchase a Rear camera for car?
  • How can a rear camera for car prevent injury or death?
  • Is it legal to install a rear camera for car?
  • How much does a rear camera for car cost?
  • Is a Rear Camera for car suited to Older Car Models?
  • What are the best specifications to look for a rear camera for car?
  • How would I determine whether the rear camera in my car is broken?
  • Is a Rear Camera for car compatible with Android?
  • How do I keep the rear camera for car switched on?
  • Why is my rear camera for car not working?
  • Do Rear Cameras for cars Record videos?
  • Why would I prefer a rear camera for car to a rear mirror?


What is a Rear camera for Car?

Rear Camera for Car FAQ 1

A rear camera for car is a small camera that is mounted on the car’s plate number area or rear windshield that is positioned to have clear coverage of the vehicle’s rearview.

When reversing, it allows you to see a wide view of the surroundings behind the vehicle. It frequently gives greater visibility at the back of your vehicle than tilting your head back and forth.

This device also helps reduce the vehicle’s rear blind area and the rear camera for car is particularly intended to prevent a backup accident.

Ever since rearview reflectors or mirrors were a key part of passenger vehicles. However, as handy as mirrors are, they also have two major disadvantages: mirrors don’t let you see what is right at the back of your car, below the height of the rear windshield, and rear-view mirrors don’t give a wide-angle vision.

How does a Rear camera for car activates?

Rear Camera for Car FAQ 2

The concept appears to be uncomplicated at all. The rear camera for car activates when you put your car on reverse. If you are parking or maneuvering backward, the rear camera for car transmits the live view of your vehicle’s backside to your car monitor so you can see the behind surroundings without having to turn your head or look at the rearview mirror.

The footage captured by the rear camera for car is the beginning of the complication. Rather than delivering the video that a standard camera would capture, rear cameras for cars are intended to transmit a mirrored footage to the car monitor so the driver’s perspective is right when he looks at it. If the driver looked at live video footage of how the rear camera for car perceives, the picture will be inverted, and you’d still be steering left though you are meant to maneuver right. The technology is intended to rectify this such that the view on the car monitor makes perfect sense.

Why should I invest in a rear camera for car?

A Rear Camera for Car gives a better view of your vehicle’s rear picture, allowing you to drive effortlessly and safely when backing up, which is very useful for new drivers who are just starting to learn to park on the reverse side.

Due to the risk of reversing, it is important to install a device that is something useful to assist you effectively.

You can prevent a back accident with a rear camera for car and you should consider investing on it so you can travel with ease.

How to install a Rear Camera for car?

Place the rear camera beyond your car’s license plate or inside the rear Place the rear camera beyond your car’s license plate or inside the rear windscreen.

Most rear camera for car setups will utilize the fasteners you took from the automobile previously to attach that same screw with the camera below the vehicle’s plate number.

Rear cameras for cars are also fitted within the car’s back glass to protect it from burglary and harsh weather conditions that can typically ruin the camera’s image quality.

Alternatively, When you don’t have time and effort to install it yourself, you can have it installed by your rear camera for car provider or visit a local Vehicle repair shop, where they can help you properly mount the Rear camera on your car.

Can I include a Rear camera for car in a system?

Yes, you may. A rear camera for car is an essential part of a complete security camera system. There are certain models of vehicles that have a limited rear view from the rear-view mirror, in that case, installing a rear camera for car would really do a great help. The rear camera for car, in conjunction with other external cameras, maybe your pair of eyes to view what is apparent behind your vehicle.

Where can I obtain or purchase a Rear camera for car?

Rear Camera for Car FAQ 3

A rear camera for car is becoming a typical item to include in your vehicle. New vehicle models frequently have a built-in rear camera. However, if you own a car that does not yet have a rear camera for car, you may purchase one online. But, before you do so, be sure to choose a reputable provider that can assist you throughout the process and show you how to install or make it function. For instance, if you manage a fleet of vehicles and want to acquire and invest in a rear camera for car, Chinese manufacturers are the point person to inquire to. Many Chinese businesses began producing low-cost security gadgets, such as a rear camera for car. You may contact them by submitting an email inquiry through their legitimate and user-friendly website, and if there is an available gadget or rear camera for car that matches your vehicle’s requirements, you will get a prototype within a week.

How can a rear camera for car prevent injury or death?

Rear Camera for Car FAQ 4

Annually, there are instances that motorists harm or kill young children. As a result, many children do not realize they are in trouble till it’s too late.

Sometimes pets go under the car to rest without the driver’s awareness and often drive them over.

Certain rear cameras for cars even have IR LED or infrared Illumination, allowing drivers to see animals or objects in dark situations and perhaps save them from being driven over.

To prevent crashes and mishaps, sound & video warnings in the rear camera for car system will notify you if the car behind you unexpectedly shift and enters your car’s blind area.

This device is a fantastic backup companion for the automobile and it can guard your life in the case of an unforeseen threat from behind.

Is it legal to install a rear camera for car?

Absolutely, installing a rear camera for car is allowed as long as you mount it in your own automobile and use it just for security purposes.

If it is used to spy on somebody, the legality of the rear camera for car may be called into question.

How much does a rear camera for car cost?

Rear Camera for Car FAQ 5

It is highly influenced by the complexity of your setup, the vehicle that you are installing it on, as well as the device or model you have to attach.

The price of installing a rear camera for car is from $80 to $200.

This will cost around $350 and $550 for a mid-range rear camera for car with a strong specs source which can be adjusted afterwards to fit your requirements.  But if you’d like a fantastic rear camera for car that matches your expectations and is a latest model, you’ll have to pay around $600 and $1,200.

Several car models have the rear camera as standard equipment, which really is typically available for free.

Is a Rear Camera for car suited to Older Car Models?

Rear Camera for Car FAQ 6

Carmakers are constantly developing new technologies for their vehicles, as well as new ways to communicate with users and provide solutions.

Rear cameras for cars are an excellent tool to support drivers in backing up on older vehicles. Putting a rear camera in older models of vehicles is a relatively easy operation.

One of the most simple approaches is to install a small wireless rear camera in the car’s back registration plate location. These rear cameras for cars may connect easily to any smartphone to act as the car monitor screen for the rear camera for car.

What are the best specifications to look for a rear camera for car?

As an expert buyer, you may choose a rear camera for car from a broad selection of rear cameras in the market based on the main specifications to evaluate, because you want to understand how much will it cost, what benefits and characteristics it will give, and what capabilities are included in the device. For a rear camera for car to work well with your vehicle, you must remember these important specifications and features.

Rear Camera for Car FAQ 7

Wide view 

Most rear cameras for cars nowadays offer a 120° viewable angle as standard; unless the opportunity to expand to 170° is offered, we recommend that you do so. Users will be able to see about three lanes behind the vehicle as a result of this upgrade.

Night Vision

This other characteristic which you will prevalently find today in rear cameras for cars in the market is night vision.

Real night vision can show you at least 30 feet behind your car in complete darkness, and people behind your car will have no idea it is on.

High Definition or HD

The higher the quality of picture that your rear camera for car can capture, the more information it will collect while it films, which might be useful if you’re using it as documented proof. Whereas all rear cameras capture footage that allows you seeing the road behind you and the vehicles on it, HD camera allows you to record even plat numbers of other vehicles and other information that might make or break your claim in the incident of a road accident.

GPS or Global Positioning System

Through assimilating Global Positioning System or GPS with a rear camera for car, the device is capable of measuring your car’s specific location and pace of movement. Whenever this data is integrated with the camera footage, it can provide a more entire facts of the circumstances leading up towards any road occurrence.  GPS utilize the satellite signal to identify your precise location, and therefore, it is affected by the vehicle’s surroundings as well as the placement of the rear camera for car.

G-shock sensor

G-shock sensors or G-shock, monitor your car’s motion along three axes. In the event of an incident, this data can not only assist build a picture of what happened but could also prompt your rear camera for car to properly respond. Typically, rear cameras for car will identify considerable movement and instantly seal the video footage that is being recorded at the moment, ensuring that every important material is protected. Although this is a very important element that protects against actual accidents such vehicle wrecks and accidents, as well as hard braking or drifting, it may be activated by potholes, speed road bumps, as well as other possible outcomes.

Infrared Lighting or IR LED Lighting

Several rear cameras for car have a specific number of IR LEDs that trigger to enlighten the rear area of the vehicle with infrared (IR) illumination to improve video capture in lowlight or dark settings.  The rear camera for car also has an IF or Intermediate Frequency filter to catch up on this extra detail, resulting in better evening footage. The efficiency of such a technique may be restricted in front road-facing camera applications due to IR ‘reflection’ created by the windshield.

How would I determine whether the rear camera in my car is broken?

If your rear camera for car display is fluctuating as well as the video seems to rotate horizontally or vertically, it’s not very precise.

An empty Display also indicates a faulty automobile rear camera for car. It could be due to a ragged wire or a faulty link in the system.

If the rear camera for car is not working, it could be because of a problem with its connectivity to the rear camera for car. In a certain case, the rear camera for car isn’t faulty.

If your rear camera for car is correctly installed and operating, and yet you still can’t view your rear video, it’s most likely a problem in your vehicle’s wirings.

Is a Rear Camera for car compatible with Android?

Rear Camera for Car FAQ 8

Many rear cameras for cars are, in fact, Android-compatible. The system requires a rear camera for car that is available for Android systems in order to utilize the remote feature. If you use Android from the outside vehicle at some range, the distance for remote functionality will vary depending on the number of vehicles and transmission interferences in the area.

The rear camera for car is designed to work with any Android mobile phone. Depending on the version of your gadget, rear cameras for car can be linked to Android phones & tablets. If you’re using it with iOS, you need to switch between different cables.

How do I keep the rear camera for car switched on?

The wired car rearview camera may be kept turned on in the following ways.

  • Most Typically Used Source Of power: Attach the rear camera for car to your current alarm system and set the motion detector to activate the rear camera anytime a window or door is unlocked.
  • Starter Linked: Attach the rear camera for car to the starter. Now it is possible to connect the rear camera for car or DVR system in the automobile to the starter.
  • Passing Light Wiring: It’s a brilliant idea to use a run lighting circuit to power a rear camera for car. It eliminates the necessity for additional wiring & enables you to leave the rear camera for car activated always.
  • Manual Switching: With physical switching, users may turn the rear camera on & off for just as much as they like.

To activate the wireless rear camera for car, press the (+) or (-) buttons or the supplied control key for as much as you want to till the power supply is dead.

Why is my rear camera for car not working?

Rear Camera for Car FAQ 10

When there is no video action on the display monitor, the rear camera for car might be damaged.

It also is a great idea to replace the cells or battery in your wireless rear camera for car. The problem could be one of 2 things: depleted batteries or the rear camera for car is failing to charge. In order to prevent future problems, it also is a good time to look at the condition of the rear camera’s power supply. The far more typical reason for your wired rear camera for car not working is a power failure. Try checking to see whether electricity is coming into the car from the charging cable and whether the reverse drive is activated.

A faulty rear camera for car lens could be caused by a snowstorm, damp, misty, sandy, or smoky environment. Since the rear camera lens malfunction in such cases, bad footage is recorded when utilizing a rear camera for car.

If the rear camera for car isn’t functioning well with your Digital Video Recorder or DVR, check the wires, that contain color scheme video, electricity, and fiber connections. Verify sure the cables you’re using are suitable with the vehicle DVR.

Do Rear Cameras for cars Record videos?

Rear cameras for cars are a great safety device to install in a car. These devices are typically only effective for filming when the vehicle is in reverse gear.

Yes, it is possible that a rear camera for car records a video, when connected to a Digital Video Recorder, a rear camera for car can record footage. The digital video recorder functions as memory storage, recording all videos captured by the rear camera for car and other external vehicle cameras.

It could also operate independently; however, it will only show the live footage mostly on a car monitor. Instead of providing proof of an automobile accident, filming it will deplete your vehicle’s battery and waste a significant amount of storage.

Why would I prefer a rear camera for car to a rear mirror?

Rear Camera for Car FAQ 9

For even more than a decade, rear car mirrors were an essential piece of automobile accessories. Despite their utility, rear mirrors have two major weaknesses: rear mirrors do not enable you to perceive what is exactly beyond your vehicle under the angle of its back windshield, and they don’t give a wide-view angle vision.

A rear camera for car, alternatively, could be mounted on the automobile plate number area to provide an excellent view of the surroundings at the back of your vehicle. Rear cameras for cars also have a broad vision capacity, allowing users to view the full backside of the automobile and avoid driving over objects, pets, or people.

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