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Many individuals have asked us: What is Mobil DVR? Mobil DVR vs normal DVR: What’s the difference? What benefits may Mobil DVR offer to us if it were to be implemented? Now let’s take it step-by-step and explain it to you.

Humans utilize automobiles for business and pleasure travel, schools use buses to pick up and drop off pupils, and shipping companies employ automobiles to transport products. Humans and assets are transferred from one area to another every day. As a result, safeguarding them is of paramount importance.

Normal DVR and Mobil DVR differ primarily in the situations in which they are intended to be utilized. A Mobil DVR solution must take into consideration the following five elements. In addition to power supply, anti-vibration mechanisms, dust prevention mechanisms, heat dissipation mechanisms as well as solid interface and data transmission mechanisms are included in the design.


MDVR8208H - Mobil DVR

8 channel 1080P Full HD HDD SSD, WiFi, GPS, 6 axis G-sensor Mobil DVR

Mobil DVR 4ch 1080P single SD

512GB Single SD Card 1080P, 6 axis G-sensor Mobil DVR, Special vehicle port for reliable working on harsh environment, latest audio & video compression technology

Mobil DVR MDVR8208HP

High-performance 8-ch 1080P H.265 HDD Mobil DVR, Support 4CH audio & video GPS, 4G, 6 axis G-sensor & WIFI

4-CH 720P Waterproof SSD Mobil DVR

4 CH 720P AHD SSD SD card Waterproof IP65 Hand-size Mobil DVR features H.264 high profile & 6 axis G-sensor.

MDVR8102SP Mobil DVR

4ch 1080P AHD Camera built-in GPS, 4G, Wifi, 6 axis G-sensor, Two Way intercom, and Extended 2pcs Camera All in One Body Mobil DVR.

Mobil DVR dual SD card 1080P MDVR7104S (1)

4 channel, 6 axis G-sensor, H.264/H.265 high profile. Mobil DVR with industrial good vibration absorber and heat-dissipated level design

QOHO is Your Reliable Mobil DVR Manufacturer in China

Mobil DVR is an acronym for Mobile Digital Video Recorder, which is a recorder mounted in cars for safeguard and monitoring while driving or occasionally while parked. This gadget will be your ally in keeping your vehicle in top shape. The Mobil DVR may also record evidence of incidents such as crashes or crimes that your vehicle may have witnessed or experienced.

For both consumer and corporate use, Mobil DVRs may be very beneficial. Perhaps you’ll be allowed to observe your blind spots, but all camera images will be recorded as well, thanks to a Mobil DVR installation. For accident and insurance purposes, this footage may be important, as well as for fleet tracking to assist control and supervise cars.

In addition to GPS tracking, a 6-axis G-sensor, and live video streaming remote viewing (3G/4G), QOHO’s Mobil DVR model is jam-packed with capabilities. Thanks to its large storage capacity and the ability to attach high-resolution cameras, the Mobil DVR is ideal for capturing every aspect of the road, including street signs, license plate numbers, and other road-related details.

As a result of its outstanding modernization and broad and reliable software, QOHO Mobil DVR has the best competitiveness in the industry

Many countries have benefited from the use of this technology.
Many more accessories may be added to the People counter cameras and driver tiredness sensor, as well as the world’s most popular fuel sensors and intercoms
Customers’ and projects’ needs are taken into consideration while providing services and adaptations
Optimization of cost-effectiveness and reduction of customer costs

To demonstrate our thanks to previous and prospective clients, we provide as much support as possible. It will be a pleasure to work with our well-trained and competent crew!

Whenever feasible, our firm offers unlimited support to previous and prospective clients. At all times, you’ll have access to our well-trained and competent personnel.

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QOHO Mobil DVR Related Products

QOHO offers a wide range of Mobil DVR for any vehicle application for 16 years!

Several consumers mistake Mobil DVRs with normal DVRs. There are numerous variances between the two. Utilizing a movie analogy, distinct applications provide diverse opportunities. For automobiles, like busses, armored personnel carriers, and metro trains, a Mobil DVR is the ideal solution. Mobil DVRs have the ability to capture continuously, even in the face of occasional vibrations and inconsistent power sources. These are circumstances that would destroy a conventional DVR.

For automobiles, we provide expert Mobil DVR implementation. Security is fundamental in fleet management. Motorists ought to be fully able to depend on the hypothesis that they will be safeguarded when they’re on the road. People ought to be free to drive with confidence, recognizing that once they’ll get into a road mishap, it will all be captured such that the punishment may be correctly assigned to the responsible party. For this reason, QOHO offers transportable Mobil DVRs for car installations.

Mobil DVR – An Informative FAQ Guide

Mobil DVR FAQ banner

The correct strategy to closely monitor your automobiles is using a Mobil DVR. They are also called automobile DVRs and collect footage from vehicle cameras into a storage disk destination. Owing to the circumstance that the Mobil DVR is intended for use in a vehicle or automobile, the Mobil DVR has additional defense and power, and control capabilities. Positioning is a crucial aspect. In general, Mobil DVRs are compact and equipped with anti-vibration technology to safeguard them from road impacts.

More importantly, the sensors provide drivers and fleet management peace of mind. Brought about by technological improvements, Mobil DVRs are now more reachable to automobiles.

What a Mobil DVR is exactly? What characteristics does a Mobil DVR have?

Mobil DVR, on the other hand, isn’t for everyone. Regardless, the gadget is widely obtainable.

As mentioned by our representatives, a Mobil DVR with such a variety of vehicle surveillance cameras and output drives may be placed in the automobile.

A number of Mobil DVR-related subjects are explained in this section. From the Mobil DVR understanding to where & on which site you might obtain it, we will address all that in this post.

Common Topics about a Mobil DVR

  • What’s a Mobil DVR?
  • How will Install a Mobil DVR Affect Drivers?
  • What are the vital features of a Mobil DVR?
  • What does the word Channel mean and how many cameras will be used?
  • What does Mobil DVR’s FPS mean exactly?
  • The basic components may be added to a Mobil DVR device
  • Are there any places where people can acquire a Mobil DVR?




What’s a Mobil DVR?

Mobil DVR FAQ 1

The Mobil DVR is at the core of any automobile monitoring and surveillance system, recording everything that happens around your vehicle. The Mobil DVR records and handles the cameras, allowing them to be more efficient. These are the steps you need to take when purchasing a Mobil DVR. It’s time to make some critical choices. It is the goal of this guide to ensure that you are excellently informed while choosing these choices.

A Mobil DVR’s top features.

As a general rule, the live visuals created by your Mobil DVR and shown on your screen display are generally crystal-clear to the eye. Owing to Mobil DVR’s resolution options, the sharpness of these photos may degrade when recorded.

In order to access recorded files from the Mobil DVR, applications and/or a mobile device must be used Mobile cameras would give a particular time mark to the videos, enabling a computer or applications to quickly explore it. Streaming video recordings are considerably more beneficial whenever it pertains to examining the recorded file than standard traditional DVRs

Customers may set up the Mobil DVR themselves, or they can take it to a car repair shop or a highly skilled technician.

How will Install a Mobil DVR Affect Drivers?

Mobil DVR FAQ 2

There are a variety of methods that Mobil DVR to accomplish this. Security sensors, for illustration, keep a close eye on potentially dangerous actions. Motorists’ hazardous habits can be educated by management systems depending on the outcomes of the Mobil DVR. To improve their navigation habits and minimize potential accidents, motorists have the opportunity to modify their conduct after this lesson. There are sensors in and around the vehicles, so one may be put in the weak areas. As a function, the motorist can prevent mistakes caused by blind spots.

Numerous aspects of your operation will change if you put Mobil DVRs in your automobiles. The first thing you’ll notice is that your expenses are likely to break. This is owing to the statistic that there are fewer crashes in the game. Having fewer accidents also means less money spent on restorations, which may be very costly. Accidents can increase the cost of coverage, whereas fewer accidents reduce it. Motorists can also benefit from camera checks by becoming conscious of the truth they waste gasoline and changing their behavior as a result. As a function, both production and effectiveness may be enhanced. Let’s talk about the Mobil DVR today.

What are the vital features of a Mobil DVR?

Mobil DVR FAQ 3

A few key qualities make Mobil DVRs excellent for usage in automotive situations. Mobil DVRs are indeed the ideal solution for automobile surveillance because of their excellent build for usage in cars. Road accidents have prompted legislation aimed at increasing monitoring safety. As a basis, the prospective demand for smart surveillance might grow to be quite big. When it comes to Mobil DVRs, consumers ought to be informed of their characteristics and pick suitable insight into various applications.

The ability to adapt to the power supply

As a result, Mobil DVRs are perfect for usage in vehicles. In order to operate, Mobil DVRs need to be powered by the car’s power source. This battery pack is often unreliable, especially during starting and stopping when voltage is reduced. Despite voltage bursts and peaks, Mobil DVRs stay totally functioning.

Prevention of dust buildup and overheating

For this reason, Mobil DVRs are built with overheating pads in consideration because they are often deployed in small spaces. Even though Mobil DVR doesn’t have any fans due to the possibility that dust may collect, they’re frequently made out of aluminum, a material that efficiently distributes heat and prevents dirt from gathering.

Collecting and transmitting data in actual time

Data transfer was the lower point of earlier Mobil DVR solutions. Transfers of actual data and pictures are now of dependably exceptional resolution with the finest equipment and software available today. Mobil DVRs may now collect footage as well as data like velocity and braking, position, and inertial assessments, thanks to 3G/4G connections.

Vibration Tolerance

Inevitable, automobiles in movement shake a lot. They can harm the individual elements of Mobil DVRs that are not designed to withstand these forces. Wire rope is used in Mobil DVR equipment to assist maintain all elements undamaged in spite of vibrations.

Interfaces with a solid surface

To provide a good and reliable functioning condition in automobiles, a solid interface that integrates gadgets is necessary. However, a BNC (Bayonet Neill–Concelman) interface is not appropriate for Mobil DVRs since that can quickly detach as a result of repeated bumping. In order to ensure uninterrupted transfer of current, communications, and video, an elevated Mobil DVR utilizes a robust general aviation standard interface that can withstand vibration. A standard aviation standard interface is utilized by certain manufacturers, but it’s not environmentally and isn’t strong enough to last more than a long time.

What does the word Channel mean and how many cameras will be used?

Mobil DVR FAQ 4

As an upshot of the number of video channels that a Mobil DVR offers, you may run numerous cameras as you want with that Mobil DVR. As a rule, based on the type you have acquired or plan to acquire a Mobil DVR will contain 1, 4, 8, 16, 32 up to 64 channels. For instance, A four-channel Mobil DVR can record up to four cams, and no more. Another illustration, a Mobil DVR with 8 channels that can record up to 8 cams but no more.

What does Mobil DVR’s FPS mean exactly?

Mobil DVR FAQ 5

Frames Per Second or FPS is the acronym for Frame Rate. This type is used to determine the capturing rate of a Mobil DVR. This implies that each vehicle camera will film at 25 frames per second if the Mobil DVR has a filming rate of 100 frames per second and captures 4 cams. If you split the 100 frames per second by 4, you get 25 frames per second. Actual footage is the highest filming rate you can get from any Mobile DVR. An image is the greatest way to explain a frame. As the number of frames per second increases so does the clarity of the resulting surveillance video 5FPS will result in a choppy image and a poorer quality than 25FPS, which is the standard for digital video recorders.

The basic components may be added to a Mobil DVR device

To really be fair, the concentration on Mobil DVR should be on vehicle safety measures that provide additional defense. On the opposite, monitoring is a crucial component of vehicle tracking that should not be overlooked, and it must be addressed.

While not in operation, Mobil DVR users may prevent unwanted persons from attempting to enter a metro train, and they can keep track of the automobile and its drivers, as well as ensure that the efficiency requirements are observed.

Mobil DVR FAQ 6

Driver Safety Using Vehicle Cameras

Most Mobil DVR customers, based on our research, must configure their Mobil DVR vehicle cameras in order to improve passenger safety. Despite a few drawbacks, cameras provide a lot of positives that greatly outweigh the negatives. Using the Mobil DVR, supervisors can keep a careful eye on their drivers’ actions. Added bonus: Mobil DVR offers indisputable references in the circumstance of a dispute as to if the incident occurred in a car or not. Mobil DVR could provide that kind of security to everybody who rides in a car fully outfitted with Mobil DVR in the future.

Mobil DVR Tracking via GPS

Our Mobil DVR development would not be complete without a GPS tracking system. GPS Trackers for Mobil DVR can be purchased separately, although the majority are assembled.

Using a Mobil DVR with GPS, how can people let their cars go about randomly on the streets? Once connected with a navigating system at the central management, a GPS connection allows users to define the precise vicinity of any automobile, everywhere it goes across the region, at any moment, and any place.

Customers would be alerted promptly if the vehicle departs from its intended route or breaks down unexpectedly.

Sensor for driver drowsiness with Mobil DVR

As much as the vehicles are being used for mass transportation, car users and drivers of large corporate vehicles will drive & operate for absurdly extended periods of time. Drivers may become fatigued and sleepy on the roadway as an upshot of this. A pretty loud alarm will be delivered to the user if a fatigue detector attached to the Mobil DVR senses that the user is tired or sleepy.

Camera for counting the passenger

It is typical for public transport vehicles to include this type of sensor, which is tightly related to a Mobil DVR. During each stop, it specifies the portion of people who were able to travel in the automobile. technology may also be utilized to limit how many people may enter a facility or transportation carefully to minimize getting the virus, according to experts.

Dashboard screen monitor or Display for Mobil DVR

Every one of the surveillance sensors that are attached to the Mobil DVR can be viewed on this smart device, and it’s a very useful feature for drivers because it will show all the vehicle’s surroundings to maneuver safely.

Are there any places where people can acquire a Mobil DVR?

Mobil DVR FAQ 7

Mobil DVR can now be bought at a variety of places, including retail stores, car dealerships, and more. With the help of their smartphones, customers may also purchase them from the comfort of their homes. Numerous Mobil DVR suppliers and makers can be found online owing to the Mobil DVR’s overall convenience. Google, FB Marketplace, eBay as well as many media websites like those of trusted Mobil DVR makers can be confirmed for online sellers and selling platforms.

Mobil DVR from Chinese suppliers offers superior performance at a reasonable fee. Take these lists into consideration when buying digitally, especially with Chinese firms:

As a result of technological advancements, businesses such as Mobil DVR have emerged in the last several years. Despite their relatively low price, such devices perform at a level equivalent to global manufacturers, even if they are less expensive.

  • Businesses that sell Mobil DVRs should have a simple-to-navigate website that everybody can fully comprehend.
  • The vendor’s website must have real customer feedback from the Mobil DVR customers.
  • Several other companies offer one Mobil DVR per shipment or transaction, which is a good deal when you want to check out the product’s quality first.
  • R&D services are also offered by certain Mobil DVR Chinese corporations.
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