Lantern Festival 2022

We are now celebrating the Lantern Festival! Do you want to know a little bit about the historical memory of this event? What do you know about the well-known lantern festival?

Let’s now define what’s this celebration means. The Lantern Festival is a traditional celebration held on the fifteenth day of the Lunar New Year, and it signifies the end of the conventional Spring Festival festivities. The festival is engaged in the tradition of each country, with displaying standard round red lanterns symbolizing a ‘fresh beginning’ for the year including great fortune, because red is an exquisite color in Chinese culture.

Do you know that the uniformity of the tiny red lanterns displayed all through the Lantern Festival became comparable with Chinese civilization over the period? This is where the detailed lanterns seen presently were primarily selected for the emperor.

As we are innovating, situations are much different these days. The lanterns you’ll see at numerous lantern celebrations around the globe are available in assorted forms and sizes, and could frequently be very intricate by the means of the design.

There are said to be inconsistencies in the sources of the Lantern Festival because it has such a long record. According to certain individuals, the celebration was first observed throughout the Han Dynasty. In this particular instance, Buddhist monks would light lanterns to honor Buddha. The actuality of the public imitated this procedure, and thus the celebration was founded.

There are numerous tales about how the lantern festival came to be. The festival has existed for a huge number of generations, despite its roots. According to legend, the celebration encourages reunification, harmony, and redemption. It is up to you to believe and honor the festival itself.

The Lantern Festival is observed around the globe, but each county observes it in its own unique way. Some places are defined for putting a modern spin on traditional festivities. Nanjing hosts the world’s largest Lantern Festival. Large numbers of lanterns line the Qinhuai River and also the Confucian Temple.

QOHO would like to join you in celebrating the Lantern Festival. Whatever your wishes are, Chinese New Year can be a delightful opportunity to define the tone for the coming year.


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