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MDVR8102SP 3G Mobile DVR

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Many people have questioned us, “What really is 3G Mobile DVR?” So what is the distinction between 3G Mobile DVR and regular DVR? What advantages may 3G Mobile DVR provide us if it is put in place? Let us now take it to step by step and show it to you.

Vehicles are used by humans for both work and leisure traveling, institutions use buses to pick up and drop off students, and freight businesses use vehicles to move items. Every day, people and assets are moved from one location to another. As a result, they must be protected at all costs.

The primary distinction between regular DVR and 3G Mobile DVR is in the scenarios in which they are meant to be used. In complement to power supply, the design incorporates anti-vibration methods, dust avoidance methods, heat dissipation processes, as well as solid interfacing and information transmission systems.


MDVR-HDD-MDVR8208H-3g Mobile DVR

8 channel 1080P Full HD HDD SSD, WIFI, GPS, 6 axis G-sensor 3G Mobile DVR

4ch 1080P single SD card 3g Mobile DVR MDVR6104SH (4)

512GB Single SD Card 1080P, 6 axis G-sensor 3G Mobile DVR, Special vehicle port for reliable working on harsh environment, latest audio & video compression technology

MDVR8208HP 3G Mobile DVR

High-performance 8-ch 1080P H.265 HDD 3G Mobile DVR, Support 4CH audio & video GPS, 4G, 6 axis G-sensor & WIFI

4-CH 720P Waterproof SSD 3g Mobile DVR

4 CH 720P AHD SSD SD card Waterproof IP65 Hand-size 3G Mobile DVR features H.264 high profile & 6 axis G-sensor.

MDVR8102SP 3G Mobile DVR

4ch 1080P AHD Camera built-in GPS, 4G, Wifi, 6 axis G-sensor, Two Way intercom, and Extended 2pcs Camera All in One Body 3G Mobile DVR.

4ch 1080P dual SD card 3g Mobile DVR

4 channel, 6 axis G-sensor, H.264/H.265 high profile. 3G Mobile DVR with industrial good vibration absorber and heat-dissipated level design

QOHO is Your Reliable 3G Mobile DVR Manufacturer in China

3G Mobile DVR is an abbreviation for third-generation communication Mobile Digital Video Recorder, which is a recorder placed in automobiles for safety and surveillance while driving or, on rare occasions, while parked. This device will be your ally in maintaining your vehicle in peak condition. The 3G Mobile DVR may also capture documentation of situations such as collisions or crimes observed or witnessed by your car.

3G Mobile DVRs may be highly useful for both personal and business use. You may be permitted to see your blind areas, but all camera pictures will be captured as well, due to the installation of a 3G Mobile DVR. This film may be useful for the incident and financial purposes, as well as vehicle tracking to ensure safety.

QOHO’s 3G Mobile DVR model is packed with features, including GPS tracking, a 6-axis G-sensor, and video streaming remote monitoring (3G/4G). The 3G Mobile DVR is excellent for capturing every element of the road, includes street signs, license numbers, and other road-related information, thanks to its huge storage performance and the ability to attach elevated cameras.

QOHO 3G Mobile DVR has the greatest performance in the business due to its exceptional modernization and comprehensive and dependable software.

The usage of this innovation has benefitted several countries.
Many additional accessories, including the world’s most popular fuel sensors and intercoms, may be added to the People counter cameras and driver fatigue sensor.
When delivering services and making modifications, the demands of customers and projects are taken into account.
Efficiency and cost-cutting for customers

To express our gratitude to former and potential clients, we offer as much assistance as feasible. It will be a joy to collaborate with our well-trained and capable team!

Whenever possible, our business provides unrestricted assistance to existing and potential customers. You will always have access to our well-trained and professional employees.

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QOHO 3G Mobile DVR Related Products

QOHO’s 3G Mobile DVR is Your Prime Choice for Your Vehicle Surveillance and Security Coverage!

A few users equate 3G Mobile DVRs with ordinary DVRs. But there seem to be innumerable deviations between the two. Considering a footage example, different apps offer a variety of options. A 3G Mobile DVR is the appropriate option for cars such as buses, armored cars, and subway trains. 3G Mobile DVRs can record constantly though in the presence of periodic tremors and unreliable battery power. These could be the kinds of conditions that might damage a traditional DVR.

We provide skilled 3G Mobile DVR installation for vehicles. The importance of safety in logistics operations cannot be overstated. Drivers should be allowed to completely rely on the assumption that they’ll be protected while on the roadway. Individuals who have 3G Mobile DVR must be free to travel with security, knowing that if they’re in a car accident, all of the incidents will be recorded and the responsibility will be properly allocated to the guilty party. As a result, QOHO provides moveable 3G Mobile DVRs for automobile installations.

3G Mobile DVR – Your Ultimately Informative Guide

3G Mobile DVR FAQ Banner

Employing a 3G Mobile DVR is the finest means to constantly watch your vehicles. 3G Mobile DVRs are also known as automotive DVRs, and typically capture video from automobile sensors and store it on a file server. Owing to the circumstance that the 3G Mobile DVR is meant for usage in a car or automotive, it has extra protection, supply, and management characteristics. The importance of location cannot be overstated. 3G Mobile DVRs are often small and fitted with anti-vibration equipment to protect them from road accidents.

More significantly, the detectors give calmness to motorists and transport providers. 3G Mobile DVRs are becoming more accessible to vehicles as a result of technological advancements.

What precisely is a 3G Mobile DVR? Which features does a 3G Mobile DVR have?

However, 3G Mobile DVR is not for everybody. Nonetheless, the device is readily available.


Frequently Asked Questions About a 3G Mobile DVR

  • What specifically is a 3G Mobile DVR?
  • What is the advantage of 3G Mobile DVR aluminum casing, and is there any unusual about the 3G Mobile DVR construction?
  • What exactly does the term “Channel” entail in a 3G Mobile DVR, and also how many external vehicle cameras will be needed?
  • Is a permanent IP address required for remote monitoring & viewing of a 3G Mobile DVR?
  • What precisely does 3G Mobile DVR FPS stand for?
  • Would A 3G Mobile DVR Installation Influence Drivers Behavior?
  • Is there anywhere where folks can get a 3G Mobile DVR?
  • How could users have a remote connection to the 3G mobile DVR?
  • What are the core parts that may be outfitted with the 3G Mobile DVR device?



What specifically is a 3G Mobile DVR?

3G Mobile DVR FAQ 1

The 3G Mobile DVR is at the heart of any car surveillance & monitoring solution that works on 3G connectivity, capturing all that occurs surrounding your automotive. The 3G Mobile DVR captures and manages the sensors, making them more economical. These are the procedures to take while buying a 3G Mobile DVR. It is indeed time to start making some important decisions. The objective of this guide is to guarantee that you are well-informed while making these decisions.

On average, the actual pictures generated by the 3G Mobile DVR and displayed on your monitor panel are clear to the sight. Because of the quality settings available in 3G Mobile DVR, the clarity of such images may decrease when stored.

Software and/or a smartphone are required to view stored data from the 3G Mobile DVR. Car cameras will provide a date stamp to the footage, allowing a system or program to easily investigate them. When it comes to viewing the stored file, viewing video files are far superior to ordinary conventional DVRs.

Consumers may establish the 3G Mobile DVR on their own or bring it to a vehicle repair shop or an extremely expert on 3G Mobile DVR installation.

What is the advantage of 3G Mobile DVR aluminum casing, and is there any unusual about the 3G Mobile DVR construction?

3G Mobile DVR FAQ 2

The 3G Mobile DVR was designed with the following considerations in mind:

Heat absorption – the 3G Mobile DVR is mounted in restricted areas and sections of an automobile, wherein operating temperatures can vary from -20°, 70° C and up to 95 percent moisture. The build of the 3G Mobile DVR acts like an absorber plate.

Construction that is both shock absorbent and vibration tolerant (since the car is continuously moving, the vibration can root mechanical malfunction)

What exactly does the term “Channel” entail in a 3G Mobile DVR, and also how many external vehicle cameras will be needed?

3G Mobile DVR FAQ 2 (1)

As an outcome of the number of 3G Mobile DVR channels that a 3G Mobile DVR provides, you may operate as many cameras as you like with one 3G Mobile DVR. A 3G Mobile DVR will often include 1, 4, 8, 16, 32, or 64 channels, depending on the model you have or intend to purchase. A five 3G Mobile DVR, for example, can only capture up to four cameras. As an example, a 3G Mobile DVR with 8 channels can capture up to 8 cameras but no more.

Is a permanent IP address required for remote monitoring & viewing of a 3G Mobile DVR?

3G Mobile DVR FAQ 3

No, a static Internet Protocol or IP address is not required for the 3G Mobile DVR. Just the host PC needs a static IP address (server is a processor in which the server software program has been fitted). To conclude, a static IP address is only necessary for the host PC but not for the 3G Mobile DVR.

When wirelessly observing the 3G Mobile DVR, it is suggested that the Host PC be turned on at all times.

What precisely does 3G Mobile DVR FPS stand for?

3G Mobile DVR FAQ 4

Frame Rate is abbreviated as FPS (Frames Per Second). This kind is utilized to calculate a 3G Mobile DVR’s capture rate. This means that if the 3G Mobile DVR has a shooting rate of 100 frames per second or FPS & catches four cameras, every vehicle sensor will record at 25 fps. Divide 100 frames per second by four to get 25 fps. The maximum recording rate users can obtain from any 3G Mobile DVR is video footage. A picture is the best method to describe a frame. The sharpness of the resultant surveillance footage improves as the range of frames per second rises. 5 frames per second produce a jagged image with worse quality than 25 frames per second, which is the norm for 3G Mobile DVR.

Would A 3G Mobile DVR Installation Influence Drivers Behavior?

3G Mobile DVR FAQ 5

This is accomplished in a variety of ways using 3G Mobile DVR. Surveillance sensors, for example, maintain a careful watch on possibly hazardous behavior. Fleet Management systems can teach drivers risky behaviors based on the results of the 3G Mobile DVR. Drivers have the chance to alter their behavior following this course in order to enhance their navigational practices and reduce future mishaps. There really are detectors outside the cars, so one might be placed in vulnerable places. As a feature, the driver can avoid errors generated by blind areas.

If you install 3G Mobile DVRs in your vehicles, several elements of your business will alter. The very first thing people realize is that your costs are likely to go between the cracks. This is due to the fact that there are fewer failures in the game. Having fewer incidents also involves spending less cash on repairs, which may be expensive. This is where a 3G Mobile DVR plays a part. Accidents can raise the cost of insurance, but fewer injuries might lower it. Drivers can also profit from camera inspections by being aware of how much gasoline they squander and altering their conduct as a consequence. Both productivity and efficacy may be improved as a result of this function. Now, let’s speak regarding the 3G Mobile DVR.

Is there anywhere where folks can get a 3G Mobile DVR?

3G Mobile DVR is currently offered in a figure of locations, notably retail establishments, vehicle businesses, and others. Consumers may also buy it from the convenience of their own homes using their smartphones. Because of the 3G Mobile DVR’s overall accessibility, a plethora of 3G Mobile DVR providers and manufacturers may be discovered online. Google, Facebook Marketplace, eBay, and several internet sites, such as those of reputable 3G Mobile DVR manufacturers, may be verified as online merchants and marketing networks.

3G Mobile DVR FAQ 5 (1)

3G Mobile DVR from Asian manufacturers provides excellent functionality at a cheap price. When shopping online, keep the following items in mind, primarily when dealing with Chinese companies:

  • Technology such as 3G Mobile DVR has developed in recent years as a byproduct of technical improvements. Even though they are considerably inexpensive, such gadgets operate at a comparable degree to big global companies, notwithstanding their cheap price.
  • Companies that provide 3G Mobile DVRs must possess an easy-to-use webpage that everyone can understand.
  • The company’s webpage must have genuine feedback from legit customers from 3G Mobile DVR consumers.
  • Numerous other vendors include one 3G Mobile DVR for every delivery ordeal, which is an excellent bargain if you really want to test the equipment beforehand.
  • Some 3G Mobile DVR Chinese businesses also provide R&D solutions.

How could users have a remote connection to the 3G mobile DVR?

The idea of online or remote watching in 3G mobile DVR differs from that of traditional DVR.

There is really no option for cloud or DDNS accessibility in 3G mobile DVR – a host is required to establish a connection among 3G mobile DVRs and distant CMS and smartphones.

Since there are no 3rd servers available, customers must construct on themselves. The configuration management method is described in the user’s handbook.

What are the core parts that may be outfitted with the 3G Mobile DVR device?

3G Mobile DVR FAQ 6 (1)

To be completely honest, the focus on 3G Mobile DVR must be on car safety systems that give extra protection. On the contrary, surveillance is an important aspect of traffic surveillance that must not be neglected and therefore must be handled.

When inactive, 3G Mobile DVR users could prohibit undesirable individuals from wanting to board a commuter vehicle, follow the car and its operators, and verify those performance standards are satisfied.

  • Vehicle Cameras for Driver Safety

Pursuant to our analysis, most 3G Mobile DVR users must adjust their 3G Mobile DVR car sensors in order to increase the safety of the passengers. Notwithstanding a few limitations, sensors offer a plethora of benefits that far exceed the cons. Vehicle Administrators may keep a close check on their employees’ behavior by using the 3G Mobile DVR. As an extra advantage, 3G Mobile DVR provides irrefutable evidence in the occurrence of a disagreement over either the incident transpired in an automobile or otherwise. In the hereafter, 3G Mobile DVR might give that level of protection to everyone who travels in a car equipped with 3G Mobile DVR.

  • Driver tiredness detector with 3G Mobile DVR

Motorists and operators of big business automobiles may travel and function for unreasonably long durations of time, despite the fact that the automobiles are meant for crowd transit. As a result, motorists may feel weary and sluggish on the highway. If a tiredness monitor linked to the 3G Mobile DVR detects that the user is weary or asleep, a fairly loud warning would be given to the operator.

  • Monitor for 3G Mobile DVR or dashboard display screen

Each monitoring camera linked to the 3G Mobile DVR can be watched on this smart and compact device, and it’s a very important function for motorists since it shows the car’s surroundings, allowing them to navigate carefully.

  • 3G Mobile DVR Passenger Counting Sensor

These sort of sensors, that is closely connected to a 3G Mobile DVR, is used in urban transportation vehicles. It shows the number of persons who have been traveling in the car at each stop. Thus, according to specialists, technologies like these may also be used to restrict the number of individuals who access a building or means of transport in a directive to lessen the spread of the virus.

  • GPS tracker for 3G mobile DVRs

With the absence of a GPS tracking mechanism, our 3G Mobile DVR innovation would be incomplete. GPS Trackers on 3G Mobile DVRs can be bought individually, however, the most majority are pre-assembled.

How then can individuals let their automobiles wander the highways at arbitrary when they have a 3G Mobile DVR with GPS? A GPS link, once attached to a navigational technology at the centralized control, permits users to specify the specific location of any car, wherever it moves across the territory, at any time from any location.

Users who have the 3G Mobile DVR placed in their vehicle will be informed as soon as the automobile deviates out of its designated path or stops down suddenly.

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