Driver Fatigue Monitor

Fatigue Monitor, Accurate Safety Warning, Economical Compact Design & Designed for all vehicles.

  • It features concise, detecting driver fatigue state and remind driver careless driving;
  • The driver state detection precision, the accuracy of alarm is close to 99%;
  • The product is designed with a smooth appearance structure to protect the driver;
  • These products normal working conditions are not affected by an external light source;
  • It can work in the vast majority of private cars, and adapt to most climatic conditions;
  • Easy to install in-vehicle, the product just need to have a view of the driver’s face
Max 75cm (recommended distance: 45cm~150cm)
► Determine the installation location and remove foreign objects;
► Composite host and bracket;
► Open the bottom double-side adhesive sticker and paste in the right position of the bridge;
► Connect the power;
► Adjust the camera lens position so that it can effectively identify the driver’s view. In the case of navigation,
connect the AV line to the host AV port
and the navigation AV port and adjust according to the driver’s face that appears on the navigation screen

Fatigue Driving Warning
It monitors the driver’s facial state, mouth, and eyes in real-time;
Remind the driver to stop and rest when the driver looks tired;
It makes a serial urgent voice when the driver seems extremely tired.
Careless Driving Warning
It continued to monitor the steering movement of the driver’s head;
It makes a serial voice when it can not detect the driver’s head in the proper position.
Remind the driver to focus on driving
Driver Smoking Warning
It can identify if the driver is smoking when there is smoke in front of the monitor;
Remind the driver to stop smoking as soon as possible
Driver Yawning Warning
It monitors the driver’s facial and mouth movement in real-time;
It makes a serial urgent voice when detected a closed eye and a yawn;
Remind the driver to rest and stop driving for a while
Call and Drive Warning
It can capture if the driver is using the phone;
Once detected the use of phone movement for more than 5 seconds, the voice alarm will turn on to remind the driver to stop calling and focus on driving.
Item Parameter Performance
Name Module QH-DF60A
Video Sensor 1/3“ CMOS 940nm IR sensor
Effective Pixels CVBS 700TVL (PAL:720×576; NTSC:720×480)
Signal Standard Voltage:1.0Vp-p, Input / Output Impedance: 75Ω
Video Standard PAL Mode, NTSC Mode, Before factory selected
Image Transfer Rate 25 Frame / Sec PAL, 30 Frame / Sec NTSC
Low Light Sensitivity best-in-class of 4500 mV / Lux-Sec
Infrared LED 940nm far-infrared invisible light
View Angle Horizontal 60degree, Vertical 30degree
Warning and Reminding System Base Vehicle starts displacement / Vehicle launch by the engine start
Fatigue Driving Warning A series alert sound, A series alert whistles, A series alert bell
Careless Driving Warning A series alert sound, A series alert whistles
Indicator Light Middle LED On Red The left Red LED on when there have detected the driver
Middle LED On Green The right Green LED on when BF-CB1 have calibrated of driver face success
Interface Power DC 12V, Protect the vehicle battery, Max power requirements: 4.0 Watt
Video Aviation interface, Voltage:1.0Vp-p, Input / Output Impedance:75 Ω
Audio Aviation interface, Voltage:2.0Vp-p, Input / Output Impedance:4.7KΩ / 1.0 KΩ
Serial Port 1Ch RS232, The baud rate is 20Kbps, +3~+15V is 0, -3~-15V is 1
Alarm I/O output 1Ch RS232 conversions Alarm I/O output
Installation Installation Site Above the instrument panel, the central position of the steering wheel
Installation Distance Max75cm (The recommended range is 45~75cm)
Working Distance From camera to driver face distance best is 45cm~75cm
Size & Weight Mainframe Size L×W×H: 55×102×58 mm
Package Size L×W×H: 100×150×80 mm
Mainframe Weight 180g
Package Weight 550g

Driver Fatigue Monitor Position Fatigue Monitor

Driver Fatigue Camera Driver Fatigue Monitor

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