Oxygen sensor

Oxygen Sensor work with our MDVR, show  atmosphere is about 20.7%. When oxygen concentration is below 19%,
Create alarm,safe people!

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Equipment: Through RS232 to connect with MDVR, it can monitor school bus inside/carriage’s oxygen concentration.
The normal oxygen concentration in normal atmosphere is about 20.7%. When oxygen concentration is below 19%,
it will occur alarm. And linkage with IO-output alarm(with external alarm light, driver will know and open window).
Also it can link with specified camera on the CMSV6, pop up screen on CMSV6 automatically.
CMS clientCMSV6 GUI will show oxygen concentration value(like below vehicle information).

Model QH-OS01
Supply Voltage (Vs) 5V
Supply Current (Is)  <7.5mA (streaming 1 sample per second), <20mA Peak
Output Type RS232
Operating Temperature  -30°C to +60°C
Storage Temperature  -30°C to +60°C
Humidity  0-99% Rh (non-condensing)
Barometric Pressure Range 100 to1400mbar (LOX-01);500 to1200mbar (LOX-02)
Oxygen Measuring Range 0-300mbar ppO₂,0-25% O₂ (LOX-02)
Response Time T90 <30s (Typical)
ppO2 Accuracy / Resolution  <2%FS / 0.1mbar
Temperature Accuracy / Resolution Indication Only / 0.1°C
Pressure Accuracy / Resolution ±5mbar / 1mbar (LOX-02)
O2% Accuracy / Resolution Determined by ppO2 and Pressure Accuracy / 0.1% (LOX-02)
oxygen sensor Lifetime  >5 years
Body size 83*31.65mm

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