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Accessible Fleet Management Software for Remote Fleet Monitoring

QOHO Fleet Management Software is efficient and provides detailed guidelines to assist fleet managers in easily monitoring all of their vehicles.

Fleet Management Software is perfect for Fleet Managers or business owners who wish to remotely track and monitor all of their vehicles and staff. QOHO provides a wide range of Fleet Management Software solutions depending on the requirements of the customer.

Fleet Management Software Server

100,000 vehicles real-time monitoring fleet management software, Real-time video & audio monitoring

Fleet Management Software - CMS

CMS client fleet management software with Voice intercom, broadcasting & Real-time video, and audio monitoring

Fleet Management Software PAS

Fleet Management Software with Video playback, vehicle speed tracker, Driving trajectories, and map location

QOHO Fleet Management Software for Your Accessible Remote Vehicle Monitoring Solution

QOHO has been driving innovation and inventing new solutions since 2005. This paved the path for QOHO’s elevated products to entering the industry. Our reliable and powerful Fleet Management software is simple to install and adapts to accommodate your demands as your company grows.

You could also employ Fleet Management Software to convey a message to your operators, constantly telling them of their operating habits.  Fleet Management Software also preserves recording of fuel usage, frequent rest periods, and acceleration velocity.  It’s a convenient way to keep control of the trip histories of any automobile you administer at your disposal.

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QOHO Fleet Management Software Related Products

QOHO Fleet Management Software – Centralizes all of your fleet’s travel data on a single system

There is a broad range of Fleet Management Software currently available in the industry, but QOHO’s Fleet Management Software assures good reliability and convenience for its users.

Through the aid of Fleet Management Software, now it is easier to control or track your fleet of cars. The Fleet Management software’s key features include the following: precise position, velocity, map, and vehicle camera footage. The car type, description, and plate number may all be readily customized. When there is improper driving conduct or unforeseen situations, camera footage can be streamed and recorded as proof.

Fleet Management Software – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Fleet Management Software FAQ Banner

‘Fleet Management Software – The Ultimate FAQ Guide’ is a technological reference that will allow you to learn answers to your questions by using the ‘Fleet Management Software.’ It covers the most popular questions and topics regarding Fleet Management Software

The article answers the majority of major aspects, such as what is Fleet Management Software. What is the operation of Fleet Management Software? And what was the efficiency of Fleet Management Software? And their responses to common Fleet Management Software client queries.

This information is intended to provide you with a better knowledge of the features of the Fleet Management Software and its compatibility with Smartphones for better remote use.

The best instruction for anyone who wishes to set up their Mobile DVR system alongside Fleet Management Software.

This tutorial will walk you through every step of installing and configuring a full-featured, high-quality recording and monitoring Fleet Management Software.

Fleet Management Software enables users to live broadcast via the internet in real-time from suitable network cameras and collect evidence for future use.

The article will be your all-in-one reference for all the facts you have to understand about Fleet Management Software. This article can help you learn more about Fleet Management Software being explored, and how well it works internationally, and how long it’ll take to configure.

Keep on reading to know more!

What is a Fleet Management Software?

Fleet Management Software FAQ 1

A Fleet Management Software is a specialized framework that is usually used to control a fleet of vehicles. Users can effortlessly keep track, know the location, and send tasks to your vehicle fleet and drivers with the aid of the app. You may also utilize your handheld devices or PC to access and track the fleet.

The Fleet Management Software is usually installed on a device and used to stream video or footage from the Fleet Management Software is also able to send messages to all of your drivers and vehicles.

Fleet Management Software is application software that digitizes video data and stores it to a virtual machine running or similar storage media.

Fleet Management Software, a one-of-a-kind software program that enables you to capture footage from your fleet of vehicles.

By using this program, you can simply track, detect, and post notifications to the whole fleet of staff.

Users may browse and watch the recorded videos using any smartphone or tablet device using Fleet Management Software.

Users may also watch the video on their desktops, cellphones, or other external mobile devices using the Fleet Management Software.

How do Fleet Management Software works?


A Fleet Management Software is configured to your MDVR for you to be able to monitor and track your vehicle. Although your MDVR can work without the software it is cumbersome if you encountered a collision. You will have to retrieve the footage by removing the HDD or SD card from your MDVR and insert it into your computer, on the other hand, if you have the Fleet Management Software installed on your mobile device, you can watch the footage on the spot.

A Fleet Management Software also enables you to send a message to your drivers and remind them of their driving behaviors. The Fleet Management Software also monitors fuel use, frequent rest breaks, and acceleration speed. It’s an easy solution to review the travel history of every vehicle you manage at your fingertips.

How will GPS function with Fleet Management Software?

Fleet Management Software FAQ 2

The Fleet Management Software has an external GPS feature that allows users to upload the clock, day, geographical coordinates about where the incident occurred and correlate it with a virtual map that displays video out of each vehicle camera installed on the vehicle.

Once fraudulent allegations are made, Fleet Management Software really is efficient in assisting authorities in tracking down offenders and giving documentation of what transpired at the site.

Utilizing GPS frequency, Fleet Management Software helps to monitor the precise location of the vehicle.

Fleet Management Software enables GPS tracking statistics to be delivered to a website, where clients may log in and evaluate the data on a map displayed on the software.

Do you need WIFI for the Fleet Management Software to work?

To stream the live footage from your Fleet Management Software, simply connect your mobile device to your WIFI or open your phone’s data connection.

Can you find the location of a car-napped vehicle with the Fleet Management Software?

Fleet Management Software FAQ 4

It is best to be prepared than sorry, and because we read so much about car theft and carnapping, fleet management software may aid in the recovery of a stolen truck or car.

A CAR DVR might have an embedded or included feature like GPS in the program. If it is unexpected that your auto has been stolen, users can find its whereabouts using the Fleet Management Software.

What is the significant reason to have Fleet Management Software?

Essentially, installing Fleet Management Software is vital, particularly if you’re a vehicle fleet manager since it allows you to control your vehicle fleet remotely. The Fleet Management Software may also be utilized to track a single vehicle or private vehicle. If your vehicle gets damaged due to vandalism, you would be able to identify the perpetrator and also have evidence against him.

Fleet Management Software offers a centralized monitoring system that enables fleet managers to control and maintain their whole fleet of vehicles.

Fleet Management may be used to oversee a single car or a fleet of vehicles.

If your vehicle has been vandalized, you may utilize Fleet Management Software to track down the perpetrator and make him responsible for his conduct.

Fleet Management Software also sends footage from vehicle cameras to the Fleet Management software, which monitors the cameras & alerts the user with an audio and visual warning if motion occurs.

Fleet Management software may also be used to upgrade software and recover files and folders to normal if they have been corrupted or corrupted.

Can I monitor my car through my mobile phone with the Fleet Management Software installed?

Fleet Management Software FAQ 3

Are you managing a fleet of vehicles? If so, installing Fleet Management Software is essential. Using the Fleet Management Software, you can easily monitor and track your vehicle/s via your mobile device. Fleet Management Software also enables you to track and watch the footage from your car even while at home or at the office.

Is it possible to activate the DVR using the Fleet Management software?

Unfortunately, there really is no setting in Fleet Management software to have the Vehicle DVR constantly turned on.

If the automobile is outfitted through Fleet Management software, a user may link the Vehicle DVR to the car’s battery or another energy source using additional power in the automobile.

This allows you to turn off and on the Mobile DVR without having to watch the car battery for power fluctuations.

This really is what you’ll do since you’ve opted to connect power from another power source.

  • Start the Vehicle DVR.
  • Hold down the power key for 2 seconds.
  • Concentrate the red-colored light
  • I let go of the power key or button as it turned red.
  • It will now stay Activated

What functionality does Fleet Management software have?

Fleet Management Software FAQ 5

Location: Fleet Management software is a GPS-based monitoring system which will pinpoint the precise location of all your vehicle.

Vehicle Average Speed: Using the Fleet Management software, you will be able to determine how quickly the drivers are traveling and if the drivers are over-speeding.

Fleet Collecting Framework: Using this function, you can observe in actual all of the perspectives that your car’s camera is recording. Nevertheless, the quality of the image is still controlled by the cameras in your vehicle. As a result, the better the resolution of your car’s camera, the better the footage.

Activate Voice Recording: Because typical Fleet management software companies offer an audio jack, you may link your smartphone into your vehicle’s sound device to play music when driving.

Driver Fatigue Monitor: For fleet owners, a driver Fatigue Monitor may be a helpful tool. Monitoring the driver’s condition allows us to keep one eye on them and inform them when it’s nice to have a break. Drivers can also receive reminders from the Fleet Management Software about impending events and traffic conditions.

Fleet Data: This is an effective inventory management solution for vehicle dealerships, car dealerships, fleet businesses, fleet operators, and others. Putting employee or driver names, car chassis numbers, and registration plates into Fleet Management Software helps to monitor your merchandise. Vehicle Records is a must-stock control program for any company with a fleet of cars.

Intercom: This Fleet management software feature is a fantastic technology that enables you to connect with all your driver via message or audio. It’s useful when you’re about to deliver urgent tasks or messages to your drivers, such as reminding them to grab a lost item or give a warning about their bad driving conduct.

Journey History: This is the catalog in Fleet management software where the app stores every detail of your fleet’s trip history & invoices.

Saving Gasoline: Fleet Management Software has this function that is critical for guaranteeing that drivers always keep filling their automobiles with the proper fuel. This will help prevent criminals away from your vehicle’s fuel.

Date & Time Stamp: Using the Fleet Management software, users can easily find a journey video you can review by the timestamp it was shot.

Is it possible to have Fleet Management Software on a handheld device?

Fleet Management Software FAQ 6

The Fleet Management Software is accessible to a wide model of smartphones, such as iPhone, iPad, Droid tablets, and cellphones.

You may also see camera pictures and video feeds in actual time on your smartphone or tablet using the Fleet Management Software.

An IOS-enabled Fleet Management Software functions as the vehicle security system, acting as an expansion of your access control on your device.

Fleet Management Software is compatible with all Android phones and provides an easy means of monitoring and getting information from any network provider.

The fleet management software enables users to save all of their videos fully online in cloud-based apps, enabling users to view recordings from everywhere and whenever.

A sequence of instructions created to aid a computer or smartphone that may record multiple vehicle camera videos is referred to as fleet management software.

How long will it take to set up Fleet Management Software?

Installing Fleet Management Software is not time-consuming and just takes a few minutes, depends on the specs of the handheld device you want to install it in.

As excellent as the Mobile DVR System, Android, Smartphone, IOS specifications are, Fleet Management Software should only take few minutes to install.

How will you fix your Fleet Management Software if it is not working?

Fleet Management Software FAQ 7

When your Fleet Management Software isn’t functioning, the following are some possible causes and quick fixes:

Bad Internet Connection: The user must be in a location where the internet connection is weak. It is possible to remedy this issue by changing your internet connectivity option to 4G Data Connection or LAN.

Full stored history of travel: In Fleet Management Software, the journey record directory is full. You may also remove old trip records to make room for the existing and anticipated trips.

Screen Is Hung: Once more, possibly due to a lack of room or because your Smartphone is also running other programs. It is possible to remedy this issue by shutting down all non-essential programs and rebooting the Fleet Management software.

Storage space: make more room by moving data to some other flash drive or deleting prior data which is no longer used.

Old program: this can be fixed by obtaining a software upgrade.

Is it possible to transmit recorded data from Fleet Management software to an Android or a laptop?

Fleet Management Software FAQ 9

Fleet Management software’s primarily used to capture footage, sound, and visual information from vehicles.

The Fleet Management software enables users to transmit captured data to Smartphones or laptops & computers.

Fleet Management software enables data transmission from the DVR to a Smartphone or computer.

Users may directly transfer your films and photographs from your desktop computer to any Flash drive, MicroSD Card, and other storage devices.

The Fleet Management software is an app that can be used on any smartphone or IOS device.

This lets you watch and export footage taken by the vehicle cameras as well as replay videos.

What is a must-have component for Fleet Management software?

The following are the vital components for installing fleet Management software:

  • HD Vehicle DVR System
  • Driver Fatigue Monitoring.
  • Car Screen or Monitor.
  • Vehicle Cameras.
  • Internet access through 4G data connection or WIFI

What can you do when your Fleet Management software is no longer up to date?

Fleet Management Software FAQ 11

When your Fleet Management software is already out of the current, it is because you disregarded software update notifications. Then you must go to the program creator’s website & then download the most current edition of the Fleet Management software.

This system immediately communicates with the Fleet Management software engineer as soon as the controllers are switched on & a Fleet Management program is recognized. If you select the auto notification choice to upgrade the Fleet Management software, this will start upgrading without notifying you that an upgrade is already available on the creator’s website.

It’s conceivable that your fleet management software hasn’t been upgraded properly. To confirm that you get the most recent software package, keep an eye on the guidelines in the diagnostic manual. Should you live in a location where access to the internet is patchy, you will have to wait till it improves. After you’ve secured a connection, you may obtain any necessary updates.

No changes to the IP system are required for a comprehensive solution for managing numerous computers, corporate flexibility, and elevated data transmission.

The fleet management software would never have to be upgraded as an outcome of this.

What characteristics does CMS Client Fleet Management Software possess?

Fleet Management Software FAQ 12

The following are the key characteristics of CMS Client Fleet Management Software:

  • real-time video surveillance
  • Automobile tracking using GPS.
  • Geo-fencing, intercommunication, and alarm connections are all options.
  • Video storage and distribution
  • Update through remote access
  • text-to-speech.
  • Take a picture of yourself.
  • Control of the PTZ.
  • Keep track of your driving routes.
  • Automatically create an Excel report for simple analysis.
  • The system includes real-time surveillance via digital phones such as iPhones, Mobile devices, and tablets.
  • The CMS Client Fleet Management Software is also compatible with Transport regulations.

Can you give the features of a PAS Fleet Management Software?

Fleet Management Software FAQ 13

The following are the characteristics of PAS Fleet Management Software:

  • A replay of video footage
  • velocity information
  • characteristics of driving
  • increase of velocity
  • state of the alert
  • position on the map
  • DVR Player that does not require installation.
  • Ceiba and Mobile DVR can be used to export.
  • The Graphical Data Analysis Interface (GMAI) is a graphical interface for analyzing metadata
  • Display of GPS Track Information.

What characteristics does Centre Fleet Management Software have?

Fleet Management Software FAQ 14

The following functions are included in the Center Management – Fleet Management Software:

  • Auto-generating assessment framework can be exported directly to a spreadsheet for additional examination.
  • Tracking in real-time using personal mobile devices
  • Real-time full car status data includes the number of vehicles, velocity, alarms, Tracking devices, automobile temperature, and so on.
  • Browse for and download video remotely.
  • Intercom for speaking.
  • voice commands
  • Take a photo of yourself.
  • Management of the PTZ.
  • Keep track of your driving routes.
  • Alarm interconnection.
  • Alarm for an emergency.
  • Alarm due to a missing video signal
  • Alarm when the door is opened
  • Alarm for hard drive failure.
  • Over-speeding and low-speeding warnings
  • Alarm for excessive stalling.
  • Temperature warning.
  • Alarm for GPS failure.
  • To activate an alarm, app alerts are triggered.
  • As an example, reply.
  • The map is locked.
  • An alert has been sent.
  • A streaming window will immediately appear.

Is remote monitoring possible with Fleet Management Software?

The Fleet Management Software includes an Internet application that enables users to control and watch real-time footage from the external vehicle cameras plus, if desired, capture the footage to storage.

The real-time video feed may be used using existing vehicle cameras that are integrated w/ web applications using Fleet Management Software.

below are the following methods are used by Fleet Management Software to solve issues:

  • With the option of remote watching.
  • Images are captured using this method.
  • Remotely watch video and audio anywhere.
  • Data may be sent via existing networks or internet connectivity.

If you have a vehicle fleet, Fleet Management software is essential. It enables you to remotely track & monitor your fleet.

When installed, the Fleet Management software lets users see the footage from your car anywhere, whether from a house or at the office.

The Fleet Management software is a useful tool that has been built and designed to run on mobile devices such as tablets and phones.

Fleet Management software lets users remotely see live or recorded footage on their desktops or portable devices.

Remote viewing necessitates the following actions.

  • Provide your Fleet Management Software with an IP address.
  • Connect your Network to your Fleet Management Software.
  • Set up Pier Forwarding on your device.
  • Setup your Fleet Management Software using a static DHCP IP address.
  • Navigate to Remote Connection Setup.
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