26X Visible 1080P Thermal Vehicle PTZ camera

  • “U series thermal imaging + high-definition visible light” network camera integrated small double-cabin fast pan/tilt
  • 26X Visible 1080P Thermal Vehicle PTZ camera
  • Thermal Imaging
  • 26/33 times HD visible light (optional)
  • High-precision omnidirectional small head

QOHO focuses on a Visible light camera with the development and application promotion of infrared thermal imaging, it has unique non-uniformity correction technology and temperature measurement technology in infrared thermal imaging technology. Its file-less imaging and temperature measurement technology are unique at home and abroad.

“U series thermal imaging + high-definition visible light” network camera integrated small double-chassis fast pan/tilt, built-in U series high-sensitivity infrared thermal imaging network camera and ultra-low illumination integrated network high-definition camera, equipped with all-round high-speed rotating small double-cabin turntable, Realize all-round monitoring.

U series thermal imaging adopts international advanced non-cooled focal plane infrared detectors, the equipment is small in size and supports 1 analog video output and 1 network digital output. Support cross-platform html5 protocol browser Browse and control, Such as Google Chrome browser, Microsoft Edge browser, and Support Android system browser, Support ONVIF agreement and national standard agreement, suitable for network digital monitoring system platform.

The unique temperature measurement program can realize temperature measurement in the whole environment, automatically track and detect high-temperature targets, display the highest temperature of the target scene and the average temperature of the scene, has a temperature threshold alarm function, and can realize alarm linkage, such as fire alarm in forest fire prevention, Unique temperature measurement technology ensures uninterrupted monitoring images, ensuring more reliable observation and alarms. The network interface can not only transmit images but also transmit gray threshold alarm data and full-frame original gray-scale data. With the SDK development kit provided by our company, full-frame temperature data can be obtained. It is convenient for customers to develop various application functions and integrate them into the customer’s platform software.

Thermal Imaging

  • 384×288/640×512 adopts Advanced vanadium orientifold focal plane infrared detector
  • With low power consumption and high thermal sensitivity, it can clearly present the infrared thermal image of the observed object
  • Support 8/15/25 mm and other focal length dedicated lens and 8/15/25 mm motorized focus lens, Support autofocus
  • Unique temperature measurement program and Algorithm, automatically track and detect high-temperature targets, display the highest temperature of the target scene and the average temperature of the scene
  • Unique imaging and temperature measurement solutions to ensure uninterrupted observation images
  • Temperature measurement in the whole ambient temperature range (-25℃~+60℃)
  • With temperature threshold alarm function, over-temperature alarm, alarm linkage
  • Support multiple pseudo-color mode switching: Black hot/white hot/Rainbow/Iron Red, etc. 12 kinds
  • support Image detail enhancement function
  • Support noise reduction/electronic zoom function
  • Support H.264 / H.265Optional coding, strong compatibility, the network transmission code stream is smaller and the image quality is better
  • real-time airstream output, which can meet the requirements of local video storage and network transmission
  • Support secondary development, Provide Windows and Linux platform development kits
  • Software and hardware watchdog, automatic fault recovery

26/33 times HD visible light (optional)

  • The visible light camera adopts a new generation of 1/2.8″progressive scan CMOS, Low power consumption, no jagged edges, no smear
  • 2 million pixels high-definition resolution, support 1920 (H) × 1080 (V), see more key details
  • Starlight level ultra-low illumination, 0.001Lux/F1.5 (color), 0.0005Lux/F1.5 (black and white), 0 Lux with IR-LED
  • 26/33 times high-definition optical zoom, which can meet a wide range of scene monitoring and detail monitoring
  • it can move ICR-CUT infrared filter automatic switching, to achieve true day and night switching
  • Support auto-zoom, through a self-optimized auto-focus algorithm, it can quickly focus to obtain a clear image under the condition of low illumination and low signal-to-noise ratio
  • Support auto iris, auto white balance, backlight compensation, auto shutter, and auto/manual conversion under low illumination (color/black and white)
  • Support ROI, fog penetration, wide dynamic, anti-shake, and other functions
  • Support H.265/H.264/MJPEG video compression algorithm, support multi-level video quality configuration, encoding complexity setting
  • real-time three Stream output, The resolution and frame rate of each stream can be independently configured, Can meet video local storage and network transmission
  • Support 1 audio input and 1 audio output (optional)
  • Rich network protocols and good network adaptability, able to adapt to various network environments
  • Support ONVIF, GB/T28181 access
  • Support intelligent detection functions such as regional intrusion detection, cross-border detection, and motion detection Linked with alarm to provide intelligent video surveillance applications

High-precision omnidirectional small head

  • Unique design, double cabin balanced structure, Start/stop operation is stable and reliable
  • All-weather environmental design, high-strength aluminum alloy precision-cast shell, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, protection level up to IP66, with wiper function;
  • The automatic matching function of focal length and running speed, Automatic running memory to prevent power loss
  • Industry Peculiar, Adopting precision mechanical transmission (gear drive, non-belt drive), High operation accuracy, stable and reliable
  • High-precision servo control, repeat positioning accuracy is high
  • Self-locking function, the gimbal has a certain self-locking force when it is not powered on. When the gimbal is not powered on or is powered off, if there is no locking force, the car will shake irregularly during driving, which will easily cause damage to the gimbal’s machinery. prevent Up and down collision After the gimbal is energized, the locking force is large, and the gimbal will not rotate when the car is driving at high speed or encounters strong winds.
  • level360°Continuous rotation, Vertical direction +90°~-90° rotation, horizontal speed 0.1°~120°/s, vertical speed 0.1°~60°/positioning accuracy can reach ±0.1°
  • Support real-time return of PTZ position coordinates, cooperate GIS The platform is positioned. Multiple automatic inspection modes to realize unattended inspection
  • Support multiple scanning methods such as cruise scan and pattern scan
  • Support PTZ formal installation or hoisting
  • 5V~DC18VWide power supply voltage input


The infrared/visible light dual vision mode greatly improves the user’s ability to recognize targets in complex environments and provides convenience for use in situations where there are large-scale monitoring targets such as power monitoring. It can be widely used in security monitoring, fire warning monitoring, power online monitoring, vehicle monitoring, shipboard monitoring, power locomotive monitoring, intelligent equipment (unmanned vehicles, unmanned ships), etc.

“U series thermal imaging + high-definition visible light” network camera integrated small double-cabin fast pan/tilt
model QH-PTZ382T QH-PTZ644T
Detector characteristics
detector No To cold Infrared Focal plane detector
Induction method Microbolometer
efficient Pixel 384X288 640X512
Pixel spacing 17um
Response Band 8~14um
Thermal sensitivity NETD ≤50mK/F1.0, 300K
Frame rate Output 50Hz
Lens characteristics
A thermally fixed focus


8/15/25 mm
Focusing method Manual focus
Field of view 41.9o×34o/23.1o×18.5o/14o×11.2o 68.4oX54o/39.9oX30.4o/24.6oX18.5o
F value 1.0
Recognition distance

(1.8m tall human body)

60 / 110 / 180 M
Recognition distance


180 / 340 / 560 M
Motorized focusing lens 8/15/25 mm
Focusing method Electric focusing
Field of view 41.9o×34o/23.1o×18.5o/14o×11.2o 68.4oX54o /39.9oX30.4o/24.6oX18.5o
F value 1.0
Recognition distance

(1.8m tall human body)

60 / 110 /180 M
Recognition distance


180 / 340 /560 M
Image characteristics
uneven Correction support
Analog video output time ≤10 seconds
Pseudo-color image mode Black hot/white hot/rainbow/iron red (up to 12 options)
Image detail enhancement Multi-level continuously adjustable, Edge sharpening
Contrast/Brightness Adjustable
Electronic zoom 2 times, 4 times, 8 times, 16 times magnification
Noise reduction function Have
Polarity reversal support
Mirror function Horizontal/Vertical/Horizontal + Vertical
OSD display Have
Visible light camera characteristics (optional)
sensor 1/2.8″ progressive scan CMOS Sensor
Pixel 2 million
Resolution/frame rate 50HZ: 25fps (1920X1080) 60HZ: 30fps (1920X1080)

50HZ: 25fps (1280X960) 60HZ: 30fps (1280X960)

50HZ: 25fps (1280X720) 60HZ: 30fps (1280X720)

Minimum illumination color:0.01Lux @ (F1.5,AGC ON)

Black and white:0.005Lux @ (F1.5,AGC ON)

0 Lux, IR-LED ON

Signal-to-noise ratio >52dB
Day and night conversion Automatic day and night switching with moving filter
Lens focal length F=5mm(F1.5)- 130 mm(F3.5) F= 5.5mm(F1.5)- 180 mm(F4.0)
Optical zoom 26X 33X
Field of view 56.9°– 2.9°(H) 60.5°– 2.3°(H)
Exposure mode Auto exposure/Aperture-priority/Shutter priority/Manual exposure
White balance automatic/Manual
Electronic shutter 1/1-1/100,000 sec
BLC automatic/Manual
Gain Multi-level adjustable
special function Wide dynamic / strong light suppression / digital noise reduction / Electronic fog
Focus mode Autofocus/one time focus/manual focus/semi-auto focus
Image quality adjustment Brightness, contrast, sharpness, saturation can be adjusted
Coding characteristics
Video compression format H.264/ H.265/ MJPEG
Multi-stream Support 2 compressed streams (H.264 encoding):

1. Mainstream D1 FULL CBR/VBR

2. Secondary stream QCIF/CIF/D1 1~FULL CBR/VBR

Rate control CBR/VBR
Code stream range adjustment 500Kb ~ 2Mbps(Mainstream), 32 Kbps~2Mbps (secondary stream)
Network characteristics
storage Function Support TF memory card to save infrared data, pictures, and videos
Network transmission control Embedded network bandwidth adaptive flow control technology
WEB management Built-in WEB service, which can be browsed and configured remotely through IE
Remotely control Remotely receive and process front-end alarm information, modify equipment parameters, remotely upgrade software, control PTZ, etc.
Integrated features Support international standard Onvif Can provide Windows platform development kit
Maximum user visits Support up to 10 users to visit at the same time
Interface characteristics
Network Interface RJ-45, 10/100Base-T
External keyboard interface support
Alarm interface 1 switch alarm input, 1 switch alarm output (optional)
Analog video output interface RCA(Optional)
PTZ control interface RS485(Optional)
System features
Motion Detection Motion detection alarm
I/O alarm I/O alarm
Gray threshold Gray threshold alarm function, Multiple alarm targets can be identified, alarm target threshold size and size can be set; 3 areas can be set, and alarm rules can be set separately for different areas; alarm target coordinates can be uploaded
Heartbeat mechanism support
safety Password protection, support multi-level user group management, custom permissions, one-key reset
reliability Software and hardware watchdog, automatic fault recovery
Temperature measurement characteristic
Temperature measurement function Unique temperature measurement program and algorithm, can automatically track and detect high-temperature targets, display the highest temperature of the target scene and the average temperature of the scene
Temperature measurement alarm Over-temperature alarm
Temperature measurement accuracy ±2℃, or ±2%, whichever is greater
Temperature measurement response time ≤30 milliseconds
Temperature range -20℃~+150℃
Temperature measurement environment range Normal temperature measurement in the whole working environment
Full frame temperature data Get full-frame temperature data through SDK, which can be used for secondary development such as live detection
PTZ performance
Rotating speed level:0.1°~120°/s, Pitch:0. 1°~60°/s
Rotation angle level:0°~360° Continuous rotation, Pitch: +90°~-90°
Preset position accuracy ±0.1°
Number of preset positions Up to 256
Line scan support
cruise support
Pattern scanning support
Guard position support
Control protocol Pelco-D
Baud rate 2400/4800/9600bps
Physical properties
power supply Equipment working voltage is DC10.5V~DC18V
Power consumption <35W
Operating temperature -20℃~+60℃
Working humidity RH90% MAX (non-condensing)
Protection level IP66
Installation method Stand up/Hosting/Wall-mounted (Optional mounting bracket)
size 294 x 147 x 171mm(L x W x H)
weight 4.5Kg

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