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QOHO People Counting System is an Impeccable Device for Counting Footfall in Establishments or Vehicles

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QOHO is Your People Counting System Trusted Provider

The number of daily visitors to the institution determines an efficient business marketing plan. But how can you know the number of visitors or footfall on a daily basis? Installing a People Counting system will allow your company to get precise statistics on the overall number of visitors.

QOHO People Counter Sensor with AI Face Recognition is also available in 11 languages: English, Chinese, French, Turkish, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Arabic, German, & Japanese.

If you already have a People Counting System requirement, you can quickly contact us by filling out an inquiry form with all of your essential data.

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High-Accuracy People Counting System for Establishment, perfect for setting allowed number of persons to enter at the same time

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People Counting System installed on public transportation that counts the number of passengers.

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Vehicle People counting System with Mobile DVR 4G online, number of people report

QOHO Provides Precise People Counting System in Transportation and Establishments

For more than 16 years, QOHO has been manufacturing vehicle surveillance and security systems. Our corporate philosophy is to give the finest solution for any vehicle fleet challenges faced.

Our company has established itself as a well-known brand in Shenzhen, China, and it has been our aim to deliver inexpensive devices of the finest quality possible.

QOHO’s People Counting System not only delivers great accuracy in people counting, but it is also highly user-friendly. Our people counting system is simple to install, and we guarantee to give you the best assistance and support to have the device up and running as soon as possible.

If you are unsure about the people counting system that your vehicle or establishment requires, please send us an inquiry or email and we will gladly assist you at any time!

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QOHO is Your Trusted Partner in Providing Accurate and Reliable People Counting System

Since its establishment in 2005, QOHO became one of the most trustworthy and known companies in the field of automotive surveillance, DVRs, and cameras. The people counting system belongs to the items that we are delighted to provide.

QOHO’s people counting system is built with the finest technology and innovation to meet and even surpass consumer expectations.

Depending on your preferences, we provide a choice of people counting cameras. We have a people counting system for vehicles and also as for commercial premises.

Should you have a specific feature in mind? We also provide R&D services. We can create a people counting system depending on your specifications and preferences.

We prioritize client satisfaction and our relationships with each and every one of them at our firm. We guarantee to give thorough support to ensure that all items operate and function properly even after the clients acquire them.

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People Counting System – Your Ultimate Guide

This page compiles all of the commonly asked questions regarding a people counting system.

There are numerous questions in this section that might be useful, especially if you are new to these gadgets. We’ll provide you with all of the necessary information about a people counting system so that you may jot down before purchasing one.

Assume you manage a business or maintain a fleet of vehicles for transportation. You should think about installing or buying this device.

In this article, you will learn how to weigh all of the data before investing in a people counting system.

Continue reading to learn more about a people counting system!


Table of Contents:

  • What really is a People Counting System?
  • How are people counting systems work?
  • What is the preferred area of installation for a people counting system?
  • Can you enumerate the appliance of a people counting system?
  • What is the demographic of people counting system in business establishment?
  • What differs between the People Counting System and the Passerby Counting system?
  • How do a people counting system work in vehicles?
  • Can a people counting system be utilized to minimize the number of visitors in an area?
  • What are the characteristics of the people counting system?
  • How do you set up a people counting system?
  • Where can you import or buy a people counting system?
  • What elements make up a people counting system?
  • What aspects should be considered while selecting a people counting system?
  • Can you set up a people counting system using a computer or a mobile phone?
  • What are the considerations for setting up a people counting system?
  • How can we use the people counting system to regulate the number of people within the store?
  • Where can I bring my people counting system if it malfunctions?
  • What are the areas or places where a people counting system is needed?


What exactly is a People Counting System?

People Counting System FAQ 1

A people counting system is a tiny gadget that is put at a facility or building’s entrances or doorways to determine the number of individual who enters and departs the place.

This is commonly used at places such as malls and grocery stores to identify the specific number of visitors they had for the day.

The people counting technique is very effective in cars, particularly those used for transportation.

How are people counting systems work?

People Counting System FAQ 2

These are the following facts on how the people counting system works:

Whenever someone entered the people counting system’s scanning area, the system identifies & calculates the individual’s location and the person’s height using a technological counting algorithm and would then give results or data to the central management.

People counting systems are made up of a collection of camcorders that are linked to a network server.

The people counting system can account for the exact number of people as well as other elements and send the information to the central database.

A people counting system is made up of 1 or more sensors that are linked together via a computer.

A transmission line links a sensor to a data encoder and transmits a digital signal to a processor via a cord.

What is the preferred area of installation for a people counting system?

People Counting System FAQ 3

Perhaps the most critical step when installing a people counting system is to determine the proper installation spot.

Position this gadget just on top of an establishment’s or vehicle’s entrance door to improve the accuracy of people counting systems.

Maintain the installation spot so that it can scan all the people that enter its scanning area. This will provide data accuracy.

The setup elevation and diameter proposed by the people counting system are 2.3 to 2.8m and 1.5 to 2.0m, correspondingly.

If you depart from these guidelines, the outcome will be less than perfect.

If there are several doors, you may consider a couple of sensors based on the total number of gateway or entrances.

Can you enumerate the appliance of a people counting system?

People counting systems have many applications; many of the most useful concepts of people counting systems are listed below.

People counting systems are utilized in shopping malls, banks, as well as other places where the number of visitors is important, helping visitors to be measured while remaining unbothered.

The people counting method is used by shopping centers to identify the exact number of shoppers entering and departing their shops. This information could be utilized for numerous purposes.

The information gathered by the people counting system may be utilized for surveillance, transportation, social research, and town development.

What is the demographic of people counting system in business establishment?

You can easily increase the business’ sales by actually acknowledging the “Foot flow or traffic” or the total number of visitors who enter your retail outlets, we can classify the visitor’s gender, age, and shopping time. By collecting this data, researchers currently are able to know the marketable goods in a particular retailer predicated on its shoppers’ Demographics, thus further showcasing more specific product inventory defined by Data and assisting you to conveniently fix product display,  Because various shop areas may have a quite different visitor’s demographics, strategic planning & item assortment for multiple retail outlets may improve sales while avoiding needless product Inventory inside the Display Aisle.

What differs between the People Counting System and the Passerby Counting system?

People Counting System FAQ 4

By just the installation position of these counting systems you will understand each of their differences:

  • People Counting system

The people Counting system assesses and calculates the overall number of individuals in pictures and footage instantly.

The people Counting system allows users to select a particular location of the video or image for collecting and evaluation.

Capable of analyzing up to 2000 persons in a High-Definition movie and 8,000 individuals in a 4K snapshot picture.

  • Passerby Counting system

Passerby Counting system allows business owners to draw a line in just about any section of the video & image then examine the number of individuals that crossed it.

Passerby Counting system accounts from persons who crossed in both routes.

How do a people counting system work in vehicles?

People Counting System FAQ 5 (1)

Installing a people counting system is also beneficial in the transportation industry. This will allow the fleet management to know or identify the number of passengers that board and exit the vehicle at each stop.

The people counting system will provide passenger counts to the center management software, allowing the fleet manager to assign or allocate more vehicles to stops or points with high passenger volumes.

In school buses, the people counting system is also effective. The school will have information on the number of kids that took the bus to school and the total number of attendants for the day by using the people counting system.

Can a people counting system be utilized to minimize the visitors inside an area?

People Counting System FAQ 6

With our current scenario (pandemic), a people counting system may absolutely be utilized to reduce the number of visitors within the location at the precise moment.

You can change the specific number of individuals who are permitted to enter the room or location for the purpose of social distancing.

To avoid contracting the virus, everybody avoided congested locations, therefore with the aid of the people counting system, you can select the number of individuals allowed inside the room, and the people counting system will perform its work.

It will transmit an alarm or a voice signal to inform visitors that the maximum allowed visitor number has been reached and that he or she must wait for his or her time to enter.

What are the characteristics of the people counting system?

people counting systems with standardized specs are being recognized. A few of the functionalities of a people counting system are listed down below:

  • DDR3 memory is a type of high-speed storage.
  • Linux is a well-known OS.
  • NAND FLASH provides storage.
  • Processor with Cortex A7 CPU 4. TF Card interface Class 2/4/6/10 compliant.
  • The illuminance of the surroundings has no impact.
  • IP43 dustproof level is included.
  • Allows for GPU dual-core rendering.

There are ways to enhance the quality and efficiency of the people counting system by changing a few of its properties.

It is crucial to be in a position to examine the efficiency of the people counting system or to see what is standard, such as RAM, space, or storage.

All procedures are based mostly on three major factors.

People counting systems are built with all of these features, as well as others, to guarantee that your operations operate smoothly.

How do you set up a people counting system?

People counting systems are small and manageable to set up. These do not demand any modifications to the structure of the building.

When considering where to put a people counting system, make absolutely sure that the area is often used as an entryway or exit.

Create a hole through the wall, doorway, or ceiling to secure the framing on which the people counting system will be placed.

After installation, make connection wires to the people counting system according to the directions in the device handbook.

Everything you need is a centralized position for your people counting system as well as internet access.

Where can you import or buy a people counting system?

People Counting System FAQ 7

The people counting system can now be purchased online, but unfortunately, it will take few days for the device to arrive. Another thing is that you can’t check its quality before actually buying it.

Although if you still want to get it online, these are the things to remember:

  • If you are looking for a people counting system supplier, start looking in China.
  • There are reliable brands in China that manufacture electronic devices such as a people counting system.
  • Manufacturing companies in China provide high-quality people counting systems at a reasonable cost.
  • Once you found a manufacturer, check their website. You should find authentic and positive product reviews.
  • Less the minimum order quantity the better. It would be a nice deal especially if you just want to try the product first.
  • Place an order, then if the manufacturer has available stock, expect to receive the people counting system you order within 2 weeks.

What elements make up a people counting system?

This technique has numerous components, however, the following listed below are among the most important:

  • Lenses or sensors.
  • Mount
  • Circuitry in electronic devices
  • For picture storage, internal memory devices like micro-SD cards or hard disks drives are used.
  • Information and battery supply elements

Each element has a specific purpose. A people counting system is made up of a mixture of these elements.

The people counting system could not accomplish its stated purpose without a single part.

To maintain pace by how technologies have influenced civilization, the elements of a people counting system constantly evolved.

People counting systems have existed for some time, but its capacity to record photos allowed them to explore more sophisticated goals.

What aspects should be considered while selecting a people counting system?

When deciding on purchasing a people counting system, there are many various variables to consider. These elements are as follows:

Preciseness: Acquire a people counting system that has a higher accurateness of percentage, more than 94% accuracy rate.

Directional or not: The people counting camera can move as well as change position instantly; buy this if the orientation is important to you. Such people counting system can shift in & out rapidly.

Accounting: Accounting allows you to view your information whenever you choose. A few other businesses cannot provide you with consent to each of one’s data unless you specifically ask for it.

Trial without risk: You may check the item without risk prior to purchasing it with a risk-free sample. It would be extremely beneficial in determining if the people counting system, you bought is suitable for you or not.

Pricing: Choose a people counting system that has the cheapest cost, but then don’t overlook the performance. Some businesses restrict the functionality of the people counting systems in order to reduce costs.

Reliability: The greatest people counting system, as evidenced by its image quality.

Versatility: The people counting system you choose has to be adaptable to whatever situation you wish to observe.

Technical Assistance: Choose a firm that offers tech assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you are stranded somewhere, somebody should be there to guide you and also get you out of a difficult event.

Can you set up a people counting system using a computer or a mobile phone?

People Counting System FAQ 8

The people counting method works with both PCs and mobile devices.

You may modify the people counting system using either a computer or a mobile phone.

This enables you to keep track of the people counting system data in an even more comfortable spot.

The people counting system module is used to send a video feed to Computers, cellphones, laptops, as well as other portable devices via Internet Protocol networks via wired connection, Wireless fidelity, or cellular data network.

Whether shopping inside a mall, visiting an event, or watching a seminar, mobile devices are ideal for seeing live pictures.

What are the considerations for installing a people counting system?

While installing a people counting system, these are a few concerns to take into consideration:

Mount the people counting system not lower than 2.3 meters in height.

Setup the people counting system in a spot that is bigger than 1.5 meters wide.

The people counting system’s label strip must be towards the interior of the building.

Setup a people counting system with the same number of entries or doorway.

Examine the screen display before beginning the people counting camera operation.

Setup the people counting system indoors only.

Avoid allowing your people counting system to come into close exposure to water.

How can we use the people counting system to regulate the number of people within the store?

Users can obtain actual-time data on shoppers who visit the shop, your client’s experiences, and associated data with the RFID-based system’s assistance in your in-shop experience.

The people counting system can assist to manage workforce numbers or arrange high activity periods more successfully, all while improving safety.

Guests will be documented in all locations, covering the open areas, running queues, heavier visitor shops, and so on.

This people counting system actively offers precise actual visitor counting information to limit the number of visitors within the business.

Congestion may be avoided by managing several persons.

Where can I bring my people counting system if it malfunctions?

People Counting System FAQ 9

If you obtained a people counting system device from a brand or company, then you have to contact the manufacturer’s service facility for maintenance & repair.

Verify the warranty book if the people counting system breaks down. And in event that a warranty is available.

The firm can replace it for you and you won’t be charged for anything more.

If your warranty expires, there are several service locations in your area to select from.

If indeed the expense of maintenance & repair exceeds the purchase price, the repair shop may request that it be replaced.

Under rare situations, companies don’t provide any repair services.

What are the areas or places where a people counting system is needed?

People Counting System FAQ 10

Retail Stores and Groceries – Considering the competition from conventional retailers, internet businesses, and so on, today’s retail outlets must maximize every client that walks past their doorways.

Businesses are compelled to make strategic marketing decisions that do not consider crucial information regarding their consumers because they lack a comprehensive understanding of consumer behavior and revenue growth.

Shopping Malls – It is difficult to manage the complicated patterns of traffic as well as the sheer volume of people in public spaces like shopping centers.

The people counting system is critical in the present atmosphere for guaranteeing security & social distance. Mall managers can offer a safe atmosphere by tracking occupancy and restricting the number of individuals who enter.

Malls must create an atmosphere that customers love and would like to be in and in order to entice merchants to lease space.

A people counting system may also be utilized to assess consumer patterns and focus on places of discomfort, such as packed or overcrowded pathways, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

Transportation Hub – Airports, railway stations, as well as other transportation hubs are among the busiest areas in the contemporary world, therefore they require the greatest and most precise systems possible to function efficiently.

Information from a people counting system is sophisticated enough to provide transit route operators with a valuable tool for daily administration, long-term planning, & ensuring everything works as effectively as possible while maintaining a good relationship with the customers for travelers.

Outdoor City Centers – Numerous places, from playgrounds to urban centers, require outside people counting system- and owing to the people counting system’s robust outdoor feature, it can be accomplished just as simple as interior settings.

Towns centers and municipalities across the globe start competing with one another to attract visitors and investors, so order to provide an accurate estimate of foot traffic is among the few ways to see how good the city is doing.

Thinking forwards, intelligent, interconnected cities will need precise data on visitor’s mobility to better distinguish the different sections of their cities are being used, enhance development, improve the buildings and infrastructure, and create better city life for everybody

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