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QOHO is Your Companion in Accurately Counting the Volume of Footfall in Transportation and Commercial Establishments.

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QOHO is Your People Counter Sensor Manufacturer

We have avoided attending busy locations or establishments since the epidemic occurred. If you manage an establishment or operates a fleet of transportation vehicles,  We can assist you not only identify the overall portion of people who entered your facility but it can also conveniently handle the number of individuals allowed to enter at the same time by using the QOHO People Counter Sensor.

The QOHO People Counter Sensor with AI Face Recognition is also available in 11 different languages, including English, Chinese, Romanian, Arabic, Turkish, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, German, and Japanese.

If you already have a specific request, you can quickly contact us by completing out an inquiry form with all of your essential data.

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A People Counter Sensor is a device installed on public transportation that counts the number of people that ride the vehicle during the day.

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High-Accuracy counting of individuals that visited a store, perfect for setting allowed number of persons to enter at the same time

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Vehicle People counter sensor with Mobile DVR 4G online, and the number of people reporting is increasing.

QOHO Offers Precise People Counting Sensors in Shopping Malls as well as Vehicles

For the past 16 years, QOHO has been a trustworthy and steady producer of monitoring systems. We offer 100 percent quality and reliability for our clients by providing Customized products for all of your demands and requirements.

The People Counter Sensor from QOHO has a high level of accuracy in tallying footfall in its designated area. Whether you own a business or operate a transportation fleet, the QOHO People Counter Sensor is the ideal option for counting the number of customers who arrive at your premises.

Just provide us an email with your complete request, and we will happily assist you!

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QOHO People Counter Sensor is Your Human Traffic Data Solution

QOHO is a leading supplier of car surveillance systems that meet and surpass customer expectations, and we give a competitive estimate depending on your specifications.

Our skilled technological team created the people counter sensor. QOHO will offer you the finest management platform depending on the needs of your project. Knowing how many individuals are in a certain location at any one moment, how they travel, where they gather, and peak occupancy periods offers useful information. That knowledge may be used to plan ahead of time, take quick action, and improve service, operating excellence, and competitiveness.

If your company provides transport services or has a commercial facility and you need to locate a reliable manufacturer, QOHO will give complete assistance for your People Counter Sensor modification.

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People Counter Sensor – FAQs

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Heavy foot traffic might imply a successful marketing rate for a business, but how can you precisely quantify or count the individuals that visit your store? If you have no notion, we shall discuss it here.

This page discusses the many facts regarding a People Counter Sensor. To make an informed selection when acquiring a gadget to assist your business, it is critical that you comprehend all elements of the item itself. Because you will be paying money to install devices and accessories in your business, it is critical to study all the facts so that your investment does not go to waste.

Table of Contents

  • What exactly a People Counting Camera is?
  • How do People Counter Sensor work?
  • What exactly are 3D people counting sensors?
  • Why is a People Counter Sensor important?
  • Are the People counter sensor capable of real-time tracking?
  • What are the different types of People Counter sensors?
  • What is the difference between 3D and 2D people counter sensors?
  • What are the beneficial facts of a People Counter Sensor?
  • What establishment or vehicle needs a People Counter Sensor?
  • How do I install a people counter sensor?
  • What are the primary characteristics of the People counter sensor?
  • What is the best location for a people counter sensor?
  • How can you have your people counter sensor fixed?
  • Is it possible to set up a people counting sensor using a PC or a smartphone?
  • What aspects should be considered when selecting a people counter sensor?
  • How do the people counter sensor regulate the number of people in the store?


What exactly a People Counter Sensor is?

A footfall camera or a People Counter Sensor counts the number of individuals who enter, exit, or walk through a predefined location. It offers review reports on a regular, weekly, monthly, and annual basis. The People Counter Sensor has easy-to-configure and enhanced anti-interference features.

How do People Counter Sensor work?

People Counter Sensor FAQ 1

The People Counter Sensor’s infrared period of flight system reliably counts individuals who pass by its cameras, determining when people are arriving or leaving and calculating the time they stayed in those places.

The following is how the people counter sensor works:

Whenever an individual arrives at the people counter sensor’s monitoring area, it identifies and calculates the individual’s movement direction and elevation using a machine learning technique and then gives findings.

People counter sensor systems are made up of a collection of video cameras that are linked to a network connection.

Sensors can count people and other things and send the information to a central server.

A people counter sensor system is made up of one or even more cams that are linked together through a network.

A cable attaches an image sensor to an encoder, which transmits input data to a decoder via wire.

Every second, many high-resolution pictures are taken. Every object is identified and differentiated by a high-performance computer.

What exactly are 3D people counting sensors?

A Three-Dimensional people counter sensor can precisely measure the height of an item in a short period of time and give the most exact measurement available.

3D sight employs high-definition imaging to ensure high precision in heavy handling and is unaffected by external influences like climate.

The phrase 3D in people counter sensor refers to the three-axis configuration, which includes the vertical y-axis, horizontal x-axis, and angled z-axis.

This 3D capability allows people counter sensors to outperform regular individuals and assess their advantages and weaknesses.

Why is a People Counter Sensor important?

People Counter Sensor FAQ 2

People Counter Sensors are important for business owners. Footfall cameras are often located in malls, shopping centers, grocery stores, and other commercial establishments. A People Counter Sensor will monitor the numbers of people who enter & exits the establishment, as well as the exact of time they spend in the establishment.

A footfall camera, for example, would determine whether a shopping center’s marketing strategy, such as a “Summer Sale,” was effective in pulling in more customers.

People Counter Sensor software allows companies to better identify their visitors and activity patterns, allowing them to maximize their space based on which locations are frequently utilized.

Using a door counter, particularly for retailers, is directly related to improved sales because it allows them to observe, develop, and improve on consumer customer traffic trends and activities.

Are the People counter sensor capable of real-time tracking?

Indeed, the People counter sensor monitors in real-time. It might also collect data by connecting to a VSAT or VMS video system. It is a true revolution in the People counter sensor business.

Anybody with login access to the authority may view what the People counter sensor is capturing in real-time.

Real-time access to images and data is possible.

You can get real-time images of your customer behavior as well as an overall picture of the consumer pattern of behavior, which can give insight into the specifics of people’s purchasing behavior at your store, hotel, or other establishments.

It has fewer running expenses than a ball-type counter, but it is more expensive.

What are the different types of People Counter Sensors?

People Counter Sensor FAQ 3

  • Thermal Sensors – Thermal sensors, to put it plainly, are instruments that sense heat. Thermal sensors sense the light produced by body temperature radiating off individuals as they pass through the sensor on establishment doors. One of the most significant benefits of using thermal sensors is to get anonymous data about the individuals being monitored.
  • Break-beam Sensors – Motion is observed by break-beam sensors. The sensors transmit an unseen beam of light, and the sensor records every moment the beam of light touched. This sensor counts individuals by knowing that a person can cross the light beam twice (entrance and exit), enabling the sensor to measure consumer foot traffic.
  • Video Camera Sensors – Video camera gate counters track people passing through the vicinity covered by the video. While several companies do have surveillance video cameras in order to protect every part of their facility, video camera sensors are distinct, they focus on foot traffic and constantly track individuals, even those in huge groups, to achieve a precise foot traffic report.
  • Wi-Fi Sensors – Wi-Fi gate counters monitor customers by connecting to their mobile phones. This sensor depends on the thought that all people’s mobile devices automatically search for local Wi-Fi networks to link to. A Wi-Fi sensor recognizes devices looking for a Wi-Fi network as people reach an establishment, allowing it to “compute” the number of specific devices and measure footfall depending on this data.

What is the difference between 3D & 2D people counter sensors?

There are several differences between 3D & 2D people counter sensors. Some of the differences are listed below:

Feature 2D 3D
A device that combines hardware and software. Removes the need for data collecting. ✔️ ✔️
Real-time monitoring is made possible via software. It validates the recorded counts. ✔️ ✔️
Distant configuration and management, as well as diagnostics ✔️ ✔️
Internet Protocol (IP) communication ✔️ ✔️
Configuration of network power ✔️ ✔️
Limit the number of exits or entries made by the same person. ✔️ ✔️
Monitor both entrances & exits differently ✔️ ✔️
There are no special tool requirements for installation. ✔️ ✔️
Even in heavy traffic, the astonishing accuracy of 96-100 percent is maintained. ✔️
It may be installed anyplace. ✔️
A wide-angle shot with the exact level of accuracy ✔️
Long lines & other data concerns at the sensor can be dealt with. ✔️

What are the benefits of a People Counter Sensor?

People Counter Sensor FAQ 4

If you work in marketing, you generally believe that gathering anonymized customer data is a high priority. Businesses who get to know their clients will have more tailored, customized experiences, increasing their market growth in an environment where profits are slim and competition is fierce.

It is one of the factors why loyalty rewards are becoming more common. Encouraging consumers to supply you with their purchase history – whether by an application or a points scheme – allows you to understand more about their interests, as well as where and how they buy. As a retail chain owner, all of these details effectively assist you in positioning the best product to the right customer at precisely the right time.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of People Counter Sensor, here are three ways it can help your retail establishment.

  1. Recognize consumer flow

People Counter Sensor will show you how many individuals come in and out of your outlets on any particular day. When this data is processed over time, it shows the busiest shopping dates, helping you to schedule your staffing levels & Inventories accordingly. You may also measure store productivity and see whether one spot gets more or less traffic than the other store.

  1. Examine the campaign efforts.

Analytics sensors will help you analyze which parts of the establishment have more concern to shoppers, in addition to traffic going in & out. It will tell you how customers move through your area, helping you to schedule your most valuable displays and advertisements in high foot traffic areas.

End caps – the display at the later part of an aisle – are now used by many supermarkets and big department outlets to take advantage of. Person counting data will assist you with being accurate and knowing exactly where your customers are going.

  1. Conversion rates can be measured.

When people counting statistics are compared to sales statistics, transaction ratios may be calculated, providing a more reliable way to quantify retail performance.

And besides, if 1 out of every 2 customers who visit your shop does not make a purchase, something is wrong. Evaluating your conversion rates will help you determine how well you interact with your shoppers. It will assist in identifying recruitment and promotion opportunities, as well as ensuring that you and your employees capitalize on any potential transaction.

Integrating your People Counter Sensor’s data into your video monitoring device is just one of the simplest techniques to have the most out of it.

Most stores already have surveillance cameras installed; by combining People Counter Sensor, you can really gain precise information into what is going on in your business.

What establishment or vehicle needs a People Counter Sensor?

People Counter Sensor FAQ 5

Certain locations or vehicles necessitate the use of a People Counter Sensor, primarily to count the individuals that enter the vehicle or establishment every day. These include:

  • Shopping Malls or Supermarkets – A People Counter Sensor can determine the area inside your establishment that has high foot traffic potential. with the help of the data, you gather from the People Counter Sensor, you can easily manage or create your marketing strategy to attract more customers. You can also monitor if the marketing campaign you did was a success or not.
  • Theme parks – Installing a People Counter Sensor at the entrance helps to ensure that you have an accurate number of visitors in the queue line and inside your park.
    When the company has a good understanding of their facility’s everyday activities, they can be proactive about creating an enjoyable experience at the park depending on customer habits. Understanding through parts of the park have heavy traffic and when relies heavily on properly staffing and arranging maintenance at particular periods. This means there is no intrusion as tourists enjoy their visit to the theme park.
  • Public Transportation – Commuter counting can be essential for the fleet management, planning, and scheduling of public transit because it allows for the transportation service to be set based on the observed number of demands, thus increasing the quality of service offered to customers.
  • School & School Bus – Installing a People Counter Sensor on school buses is essential. The data from the School Bus can be compared with the school’s regular attendance list to provide an accurate count of the students present on a given date.

How do I install a people counter sensor?

people counter sensor systems are small in size and simple to set up. These devices do not necessitate any modifications to the building’s infrastructure.

When deciding where and how to put a people counter sensor, please ensure that the location is regularly used as an entry or exit.

  • Make a hole through the wall, door, or ceiling to secure the bracket that will hold the people counter Sensor.
  • After mounting the people counter Sensor, connect the device according to the directions in the technical handbook.
  • You only need a commanding place for your camera and internet access.
  • Using the maker’s supporting frame, you may mount people counter sensor on top of the roof, gate, or wall.
  • People counter sensor is simple to install and works well if you follow installation procedures. This device could be installed in a matter of minutes.

What are the primary characteristics of the People counter sensor?

The basic parameters of the People counter sensor are as follows:

  • Consumption of power
  • Video industry standard.
  • High Definition.
  • The Guarding Standard is the Level of dust resistance.
  • Environmental Lighting.
  • Input of power
  • Machine for Switching.
  • Limitations of the Central Frequency 4-Core Chip
  • Rendering Core GPU Capacity
  • NAND flash memory storage
  • Memory with a high transfer rate
  • Stage of System Functioning
  • Type of TF Card Interface Compatibility.
  • The Voltage at the Output.

The PCS (People counter sensor) system is the most powerful real-time people counting solution currently available, yet it is priced at a fraction of the cost of its rivals.

What is the best location for a people counter sensor?

People Counter Sensor FAQ 6

Perhaps the most crucial step is to select the proper location.

Setup this sensor at the top of the doorway to improve the results of the people counter sensor.

Maintain the installation location such that the labeling sheet faces within the room. It will provide precision.

The suggested placement height and breadth for the people counter sensor are 2.3 to 2.8 meters or 1.5 to 2.0 meters, respectively.

Unless you depart from these guidelines, the outcome will be less than perfect.

If there are multiple doors, you should install a number of people counter sensors based on the number of entrances.

How can you have your people counter sensor fixed?

For maintenance and repair, call the same manufacturer service facility from whom you got the people counter sensor.

Examine the warranty card if the people counter sensor malfunctions. In such a case that a warranty is available.

The firm replaces it for you without charging you anything more.

If your warranty has expired, there are numerous service locations in your area to select from.

Unless the cost of maintenance and repair exceeds the purchase price, the service department may request that it be replaced.

In exceptional cases, companies do not provide repair and maintenance services.

Is it possible to set up a people counting sensor using a PC or a smartphone?

The people counter sensor works with both Computers & Smartphones.

The people counter sensor system may be configured using either a computer or a cellphone.

You’ll be capable of measuring your people counter sensor data in the most comfortable location as an outcome of this.

The people counter sensor can transmit a video feed to Computers, cellphones, tablets, and other portable devices via Internet protocols network via network cable, WIFI, or cellular data network.

When shopping at a mall, visiting an exhibit, or attending a meeting, mobile devices are ideal for seeing live pictures.

What aspects should be considered when selecting a people counter sensor?

People Counter Sensor FAQ 7

When selecting a people counter sensor, there are various variables to consider. These elements are as follows:

Precision – Consider people counter sensors that are more accurate in terms of percentage, such as those that are greater than 94 percent.

Completeness – a people counter sensor with the greatest video quality available.

Flexibility – The product you choose must be adjusted to any desired conditions that you wish to monitor.

Directional or non-directional – These sensors may move and change direction automatically; explore this if orientation is important to you. These sensors can zoom in and out fast.

Accounting – Reporting allows you to view your data whenever you want. Some firms may not provide you with access to each of your data until you specifically request it.

Risk-free trial – A risk-free trial allows you to try the product before buying it. It would be quite useful in determining whether or not this gadget is constrained.

Price – Choose the people counter sensor with the lowest price, but don’t overlook the performance. Some businesses limit the functionality of people counting cameras in order to reduce costs.

Technical Assistance – Choose a firm that offers technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you are stranded elsewhere, they should be always available to assist you and provide a solution for your concerns,

How do the people counter sensor regulate the number of people in the store?

You can obtain real-time information about customers who enter your shop, the client’s experience, and associated information with the Automated tracking system’s assistance in business in-store observation.

This system can improve to manage workforce numbers or arrange high activity periods more efficiently, all while improving safety.

Visitors will be counted in all locations, covering open space, flowing lines, busier guests, and so on.

This actively offers precise actual visitor tracking data to limit the number of visitors within the business.

Congestion may be avoided by managing several persons.


Because of the latest health problem, the pandemic, everybody is now avoiding crowded places. A People Counter Sensor can be configured to allow a certain number of people to enter the area. As a result, we can reduce the spread of the virus while also providing management with accurate data on foot traffic within the establishment.

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