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This day, passenger counting system operations are frequently acquired on surveys conducted across the territory or using manual processes: while these may be able to supply super reliable values that can be used as a reference point in evaluating the accuracy of auto passenger counting systems, manual processes are not generally homogeneous in survey data, as they invariably dissent.

An effective company marketing plan is determined by the number of daily passengers to the institution. But how exactly can you know how many visits or footfall there are on a daily basis? Installing a Passenger Counting system would provide your business with accurate information on the total number of passengers.

The Transit industry will benefit from a passenger counting sensor system in the following ways:

  • Improved daily operations planning (Real-time passenger count Number of passengers per stop, Peak vs. Non-Peak Hours, Route analytics)
  • Optimization of the fleet depending on passenger flows
  • Reduced layover time and enhanced timeliness
  • Enhanced client service

QOHO Passenger Counting System with AI Face Recognition is also available in 11 languages: English, Chinese, French, Turkish, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Arabic, German, & Japanese.

If you already have a Passenger Counting System requirement, you can quickly contact us by filling out an inquiry form with all of your essential data.

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High-Accuracy Passenger Counting System for Establishment, perfect for setting the allowed number of persons to enter at the same time

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Passenger Counting System installed on public transportation that counts the number of passengers.

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Vehicle Passenger counting System with Mobile DVR 4G online, number of people report

QOHO Provides Precise Passenger Counting System in Transportation and Establishments

An automated passenger counting system from QOHO is a form of electronic equipment that counts the number of people who board and exit at each stop. Certain devices, together with current passenger counting system solutions, are a critical technology in which every transportation agency should invest. If you are still depending on manual (and frequently erroneous) ways of gathering passenger data, it is time to upgrade to a more reliable and less time-consuming method of collecting essential passenger information that will eventually assist to enhance your services.

Transit systems with an interconnected passenger counting system can minimize any need for timetable checkers who used manual processes to collect passenger information—a far less reliable method of collecting accurate rider information, especially since manual tracking is very limited in its ability to provide a true picture of transit ridership. With such an automatic passenger counting system, every individual who boards and disembarks a public transportation vehicle at each and every possible stop along a transit route can be monitored and recorded, which not only simplifies data collection but also allows for far greater accuracy and scope when generating file news stories on passenger numbers data.

QOHO has been producing vehicle surveillance and security systems for over 16 years. Our company philosophy is to provide the best answer to any vehicle fleet issues that may arise.

Our firm has become a well-known brand of passenger counting systems in Shenzhen, China, and it has been our goal to provide low-cost products of the highest quality available.

The Passenger Counting System from QOHO not only provides excellent accuracy in passenger counting, but it is also extremely user-friendly. Our Passenger Counting System is easy to set up, and we guarantee to provide you with the finest advice and support to get the device up and running as quickly as possible.

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QOHO is Your Trusted Partner in Providing Accurate and Reliable Passenger Counting System

Since its establishment in 2005, QOHO became one of the most trustworthy and known companies in the field of automotive surveillance, DVRs, and cameras. The people counting system belongs to the items that we are delighted to provide.

We quickly produced a conceptual model of a passenger counting system for our client, demonstrating improved advantages than any current sensor-based alternatives. We also provided our test equipment so they could do their own assessments and handed all proprietary information so they could control the concept.

Our offered passenger counting system solution outperformed the customer’s counting reliability objective, was appropriate for deployment in a range of public transportation and terminal entrances and was inexpensive to build.

QOHO’s passenger counting system is designed with advanced technology and creativity to meet, if not exceed, the expectations of customers.

We can provide a variety of passenger counting systems based on your requirements. We offer a passenger counting system for both automobiles and business properties.

Do you have a certain passenger counting system characteristic in mind? We can also provide R&D services. Depending on your needs and desires, we may design a passenger counting system.

At our business, we value customer satisfaction and our connections with each and every one of them. We pledge to provide comprehensive assistance to ensure that all goods continue to run and function effectively even after the consumers have purchased them.

Passenger Counting System – Commonly Asked Questions

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Compute transport capacity with 100% accuracy!

When it comes to today’s public transportation, the focus is on the client. Service quality is the most important factor. As a result, it’s clear that public transportation management wants to know how their network is performing. The passenger counting system gives a quick overview of important performance metrics and an average level of quality, even during the working day. There’s even an alarm that goes off whenever one of the parameters falls below a certain level.

Businesses that provide public transit or transport services require precise information to compute their passenger capacity. Many transportations contracts demand proof of its total passenger count transported as part of the payment scheme. The requirements on the precision of this information are always increasing. Passenger counting systems allow businesses to fulfill these high criteria. All individuals arriving and departing at the relevant stations are counted using a passenger counting system.

This website collects all of the frequently asked questions about a Passenger Counting System.

This section has a variety of topics that may be helpful, mainly if you’re new to the passenger counting system. We will offer you most of the knowledge you need regarding a Passenger counting system which you can take notes on before acquiring one.

Suppose you operate a corporation or a number of transport vehicles. You must consider installing or purchasing the passenger counting system. This post will teach you how to evaluate all of the facts prior to actually purchasing a Passenger Counting System.

Keep reading to find out more about Passenger Counting Systems!


  1. What exactly does a passenger counting system do?
  2. How does a passenger counting system restrict the figure of persons in a vehicle?
  3. For a passenger counting system, where is its preferable installation position?
  4. If my passenger counting system breaks down, where can I go?
  5. In what way can we limit the figure of passengers using the passenger counting system?
  6. What are the 20 benefits of installing a passenger counting system?
  7. When choosing a passenger counting system, what factors should be well-thought-out?
  8. Why do we need to utilize a passenger counting system around terminals?
  9. What are the advantages of having a passenger counting system?


What exactly does a passenger counting system do?

Passenger Counting System FAQ banner

Till now, passenger counting would have to be done by hand or at exorbitant cost. That’s where the passenger counting system enters the picture. The passenger counting system gives more precise data than being done manually.

A passenger counting system is just a small device that is equipped at a facility or vehicle entries or doors to quantify the total individuals who enter and leave the area.

In automobiles, notably, ones being used transport, the passenger counting system is quite successful.

The passenger counting system is not just useful in passenger vehicles, but it can also be deployed in terminal gates to compute the passenger number directly.

How does a passenger counting system restrict the quantity of persons in a vehicle?

Passenger Counting System FAQ 2

Even in congested areas, the passenger counting system notifies the driver of the figure of passengers on the vehicle in real-time, adding and removing at the same time. A predicting technology that aids in the adjustment of the operation to the actual demand for transportation and enables data to be transferred to the cloud server in a timely manner.

The passenger counting system identifies when the gates open & close enables notifications to be set when a specific count of passengers is achieved, while also capturing photos recorded by cameras. Furthermore, because of its infrared technology, it is not affected by light levels.

For a passenger counting system, where is its preferable installation position?

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Another very important stage in this process of deploying a passenger counting system is determining the correct installation location.

To verify the effectiveness of the passenger counting system, station this device right above a terminal’s or transport vehicle’s entry door.

Establish the placement location in order to screen everyone who enters its detecting region. This guarantees high data reliability.

The passenger counting system recommends a configuration height and surface area of 2.3 meters to 2.8 meters and 1.5 meters to 2 meters, accordingly.

When you deviate from such standards, the outcome will be less than the ideal accuracy.

When there are numerous entrances, you may consider installing a handful of passenger counting systems depending on the count of doors or entrances.

In what way do passenger counting systems function?

Passenger Counting System FAQ 4

The following are some insights as to how the passenger counting system functions:

After entering the screening sector, a technical method would identify and compute a passenger’s position, as well as his or her height. The passenger counting system will then send the information or data to an access control center.

Camera recorder-based passenger counting systems use a series of sensors that are interconnected to a webserver.

The passenger counting system keeps track of the precise count of passengers, and other components then transfer the gathered data to the main server for access and processing later on.

The passenger counting system consists of one or maybe more detectors that are connected via software.

If my passenger counting system breaks down, where can I go?

Passenger Counting System FAQ 5

Maintenance & repairs must be handled by the passenger counting system manufacturer’s service center if the item was purchased from a specific brand or firm.

Once the passenger counting system fails, check the warranty booklet. Insurance is also offered.

The business may change the device for you at no additional cost.

In the event that your warranty ends, there are several available passenger counting system service centers in your region from which you may choose.

This may be necessary if the service and maintenance costs of the passenger counting system surpass the selling price.

Restorations are only provided in exceptional cases.

In what way can we limit the figure of passengers using the passenger counting system?

Because of our current situation; the pandemic, it is advised by the authorities that all the public transport vehicle capacity must be less down to 50% to prevent the spread of the virus.

But how exactly can we limit the count of passengers when the vehicle is too big and the driver is all alone? Fleet managers may consider installing a passenger counting system, this technology may assist the driver to identify if the passenger number limit is already achieved.

The passenger counting system transmits data to the driver and central server of the count of passengers per stop. The passenger counting system can be modified to the number of passengers allowed to ride at the same time.

What are the 20 benefits of installing a passenger counting system?

Passenger Counting System FAQ 6

Urbanization is now on the climb, with 53 percent of the global population now living in the city, and that percentage is expected to increase to 67 percent by 2050. Increasing global traffic demands, which in turn necessitates an expansion in public transportation capacity. Passengers can be counted and the activities of passengers may be studied by utilizing passenger counting systems.

Metropolitan areas can assure effective and sustainable mass transit systems thanks to passenger counting systems and new Passenger data technologies.

Mass transit systems must be designed around passenger demand. The absence of knowledge results in public transportation services that are not matched with passengers’ demands imposed, resulting in crowdedness, travel delays, and over the provision of services that is wasteful. It’s a lose-lose situation for everyone.

These statistics are traditionally obtained manually using surveys, on-board questionnaire or human manual counting yet only gives a snapshot of a certain time frame.

Passenger counting systems, allow commuters’ conduct to be tracked, and public transportation may be monitored.

An accurate passenger counting system has several advantages.

  1. The passenger counting system journey time has been cut in half.
  2. The user’s level of satisfaction has risen with the use of the passenger counting system.
  3. The passenger counting system helps the upsurge in the figure of passengers on the train.
  4. The passenger counting system helps manage the distribution of seats in a meeting room.
  5. The passenger counting system helps to optimize the space you have at your disposal
  6. Staffing and scheduling based on demand.
  7. To do this, The passenger counting system helps to calculate metrics such as the average security wait time for each traveler as well as the average check-in wait time for each traveler.
  8. The passenger counting system helps to utilize a passenger vehicle’s maximum capacity.
  9. The passenger counting system helps to acquire data to assist with predicting and service-related choices
  10. Passengers per route & the cost of each passenger are examples of key performance metrics of the passenger counting system that may be studied and compared.
  11. At each stop, The passenger counting system helps keep track of how long passengers have waited.
  12. passenger counting system helps keep track of the number of passengers over time.
  13. passenger counting system helps justify the grants you’ve received.
  14. Traffic reduction and carbon emissions will be minimized by the passenger counting system.
  15. In employment manual operations, significant cost reductions can be achieved by the passenger counting system.
  16. passenger counting system helps respect the privacy of those who are concerned about it.
  17. The availability of resources should be increased.
  18. passenger counting system helps to optimize the route.
  19. Low-cost, reliable data, irrespective of how full the service may be.
  20. passenger counting system helps keep an eye on the figure of passengers in the building to keep tabs on social distancing and guarantee safety.

When choosing a passenger counting system, what factors should be well-thought-out?

A number of factors need to be taken into account when determining whether or not to invest in a passenger counting system. These components include:

  • A risk-free sample of the passenger counting system allows you to test the product before you buy it. To determine if the passenger counting system, you purchased is suitable for your needs, it would also be highly helpful to have this information handy.
  • Choose the cheapest passenger counting system, but don’t ignore its performance. As a cost-saving measure, some organizations limit the capability of passenger counting systems.
  • Passenger Counting System with Highest Reliability, as Demonstrated by greater Image Quality
  • Flexibility is essential when it comes to selecting a passenger counting system.
  • Precision: Purchase a passenger counting system with a better accuracy rate, more than 94%.
  • You may choose whether or not the passenger counting system is oriented; if it is vital to you, get it. Such a method of passenger counting system may change in and out quickly.
  • Financial Accounting: Management reports from the passenger counting system allow you to access your data at any time. When you ask for it, some companies will give you permission to use one another’s data if you expressly ask for that too.

Why do we need to utilize a passenger counting system around terminals?

Passenger Counting System FAQ 7

There are numerous explanations why the passenger counting system should be used at terminals.

Additionally, the passenger counting system is able to quantify the movement of passengers in and out of terminals as well as the figure of passengers currently on board. There are ways to keep track of wait times, such as by indicating the number of individuals who are presently standing and the waiting time. A hub map of activity will be displayed by the system, so you’ll know roughly how long or where do individuals take a break from their work. Which gateways, regions, and periods of each day have the highest passenger traffic? The passenger counting system helps to count the people who walk past and enter each shop unit on the terminal, as well as the numbers of people who walk in.

What are the advantages of having a passenger counting system?

Passenger Counting System FAQ 7 (1)

To be successful in the public transportation industry, public transportation operators must have accurate passenger counting systems. Insights into your company’s efficiency and effectiveness are provided by passenger counting systems, which allow you to discover weak points and areas for development. With the help of a passenger counting systems analysis tool, this important information can be captured and fed back into the planning process, resulting in a closed feedback controller and a strong foundation for management choices.

Maximize your productivity Improve the quality of service
Giving management choices a strong foundation. The performance of the fleet should be monitored.
Business Analytics is delivered. Passenger load data is used to adjust service offers.
Automated planning feedback Customers will be more satisfied when you plan based on overall inflation
Save money on gasoline and maintenance by taking advantage of the latest technology. Strategic planning may be improved with the use of statistical data.
Utilizes patent-pending technology to assist with crowd control


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