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QOHO is Your Passenger Counting Sensor Trusted Provider

An effective company business strategy is determined by the number of daily visitors to the institution. But how would you determine how many passengers or footfall there are on a regular schedule? By installing a Passenger Counting Sensor, your firm will be able to obtain exact data on the total number of passengers.

The Automatic Passenger Counting sensor, thanks to innovative and sophisticated technology, gives more information than simply passenger amounts. The passenger counting sensor system identifies between luggage and transit-related devices such as bikes, wheelchairs, and carriages with high accuracy. This allows for more accurate calculation of vehicle space requirements, and also the installation of wheelchair and stroller ramps when needed.

A passenger counting sensor has several benefits. For example, a passenger counting sensor can assist in reducing foot traffic or long queuing lines at the station. This can assist fleet management in allocating additional vehicles to a busy route or a crowded passenger terminal in order to enhance customer satisfaction.

QOHO Passenger Counting Sensor with AI Face Recognition is also available in 11 languages: English, Chinese, French, Turkish, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Arabic, German, & Japanese.


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High-Accuracy Passenger Counting Sensor for terminals or station, perfect for setting allowed number of persons to enter at the same time

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Passenger Counting Sensor installed on public transportation that counts the number of passengers.

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Vehicle Passenger Counting Sensor with Mobile DVR 4G online, number of people report

QOHO Provides Precise Passenger Counting Sensor in Transportation and Establishments

QOHO has been producing vehicular observation and security devices for over 16 years. Our values system is to provide the best answer to any passenger vehicle issues that may arise.

The company has become an excellently known brand in Shenzhen, China, and it’s been our goal to provide low-cost Passenger counting sensors with the best quality available.

Long-term use of passenger counting sensors enables mass transit operators to best match vehicle capacity to transit volume. Is it necessary to have articulated buses or minibusses? How many vehicle units must be stationed, and which line must they be deployed on? As a result, transportation companies can respond quickly and modify capacity to match passenger demands.

The Passenger Counting Sensor from QOHO not just counts passengers accurately, but it is also very easy to use. Our people counting sensor is easy to set up, but we pledge to provide you with the finest aid and encouragement to get the device up and working in no time.


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QOHO is Your Preferred Supplier for Precise and Dependable Passenger Counting Sensor.

Ever since its foundation in 2005, QOHO has established itself as one of the most reliable and well-known firms in the world of vehicle security, DVRs, and sensors. The Passenger Counting Sensor is one of the products that we are pleased to offer.

QOHO’s Passenger Counting Sensor is designed with cutting-edge research and science to meet, if not exceed, customer demand.

We include a variety of Passenger Counting sensors to suit your needs. We get a Passenger Counting Sensor for both cars and business properties.

Do you have a certain characteristic in mind? We also offer R&D solutions. Depending on your specifications and preferences, we can design a people counting system.

At our business, we value customer satisfaction and our connections with each and every one of them. We pledge to provide comprehensive assistance to ensure that all goods continue to run and function effectively even after the consumers have purchased them.

Passenger Counting Sensor – Your Ultimate Reference & Guide

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The global population is steadily rising in cities: more or less half of the global population now lives in metropolitan areas, and so this figure is predicted to increase to almost 70% after 3 decades. As cities become more densely populated, the demand for transport rises, necessitating an expansion in public transport provision. The use of passenger counting sensors and the analysis of commuter behaviors can promote harmonious expansion in transportation.

This article is composed of relevant topics about a passenger counting sensor and all the facts you need to consider before making an investment. A passenger counting sensor is a great device typically to know the exact number of individuals that enter an area, but there are other things to remember. Just with any other electronic device, the passenger counting sensor may also have drawbacks and disadvantages, also there are other important details about a passenger counting sensor that you might not know or do not have enough idea about it.

Keep on scrolling to see all the topics and distinguish more about a passenger counting sensor.

List of Contents:

  • What does a Passenger Counting Sensor do?
  • Can you enumerate the benefits of installing a passenger counting sensor?
  • How exactly does the Passenger Counting Sensor function?
  • Where is the best location for a Passenger Counting Sensor to be installed?
  • What is the distinction between a Passenger Counting Sensor and a Passerby Counting Sensor?
  • How can a passenger counting sensor work on vehicles?
  • Can a passenger counting sensor be used to reduce the count of individuals in a location?
  • Where can I buy or import a passenger counting sensor?
  • What components comprise a passenger counting sensor?
  • Is it possible to modify a passenger counting sensor using a laptop or a smartphone?
  • And what were the factors to consider while placing a Passenger Counting Sensor?
  • What are the basic things to consider when installing a passenger counting sensor?




What does a Passenger Counting Sensor do?

Passenger Counting Sensor FAQ 1

A passenger counting sensor is a small device that has been installed at a building or structure’s gates or doors to quantify the exact numbers of individuals who go in and exits the building.

It is most often utilized at areas such as terminals or stations to distinguish the total number of passengers for each day.

In autos, especially ones used for commuting, the passenger counting sensor is also remarkably efficient.

Can you enumerate the benefits of installing a passenger counting sensor?

Passenger Counting Sensor FAQ 2

A small device like a passenger counting sensor can make a difference in fleet management. The passenger counting sensor possesses several benefits that are efficient in mass transportation.

  1. passenger counting sensor can reduce travel time.
  2. Improved user satisfaction.
  3. A rise in the number of travelers is expected.
  4. Reduced road congestion & harmful gas emissions.
  5. Substantial cost reductions in physical labor-intensive operations.
  6. Respect people’s privacy concerns.
  7. Use a passenger car to its full capacity.
  8. Gather data for predicting and service-related choices.
  9. Investigate important performance metrics such as passengers every mile and cost per passenger.
  10. Enhance the availability of resources.
  11. Optimizing of the route.
  12. Control seat allotment.
  13. passenger counting sensor makes use of all the given space.
  14. Personnel deployment and planning are dependent on demand.
  15. Produce metrics such as safety waiting period per passenger, check-in wait time per passenger, income per traveler, expenditure per commuter, security inefficiencies, and peak passenger patterns.
  16. Time spent idling for each station should be recorded.
  17. Track the number of passengers over time.
  18. Rationalize your grants.
  19. Irrespective matter how crowded the device is, dependable data at a cheap cost.
  20. Track social distance and guarantee safety by monitoring the live tenancy.

The passenger counting sensor measures aid in port services, gateway management, queue handling & management, shopping area rental management, and scheduling for aircraft, railways, busses, emergency plans, and services & building maintenance.

How exactly does the Passenger Counting Sensor function?

Here are some insights about how exactly the Passenger Counting Sensor operates:

Whenever an individual reaches the screening zone of the people counting system, the system recognizes & analyzes the person’s position & height utilizing only a technical counting system or algorithm and afterward sends the results or data to centralized control.

A passenger counting sensor is composed of a group of sensors that are connected to a domain controller.

Where is the best location for a Passenger Counting Sensor to be installed?

Passenger Counting Sensor FAQ 3

The crucial element in putting a Passenger Counting Sensor is determining the correct setup location.

For increased accuracy of a Passenger counting sensor, mount the sensor right on top of a station’s or car’s main entrance.

Manage the setup location so that it can scan everyone who reaches its screening region. This ensures operational efficiency.

How can a passenger counting sensor work on vehicles?

In the transport industry, adding a passenger counting sensor is also advantageous. It enables fleet managers to make or recognize the number of people who board and depart the transport vehicle at each terminal.

The passenger counting sensor sends passenger figures to the central software solutions, enabling the server admin to allocate or assign more vehicles to high-traffic stops or terminals.

The passenger counting sensor is also successful on school buses. By using a passenger counting sensor, the school will be able to identify the exact count of students who rode the bus to school as well as the overall number of attendees for the day.

Can a passenger counting sensor be used to reduce the count of individuals in a location?

Given our present circumstances (pandemic), a passenger counting sensor may undoubtedly be used to limit the number of passengers present at the time.

Users can adjust the allowed number of people who are permitted to go in an area or vehicle for social distancing purpose

To prevent acquiring the virus, everyone avoided densely crowded areas; hence, with the help of the device called passenger counting sensor, users can pick the exact number of people permitted within the area or vehicle and the passenger counting sensor would do its job.

The device will send an alert or a verbal alert to visitors informing passengers that now the limit of authorized passenger count has been achieved and that they must remain in the queue for their turn to enter.

What is the distinction between a Passenger Counting Sensor and a Passerby Counting Sensor?

Passenger Counting Sensor FAQ 4

The placement location of such counting sensors explains every one of these devices’ distinctions:

  • Passenger Counting Sensor

The Passenger Counting Sensor rapidly assesses and calculates the total number of individuals in images or recordings.

Passenger Counting Sensors allow managers to choose a specific area in a clip or picture for collection and analysis.

The Passenger Counting Sensor is capable of evaluating up to 2 thousand people in a High-resolution film and 8 thousand people in a 4K still image.

  • Sensor for Collecting Passers-By

The Passerby Counting Sensor allows company owners to draw a line in almost any area of the video or picture and then count the total individuals that traverse its sensor area.

Passerby Counting sensor data from people who passed all paths.

Where can I buy or import a passenger counting sensor?

Passenger Counting Sensor FAQ 5

The passenger counting sensor is currently available for purchase online particularly from any shopping website like Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba, but this will take a couple of days for the gadget to arrive. Another disadvantage is that you cannot inspect its performance before purchasing it.

However, should you insist on getting it over the internet, keep the following tips in mind:

  • If you’re seeking a provider of passenger counting sensors, begin your search in China.
  • There are many trustworthy businesses in China that produce digital equipment including a passenger counting sensor. • Production businesses in China offer high-quality passenger counting sensors at a reasonable price that can meet up with the current global quality.
  • After you’ve identified a passenger counting sensor company, visit their website. You should be able to locate genuine and pleasant product reviews.
  • The lower the minimum purchase quantity, the better. It’d be a good value, particularly if you only would like to get a sample of the product.
  • Make a purchase, and provided the supplier has sufficient stock, you should get the passenger counting sensor sample within 2 weeks.

What components comprise a passenger counting sensor?

This method includes several components, but below are some of the most significant passenger counting sensor’s components:

  • A lens or a sensor.
  • Install wiring in electrical devices
  • Memory storage devices such as micro-SD cards or hard disk drives or HDD are utilized for photo storing.
  • Components of data and power supply

Each piece serves a distinct function. A passenger counting sensor is composed of a combination of such components.

Without a single component, the passenger counting sensor could not perform its claimed function.

The parts of a passenger counting sensor are continuously evolving to keep up with how technology has affected society.

Passenger counting sensors have been everywhere since the innovation era, but the device’s ability to record images enabled them to pursue more complex aims.

The parts of a passenger counting sensor are continuously evolving to keep up with how technology has affected society.

Is it possible to modify a passenger counting sensor using a laptop or a smartphone?

Passenger Counting Sensor FAQ 6

The passenger counting sensor is compatible with both smartphones and computers.

A desktop or a smartphone can be used to alter the passenger counting sensor.

It allows users to monitor the passenger counting sensor information in a more convenient location.

The passenger counting sensor device transmits camera feed to desktops, smartphones, computers, and other handheld devices through Internet Protocol networks via wired connection, wireless fidelity, & data network.

handheld mobile devices are great for viewing live images while visiting a shopping center, hosting a party, or attending a lecture.

And what were the factors to consider while placing a Passenger Counting Sensor?

Here are a few things to think about while installing a Passenger Counting Sensor:

Install the Passenger Counting Sensor at a height of no less than 2.3 meters.

Install the Passenger Counting Sensor in an area that is at least 1.5 meters in diameter.

The labeling strip for the passenger counting sensor must face the interior of the building.

Install a passenger counting sensor at a location with an exact number of entrances or doorways.

Check the display screen when turning on the passenger counting sensor.

Put in place the passenger counting sensor exclusively inside.

Letting your passenger counting sensor come into contact with water is not a good idea.

What are the basic things to consider when installing a passenger counting sensor?

Select an Exact and Precise Approach

Passenger counting sensors have come a long way since the days when the only alternatives were limited, such as having personnel stand at gates with portable clickers to record passengers. Because of developments such as video surveillance and deep learning-based artificial intelligence, today’s sophisticated solutions are very accurate and exact.

Users must always do research to verify that the software you use can provide particular insights to some of the most important commercial interests you’re searching for solutions to – such as consumers’ visit severity and intensity of passengers – and that it can do so consistently. Instead, you risk making business judgments that lead to inaccurate or useless nonsense.

Be Wary of Typical Error Rates and Potential Misapprehensions

Some passenger counting sensors are more precise than others when it comes to counting passengers. Irrespective of the alternatives you choose in the vehicle, please bear in mind the typical % of errors. Taking the failure rate into consideration while evaluating the data to have a more accurate assessment of what transpired on the grounds during a specific day in terms of passenger volumes.

Learn why you may also need to delve deeper into the information to get the proper conclusions. Certain passenger counting sensors, for instance, feature 3D features that allow them to separate minors from general passenger traffic rather than lumping them in with the total statistics. To examine those readings separately, you might have to understand how to adjust the interaction parameters on the passenger counting sensor.


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