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QOHO NVR Mobile for Your Fleet Management Solution

The aim of QOHO is to improve your driving experience and ensure your safety on the road. We are able to offer you our best solution and that is the NVR Mobile.

With the aid of our NVR Mobile wants you to have a great time while remaining secure, which is why we provide car security systems that give you with the peace of mind you require.

We are passionate about what we do. Every customer is important to us and one-of-a-kind. We realize that you want us to be the best NVR Mobile factory possible all of the time.

We constantly hope that our buyers make informed decisions when purchasing a security equipment like as an NVR Mobile, which includes not only offering the guaranteed best value but also providing adequate assurances and the highest quality of pre-and post-sale customer service.

MNVR8208H-side NVR Mobile

4ch AHD+4ch IPC NVR Mobile, max support 16CH IPC/ AHD as a customized requirement, it’s the best solution for Train Project.

1 channel NVR Mobile MNVVR101

1ch road-view NVR Mobile for Forwarding safety solution, 1ch IP Camera is the Best Solution for different transportation Project.

h.265 NVR Mobile

8ch H.265 NVR Mobile is the built-in GPS, 4G remote view, WIFI, Driver Fatigue & ADAS function for AI Mobile Network Video Recorder.

NVR Mobile1080P-MDVR8208H

4 channel 720P AHD camera and 8 channel IP camera combine to work hybrid NVR Mobile

1ch 2MP IPC 4G mini Car DVR NVR Mobile

NVR Mobile Road View Solution with GPS, G-Sensor, 4G live View online In real-time, WIFI function is suitable for Taxi, SUV Car and Van.

NVR Mobile 12ch MDVR8104S-8

12 channel IP camera NVR Mobile perfect for Big Bus, Train, Truck Solution, Save cost and Better Installation.

QOHO is Your Trustworthy NVR Mobile Provider in Shenzhen, China

NVR Mobile or Network video recorders in cars differ from DVRs in that their input comes via a network instead of a direct line to a video recording card or receiver. The DVR footage is encrypted and analyzed at the DVR, whereas NVR mobile video is encrypted and handled at the vehicle camera before being sent to the NVR Mobile for recording or remote monitoring. Additional processing, such as compressing or labeling with metadata, may be performed at the NVR mobile.

There is hybrid NVR mobile surveillance capable of integrating NVR features; they are classified as NVR Mobile.

A hybrid model combining AHD 1080P and IPC 1080P NVR Mobile is featured on QOHO NVR Mobile; it can also operate with 8ch – 16ch IPC NVR Mobile when required.

QOHO has become one of China’s leading manufacturers of professional NVR Mobile for the past sixteen years.

Besides this, our NVR Mobile has been passed by the EN50155 Railway Anti-vibration Certificate and the IEC62638 Standard.

The QOHO NVR Mobile, PCBs inside, and other materials have been designed and produced so that we can supply you with affordable yet good-quality products.

Please provide your email address and provide your full requirements for your NVR Mobile project right away!

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QOHO Offers the Finest NVR Mobile in the Market

The NVR Mobile is built to withstand harsh conditions, operating at a broad range of temperatures and with anti-vibration shielding, best suited for public transportation and commercial situations.

For sixteen years, QOHO has proven its service and among all the manufacturers of electronics and other vehicle surveillance devices, our company is one of the dependable suppliers you will find in Shenzhen, China.

The difficulties that mobile surveillance system encounters include a broad working temperature range, continuous vibration, web access, and repair and commissioning complexity. QOHO NVR Mobile’s strengths lie in its expertise in dependability, power control, and growth. Furthermore, technical specifications differ from car to car and nation to nation. The setup must be expandable, and modification must be available on a timely basis. QOHO acquires extensive information and expertise from real-world cases. This important asset allows QOHO to provide a business mobile security systems comprising all around the globe.

Not only that QOHO offers low-cost vehicle security devices but also our products especially the NVR Mobile can compete with global brands in terms of quality and specifications.

QOHO even has qualified international technical personnel on hand to assist you at any moment. Our NVR Mobile ensures to exceed client satisfaction by utilizing cutting-edge technologies and innovation.

Our firm also provides R&D (research and development) services for your personal NVR Mobile tastes, design, and specifications.

If you already know what you are looking for in an NVR Mobile, just sent us an inquiry email and we will be right back at you with the best deal.

NVR Mobile – Your Ultimate FAQ Guide

NVR Mobile FAQ Banner

This is an article that focuses on different frequently asked information about NVR mobile. We have gathered several topics about NVR Mobile which can be efficient when planning to purchase this kind of device.

Managing a fleet of vehicles, security, and surveillance systems are necessary since huge automobiles typically transport valuable goods or stuff and it is really cumbersome to monitor all the vehicles without a certain security system.

Business owners are now considering investing with the NVR Mobile because of its various serviceableness.

From vehicle security to the driver’s safety, an NVR Mobile can provide it all.

If you’re eager to know more and plan to purchase one in the near future, keep on reading!


  • What is an NVR Mobile?
  • Can I connect any type of camera to my NVR mobile?
  • How can NVR Mobile be protected against cybercriminals?
  • What should be the factors for buying an NVR mobile device?
  • Until when will the IP camera connected to my NVR Mobile last?
  • How Would I Reestablish the Digital Signals on My NVR Mobile?
  • What cable is necessary for my NVR Mobile?
  • Can you list down the advantages of an NVR Mobile?
  • How would I maintain my NVR mobile throughout the years?
  • What is the installation process and where can I put my NVR Mobile?
  • How long can the NVR Mobile work while power shut down? How long does it take?
  • Why is the IP camera connected to my NVR Mobile not functioning?
  • And what were the elements of an NVR Mobile?



What is an NVR Mobile?

NVR Mobile FAQ 1

The Network Video Recorder Mobile stands for NVR Mobile. NVR Mobile systems immediately capture as well as save camera recordings in its network channel. NVR Mobile systems are based on sophisticated external camera types, known as IP cameras or Internet Protocol cams. Indeed, audio and video signals may be taken or processed by IP cameras directly. The NVR Mobile accomplishes this either over a WIFI connection or an Ethernet connection.

NVR Mobile are environmentally and modularly safeguarded video processing network Internet protocol equipment. NVR Mobile is selected in advanced car monitoring systems.

Camera footage is promptly transmitted through the network first from IP cameras installed inside the vehicle. The NVR Mobile, together with any associated information such as geographical location information, stores these to the system storage in Omni loop storage.

The NVR Mobile offers helpful characteristics including proximity sensor technology, alert generation, and customized filming methods. The use of technology development in NVR Mobile is a good way to actively monitor fleet, management projects.

Can I connect any type of camera to my NVR mobile?

NVR Mobile FAQ 2

There are two types of cameras – Analog and IP Camera, Analog cameras work best together with the DVR Mobile. While for the NVR Mobile, Internet Protocol or IP cameras are suitable.

IP cameras are NVR Mobile compatible that give various advantages over traditional DVR Mobile. Basically, brief NVR Mobile captures high-quality digital video encrypted on the IP camera directly prior to WIFI or online transmission to the NVR Mobile. Scaling up such NVR Mobile is considerably easier than DVR Mobile systems. Wireless cameras are also supported by NVR Mobile and do not need any cable connections.

NVR Mobile configurations recording app — it is essentially an internet-connected device — whereas DVR Mobile encrypts the video data on the DVR Mobile isn’t the analog camera.

How can NVR Mobile be protected against cybercriminals?

NVR Mobile FAQ 3

The safety concerns coincide with the benefits of using wi-fi and smart technologies with the NVR Mobile. Most people do not know how the Web jeopardizes cybersecurity. In several other cases the precise instruments, like video surveillance, you purchase to safeguard yourself might be used to gather illegal and unauthorized access. An automobile control system (IP cameras & NVR Mobile) could be accessed by cybercriminals when connected to a vulnerable WIFI network. Nevertheless, users may take action to make the NVR Mobile system protected. By reading this guide you may find out how to protect your NVR mobile.

Many precautions may be performed to secure your personally identifiable data on your NVR Mobile, spanning from correctly establishing your IP cameras within your local secured network to appropriate credential setup practices & caution about the emails you accept. Even though a cybercriminal can find one of your IP cameras, if indeed the mitigation guidelines are performed, it cannot obtain your significant NVR Mobile data.

The very first stage is to develop your IP cameras and NVR mobile subdomain.   The IP cams capture and transmit videos straight over the main server to the NVR mobile.

However, it is strongly suggested that security cameras consume very much capacity that slows down your internet connection. VPN is similar to access to several connections, only that it is safer. An NVR Mobile’s VPN is suitable if you really want numerous remote profiles to view your surveillance cameras & images. The following item is the terminal transmission. Windows firewall simply maintains your security and even a port is opened across your barrier every time you access a camcorder remotely.

The NVR Mobile is protected only by a passcode. Regardless of how much you’re using a VPN, a different connection, or merely a standard security option, one of the fastest and most convenient ways to increase

NVR Mobile FAQ 4

In the following ways, NVR Mobile passcodes can be safeguarded:


  • The passcode users should input are those that aren’t easily configured like the same with the usernames, birthdays, 1234, and other easily guessed pin codes.
  • NVR Mobile Pin codes must be changed regularly
  • NVR Mobile Passwords must not be predefined by the manufacturer or supplier
  • NVR Mobile Password must not include any of your personal credentials that are linked to your mobile devices
  • Finally, monitor your NVR Mobile’s and network routers for upgrades. Failure to fix it is often identified and updated by manufacturers. Users need to update their gadgets to achieve an enhanced sense of protection.

Just a simple tip: Users may mix letters and digits for safe passcode building with uppercase and lowercase characters

What should be the factors for buying an NVR mobile device?

If you plan to acquire an NVR Mobile, you must first take into consideration several aspects while buying NVR Mobile for safety or monitoring objectives. The finest and top-quality NVR Mobile is a key element in your overall safety plan.

NVR Mobile provides excellent filming performance and high image resolutions. High-grade level enables users to view info like vehicle plate numbers, equipment information plus crisp, questionable plates. Since NVR mobile systems have some internet capabilities, it is frequently straightforward to establish them. As a result, your additional video cameras can operate in a brief period.

Until when will the IP camera connected to my NVR Mobile last?

NVR Mobile FAQ 5

The IP camera ought to be able to survive 2 NVR Mobile phases on average. Assuming the NVR Mobile will last up to 4-6 years, the IP camera must last for 8-20 years.

Users may consider buying a brand-new IP camera afterward. Doing this will allow you to guarantee software compatibility and exposure to new capabilities using an updated NVR mobile.

How Would I Reestablish the Digital Signals on My NVR Mobile?

NVR Mobile FAQ 6

The very first step which you need to do is to check whether your camera is activated appropriately, but if you cannot get a video replay from your NVR mobile. Switch it on to receive video signals.

Should there still no video after activating the IP camera, examine the visual or wireless connection. Users should ensure that only certain cables & ports are properly linked, also that the NVR Mobile’s network configurations are accurate, but that any electrical insulators should be working.

Users need to verify the IP camera program twice in addition to all of the above. Download the latest version for your NVR Mobile to check how well you can see the recordings.

Finally, check for any damages to the IP camera. Broken optics & parts could lead to a failure of video recording & transmission from the IP camera.

If this kind of fails, it’s indeed necessary for professional help to reach your NVR Mobile maker or provider.

What cable is necessary for my NVR Mobile?

NVR Mobile FAQ 7

To link PoE cameras or “Power over Ethernet” cameras port to the back of an NVR Mobile, Ethernet cable or network cabling is utilized. This sends video data, voice signals, plus electricity over a single cable. Ethernet wire comes in a range of parameters. Manufacturers recommend a CAT5e or CAT6 wiring. since c coaxial wire is much denser, bulkier, & tougher to attach over the network cable or Ethernet wire. Such cables are used for line wirings with a full limit of 328 ft.  For longer distances, a PoE toggle or extender could be utilized.

Ethernet wiring is much less pricey than coaxial wires. Using a manufacture-made wire is easier, unfortunately, it may be more costly based on the size and length of the wire.

Can you list down the advantages of an NVR Mobile?

This is why an NVR Mobile is worth the money instead of a DVR:

  • The NVR Mobile could capture both video and audio, whereas the DVR Mobile could only record footage.
  • NVR Mobile offers high image quality.
  • Enhanced power flexibility, nevertheless the application or software on the Mobile DVR might be challenging to use
  • It performs well since each IP camera has many sensors.
  • The mobile video recorder cannot offer wireless connectivity. On the NVR Mobile, it supports both wired and wireless.
  • With video, sound, and power, only a single wire is sufficient.
  • Due to the extremely improved image quality, NVR Mobile can easily identify car plate numbers, individuals, plus other things too.

How would I maintain my NVR mobile throughout the years?

NVR Mobile FAQ 8

The very first way to maintain your NVR Mobile functional is to always make a close check on the NVR Mobile’s temp. Position the NVR Mobile in a cool, properly vented position to avoid excessive heat.

In addition, users should be careful with the NVR Mobile. The frequent cleaning of the NVR Mobile avoids debris and other alien material from accumulating and elevating internal housing.

Furthermore, if there is indeed a performance problem, users may keep the NVR Mobile in excellent operating condition, receiving assistance from the maker or vendor of the NVR Mobile. If required, acquire upgrading data, acceptable regular maintenance procedures, warranty, or suggested refrigeration

What is the installation process and where can I put my NVR Mobile inside my vehicle?

NVR Mobile FAQ 9

NVR Mobile installations and operations should be governed by your regional electronics security regulation. Do not turn on the NVR Mobile until the installation process is finished. The NVR Mobile as well as its peripherals must be shielded in the odds of a disturbance whenever it links to the automobile & establishes a circuit. The NVR Mobile should first and foremost be connected to an AHD High-Resolution analog camera or an IP camera mostly on the network to properly record and store video footage.

Make sure that you keep the NVR Mobile body with the screw attachment.

NVR Mobile power port or cable must not be attached to any unrecommended devices. Turn the NVR Mobile off always when changing the Hard Disk Drive or any other parts, then disconnect the power cable.

Four channels up to eight channels & 6 IP cameras can be linked to the NVR Mobile. And so as far as AHD camera is concerned, customers get 2 channels that can be divided into 4 or 4 terminals.

To view whatever the IP cameras transmit to the NVR Mobile utilize your handheld devices, computer, or tablet with an internet connection. In addition to monitoring your automobile virtually in live time, users may indeed utilize the online Center Management System Platform.

How long can the NVR Mobile work while power shut down? How long does it take?

Users have 8 secs late shutting down on board Uninterruptible Power Supply or UPS on your NVR Mobile. When experience a power outage, this function safeguards your files.

Users may also use the extra UPS batteries to maintain their NVR Mobile working up to 5 hours once the power is discharged.

Why is the IP camera connected to my NVR Mobile not functioning?

If the offline IP camera is connected directly to the backside of the NVR Mobile, check the device’s port connectivity.

To test the port connection, exchange the terminals of the online IP camera with the terminals of an unavailable IP camera. Unless the offline IP camera appears to be live after it is put into the functioning host, but the formerly available IP camera becomes inactive, it indicates an issue within the NVR Mobile dock configuration. Restore your NVR Mobile to its factory settings.

And what were the elements of an NVR Mobile?

NVR Mobile FAQ 10

IP (Internet Protocol) Cameras – NVR Mobile devices require IP cameras, which could process actual footage prior to sending it to the NVR Mobile. The IPC is frequently more robust & highly equipped for capturing and sending voice/video signals. Intelligent video processing technology, including vehicle license plate identification and facial identity recognition, is made possible by IP sensors with advanced software.

Ethernet cords or wires – When your IP cameras are not cordless, then they are often linked to the NVR Mobile using Ethernet cords. These wires are just 100 meters in length, and they have certain advantages over coax lines. Various sensor arrays may have a PoE (Power over Ethernet) connectivity, which requires only one single wire or cable for the video, power supply, and audio input. Repeaters for NVR Mobile, which are commonly found in DVR systems, aren’t any longer necessary.  It really should be remembered, nevertheless, that not all Ethernet-based IP cameras are PoE compliant; many IP Cameras still require an Ethernet cord in addition to a separate electrical power source. These are less expensive and simple to operate due to their tiny size.

Recording device – The NVR Mobile simply stores & watches the clip. It’s doesn’t analyze video footage, which would be performed prior to sending it to the NVR Mobile by the IP camera.

Audio Input – Considering Ethernet connectivity may naturally carry sound or audio input, an IP camera with an audio input feature or microphone on an NVR Mobile system can capture simultaneous video with audio to the device.

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