Do Sanitation Vehicles need to be Equipped with On-Board Monitoring?

As a Waterproof SSD Mobile DVR Factory, share with you. For the current situation of environmental sanitation management, there are dead ends and inefficiencies in supervision, problems are not handled in time, accidents cannot be prevented, and punishment lacks effective evidence.

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Our Company Has New Products Online.

Our Company Has New Products Online. Our company has 4G Dashcam 2ch 1080P Car Camera , if you are interested in our products, please contact us.

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Is Vehicle Monitoring the Core of Intelligent Transportation?

As a Waterproof SSD Mobile DVR Factory, share with you. The vehicle-mounted monitoring system is an effective integration of advanced information technology, data communication transmission technology, electronic sensing technology, control technology and computer technology into the entire ground traffic management system. It is a large-scale and comprehensive function.

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What are the Intelligent Applications of Vehicle-Mounted Mobile Terminals in the Field of Public Tran

As a Waterproof SSD Mobile DVR Factory, share with you. At present, all large and medium-sized cities are promoting the development strategy of "low-carbon travel and public transport priority" according to national requirements.

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How do we protect ourself when someone temperature is higher and didn't wear something on the face?

Howdoweprotectourselfwhensomeonetemperatureishigheranddidntwearsomethingontheface? Facerecognitionandtemperaturedetectionalarmcamera; IdentifyeverydifferentcolorM-A-S-K; Accesscontrol,attedancefunction; Support21languages; Peoplecoutingcamerafacerecognitionteperaturecamera People counting cameraface recognition camera

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How do we control the number of Pepple inside my store in realtime

How do we control the number of people inside my store in realtime? People counting camera; Controlling the number of people in specific areas; Avoid to occur in overcrowed spaces set limited people in area as requested; Support language:English, Chinese, Turkish, Spanish, French,Italian,Russian,German,Romanian,Arabic,Japanese; People counter camera,11 languages

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