Do you know the Common Sense of Car Hard Disk Video Recorder Installation?

As a Vehicle Rear View Camera Factory, share with you. In view of the strong vibration of the car, the hard disk video recorder must be installed with special shock-absorbing rubber gaskets in the fixed position of the hard disk bracket and the car body, which can better reduce the damage to the hard disk caused by the car vibration.

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Do you know the Trend of Intelligent and Integrated Bus Monitoring?

As a Mobile DVR Manufacturer, share with you. Intelligentization and integration are the technological development trends of vehicle monitoring.

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What are the 7 Major Features of the Oil Tank Vehicle Monitoring Equipment?

Today, at China Vehicle Cameras Manufacturers, we will introduce a series of functions and characteristics of oil tank vehicle monitoring equipment.

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What are the Advantages and Characteristics of In-Vehicle Video Surveillance Solutions?

As a Vehicle Car Black Box Manufacturers, share with you. The vehicle-mounted mobile video surveillance system not only makes full use of the various advantages of GPRS/4G wireless in modern security, but more importantly, it can monitor, command and manage front-end users in real time for the application management center. I believe it will bring greater convenience and benefits to the user alarm management system in the future.

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Where is the Effect of Installing Bus Video Surveillance?

As a China Vehicle Cameras Manufacturers , let me share with you. Video surveillance of passenger cars: Long-distance passenger cars are a mobile society, and it is difficult to obtain evidence for the following phenomena: passengers carrying dangerous goods in the car, stealing or robbing public security cases, drivers illegal operation, serious overloading, etc., passengers taking other peoples luggage when getting off the bus And items etc. Metal Housing Side View Camera During the operation

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Can In-Vehicle Video Surveillance Make Public Transportation Safer?

As a Waterproof SSD Mobile DVR Factory, let me share with you. With the rapid growth of public travel demand today, the industry is paying more and more attention to the safety and convenience of on-board monitoring systems.

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