What is the Difference Between Car Surveillance and Ordinary Video Hard Disk Recorders?

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As one of the most important functions of in-vehicle video surveillance equipment, audio and video encoding and decoding capabilities are one of the key capabilities when considering in-vehicle digital video recorders. In this regard, there is no difference between car video recorders and ordinary video recorders in essence. They both choose mainstream video codec chips, adopt mainstream codec formats, and seek the greatest harmony between coding compression performance and imaging clarity. At present, most of the decoding methods of ordinary car video recorders adopt the H.264 standard.

Metal Housing Side View Camera

Metal Housing Side View Camera

There is a big difference between ordinary DVR and vehicle-mounted DVR in the use and acquisition of video recording. Ordinary DVRs are often used in fixed places. The equipment is fixed and not easy to move. It can be displayed locally.

Show, or through the fixed network (ADSL) access to the monitoring private network, any observation point in the network can access the DVR host through the network. Car DVR can only access the monitoring private network through 3G/4G.

In order to satisfy real-time online transmission of video images, most in-vehicle devices use 3G networks. Compared with 3G, the commonly used transmission method for driving recorders in cars, 4G mainly increases the speed of transmitting sound and data. It can better realize wireless roaming on a global scale, and process images, music, and video streams. And other media formats, it can support different data transmission speeds,

In other words, it can support transmission speeds of at least 2Mbps, 384kbps and 144kbps respectively in indoor, outdoor and driving environments (this value will vary according to the network environment).

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