What is the Necessity for the Development of Taxi Monitoring System?

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With economic development, social progress and the improvement of people's living standards, favorable conditions have been created for the development of the taxi industry. In recent years, the number of urban taxis has increased rapidly, but industry management is relatively backward, which has brought various shortcomings such as low efficiency, high cost, poor real-time performance, scattered scheduling, and waste of resources, which hinder the development of the industry. In view of this, the necessity of the development of taxi monitoring system is very strong.

China HDD Vehicle Mobile DVR

China HDD Vehicle Mobile DVR

Taxi robbery is a daily threat to the leasing industry. The taxi surveillance video management system is an effective prevention and a powerful blow to various illegal and criminal activities against taxis.

In the state of monitoring and fortification of the taxi, the state of the car and passenger images is captured in real time wirelessly and transmitted to the monitoring center to trigger the image and sound alarm. At the same time, the image will be automatically saved in the server of the monitoring center and displayed on the screen.

Generally speaking, the structure and functions of the taxi monitoring system platform are as follows:

1. The platform has an alarm automatic connection function, and a reconnection function after the wireless network is interrupted. All devices under the access platform can be automatically connected to the monitoring system and work normally.

2. Complete equipment and user registration management through the platform; forwarding of alarm information and control signaling; equipment and user configuration management; alarm access processing and linkage;

3. Remote real-time monitoring, electronic map real-time tracking and monitoring, image playback and vehicle historical data playback;

The global positioning system technology professional taxi monitoring system can provide a favorable guarantee for a safe city, and provide a reliable basis and first-hand information for national opportunities.

In order to adapt to the continuous development of urban traffic and the improvement of social security, the modern management of taxi monitoring has been put on the agenda. It is necessary to establish a unified, efficient, unobstructed, wide-covered, and universal taxi monitoring and dispatching system.

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