What are the Uses of Vehicle Monitoring Equipment?

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On-board monitoring is to monitor the safety of vehicles and driving during the driving process of large vehicles. Generally, large passenger cars, engineering vehicles, buses, etc. are installed with different monitoring equipment according to the monitored area. The introduction of the on-board monitoring equipment system into urban traffic will surely welcome more car owners, which can relieve road congestion and make the road smooth. Secondly, it can provide road condition information and improve the operating efficiency of vehicles. The most important thing is to better ensure the safety of vehicles. At present, it has been widely used in public transportation, passenger transportation, urban management law enforcement, school bus safety, logistics transportation, medical emergency, electric power repair and many other fields.

Metal Housing Side View Camera

Metal Housing Side View Camera

The on-board monitoring equipment system is mainly composed of three parts: terminal on-board monitoring system, video monitoring platform, and monitoring platform. The main functions of the vehicle during the operation of the vehicle are as follows:

(1) Real-time video surveillance

The monitoring center can remotely monitor the vehicle video in real time, and the on-board wireless video server (single card/dual card) supports multi-channel video remote viewing.

(2) GPS positioning

Built-in GPS can track the trajectory of the vehicle and fully understand the operating conditions.

(3) Video storage and playback

It adopts a multi-level storage structure. There are on-board hard disks, storage of CIF (D1), and wireless upload of CIF in the carriage. On-board video can be remotely searched and downloaded.

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