What are the Necessity for the Use of On-Board Surveillance?

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This is the vehicle-mounted video surveillance that controls safety elements from the human level and interferes with people's dangerous actions. The data during dynamic driving is also crucial to safety. This level is mainly combined with external data monitoring to give full play to people's active intervention.

HDD Vehicle Mobile DVR

HDD Vehicle Mobile DVR

During driving, it is necessary to detect and alarm the environment and conditions inside and outside the vehicle, and read and analyze the driving data to discover problems in time and make countermeasures.

In this process, the core is environmental perception, which relies heavily on cameras and radars, which are usually located on the front and rear bumpers, side mirrors, inside of the steering column or on the windshield of the vehicle.

It mainly collects environmental data inside and outside the car through various on-board sensors, performs technical processing such as identification, detection and tracking of static and dynamic objects, reads and analyzes driving data, and judges potential hazards for the driver in advance, and prompts the driver to adopt Measures.

The latest technology has increased the space for active intervention. According to the three key nodes, perception, judgment and execution, it can be roughly divided into three stages: collecting information, processing data, and actively intervening or prompting.

At present, it is relatively common to combine forward safety active alarm + dangerous driving behavior analysis + 4G video department standard terminal, and the rear operation and maintenance system timely feedbacks various faults of the on-board video surveillance equipment.

Once an accident occurs, after the vehicle sensor responds, the network transmission is transmitted to the back-end platform, and the platform gives an emergency alarm. After the accident, upload the platform by searching for continuous photos, videos, locations, vehicle speeds, accelerations, etc., and perform playback analysis on videos, maps, and analysis curves, and generate reports.

On-board fire protection equipment is used to protect the on-board audio and video storage data at the scene of natural disasters such as fires from physical and irreversible data damage. After the disaster, the protected data is read to analyze the scene.

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