What Functions Can the Video Surveillance System Achieve?

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The functions realized by the remote video monitoring system of public transportation

1) Remote video surveillance

The real-time video images of each bus can be retrieved remotely in the bus monitoring center or other monitoring points in real time, and real-time information of the driving bus can be obtained, including the number of passengers in the bus, driving location, service attitude, etc. At the same time, through the advanced 4g network, the video information in the car can also be remotely monitored through a smart phone.

2) Video data query

3) Remote command and dispatch

The public transportation management department can determine whether to increase the frequency according to the number of people gathered in each bus and the bus station, and make reasonable dispatch to avoid passenger stranded and road jams.

4) Safety precautions

Buses and bus stops are areas with high incidence of petty theft incidents. The establishment of a video system to improve the early warning mechanism can effectively reduce the probability of incidents, thereby protecting the lives and property safety of passengers, and providing public security organs with image data , Investigate and collect evidence to improve the level of safe city construction.

Metal Housing Side View Camera

Metal Housing Side View Camera

Bus video monitoring system composition:

1. Signal transmission of buses

The bus is mobile, and the transmission of video signals must be wireless. In the existing wireless transmission methods, most cities are not covered by WIFI. The cost of satellite and microwave communication is too high. The bandwidth of the previous 3g network is narrow. The launch of 4g service can just solve the problem of bus monitoring network transmission.

2. The installation and selection of the bus camera is based on the structure of the bus. Generally, 4 cameras are installed on the bus. The main locations are the upper door area, the lower door area, and the front and rear areas of the vehicle, which can cover the entire carriage including the driver. , The recommended camera is an infrared dome camera, so that it will not affect the overall appearance of the car, and it can also be used for day and night monitoring.

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