What is the Online Car-Hailing Monitoring Solution?

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Taxi has become an important way for many people to travel. Compared with the way of beckoning to ride a car, the advantages of online car-hailing are more obvious. It has the characteristics of fast, convenient, affordable, and user-friendly service. However, in recent years, due to the lack of industry market supervision, the evaluation level of online car-hailing platforms is low, and the vehicle Due to the uneven quality of drivers and the irregular operating systems of online car-hailing systems, safety accidents occur frequently. With the introduction of new regulations, the taxi-hailing system will gradually be standardized and legalized. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a complete online car-hailing monitoring system solution.

Metal Housing Side View Camera

Metal Housing Side View Camera

The composition of the online car-hailing monitoring system:

Front-end equipment: including vehicle video terminal, camera, RFID law enforcement terminal, SOS emergency button, wireless network sharing equipment.

Back-end data platform: including server and client and three-party monitoring network platform. The service consists of a management information server, a GPS server, and a video forwarding server structure. The client terminal mainly includes a video surveillance client, phone call system design software, mobile phone video surveillance APP, etc.

Features of online car-hailing monitoring program:

1. Comply with relevant standards and meet relevant agreements.

2. A dedicated terminal for car-hailing, which can effectively guarantee the reliability and versatility of the terminal.

3. Supporting platform services: adopt a mature urban supervision platform, one-stop management service, no supervision platform in remote areas, and support the use of dedicated terminals for online taxi-hailing.

4. Multi-line alarm function: dedicated terminal for taxis, supports multi-line alarm. When in danger, the driver and passengers can upload the danger signal to the monitoring platform through the alarm button.

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