Can On-Board Monitoring be Used on Sanitation Vehicles?

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As a Waterproof SSD Mobile DVR Factory, let me share with you.

HDD Vehicle Mobile DVR

HDD Vehicle Mobile DVR

As the most important road cleaning vehicle in the society, the sanitation vehicle has strict vehicle specifications, operating specifications, and driving specifications. In many cases, the conditions inside and outside the vehicle need to be recorded at any time for various purposes such as assessment certificates and accident evidence. How to better supervise the standardized operation of these sanitation vehicles has become an urgent problem for major enterprises and relevant environmental protection departments to solve.

In response to the needs of Shanghai's smart environmental sanitation management project, Shenzhen Hongdian has tailored a set of sophisticated, powerful and stable in-vehicle video wireless monitoring systems to provide visual services for Shanghai's urban sanitation operations.

With the help of the on-board video wireless monitoring system, managers can know the geographic location and operating status of the vehicle in real time through the network at any time. When an accident occurs, they can record all the images inside and outside the vehicle through 3G/4G wireless transmission and send them to the commander in time Center, while recording and saving data. It provides strong evidence and support for the timeliness of handling accidents and the traceability of accident responsibilities.

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