What's mobile DVR?

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What's mobile DVR?

Mobile DVR, MDVR is very very important for all vehicles, mobile DVR is not only can assist driver safety driving that can see blind spots at any time and everywhere, but also can give footage of recording as it can be evidence for any accidence and insurance.


Whats more, Mobile DVR can install on different kinds of vehicles, such as, Logistics:Cargo Van,Truck,Dump truck,Oil tanker,Cargo truck,Public transport:Coach/Tour bus,Public Transit bus,Taxi and personal Car,journey car,school bus,train and so on. As Mobile DVR solution for fleet tracking system is perfect solution and best choice to save your cost and time. 


QOHOs Mobile DVR include all different types to be suitable for your different requirement. Hard disk or SSD,SD card mobile DVR can be live video through 4G and download via Wifi. Waterproof SSD Mobile DVR for special vehicles with special requirement, for example, armored heavy tank, truck. Oil tanker etc...

4G telematics Camera is suitable for all different vehicles to stick on windscreen as smart design and solution with front road view and driver&passenger view.

AI Mobile DVR work with DSM(driver fatigue monitor) and ADAS to drive safety on the road.


Mobile DVR is as a protection people help your family, your company with safe driving, fast response, powerful evidence. So its really best choice for us.

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