What Functions does the Online Car-Hailing Monitoring System Have?

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As a China Vehicle Cameras Manufacturers, share with you. The online car-hailing monitoring system integrates user calling, automatic dispatch, driver ordering, itinerary settlement, and vehicle management. The functions required by the online car-hailing monitoring system include operation supervision, vehicle scrap and exit management, vehicle insurance, order management, vehicle matching management, complaint management, vehicle satellite positioning, emergency alarm call function, vehicle reservation, vehicle alarm, information release, audio Video recording, big data computing capabilities, driver management, vehicle scheduling. Service management, payment and settlement, etc.

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We can learn from the network car management platform developed by intelligent transportation to meet regulatory needs, improve corporate operating efficiency, and ensure corporate sustainable operations.

The design of network car software development products fully considers flexibility and scalability, and can configure and use different services and functional modules according to customer needs and business models. The main functions of each end of the network car management system are as follows:

1. Passenger terminal: mobile phone login, car booking, payment evaluation, duplicate check, recharge, coupons, participation in activities.

2. Driver side: get off and pick up the car, take orders, real-time billing, cash withdrawal, voice broadcast, assessment statistics, etc.

3. Management background: driver vehicle management, order management, real-time monitoring and dispatching, operation function configuration, marketing activity management, financial management, data statistics, etc.

When a passenger makes a complaint or has a question about the driver's route because he cannot wait for the driver, he can use the driver's mobile phone number/order number in the backstage of the online car-hailing system to query the historical trajectory to solve the passenger's doubts. Historical audio tracks support dynamic playback effects. Through the trajectory playback tool, you can manually analyze the driver's malicious detour and other scrubbing situations, so as to provide a basis for handling passenger complaints and penalizing drivers.

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