How to Seize the Opportunity in the Automotive Market?

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For a long time, transportation vehicles have been a large potential market for monitoring systems, but due to various reasons such as cost, the installation and utilization rate of on-board monitoring in vehicles is not high. With the frequent occurrence of accidents and the increasingly intelligent traffic in recent years, government departments have increased the supervision of vehicle operation safety, and the introduction of relevant policies has also exploded a huge potential market. Driven by the policy, many first-tier provinces and cities such as Beijing, Hebei, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Guangdong, etc. have carried out renovation work on passenger vehicles and strengthened the application of video surveillance. In other places, local cities at all levels also have some regulations: tourist buses, sleeper buses, and inter-provincial and inter-city passenger buses must be equipped with on-board video surveillance equipment. Those who fail to install as required will not continue to participate in operations. With the development of society in recent years and the government's continuous investment and promotion of public transportation, the number of passenger vehicles has continued to grow at a high speed. These are potential on-board monitoring needs.

HDD Vehicle Mobile DVR

HDD Vehicle Mobile DVR

At present, 4G network is generally used for vehicle monitoring wireless transmission. The actual transmission rate of 4G network can fully realize 4 channels of CIF, with 13-15 frames per channel for clear and smooth video transmission. The car video recorder can also carry out D1 high-definition video while transmitting low bit stream, which realizes the efficient combination of local high-definition video and remote wireless real-time monitoring, making the practicality of vehicle monitoring reach a new height.

However, because the effective bandwidth of a single terminal of the public mobile communication network is quite limited, and the characteristic of wireless broadband is the uncertainty of the bandwidth during transmission; the bit error rate of the wireless channel is relatively high; especially when the terminal device is in a mobile state, the available bandwidth and error The code rate index has dropped significantly; the available bandwidth often fluctuates, high-bandwidth video surveillance data is prone to packet loss, and the reliability is not high; the wireless transmission rate is also much higher than the wired transmission;

The 5G network may bring new breakthroughs in terms of stability and cost. The impact of 4G networks on wireless HD surveillance is obvious. If the 5G network can solve problems such as stability and traffic cost, the impact on HD surveillance will be revolutionary. At that time, the 5G network will drive the high-definition wireless car video surveillance industry to make great strides forward.

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