What is the Role of the Online Car-Hailing Monitoring System?

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HDD Vehicle Mobile DVR

HDD Vehicle Mobile DVR

1. Relieve the pressure of shortage of law enforcement personnel. By establishing and improving the intelligent monitoring of the road transport operation market and running the GPS tracking system for vehicles, violations can be detected in time, reducing resource waste and alleviating the shortage of law enforcement personnel.

2. Improve the order of road transportation operations. By communicating with the vehicle terminal, technically eliminate the occurrence of cloned online car-hailing. The collection of driver card information strengthens the crackdown on unlicensed road transport vehicles. These measures can effectively promote the fundamental improvement of the order in the road transportation industry.

3. Improve the overall management and control capabilities of road transportation. Through the construction of the road transportation command and control system, the city’s road transportation cost management research dynamics and static information technology can be effectively aggregated and integrated to achieve cross-regional and cross-departmental coordinated combat management, and further improve the road transportation management department’s ability to control road transportation network security And the comprehensive service quality level facing the grassroots and the society.

4. Promote the construction of smart city transportation. The real-time location and running track of the vehicle on the road network are accurately reflected in the electronic map control center, and the traffic, flow rate, density, road network load and other information on the road network of the vehicle are monitored in real time.

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