Do you know the Monitoring Status of the Muck Truck?

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With the continuous development of social economy, industrial technology continues to advance. In order to prevent the chaos of illegal vehicles, the state has formulated relevant policies to no longer use illegal vehicles or private vehicles for garbage handling and muck cleaning, unified management and unified disposal, and a fleet of muck trucks. The chaos can be effectively controlled and the vehicles under centralized control, which not only guarantees safety, but also allows vehicles to be kept in a centralized manner. However, the muck truck has brought many benefits, and consequently also brought harm. Let's talk about the current situation of muck truck monitoring.

We can see uniformly dressed green muck trucks line up everywhere on our roads, entering and exiting various large construction sites and venues. At present, the country advocates a policy of reducing pollution and removing haze. Dump trucks must be washed all over to avoid dust from flying. However, it is not perfect in fact. Dump trucks are driving around in groups on the road, and there is dust everywhere in the area where vehicles pass. The flying and constant voices have a huge impact on the surrounding residents and people. The dust in the sky causes some damage to the health of people's respiratory system, and the huge noise makes people extremely irritable. It has become an uncontrollable tragedy of our country's muck trucks. In the final analysis, it is a problem of speed. The drivers drive indiscriminately, resulting in continuous horrors. And because of the serious follow-up and imitating each other, they have severely damaged the normal social ecosystem. Surveillance calls are getting stronger.

720P Dual Lens Wide Angle Car Camera

720P Dual Lens Wide Angle Car Camera

Even more frightening is that the speed control of the muck trucks during the day is still manageable, and all vehicles can abide by the traffic rules, at least not chaotically, but they have reached the edge of uncontrollable. The advent of the night has become a special field for crazy chasing of all the big muck, crazy racing, ignoring the setting of traffic lights, speeding, running red lights, changing lanes without turning, turning around at will, completely ignoring traffic rules. A large part of all types of traffic accidents are caused by non-compliance with traffic rules, and more importantly, they are caused by muck trucks. If society does not carry out control and monitoring and control of muck trucks, muck trucks will become a nightmare for mankind.

There are too few muck truck monitoring settings. If the muck truck monitoring can be strengthened, traffic violations will be dealt with in a timely manner, and driver training will be strengthened. Our society will be more peaceful and peaceful. Let the muck trucks monitor all major streets and let the vehicles travel in a civilized manner.

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