What is the Role of the Taxi Monitoring System?

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The realization of video surveillance management in the taxi is a win-win situation for the driver and passengers. For passengers, during the driving process, the presence of taxi monitoring will make the driver more vigilant, drive safely, and drive in a civilized manner, reducing the probability of drivers asking prices, refusal to load, and detours. If the passenger is in the car. If an item is lost, the driver can call the monitoring to find the owner, and the owner can also retrieve the item through the monitoring. For drivers, this set of video surveillance for tourists is more secure when driving in the middle of the night. When encountering unreasonable passengers, some people can speak for themselves. If there is a traffic accident, there is evidence to follow. At present, taxi monitoring not only realizes the recording of pictures, but also the recording of sounds, thus realizing complete and true reproduction.

Metal Housing Side View Camera

Metal Housing Side View Camera

After talking about the benefits of taxi surveillance, let's talk about video surveillance itself. With the gradual popularization of 4G and 5G networks, the network bandwidth has doubled to meet the needs of high frame rate and high quality video data transmission. The original in-vehicle video surveillance solutions based on local video recording are gradually developing towards systemization, networking and platformization.

The vehicle monitoring system currently on the market integrates the latest audio and video codec technology, vehicle power management technology, wireless network communication technology, global satellite positioning technology, vehicle shock absorption technology and GIS geographic information technology, which can meet the requirements of vehicle driving and operation The requirements for the collection, storage, transmission and analysis of information such as the internal environment, external environment and vehicle body operating status are required to effectively monitor and manage vehicles and personnel.

The above-mentioned high-tech can ensure that the vehicle can adapt to transient low voltage and transient high voltage conditions during driving, avoid blurring or shadowing of the monitoring screen caused by vibration, and can also output sufficient heat to the device during the operation of the vehicle to avoid Dust enters to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, the reliability of the connection and the integrity of the signal transmission, the loss of video data in the event of a sudden power failure, and the smoothness of the remote preview screen on the central platform. Taxi monitoring has its own one-key emergency alarm mechanism, which can be linked with 110 and other relevant departments to formulate emergency response plans for on-site conditions.

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