What are the Prerequisites for Car DVR Technology?

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As a Waterproof SSD Mobile DVR Factory, I would like to share with you the prerequisites.

HDD Vehicle Mobile DVR

HDD Vehicle Mobile DVR

The emergence of car hard disk video recorder has solved the confusion of related departments. The vehicle-mounted digital hard disk video recorder is a dedicated embedded digital hard disk video recorder that is installed on mobile vehicles and integrates digital video recording, monitoring, entertainment, and advertising. It must meet the following conditions: it can use on-board power supply, miniaturization, shockproof, can record driving information and can realize value-added. Here is a brief explanation of the above necessary conditions:

1. Power supply

Vehicle-mounted DVR has been working in the environment where the vehicle is driving, so it must be shock-proof, dust-proof and moisture-proof. At the same time, the equipment has a wide range of adaptability to the input voltage, because during the driving process of the vehicle, there will be braking, climbing, ignition and the aging of the vehicle electrical equipment, which will cause the output voltage of the vehicle to fluctuate in different ranges, so the vehicle equipment It must have a wide voltage input capability to adapt to voltage changes and carry out anti-electromagnetic compatibility design. At the same time, it needs to be shock-proof and dust-proof in the process.


Due to different vehicle conditions and road conditions, anti-vibration, especially the anti-vibration treatment of hard disks, has become the most basic requirement for vehicle-mounted digital hard disk video recorders. The hard disk is the most easily damaged component in the vehicle-mounted digital hard disk video recorder. Therefore, we must solve the vehicle's shock-absorbing problem. We adopt a patented shock-proof structure with a double shock-absorbing design of hard disk suspension and chassis suspension. Different from the structure that uses springs and rubber pads as anti-vibration materials on the market, although it can play a certain anti-vibration effect in the vertical direction of force, in fact, its vibration direction is not in the driving state, especially under harsh road conditions. Regularly, long-term use will inevitably lead to equipment failure.

3.Driving information recording function

The driving information recording function is divided into two parts. First, the driving audio and video information recording function. The second is the information recording function of driving speed, steering and braking. Among them, the driving audio and video information recording function can be satisfied by the general car digital hard disk video. The black box function to record the information from the sensor such as the speed of the car is the function that the more advanced car digital hard disk video recorder has at this stage, which can be accurate Record the driving state of the car, such as: turning left, turning right, braking, reversing, vehicle speed, and other information about vehicle driving, and the stored information can be outputted through a standard interface. Through system analysis software, it is possible to effectively carry out reasonable dispatch management of vehicles, improve driving safety, and reduce vehicle violations.

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