Why Should Public Transportation Vehicles Install On-Board Video Surveillance?

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As a Mobile Digital Video Recorder Suppliers, share with you. For public transportation, the installation of on-board video surveillance terminals is not only to ensure the safety of passengers, but also to prevent accidents, especially when encountering porcelain or traffic accidents, the on-board video surveillance terminals can better restore the incident and help distinguish responsibilities This is also true in the field of passenger buses, waiting to be popularized.

The vehicle monitoring system is mainly divided into vehicle terminal equipment, transmission network and central management system. Transmission network monitoring can choose communication networks of different standards. At present, 4G wireless video surveillance in China has entered the growth stage, especially in the fields of school buses, buses and transportation. It has developed from a single on-board system to 4G surveillance. The past driving monitoring and video recording have been upgraded to remote monitoring, and the vehicle condition and driving Information collection and control of safety and vehicle dynamics.

Metal Housing Side View Camera

Metal Housing Side View Camera

The emergence of on-board video surveillance terminals has solved the confusion of some departments. The camera can monitor the whole process while the vehicle is traveling. The captured video images are stored in the hard disk video recorder. Once an accident or accident occurs, the information in the on-board DVR can be exported. Retrieve and view.

With the increase of social recognition, various requirements of different levels have also appeared. The on-board monitoring function is continuously improved, and the scope of application will become wider and wider. To further understand the vehicle video surveillance terminal, the advantages of the vehicle video surveillance terminal are analyzed below:

Increase income and monitor cheating

Regarding the situation where some drivers and passengers of public transportation companies take passengers privately, charge fees privately, and reach out to coin boxes during the transportation process, if only one or two cases of a vehicle are taken a day, the company will lose several hundred yuan, which is only a month. The loss of several thousand yuan; with 3G remote network video system supervision, income can be increased and cheating can be strictly prevented.

Improve services and provide Internet access

In the process of public transportation, there will be some conflicts and disputes between passengers and passengers and passengers from time to time, leading to complaints from the company. In particular, some passengers take away other people’s luggage and belongings when getting off the bus. Without strong evidence, it is impossible to solve the problem, and the company's image is greatly affected. After the video recording system is installed, the non-stop, driving and smoking behaviors of drivers and passengers can be effectively controlled at any time, and the service quality can be improved at the same time.

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