Does Car Monitoring Also Need Internet Thinking?

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As a Vehicle Mobile Equipment Supplier, share with you. In the Internet age, embracing "big data analysis" has become fashionable. After the on-board surveillance images are aggregated, the data is processed, and combined with intelligent analysis, many things can be done, such as optimizing public transportation routes and shifts through people counting, searching and locating criminals through facial recognition, and so on. Therefore, in the future, using the Internet platform to mine and analyze effective video information and data is the most effective means to enhance the management value and economic value of vehicle monitoring products.

Metal Housing Side View Camera

Metal Housing Side View Camera

The continuous upgrading of the intelligence of vehicle monitoring equipment, the increasing reliability and stability of the mobile operating platform, and the good user experience of the mobile vehicle monitoring terminal have opened the door for mobile Internet to enter the field of vehicle monitoring terminals. In fact, the battle for mobile Internet thinking applications of vehicle monitoring equipment manufacturers has already begun. Some giants in the field of in-vehicle monitoring equipment have successively developed various mobile phone application platforms for in-vehicle smart systems, and are also actively cooperating with major car manufacturers to build their own mobile Internet ecology for in-vehicle monitoring equipment, and actively occupy a favorable strategic position in the Internet of Vehicles era .

At present, the application market of in-vehicle video surveillance products is mainly divided into two categories. One is law enforcement vehicle monitoring applications (such as public security system law enforcement, rescue and disaster relief, emergency command, etc.); the other is transportation vehicle monitoring (such as passenger cars, Public transportation, logistics transportation, etc.). The focus of the on-board video surveillance of these two types of vehicles is different. The former’s on-board video surveillance is mostly installed outside the vehicle to monitor the external environment of the vehicle; while the latter’s on-board video surveillance is mostly installed inside the vehicle. In order to monitor the interior of the vehicle, the different product application environments have led to different user requirements for functions. For important public transportation tools, such as vehicle monitoring in the public transportation industry, it is required to ensure video surveillance and also need to be able to cooperate with other law enforcement equipment, such as speed radar and license plate recognition.

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