Why Can't School Bus Video Surveillance be Ignored?

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As a Waterproof SSD Mobile DVR Factory, let me share with you. Students are the future of society and the hope of every family. School buses, as a means of transportation for children to go to and from school every day, cannot be ignored. Many of them have safety hazards such as speeding or overloading of school buses; in addition, students are prone to human-caused injuries when riding school buses, which often leads to liability disputes between the school and their parents. As a school vehicle manager, school bus drivers frequently use privately, fleet management is difficult, school bus costs are getting higher and higher, and vehicle expenditures are increasing; school buses are seriously overloaded, overloaded, and vehicles are not checked regularly; school bus abuse affects the school’s image , Bring adverse social impact to the school; school buses fail to drive according to the prescribed route, detour, and fail to arrive and leave on time; school buses violate regulations, speeding, fatigue driving, etc., which are likely to cause traffic accidents.

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School bus monitoring system solution:

1. With four high-definition cameras, it can effectively monitor the interior of the vehicle to prevent overcrowding. The front-end camera can observe the front-end road conditions in real time. And the division of responsibility for accidents.

2. Through the IC card swiping, student information registration, swiping recognition function, the student swiping device will transmit the student's getting on and off the car swiping information to MDVR, MDVR will record it remotely and locally, and support resumable transmission.

3. Each vehicle is equipped with four cameras, a recording pickup, a telephone monitoring pickup, a pair of handles, a driver alarm button, a student confirmation button to get off the car, and an alarm indicator light (with siren function)

4. Equipped with a "confirmation button for students getting on and off the bus" compulsorily confirm that all students have got on and off the bus to prevent students from leaving the bus. And the time and place of students getting on and off the bus will be notified to parents at any time via SMS. Let parents keep track of their children's status. If the driver does not make this confirmation, the vehicle will be turned off. The monitoring center will receive an alarm message, the siren on the vehicle will sound and the warning lights will flash.

5. GPS positioning function, realize the integration of video monitoring platform and vehicle dispatch, construct a complete vehicle video dispatch command integrated monitoring system, delay shutdown function, mobile client preview function.

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