What is the Practical Installation Method of Car Video Recorder and Car Camera?

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https://www.qohovisions.com/products/As a China Vehicle Cameras Manufacturers, share with you. With the increase in society's recognition of vehicle-mounted digital video recorders, various levels of demand have also emerged. The more complete the functions of the vehicle-mounted digital video recorder, the wider its scope of application and the greater its role. It is not only widely used in urban BUS, long-distance buses, and freight vehicles, but also in trains, ships, ambulances, fire engines, law enforcement vehicles, Traffic management vehicles, material transport vehicles, station wagons, special vehicles, school buses and other fields have very important uses.

720P Dual Lens Wide Angle Car Camera

720P Dual Lens Wide Angle Car Camera

The vehicle-mounted digital video recorder will play a very important role in protecting the development of social civilization, social harmony and people’s travel safety. Under the application requirements of different industries, the vehicle monitoring system also plays different roles. The focus of different industries has changed accordingly, and system functions and product configurations have evolved with different characteristics.

The vehicle monitoring system mainly includes cameras (cameras with audio), vehicle four-channel digital video recorders and other equipment. Shenzhen Tesiweier Technology provides passenger vehicle installation monitoring solutions.


The front camera can clearly monitor the faces of the passengers on the bus, preventing theft.

Front door camera: Installed above the driver's seat, it mainly monitors the driving behavior of the driver, and at the same time monitors the road conditions in front of the car, and can provide traffic information basis when a traffic accident occurs

The rear door camera, the camera is installed on the top of the back door of the carriage. The monitoring range is the back of the carriage and the back door. It can monitor and record the situation of the back door of the carriage, prevent the occurrence of accidents of pinching passengers and prevent criminals from committing crimes at the ticket office. All are infrared color ( (Or black and white) camera, even at night without any light, can guarantee to see the scene clearly.

Ticket Office Camera: Installed above the coin box or ticket seller, it can monitor the process of passenger coin insertion, card swiping or ticket sales to prevent ticket evasion and stealing of the ticket by the driver.

Vehicle-mounted four-channel hard disk video recorder: The vehicle-mounted hard disk video recorder is installed under the seat or on the luggage rack. Please pay attention to the following points when installing: The vehicle-mounted hard disk video recorder needs to be powered from the battery, not directly connected to the engine; the vehicle-mounted hard disk video recorder must be firm Fixed; the car hard disk video recorder cannot be installed near the engine (too hot) or where it cannot dissipate heat. It must be waterproof while preventing high temperature.

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